65 Luxury Bathtubs (Beautiful Pictures)

Bathroom with garden view from bathtubThis gallery features luxury bathtubs in a variety of design styles. Imagine luxuriating in one of these stunning master bathrooms complete with high end finishes and elegant decor. These beautiful pictures showcase beautiful soaking tubs to help you find the one that is perfect for you.

Here are some of the most popular types of bathtubs:

– Acrylic – Acrylic bathtubs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They are lightweight,  hold in heat, and are more resistant to abrasions than other types. However, they are usually more expensive.
– Cast Polymer – A synthetic material, cast polymer looks a lot like real stone and can resemble onyx or granite.
Enameled Cast Iron – Heavy, durable and solid, a cast iron tub can retain heat well and has been a solid choice for many years that is slowly losing popularity.
– Enameled Steel – Less pricier than cast iron, an enameled steel tub is more prone to chipping and noisier while running water.
– Gel-coated Fiberglass – Economical and lightweight, a fiberglass tub is available in a lot of different styles.
– Cultured Marble – The luxurious look of marble can be amazing when featured in a bathtub. However, marble can often require more maintenance, can scratch easily, and cost a lot more than a bathtub using more traditional material.

In the image above, simplicity is key even for transitional and traditional style interiors. This one is a great example of a minimalist transitional-style bathroom. It uses a light and simple color scheme composed of white and gray to create this lovely design. The white bathtub definitely became the star of the bathroom as its white ceramic body stood out against the gray ceramic flooring and was strategically placed right beside the window.

Beautiful Bathtubs

Bathroom with cast iron bathtubThis transitional style bathroom goes for a warmer color scheme, combining light beige with white to create this lovely bathroom design. Elegantly laid out on the floors are white marble tiles, while the walls have a combination of white subway tiles and light beige paint with white moldings. The bathroom has a bay window in which there are 3 casement windows providing light and a nice garden view of the bathroom. The freestanding tub was placed in this area, along with an accent chandelier right above it, making it the focal point.

Bathroom with white vanity cabinets and bathtub with picture windowsThe minty blue walls used in this bathroom design definitely give this room a fresh and cool feel, instantly making it look young and vibrant, yet still maintaining subtle elegance. This bathroom is quite big, with a generous ceiling height, making it feel more spacious. Because of the wall color, the rest of the bathroom keeps it simple, using white tiles, cabinets, and white marble. The bathtub was placed right beside the large window and right below the upper window, so even if there’s no chandelier, the natural light seeping through the windows would definitely accentuate it.

Clawfoot tub in bathroom with pillarsGo back in time in this period-style bathroom. A gorgeous freestanding tub with shell motifs on its silver feet was placed by the bay windows and is flanked by two columns at each side in a raw concrete finish. The placement of the tub and the windows help make it the focal point of the bathroom, and the glass blocks used as windows help let in light while maintaining privacy.

Bathroopm with frosted window and metallic tubIt may be small, but this modern transitional style bathroom packs style and elegance. It uses a simple color scheme composed of silver and white, adding different metallic textures to the space for a more modern feel. There’s one wall with stainless steel panels and a middle panel with a solid slab of stone, creating an excellent medley of modern and traditional materials. Opposite the stainless steel vanity area is the brushed stainless steel freestanding bathtub, which was placed in the middle of two large windows. The wall where the tap was attached is clad with marble, further adding texture to the surface.

Bathroom with freestanding tub and bubble pendant lightsThis is a fairly large modern bathroom that has 2 large vanities opposite each other and a large rectangular bathtub in the middle of the room. The color scheme is white and gray, using white mosaic subway tiles for the floor, white walls, and gray stripe ceramic tiles for the accent wall. To accentuate the tub, a blown glass chandelier hangs right above it, and beside it are two petrified wood stools and a brown shaggy rug to help add a little variety and texture to the space.

Bathroom with gel coated bathtub with brown tiles on curved wallsA modern Asian-inspired bathroom design that combines organic shapes with straight lines and symmetry to create a simple yet elegant design. Interesting finishes were used on the walls as well, like the brown tiles used for the curved wall, the orange natural stone on the other wall, and the 3D tiles on the recessed wall with circular patterns. This is also where the kidney-shaped bathtub was placed, which makes the display ledges a handy location to place bath products so they’re all within reach.

Lake view bathroom with tub, glass tile shower and animal skin rugA modern bathroom with a combination of different earthy colors and textures, producing a laid-back natural feel to the bathroom. The modern free-standing bathtub sits in between the vanity and the enclosed shower area. Beige granite floors help add a natural earthy feel to the space, especially paired with the animal skin rug, while the stainless steel mosaic tiles on the walls produce a very sleek modern feel.

Bathroom with dual rain shower with modern chandelierHighlighting the beauty of the natural stone used in this bathroom, this design is able to use gray soapstone all over the bathroom in varying shapes and cuts, adding pattern and variety despite using a uniform material. The material has a soft satin finish to it, producing a subtle sheen, perfectly complementing the light cream walls and the brushed stainless steel bathtub by the window.

Bathroom with acrylic tub, mosaic accent wall and porcelain tile floorsModern materials and classic glam in this fairly small bathroom design. The small bathroom has light gray walls and ashwood finish ceramic floor tiles to match. The bathtub area, which is the star of this room, was placed against the wall with a window and clad with beige and white mosaic tiles, creating a puzzle-like pattern on the wall.

Bathtub, shower and stacked stone accent wallYou would definitely feel like royalty bathing in this luxurious bathroom. The main area of the space has light cream damask wallpaper and wood-finish ceramic tile flooring. The shower and the bathtub area, on the other hand, were combined in a separate area with clear glass partitions. As you enter, you will be in the shower area first, in white, two rain showers fixed on 2 walls. The bathtub was placed on a higher platform/flooring and was placed against an accent wall with light cream slate tiles.

Custom chiseled stone bathtub surrounded by river rock with mahogany vanity cabinetsElegance and extravagance don’t always come hand in hand, and this example proves that a space can be simple and elegant at the same time. Inspired by zen design, this bathroom employs symmetry, balance, and the use of natural and light colors. For this bathroom, you will see two vanities with Mahogany cabinets and white countertops on each side of the wall, and passing along a large opening, you will find the very unique resin bathtub placed on the inner center of the room and surrounds its floors with pebbles for added texture and effect.

Bathroom with enclosed shower area with gray tilesThis bathroom has a more masculine feel to it because of its colors and finishes. The area has a generous amount of space, and the overall design is kept modern and simple, using white walls and white ceramic floors for most. There’s a fully enclosed shower area that uses gray tiles and black scale-pattern tiles for its walls, and there’s also a drop-in bathtub at the center, with gray ceramic tiles covering its framing. What makes the bathtub stand out more than the shower, despite its simple design and finish, is the use of a chandelier placed right above the tub.

Bathroom with PVC wood floors, turquoise shower walls and horizontal wood vanity wallsLuxury bathrooms with clean lines and contemporary finishes are both inviting and attractive. This design is simple and straightforward, showing hints of Asian design inspiration combined with industrial design. It has a variety of finishes, like PVC wood decking for its floors, turquoise mosaic tiles for its right wall, and horizontal pine wood paneling for the vanity area. Despite the plethora of colors and finishes, the bathroom manages to look cohesive, as its walls and ceiling keep its uniform white finish all-over.

Sloped ceiling with bathtub on raised platformEnhance your bathroom ritual experience as you relax on this simple, elegant bathroom design. Placed on the attic level, the sloped walls with skylights were definitely taken advantage of. To take full advantage of the view, the bathtub was raised on a platform which was clad with black ceramic tiles. To balance out the dark floor finish, light mint green glass tiles were used on the walls, creating a glossy, reflective finish.

Bathroom with sandstone bathtub and an indoor garden If you don’t have a natural outdoor view, then you can always make one indoors. This bathroom gets creative despite its lack of outdoor view, and creates an indoor garden right beside the stone bathtub for an illusion that the tub is right beside a garden. What helps make it look more convincing is the wood framing around the opening towards the indoor garden, making it look like a window.

Bathroom with sunken bathtub with faux brushed metal ceramic tilesAnother modern zen-inspired design that shows minimalist yet elegant bathroom design. It has a large vanity with a dark Mahogany finish, which matches the river stone floor and the faux brushed metal ceramic tiles on the shower area walls. The drop in bathtub is a little unique because instead of placing it on a raised area of a framing, it was placed right inside the main flooring, making it the lowest/deepest area in the bathroom.

Sandstone wall tiles with tub placed diagonally on a cornerA soft, warm glow illuminates from the various modern lamps placed in this bathroom. The finishes used are warm tones, like the sandstone ceramic wall tiles and the light beige ceramic floors, which further help absorb and reflect the warm glow of the lamps. The tub in this design was placed diagonally between the vanity and the enclosed shower area and highlighted with its own lamp placed right above it.

Elevated bathtub with outdoor viewsLuxury bathrooms that offer expansive outdoor views can create the feeling of bathing outside. This bathtub provides an outdoor aesthetic with its large picture windows with wood framing. The elevated tile enclosure lets guests soak and take in all of the beautiful natural views.

Basket weave mosaic tiles, balck curtains and bathtub with gold feetThis transitional style bathroom is an attempt for a more classical/old-world look, incorporating gold chrome finishes on its bathroom fixtures and silver finishes on its lighting. The finishes of the bathroom itself are very basic: marble basket weave mosaic tiles for the floors, and white subway for half of the walls. Adding a bit of flair to the bathroom is the bathtub with gold feet, the two accent chairs beside it, and the black draperies on the window.

Bathroom with glazed porcelain floors and oval bathtub and quatrefoil pattern cream wallpaperThe high ceiling was definitely taken advantage of in this classic-inspired bathroom design. Because the shower area is in a separate room, the rest of the walls of the bathroom were clad with quatrefoil pattern cream wallpaper. The wallpaper adds a luxurious touch to the space, which definitely matches the style and elegance of the vanity and other furniture placed in the area. For this design, the bathtub is, of course, placed right beside the window, with blinds for added privacy.

Drop-in bathtub and greenish gray vanity with large mirrorTrue classic elegance emanates from this bathroom design fit for royalty. A drop-in tub is placed on an elevated platform right beside a window and has a fireplace at one end to help keep you warm. At the opposite side of the tub is a vanity made of solid poplar, giving it a natural greenish tone. The walls, on the other hand, add a more luxurious feel to the space as it is covered with textured wallpaper and paired with a poplar cornice.

Bathroom with beige walls, faux columns and small windowWith a warm, neutral palette, this bathroom appears cozy and relaxed with an elegant appeal. It uses beige paint for its walls and beige marble tiles for the flooring and half of its walls. Faux columns also have a faux marble finish patterned after the flooring material for a more uniform look. The long side of the wall is where the Mahogany vanity was placed, while the bathtub was placed in the corner of the room by the small window.

Marble tile floors, antique white finish cabinets and crystal chandelierThe combination of whites and off-whites creates this bright and refreshing transitional style bathroom design. Floors are made of marble tiles and match the countertop material used on the vanities, while the walls are painted a warm off-white color. The vanity base cabinets are painted in an off-white color as well. The shower area and the bathtub are both at the center and use white and silver mosaic tiles for their walls. The bathtub, however, is definitely the focal point of the room as it is smacked right in the middle and further emphasized by the crystal chandelier right above it.

Marble flooring, tray ceiling, cream vanity and moldingsA Neo-Classic inspired bathroom with a touch of modern details that uses a warm neutral palette to create a relaxed yet elegant design. All walls were painted in beige, and the moldings and columns were painted in light cream. The floors are beige granite, and the vanity cabinets are also cream to match the moldings. The drop-in bathtub is placed on a raised platform right beside the window for that perfect view of the outdoors.

Bathroom with travertine shower tiles, ceiling recessed shower head and walnut wood ceilingAn Asian contemporary bathroom design that features a play on lines and finishes to create this stunning space. The variety of materials and patterns used in this bathroom makes it look more dynamic and interesting. The main floors use black stone tiles, while the walls use cream-colored sandstone tiles, including the shower floors which is a combination of the black tiles and the cream tiles. One side of the bath has a spacious shower area with a ceiling-recessed rain-shower head, and on its opposite side, a recessed-mounted bathtub sits on a raised platform which also has an adjoining bench with a drain and wood decking. Another unique feature of this bathroom is its gorgeous solid walnut ceiling.

Bathroom with large oval soaking bathtub and chandelier and columnsThis is another classic-inspired bathroom design that goes for a clean, light, neutral color palette of a more modern, clean look. Being the star of the bathroom, the drop-in bathtub was placed right at the center of the room on a raised platform clad in cream-colored granite with four columns at each of its corners and an accent crystal chandelier. The combination of these elements definitely makes the bathtub the focal point, and adds a luxurious feel with its details.

Bathroom with gilt mirrors and travertine tub on a solid wood platformThis Rococo-inspired bathroom design goes all-out with the use of luxurious materials and detailing. Green travertine was used all over the floors and walls, creating a natural pattern on the surfaces. You will also see other luxurious materials, such as gilt mirrors, gilded legs for the vanities, and mosaic tiles for the walls of the shower. Even the bathtub is a grand affair as it is raised on a solid wood platform, and the bathtub itself is fashioned from natural solid travertine and highlighted with a brass chandelier.

Bathroom with brown granite flooring, adjoining shower spaces and dual vanity countersThis bathroom design combines classic details with modern aesthetics, creating a clean and simple design with a touch of classic elegance. Two sides of the wall have vanities with classic paneled cabinetry painted in light cream, which matches the wall paint. The floors are made of brown granite, and at the center is the drop-in bathtub placed on a low platform. The shower are adjoins the bathtub and is only separated by a concrete partition wall with a clear glass opening.

Bathroom with whirlpool tub and chandelierThis classic Art Nouveau bathroom design piles together luxury, elegance, and opulence. An impressive crystal chandelier hanging on the oval cove ceiling already sets the luxurious ambiance of the space, coupled with the classic stained glass windows. Dark cherry wood cabinets with gilded motifs are placed on two walls, white the rest of the walls were painted in a golden yellow marbled finish to match the classic theme. A golden bathtub was placed right by the bay window area, making it the focal point of the entire space. Luxury bathtubs are often placed in such a way as to maximize the user’s experience and create an inviting ambiance.

Bathroom with marble theme, picture window and accent lightingCombining classic furniture pieces with modern design interiors creates an interesting and dynamic design. This bathroom uses marble all over the floors and walls, with a play in textures by adding niches and accent lighting. Across the room, you will find classic chairs and side tables, giving the room more personality. The freestanding bathtub is placed on a low platform and placed right beside a large picture window, giving you a view of the garden.

Bathroom with glossy white cabinets, laminated vanity and frameless wall mirrorAnother elegantly designed modern bathroom that uses a light neutral palette. This is mostly made of a combination of whites and light grays with a bit of texture. For this example, the floors and walls are made of light gray porcelain tiles, while the cabinets are all laminated in glossy white. Large ceiling-height windows provide natural light and a gorgeous city view, best enjoyed when you use the freestanding bathtub placed right by it.

Bathroom with scale pattern floors, two granite vanities and bronze tubA baroque-inspired bathroom design that is heavy on details and patterns and goes with a dark, high-contrast color scheme to match the Baroque concept. The most interesting pattern in this design is used on its floors – scale pattern floor tiles with scratched texture in brown and yellow. Another interesting finish is the wall tiles used for inside and outside the shower area, which are ceramic tiles that create a diamond tufting pattern for a 3D effect. There are two vanities on opposite walls, which are fixed with yellow granite counters and dark cherry wood cabinets that match the antique bronze finish of the tub at the center of the room.

Bathroom with soapstone tub, modern lighting, daybed and televisionThis transitional-style design skips unnecessary details and motifs in favor of a cleaner and spacier-looking design. You will see that the space is fairly empty and is only composed of a simple drop-in tub on a low platform clad with soapstone and a sitting area with a lounge chair and accent tables. Beside the tub is a large mirror, and opposite that wall is a large wall-hung TV, which makes up for the lack of a window view.

Bathroom with hexagonal mosaic tiles, clear glass partitions and tub by the swing windowThis bathroom is small, yet it doesn’t fall short on elegance and luxury. Going for a simple white and gray scheme, this bathroom design will match any interior style and trend. The flooring for the entire bathroom is hexagonal mosaic marble tiles, marching the marble countertop of the vanity. The shower area is enclosed with clear glass partitions, while the simple freestanding bathtub is placed right beside a swing window for a nice and relaxing view.

Bathnroom with gray soapstone floors, mocha brown walls and windowA modern bathroom design with clean and simple details that create a very flexible and timeless look. Floors are fixed with light gray soapstone, which matches the subway soapstone used on half of the walls and the walls of the shower area, and the rest of the walls are simply painted in a mocha brown color. The shower area is fixed with simple clear glass partitions, while the freestanding tub takes the premium space beside the casement windows, giving it a nice outdoor view.

Bathroom with mirrored walls, black countertop and his and hers basinA lack of space doesn’t always mean a lack of style, and this bathroom is a good example of such. Despite the limited space available,  the combination of finishes and materials used in this room creates a stunning design. The floors are unique gray ceramic tiles, while the walls are kept white. Due to the limited space, the illusion of space is necessary, so the vanity wall was fully clad with mirrors and has hidden cabinet doors also clad in mirrors for that illusion of endless space. The vanity uses unique resin sinks in black and pairs them with black granite counters and dark walnut cabinets. The bathtub is naturally placed beside the picture window, and while this placement isn’t unique to this design, the all-black resin bathtub design is one-of-a-kind.

Bathroom with semi matte flooring and white bath robe on hook on brown wallThis bathroom design demonstrates how symmetry, balance, and simplicity can create a stunning and elegant bathroom even without opulent finishes and details. Floors and walls simply use green-toned natural stone in a satin finish for a semi-matte look, while two of its walls are clad with natural teak wood. At the center of the bathroom is a low raised platform clad in green soapstone, in which the freestanding tub stands at, making it the focal point of the space. Despite the simplicity of its details, this bathroom design still manages to look attractive and contains all basic necessities for a bathroom design.

Cabin style bathroom with vertical beadboard walls and riverstone flooringThis cabin-inspired bathroom design has a prominent horizontal pattern all across the space due to its use of horizontal wood panels on all its walls and ceilings. The continuous pattern helps to visually “stretch” the space, making it look bigger than it actually is. Unique elements of this bathroom would be its bathtub with river stone flooring and wooden partitions and the unique wooden pedestal in which the freestanding tub stands.

Bathroom with gas fireplace, black tub and orange curtainsThis is a modern Mediterranean bathroom set-up with a very simple layout. It is connected to a room through an arched opening and simple finishes composed of paints and ceramic tiles in black and white. The black freestanding tub is placed on a low platform, right by the window and the electric fireplace, providing you not only with a nice and cozy warm bath but also a relaxing garden view.

Bathroom with black slate tiles in bond layout with cantilever vanity counterThis contemporary bathroom design uses a minimal variety of finishes yet still manages to create a visually stunning design with the help of artificial lighting. Floors and walls are all covered with the same black slate tiles in a running bond layout. There a long cantilever-style vanity counter made from white quarts and a matching frame-less mirror. There’s a large shower area, fully enclosed with frameless glass partitions and a solid wood cantilever bench, and right beside the shower area is a simple rectangular bathtub near the entrance door.

Bathroom with engineered wood ceiling, large window and walk-in closetThis modern bathroom is directly connected to the massive walk-in closet with full-height Mahogany-laminated cabinets. This modern bathroom design is appropriately placed on modern architecture with gorgeous full-length windows offering wonderful ocean views. The freestanding bathtub fully enjoys this view as it is placed right beside a large window. The finishes of the interiors are mostly made of wood – solid wood floors and engineered wood panels for the ceiling, giving the space a warm, cozy feel, despite the modern silhouettes.

Bathroom with quartz floors, neon mirror and vanity lightingThis design has a nice mixture of patterns and textures and even ambient lighting, creating a very dynamic and interesting modern design. The soapstone tiles on the floors were laid out to create a diamond pattern, reflecting the 3D diamond texture of the vanity cabinet doors. Since most pieces, including the bathtub and sinks, are all white, the walls were finished in black back-painted glass to create a stunning contrast between these two colors. The focal point, which is the bathtub, is placed on a low platform and further emphasized by an accent wall and an accent domed ceiling.

Bathroom with mezzanine floor, black tiles and faux area rug This stunning modern design not only looks bright and refreshing but also unique, as it has a mezzanine floor to maximize the high ceiling of the space. Black tiles were used all over the floors of the space, and some of the walls in the shower also use black textured tiles, but the center portion of the flooring uses hexagonal mosaic tiles in marble to create a faux area rug to help accentuate the solid travertine bathtub.

Bathroom with large jetted tub and poured concrete flooring This refreshing interior design looks bright and relaxing and has the elements perfect for a cozy home spa. The floors of the entire bathroom are made of small pebbles on poured concrete, while the walls are a combination of white ceramic tiles and small green tiles to match the upholstery on the lounge chair. The bathtub is a non-standard tub and is inspired by a pool-side jacuzzi, making for a spacious soak. Luxury bathrooms that can recreate a spa-like experience will always be in high demand.

Bathroom with resin bathtubA beautiful design doesn’t always have to be loaded with materials and details; it could also be as simple as this design. Combining a few materials and colors for just the right mix of variety and textures can help make a stunning design. This example combines wood decking flooring with two types of ceramic tiles for the walls. These two finishes help make the unique-shaped bathtub stand out and become the focal point of the room.

Bathroom with skirted straight edge bathtub and floating vanityThis is another clean and modern design that demonstrates how the right choice of colors and finishes can make a room look elegant and sophisticated without going overboard. The spacious bathroom has an enclosed toilet area with frosted glass partitions and transparent glass partitions for its large shower area. In between the toilet & shower areas is the free-standing bathtub placed right by the windows, enjoying natural light and a view of the outdoors. The light beige wood finish ceramic tiles help add a touch of subtle warmth to the space, while the cantilever vanity area is made of solid pine wood, and gray quartz counters and full-sized mirrors further enhance the look of the space.

Pastel blue walls with oceanfront jacuzzi bathtubA romantic Rococo-inspired design that combines soft pastel turquoise with light cream to create a soft and refreshing feel for this bathroom. The classic moldings and shell motifs are all painted in white, contrasting against the pale turquoise-painted walls, while the glossy beige granite tiles add a touch of elegance to the space. Built-in cabinets and storage are all painted in a light cream color, matching the base of the bathtub and the white and cream color of the marble cladding.

Bathroom with ashwood floors, two curtain walls and view of the cityThe simplicity of this design is especially what makes it look more stunning. Ashwood floors with matching laminates for the drawers and plain white walls and ceiling are the finishes found in the space, and yet the gorgeous night city view from the two curtain walls more than makes up for the lack of intricacy in the design.

Rustic bathroom with large copper bathtub and high ceiling with exposed wood beamsThis rustic-inspired space combines warm tones to create this unique design. The walls and ceiling can be found with exposed solid pine wood columns and beams, creating a raw, rustic feel. The walls are painted in sienna brown, while the floors use golden yellow limestone tiles. The bathtub placed by the window is a spectacle in itself as it is made of brass with matching fixtures and placed on a low wooden platform/pedestal.

Bathroom with white faux caolumns, sandstone tiles and ceramic bathtubThis Empire-style space would definitely make you feel like royalty with its gorgeous selection of warm and cool colors and elegant styling. You will see two large faux columns with a white-washed baby blue finish, matching the light pale blue walls. For the flooring, it uses beige sandstone tiles to give the space a warmer glow. In the middle of the room is a beechwood vanity, and in front of it and between the two columns is the freestanding ceramic bathtub with gilded legs. The ceiling also applies the classic trompe l’oeil painting technique to create an indoor sky for a more relaxing soak.

Bathroom with vintage looking vanity with wainscotingThis is a transitional style that goes for the classic combination of white, silver, and gray, creating a timelessly attractive design. Floors are covered with marble ceramic tiles, while half of the walls and the entire shower area walls are clad with white beveled subway tiles, creating a subtle contrast against the gray walls. The vanities are vintage-inspired, with silver metal legs, exposed piping, and a solid marble countertop. The bathtub is at the end of the bathroom, right beside the small casement window for a perfect view of the gardens.

Bathroom with large tiles for the floors, blue floor to ceiling curtains and chandelierThis is another transitional design, and it has a perfect combination of warm and cool tones, as well as subtle injections of patterns. You will see that the walls use pale blue wallpaper with intricate patterns, and the pale blue velvet curtains match well with the wallpaper. The large vanity, on the other hand, is finished in a light beige color, adding a warmer tone to the space. As the room has large windows opening to the back garden, the freestanding tub was placed right beside these windows to help you enjoy the view while relaxing in the tub.

Bathroom with jacuzzi tub, desks and countersThis Mediterranean bath space design has a unique circular layout, which makes almost all pieces customized to fit the shape of the space. The desks/counters follow the shape of the walls and are finished in a light cream color to match the walls, while the bathtub is placed right at the center of the room. The bathtub is also round and is directly connected to the glass partition of the shower area with two sides open. Since the shower is the one placed beside the window, it has the best view of the ocean.

Bathroom with rectangular bathtub and crystal chandelierThis design shows a gorgeous contrast between smooth and rough finishes. You will find that the floors are made of natural-cut stones, giving it that rough and ragged look. Meanwhile, the walls, as well as other fixtures and furniture pieces, are elegantly finished to perfection. The combination of the smooth ceramic tub and the rough flooring creates a rustic feel to this simple space and is further enhanced by the warm lighting from the wall sconces and chandeliers.

Bathroom with herringbone pattern tiles and white cabinetryDespite being small, this space effectively uses space for an optimal and functional layout, which is also not short in style and elegance. Herringbone marble tiles are used on the floors, while walls are painted in a very light cream color, adding a subtle contrast against the white cabinetry. Symmetry was also practiced in this design, as you will find identical vanities and display shelves on the opposite walls of the space. This balance helps make the simple bean-shaped bathtub stand out and become the focal point of the space.

Bathroom with step up bathtub, red wallpaper and marble claddingThe gorgeous seaside view is definitely put to good use in this design. You will see that the bathtub area was placed on a high platform to enable you to enjoy the best view of the ocean from the bay windows. The high placement of the bathtub and the white marble used on its cladding which contrasts with the bold red wallpapers, is enough to bring your eyes to the tub area and make it the focal point of the entire space.

Bathroom with mosaic style tiles, tub in the center of the romm and bowl chandelierAdding a classic Middle Eastern glam to this design are the gorgeous golden tiles with geometric patterns used on the floors and walls. This instantly added a more glamorous feel to this simple bath space design. In the middle of the room is a freestanding bathtub with a unique shape, further accentuated by a modern chandelier.

Bathroom with semi-enclosed bathtub, mirror and French doorThis small bathtub area enjoys a cozy private space, as it is placed in a semi-enclosed area. To counter the feeling of claustrophobia, a large mirror was placed on the wall beside the tub. There’s also a small casement window at the end of the tub, and a French door, helping provide natural light into the space. When in need of privacy, the pull-down blinds allow light to seep through, while keeping the interiors private.

Bathroom with window seating, trellis pattern ceiling with garden viewsThis French gothic-inspired toilet is all about the details and patterns. The floors are busy with the black and white basket-weave marble mosaic tiles, and the ceiling is busy as well with its trellis-inspired pattern, ceiling rosettes, and intricate cornices. To help balance out the busy floors and ceiling, the walls are kept plain, as well as the cabinetry. The cabinets are all white, including the cladding of the bathtub area, and it also uses white marble to match the floors and the vanity counter. Adding a bit of spunk are the cushion covers for the window benches, giving the room a punch of color without taking all the attention away from the other important details of the space.

Bathroom with wenge cabinets, stone floors and leather ottomanA combination of natural finishes and textures makes this rustic space a perfect complement to any man cave. Beige walls are paired with natural quarry stone floors and highly textured slate tiles for the accent walls. These natural finishes are paired with perfectly-polished wengue cabinets and matching furniture pieces like leather-upholstered ottoman and humpback side chair. It also opens to the patio area and the garden, enhancing its natural feel, and the copper finish bathtub fully enjoys this gorgeous view as well.

Bathroom with bay window and wall lightsA romantic transitional style bathing space with a very simple white and gray color scheme and classic-inspired detailing. Floors are covered with glossy marble tiles and herringbone mosaic tiles, while the walls are a combination of white beveled subway tiles and light gray paint. The bathtub is placed by the bay window area, and a warm glow is also provided through a simple accent chandelier hanging right above it.

Bathroom suite with oval bathtub and fireplaceThis grand design is directly connected to the room’s private sitting area. The space is fairly large, and light cream granite tiles are used for the floors to add a subtle warm glow to the space. The round custom tub definitely takes the focal point of the room, as it is placed right beside the picture windows, and the wide electric fireplace and marble accent wall help keep you warm while you bathe.

Bathroom with rose colored granite walls and fixtures in gold finishLuxury bathtubs should be an escape from reality for a little while. This design definitely takes you to another place with its elegant rosy glow, as rose-colored granite is liberally used on the walls and the cladding of the ceiling and columns. It is quite small, so to help enhance the look of the space, large mirrors were used in the bathtub area and the full wall right behind the vanity, to create an illusion of a bigger space. Gold-finished fixtures were used all throughout the space to help match the rococo-inspired theme of the design.

Bathtub with view of the oceanLuxury bathtubs with million-dollar views are the ultimate in relaxation. This bathtub offers stunning tropical ocean views while soaking in pure luxury. With private walls and a private vista, this tub provides the ultimate relaxing retreat to enjoy the million-dollar views. Through the nearby glass door, one can exit the crystal clear mosaic swimming pool to slip into this inviting bathtub.

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