137 Bathroom Design Ideas (Pictures of Tubs & Showers)

Bathroom design with unique shaped bathtubWelcome to our ultimate guide of bathroom design ideas. Below are a wide variety of interior designs featuring contemporary, modern, traditional and luxury bathrooms. This is part 1, of a 3 part picture gallery.

Click here for Luxury Bathroom Designs Part 2 and Bathroom Designs Part 3) The bathrooms shown on this page feature ideas by top interior designers with emphasis on high end features such as custom tile, large soaking tubs, and rainfall showers.

The bathroom is one of the most widely used rooms in the home. According to recent estimates by Realtor Magazine, remodeling the bathroom can bring some of the highest return values when selling.

A bathroom remodel can return up to 75 percent of the cost of a remodel. For this reason there’s not many downsides to remodeling your bathroom to create a luxury experience you’ll love. Read more about bathroom remodel ideas here.

Despite the minimalist modern aesthetic of the bathroom pictured above, it maintains a touch of class and elegance with its excellent selection of materials and colors, and the excellent composition.

Polished natural stone adorns the floors, while the walls have horizontal panels, adding a simple pattern and texture to the space without being too overwhelming. In the middle is a very unique tub with an irregular shape, fashioned out of natural stone which matches the stone ledge of the sink. Who wouldn’t want to soak in this beautiful bathtub while relaxing in total luxury. [toc]

Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Tropical resort bathroom with large window overlooking the seaThis bathroom is an interesting mix of modern and tropical design. The large window overlooking the sea where the tub is located is a sight to behold, and to enhance the natural, “one-with-nature” feeling, the finishes inside the bathroom uses a blend of natural materials.

Floors are a soft beige color, while the walls are lined with grasscloth wallpaper, adding a nice natural texture to the walls. To add more contrast, you will see the door & window frames have a darker wood finish to set it of the natural light color of the wall.

Bathroom suite with large fireplace and glass shower enclosureThis sizable bathroom takes luxury to another level by including a fireplace inside. Floors are adorned with luxurious polished natural stones, which walls which are not exposed to moisture are lined with elegant patterned wallpaper.

To add to the regal feel of the bathroom, it even has a large round traditional rug in the middle, and white-painted moldings to add to the effect.

Tropical bathroom with private outdoor showerThis bathroom is a medley of modern design and tropical design. The bathroom opens up to a small outdoor pocket garden and a very interesting outdoor shower area, and inside, a large bathtub stands on a raised wooden platform.

The rest of the bathroom is simple and utilitarian – plain walls, simple wall-hung vanity, stone-framed mirror. The wall near the bathtub attempts to bring the outdoor feel inside, as it uses natural finish stones which were also used for the outdoor shower area.

Bathroom with dome ceiling and large jacuzzi tubThis bathroom gives a really grand and regal feel, as it is placed on a bay window and raised on an elevated platform covered with gorgeous polished granite tiles. It even has accents of capiz mosaic tiles, adding to the elegance and grandness of the bath/jacuzzi.

On the right is a fully enclosed shower area, creating an impression of a separate space, as usually, shower areas are only separated for the rest of the bathroom with glass partitions.

Bathroom with wood cabinet and wraparound windowsThis bathroom gives a spacious and open feel with its high ceiling and large windows in white panels overlooking outdoors.

The white bath tub lies right next to the windows, and is directly across a curvy pattern in brown amidst the glossy cream floor. The brown print matches the deep mahogany finish of the tall cabinets on both sides of this bathroom.

Oceanview bathroom with tub and sheer curtainsComplemented by a gorgeous view of the ocean, his bathroom perfectly achieves the modern zen look. The natural view and the soft white curtains creates a soothing and calming and effect, while the wooden shutters helps keep a sense of privacy, and at the same time still allow natural light into the space.

The bathtub is perfectly placed in the middle of the space, on a recessed area of the floor and surrounded by natural white pebbles to bring the outdoor feel inside. The bathtub itself is fashioned out of solid surface material, to give that seamless modern look.

Bathroom with white vanity and mirrored panelsBathrooms are usually for quick baths or clothes changing, but this bathroom offers relaxation and so much more. The spacious bathroom has a protruding section holding large windows in white panels, with a big white tub in the middle of it.

There are high cabinets in solid white laminates on the side, while the floors are covered in large veined white tiles. On the side, a one-seater couch in white cloth upholstery lies in front of a huge mirror, where one could relax further after a soothing bath.

Bath tub area with panel doors and windows overlooking the outdoorsA very high ceiling helps give this bathroom an impression of not only height, but size as well. It is a wonderful medley of natural materials and finishes, creating a unified natural and modern look. The space has lots of natural light seeping through its windows, further enhancing the look of the space.

Floors are lined with weather-resistant teak wood planks, which matches the wood used on the vanity. Continuing the horizontal patterns of the wooden floor planks are the gorgeous polished Travertine stone tiles on the walls, enhancing the natural feel of the bathroom.

Bathroom with peach tiles and floating vanity shelfA very simple bathroom design with a good balance and combination of materials and finishes. Walls, floors and even the sides of the bathtub are clad in the same peach-colored stone tiles in a satin finish, giving it a bit of texture.

The wall opposite the mirror on the other hand, uses metallic finish tiles, giving the space a touch of industrial appeal. There’s a plain white wall-hung vanity sink placed near the bath tub, shower glass enclosure, skylight and an indoor ornamental plan to complete the look.

Bathroom design ideas that focus on using the same floor and wall tile consistently can avoid chopping up the bathroom and create a pleasing feel. Using the same tiles for floors and walls is also a good ideas for smaller bathrooms to create the illusion of a larger space. By using lighter color tile you can also increase the feel visually. To bring a touch of contrast and color to the space, focus on adding decor or accessories you enjoy.

Bathroom with dark wood window frames and tiles with bean-shaped tubThis bathroom has an elegant, spa-like feel. The combination of colors and finishes gives it a modern Asian appeal – dark wood floors, door and window frames, combined with textured wall finish.

The bathtub is in a unique bean-like shape made out of quartz, giving it a seamless appeal with a little bit of texture. The outdoor view and bamboo pendant lamp also adds to the over-all appeal of this bathroom.

Brown tile flooring with diamond pattern, jalousie windows and jet style tubThis bathroom gives a country vibe with the elements and accents in it. The flooring is covered in brown tiles with small white diamond patterns, while most of the room is covered in solid deep walnut stained wooden cabinetry and panels.

The countertops are covered in top-class and thick seamless white marble stone, same with the glossy seemed platform that holds the white tub. The jalousie windows and green potted plants  are what gives this bathroom its overall feel.

Bathroom with concrete finish walls, dark gray floor tiles with wood deckingA modern bathroom with a creative layout. The finishes used in this bathroom gives it a very industrial look – concrete finish walls, dark gray floor tiles. These were combined with dark wengue finish for the vanity sink, red-stained glass for the shower partition and Teak wood decking for the shower area.

Despite the dark-colored finishes, the very large picture window lets in lots of natural sunlight into the space, helping it look brighter and more appealing.

Console table with cabriole legs and two tubs in the bathroomThis is a very spacious bathroom which houses two bath tubs. One of which is in a semi-separated area and is placed on a raised platform surrounded by orange-colored ceramic tiles. This s also placed beside a large window.

The other bathtub is in the opposite side of the bathroom, and is a free-standing type of bath tub. Between the two tubs is a large open space with white ceramic tiels with orange border accents and an elegant chandelier. The sink vanity is placed in this central area.

Recessed tub with mountain view and half-walled travertine tilesThis modern bathroom has a nice and simple combination of colors and finishes. Walls are painted in a soft beige color, complementing the beige travertine tiles used on the floors and half of the walls.

The recessed bathtub is placed on the center of the bathroom on an elevated platform, and framed with wood finish PVC. The placement of the bathtub gives it a magnificent outdoor view.

Raised tub with polished stone tiles This is a simple bathroom that is strategically placed near a small outdoor garden. The large windows in the bathroom allows the user to get a view of the garden, creating a natural and relaxing atmosphere.

In this photo, you will see the bathtub surrounded by unique polished stone which has nice green and brown tones, perfectly matching with the greens of the garden. The shower area is separated but doesn’t have a shower enclosure. It has a small bench, a rain shower head attached on the ceiling and a standard shower set. Tiles are simple light beige all throughout the bathroom.

Double vanity with white cabinets and frameless mirrorThis bathroom exudes modern elegance with its simply-styled bathroom. The bathroom is quite spacious, with beige polished tile floors and walls with textured wallpaper.

There’s a large double vanity with white cabinets, jet black granite countertop and a frame-less mirror the same width as the vanity. The bathtub is placed on a elevated platform overlooking the sea.

Bathroom with enclosed shower and light yellow floorsThis modern bathroom combines simple and elegant materials to achieve this look. There is a free standing bathtub on one side and an enclosed shower on the other side of the bathroom. The floors & walls uses polished stone in a light cream color.

The built-in vanity area has a stone-clad counter in a unique gray stone in satin finish. There is also a small niche for storing towels and other bath accessories on the side of the vanity area, and you will see that the bathroom uses a lot of mirrors to compensate for its size.

Quartz tub with white river stones and sliding door to the poolThis is a very simple bathroom which goes for a relaxing spa feel. The free standing bath tub was placed beside the sliding door going to a small private outdoor pool. The bath tub was fashioned out of a peach colored quartz stone with a unique basin shape.

While the bathroom uses tiles in the same finish and color of the bath tub, the area surrounding the bathtub uses a dark gray stone and surrounds the bath tub itself with white river stones.

Partitionless bathroom with black wall tiles with square tub and showerThis modern bathroom uses simple color combinations and finishes to achieve this look. Walls are clad with black textured tiles, while floors are of teak wood finish. The gray tiles of the walls match the color of the window frames as well.

Since the bathroom is small, there is no partition between the rectangular bathtub and the shower area.

Bathroom with glass partitions between shower and bathtub areasThis bathroom mixes country with modern, as it plays with textures and partitions. The upper walls are covered in small rectangular black subway tiles, mimicking brick patterns. The small tub and shower area are elevated on two levels and divided by a transparent glass.

Both are covered with solid thick marble stones from the bottom flooring up to part of the walls, and a divider between the sink area and the tub. The cabinets are stained wengue, with a cream marble stone countertop and big mirrors. Plants adorn this masterpiece of a bathroom.

Bathroom with stone and wood design elementsThis is the perfect Tropical bathroom with excellent combination of colors, materials and textures. You will see a medley of stones and wood, combining in harmony to achieve this look. The bathroom is semi-outdoor, basically covered by additional eaves made of bamboo.

Walls on the side of the house has natural stone cladding, while the fence side wall uses natural-cut stones, giving it a very rough texture. Floors are simple poured concrete with river stones. You can also see the use of Teak wood bench, vanity and bamboo.

Bathroom with separate bath and shower areas and granite tilesA unique layout and an excellent combination of colors with a very large space makes this bathroom perfect for a suite hotel room or a luxury home or penthouse apartment. The space is well-utilized, separating the toilet, shower and bath tub facilities from each other with full wall partitions.

Bathroom with frilly curtains and Statuario marble on floors, tub and vanityThis elegant and fancy bathroom seems to come straight from a dollhouse. Except for the short golden curtains with frills. The room is in all white with varying textures and touches of glass.

The flooring and other surfaces are covered in white marble stone, with solid white cabinetry topped with simple panels. Mirrors line the table side, while windows overlooking outdoors could be found on the bath tub’s side.

Elevated bathtub with two wall lamps and red window draperyThis small and elegant bathroom has oatmeal colored tiled flooring, just like the wall. The bath tub is enveloped by an elevated platform that is lined with mosaic tiles on the side, while it has the same oatmeal colored tiles on the surface. Two lamp shades light the space with touches of tangerine on the curtains and accents.

Bathroom with black wood cabinetry and crystal chandelierThis elegant bathroom is regal with its dazzling lighting. A chandelier hangs amidst the ceiling, similar to the lighting found on both sides of the mirror, giving good lighting as needed. The walls are in textured coffee color, while the doors, pillars surrounding the bath tub, and cabinetry are stained wengue. The flooring, shower room door’s outline, and the bath tub’s elevated platform are lined with diamond tiles, adorned with small golden diamonds.

Round bathrub wuith mosaic tile wall on one side and wood planks on the otherThis minimalist bathroom mixes modern with natural by playing with colors and texture. Amidst the floor lies an exposed circular bath tub that lies directly above a matte brown tiled flooring, outlined by textured tiles.

One side is covered by solid golden oak stained wood, while the other side is lined with beautiful blue mosaic tiles. The bathroom door is covered by glass doors and a see-through white curtain and leads to a platform overlooking the ocean.

Bathroom with glossy stone floor tiling with separate glass walled shower areaThis bathroom radiates with elegance with its golden color scheme. The flooring is lined with golden square stone tiles in glossy finish, while the bath panels and the lower part of the shower room’s divider to avoid water from spilling to the rest of the bathroom are line with rectangular golden stone tiles in matte finish.

The grandness is elaborated by the elaborate patterns on the golden wallpapers. The golds are toned down by the black solid stone surface surrounding the bathtub, and mahogany cabinets.
Bathroom with tub, panel windows, sink and dresserThis bathroom is mostly in oatmeal color, but uses textures, gloss, and natural elements from the greenery outside and the mahogany wooden laminates on the floor to create an elegant and fancy bathroom space. The tub lies in the middle of the room with a mosaic tile surround on the side and a solid white glossy surface on the top.

Right next to it is a lounge chair with a mahogany wooden frame and glossy oatmeal upholstery. The sides are made functional with the sink and cabinets on the right and a table with a matching cushioned seat in oatmeal upholstery and a mirror on the opposite side, a space perfect for doing makeup and regimen.

Bathroom with walnut cabinets, patterned wall paper and bathtub with glass wallThis spacious bathroom has a relaxing country vibe with it. Deep walnut cabinetry with a matching stool are lined with solid coffee stones that cover the countertop, and the surface of the two-level platform that holds the tub.

Most of the wall is covered with a beautifully patterned brown wallpaper, except for the brown stone surface on the shower area’s wall. The white tub in turn perfectly matches the white sink and window planels overlooking the busy city. The white curtains further add life to the mostly brown space.

Enclosed shower with built in shower head and sink in goldf finishThis modern bathroom is covered with varying textures and earth colors. The golden sink and faucet is placed on a protruding stone shelf that is lined with matte and grainy gray stone tiles.

The walls are covered in rectangular and matte copper-toned stone tiles, where the huge mirror is attached, surrounded by thin rectangular tiles. The shower area is encapsulated by big blue-stained glass panels up to the ceiling, where a shower head could be found.

Custom bathroom with makeup areaThis elegant bathroom is lined with off-white tiles with some small black squares. The same texture is used for the two-level platform holding the bathtub that overlooks green fields outside.

The white panels of the windows are surrounded by green patterns that also frame the mirror on top of a walnut table and a small cushioned seat in gray upholstery.

Outdoor bathroom with twin sink vanityThis is basically an outdoor bathroom with a spa-like Asian zen appeal. The combination of colors and finishes, as well as the use of plants has a calming effect, and gives a really cozy appeal and sense of belonging with nature.

Floors are polished stone tiles which goes up until the partition wall. The same tiles were used of the twin sink vanity which ha a unique stone vessel sink. Similarly, the free-standing tub is also made of stone, with a roughened outer edge, complementing the accent river stones placed around the tub.
Bathroom with mosaic tilework and arched ceilingThis bathroom gives a spacious feel by being divided into sections through arches. The shower area lies on the opposite side of the door, while the bathtub lies in the other. The sink on the other hand, lies across the door, at the top of a wooden mahogany cabinet, and right next to a mirror.

The shower area has a slightly elevated platform, and is lined with brown mosaic tiles on its flooring, different to the matte oatmeal tiles on the rest of the bathroom’s floor. The bathtub area on the other hand is like a lounge, a two-level platform holds a small steel stool with golden upholstery, sitting right next to the bathtub.

Candles, ornamental plants, a white curtain, and an arched window frame overlooking greens outside give the room its unique country vibe.

Bathroom with vertical slate tiles and globe lightingThis modern bathroom derives its elegance from its minimalist style. Wooden textures in varying color stains and texture adorn this room, in contrast with the mostly white surfaces.

Wengue stained cabinets surround a large solid white countertop that holds 2 sinks and lie right next to a huge wall mirror. At its end, a white bathtub enveloped in a light oakwood frame lies next to big glass windows overlooking outdoors.

Many luxury bathroom design ideas strive to hide the toilet out of eyeshot behind a wall or in a water closet. The toilet above is housed in a room that is surrounded by white walls, like the shower area that is also encapsulated, but this time with glass panels.

Bathroom with solid oak table, corner tub and wood blindsThis cute and feminine bathroom plays with reds and browns to accent the mostly white space. A golden oak table attached to the wall holds two white sinks, each with a small rectangular mirror on top.

This space is placed right next to a small tub surrounded by a solid white platform. A horizontal line marks this platform, together with flower patterns on the wall, mahogany blinds, and mosaic tiles that frame the big wall mirror accentuate the space.

Master bath suite with bathtub with intricate tile workThis follows a gray and blue color scheme that matches the bedroom that could be seen outside the door-less entrance. The floor is covered in glossy gray stone tiles, in contrast to the matte blue walls and brick mosaic tiles that frame the sink and the tub. Wengue cabinetry is a perfect match to the masculine vibe in this bathroom space.

Claw foot tub in bathroom and white towel on a rackThis elegant bathroom is minimalist in style, a good backdrop for the elegant silver pieces, like the beautiful silver stand that hold the white oval bathtub, and the silver chandelier.

The rest of the room is covered in plain coffee-colored matte tiles, with a small section of the floor holding a slightly elevated solid white surface for the shower area that is encapsulated by tall glass panels.

The simplicity of the room is adorned with golden oakwood stained blinds that are right beside two potted ornamental plants.

Bathroom with angular tub beside a shower with half glass and white tiled wallThis lavatory is entirely white, but creatively plays with texture to achieve a minimalist and elegant style. The angular white tub is surrounded by white rectangular tiles in a matte finish.

The walls are mostly white, except for the gray, oatmeal, and off-white rectangular tiles that cover the shower section, encapsulated in a divider and glass doors. To add life and color, the bathroom has glass windows with no curtains, overlooking outdoors.

Green curtains, bathtub with two-level platform placed between two cabinetsThis spacious washroom is refreshing with touches of green on the curtains, walnut cabinets, and some ornamental plants. The floor is covered with oatmeal tiles, similar to the two level platform that leads to the bathtub in the middle of the room, right next to the window.

Symmetry is evident in the two walnut cabinets on either side of the tub, with mirrors mounted to the wall right next to it, and rectangular patterns on the wall in thick black outlines.

Bathroom with solid white walls and brown textured wall with potted plantThis washroom puts much emphasis in to the tub that lies in the middle of the room. Interestingly, no cabinets, lounge chairs, or mirrors could be found, except for the ornamental plants in and outside the room, as seen from the glass doors.

The walls are solid white on one corner, while a brown textured wall could be found on the opposite side. The flooring is matte and tiled with a wooden texture in a washed-out color.

Bathroom with mahogany cabinets with chrome handles and shower with half-glass divider and This brown washroom is free of adornments, but is rich in texture. The mahogany cabinets are on the left side, with a brown stone countertop and a mirror that could be a good place for executing a beauty regimen or putting on makeup.

The shower room is separated from the rest of the room with a half divider, glass panels, and doors. Its tiled oatmeal flooring matches the tiles that surround the tub, while the floor is covered in diamond-textured brown tiles. The rest of the wall is covered in solid mocha brown.

Circular bathtub with mirrored tile body and separate shower and toilet areasThis bathroom’s main attraction is it’s circular bathtub surrounded by silver mosaic tiles, like a disco ball. This stands out from the minimalist elements used in the washroom, like the green stained glass dividers, oak cabinetry, and oatmeal floors and countertops.

The lavatory is divided into sections, cabinets and sink on the left, toilet right next to it, and the tub and shower room on the opposite side.

Bathroom with laminated flooring and purple accent chairThis washroom makes use of solid colors and seamless edges to create a modern space.The tub is in solid white, while a small purple chair that matches a purple ornament could be found on the opposite side.

Gray textured laminates cover the flooring, cabinets, and walls, that is cut by mirrors. On the sink’s section, right behind the protruding gray cabinetry, a textured white wall radiates with led lighting beneath it.

Rectangular bathtub beside a windowThis country style washroom derives its beauty from symmetry and patterns. The rectangular bathtub lies in the middle of the room, right next to a window on the wall.

The sides of the tub are lines with paneled walnut wood, a match to the cabinetry that lies on both sides, each holding a white sink on a brown countertop right next to a mirror. The coffee brown walls are adorned with simple square patterns, a good match to the panels on the cabinet.

Olive green wall with decor and ornamental plants on countersThis elegant lavatory is a mix of modern and country. Glossy off-white tiles cover the floor and the sides of the bathtubs platform, while gorgeous green solid stone line the countertop and surround the bathtub.

A deep olive green wall holds a metallic piece that gives a modern vibe to the room, while ornamental plants and the deep walnut cabinetry is where a country vibe could be felt.

Bathroom with large rounded soaking tub and panel mirrorsThis small modern lavatory plays with browns, sizes, and alignment that gives the room its beauty. The floor is covered with matte brown diamond stone tiles , while horizontal rectangular stone tiles of the same texture and color fully cover the walls.

The same texture and color of tiles is used to line the sides of the bathtub, but this time with smaller cuts of rectangular tiles, lined vertically and put closely together like mosaic tiles. A big white towel hanger lies on across a long rectangular white sink with seamless solid white cabinetry below it.

Bathroom with step up bathtubThis spacious spacious washroom has several window panels covered in white blinds that match the white tub right below it. The tub lies inside a two-level platform that runs across the room, and extends as a platform that could serve as a seating area in the shower room.

This platform is surrounded by square matte oatmeal tiles, similar in color to the floor tiles, but are put widely apart to create texture. A big glass panel encapsulates the shower room at the far end of this washroom.

Master bathroom with dark mahogany cabinetry and large mirrorThis long and spacious washroom is lined with seamless mahogany cabinetry on one side, a match to the mahogany panels on the side of the tub, both of which hold solid oatmeal stone that surround that bathtub and the sinks.

A big glass mirror is functional and makes putting on make up or daily regimen an easy task, right above the sink. On the other side, a long shower room section is separated to the rest of the room with big glass panels. Inside, a protruding stone shelf could be seen, providing a place for seating while in the shower.

To balance out the plain browns and off-white in the room, a gray square carpet covers part of the floor, and ensures that the rest of the washroom could be kept dry from the water that may drip from a refreshing tub in the shower or the bathtub.

Bathroom with chandelier, oatmeal painted walls and square mirrorsLuxury washroom design ideas don’t always need to go over the top with extravagance. This elegant washroom is fancy but simple. Unlike most bathrooms, it is the shower section that lies between identical white cabinetry , a sink, and a mirror.

The shower section is slightly elevated and enclosed in big glass panels. On the opposite side, line the wall, a good contrast to the pristine white square bathtub that lies directly below a beautiful and elegant chandelier.

Gray walls and brown diamond tiles for the flooring add contrast to the mostly white and light colors that surround the room.

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