How to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Small bedroom with luxury decor and neutral color themeA small bedroom may have limited dimensions, but it doesn’t have to feel small. Go beyond limits and decorate your small space in a way that is airy and open and just feels spacious. Here are a few tips to push your creativity to the limit and go beyond the space limits for your dream bedroom.

The shades of color 

Small bedroom with natural light and designer decoratedLight colors reflect the light and make a room feel airy. Make flooring and walls are light colored for a feeling of depth and spaciousness. Use a unified color palette. Think about keeping colors – light and neutral which will help to visually expand your space.

Use different shades of the same color on everything from the paint to the furnishing and accessories. Different shades of the same color lend a visual coherence that declutters the room and will make it feel more open.

Use your windows

Light color small bedroom with wall art design

Try leaving the windows uncovered to take advantage of natural light . The natural light let in lends depth. If you’re worried about your privacy, try using shades or blinds instead of curtains.

Sheer drapes also lend privacy while the light fabric will increase the airy feel. Make drapes the same color of the wall. This will allow them to blend in and increase the feeling of space.

Make them look up

Small bedroom with sheer canopy bed curtain Draw people’s eye’s upwards to make the room look taller and feel bigger. The easiest way to do that would to paint the ceiling. Cover the whole ceiling with an interesting pattern or color or just certain areas.

You can also try adding decorative crown molding or trim around the perimeter of the ceiling for added effect. A sheer bed canopy curtain can also be added to effectively give a dramatic effect and drawn the eyes up.

Make them look up by placing shelves or open book cases near the ceiling. These have the dual purpose of display space and out-of-the-way storage.

Floor-to-ceiling book cases will also emphasize wall length and ceiling height. For decorating a child’s room try using stick-on decals or a small mural to decorate a portion of the ceiling.

Flattering stripes

Small bedroom with shelves, bookcases and unique textures Horizontal stripes in a small bedroom can lengthen a room. Orient the stripes to go along the length of the room that is the longest, making it look even longer. A striped or partially striped floor is an interesting and eye-catching detail.

Vertical stripes on a wall, give a sense of height, but horizontal stripes can work as well. Try adding a horizontal stripe of paint or wallpaper, halfway up or more your wall.

Make sure it contrasts with the wall so that it stands out. This will create a visual division that will make your wall seem taller and your room more spacious.

Furniture for space 

Beautiful small bedroom with designer furniture and elegant bed frameBedroom furniture doesn’t just take up space; it can add the illusion of space. A raised bed frame, a small sofa or chairs raised on legs, a dressing table with exposed legs – these are perfect for a small space. Being able to see space between the furnishing and the floor make it seem like the room has more space.

Use furniture with more than one function. A footstool for a low display table or extra seating. A flat-topped chest for storage or a table. Beds with built in drawers. A small, high chest of drawers for a bedside table.


Small bedroom with large mirrorThe reflection from a mirror can really increase the feel of your bedroom space and help to lighten it up. Not to mention mirrors add a lot of glamour to a bedroom interior.

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