Carpet Colors That Don’t Show Dirt

Selecting new carpeting for your home or business means deciding on the type of carpet, padding, thickness, material, and additional characteristics such as solid colors or patterns. The most important decision is whether the carpeting has a secondary color or a design to match the room’s décor and style. Part of the choice may be based on carpet colors that don’t show dirt if there is a lot of foot traffic, children, or pets in the home.

Master bedroom with light brown carpet

Some carpet types and colors remain clean longer. In contrast, others show stains and dirt build-up right after installation and even after a thorough, professional cleaning. Pets may have an accident on the rug or leave dirty footprints inside, while bits of cereal, cracker crumbs, and crushed cookies leave behind a fine powder embedded in the rug.

Most people don’t have time to vacuum every day. In addition to dirt, liquids, drinks, and food spills may leave behind permanent stains. There may be no remedy if the rug is a light, solid color.

Below we share the type of carpet colors that don’t show dirt and stains. The right color carpet can help you avoid expensive and unwanted carpet replacement. [toc]

Bedroom with taupe carpet

Dark and Light Solid Colors

Although it seems the opposite of which carpet color to choose for concealing dirt, white carpeting allows the use of bleach and other chemicals to remove stains.

However, white carpet shows every speck of dirt that touches the surface and eventually loses its luster. White carpeting and other light colors such as a creamy yellow or a dusty salmon color are appropriate in areas such as a study, library, or sitting room where there is very little use and no children or pets.

Dark carpet colors conceal stains and Dirt better than light colors such as medium to dark brown carpeting.

Wine stains, pet urine, pizza sauce, and other dark liquid stains may blend in with the brown or leave behind a barely visible stain. Cleaning stains from a dark carpet does require care.

Using a cleaner or chemical that may lighten the carpet fibers will cause permanent discoloring worse than the original stain.

Carpet Patterns

Solid colors always present the risk of a stain or smeared dirt leaving a stain that cannot be removed entirely or without altering the color of the fibers. Patterns, especially intricate patterns, make it difficult to distinguish the design from the dirt or stain patterns.

Geometric patterns with wide blocks of color may still show stains and dirt. Patterns such as speckles, flowers, filigree, and other detailed artwork or designs are better at allowing stains and dirt to blend in with the pattern.

The Solid Carpet Colors That Don’t Show Dirt

Gold, Tan, Light Brown

These solid colors work well when several hues of each color are combined in the carpeting. The gold, tan, light brown, and sandy brown color families mimic many types of Dirt, hair, and pet fur, so they blend in and remain mostly unseen.

Dark Brown, Green, and Blue

Dark brown is the top option for hiding dust, mud, and gravel, allowing more time between vacuuming.

Dark green and dark blue carpets also hide Dirt well and are more resistant to revealing stains caused by grass smudges and children’s paints and markers.

Gray and Dark Shades of Beige

Bedroom with dark beige carpetGray carpeting comes in many shades and does a great job hiding dirt. Stains will show on lighter gray carpeting, so choose a medium to dark gray.

Beige is good at covering up sand, light hair and pet fur, and even coffee and tea spills. If you catch the spill right away and clean it up, it may still stain but remain lighter than the original color.

Neutral Colors

Any neutral colors such as olive green, taupe, and even black, are good carpeting choices that do not draw people’s eyes to the floor.

These colors keep some dirt and stains hidden. Be careful with black. It is a neutral color, but light dust balls, pet fur, and other light-colored dirt on the surface will show. Bright color carpeting causes people to look down and shows dirt and stains more easily.

Easiest Type of Carpet to Keep Clean

The type of carpet material you choose can also have an impact on how easy it is to clean. Nylon carpet has been found to have the most durability and be the easiest to keep clean.

Polyester carpet is also a great choice for resisting dirt and ease of cleanup. Polyester carpet is also a favorite with pet owners since it is an oil-based fiber that is excellent at repelling water based stains. That said, it does not do well with oil based stains, which can be many types of beauty products, for example.

Wool carpet has natural protective oils called lanolin embedded in the fibers. However, while having excellent natural dirt resisting qualities, they can be stubborn with stains and require expensive special cleaning and maintenance.

Choosing a carpet color that does not show dirt may be challenging, especially when you want to match your home’s décor and style or a particular room. When there’s going to be a lot of use, foot traffic, and pets, the right color will help prevent frequent professional cleaning and premature replacement.

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