Throw Blanket Dimensions (Size Guide)

In this guide to throw blanket dimensions you’ll see standard measurements for different bed types, oversized & crochet throw blanket sizes and how to choose a throw blanket.
Throw blanket One of the most straightforward and effortless ways to add a design element and depth to any interior is by adding a versatile throw blanket, whether slinging one on the back of a sofa or placing one on top of your duvet.

Some confuse throw blankets with afghans or regular bedding blankets, but they differ in a lot of ways, including function and materials. Throw blankets are mainly there for comfort and style. Think of it as accessories for your beds and sofas made from various textiles like faux fur, wool, velvet, cashmere, and many other colors that will pop in your interior.

Standard Throw Blanket Size 

Standard throw blanket sizes Aside from differing functions and materials, a throw blanket will also be noticeably smaller than regular bed blankets. Most types of blankets will hang over the sides of the bed, while throw blankets, on the other hand, will be more compact and not hang down on beds. 

Many throw blankets will come in a standard or regular size at 50 by 60 inches or 127 by 152 centimeters. 

Some stores will also offer standard throw blanket sizes at 54 by 60 inches or 137 by 152 centimeters and longer ones at 54 by 72 inches or approximately 137 by 183 centimeters. 

King Size Throw Blanket Dimensions

Blanket Sizes A king-sized bed is 108 by 100 inches or 274 by 254 centimeters and finding a throw blanket to use for this size is rare but not hard. If a homeowner wants to use a throw blanket for this bed size, using the most extensive possible throw blanket is in order. 

There are extensive throw blankets for this bed size with a width of 90 inches or 229 centimeters and a length of 100 inches or 254 centimeters. Most of these oversized throw blankets will be found in specialty stores, and some can use the textile and color of their choice by having it made custom. 

If you want a fix that you can easily acquire, using an oversized throw blanket at 50 by 70 inches and putting it on the foot of a bed will provide the warmth and design element to any room. 

Queen Size Throw Blanket Dimensions

Queen size throw blanket If you want a throw blanket to cover the entire extent of a queen-sized bed fully, you will need a throw blanket that is 90 by 100 inches or about 229 by 254 centimeters. 

Like the throw blankets for a king-sized bed, these bigger ones will be harder to look for, so the only possible option to buy bigger ones is to have them made custom or purchased from a specialty store. 

What you can use as an alternative is an oversized throw blanket with a dimension of 50 by 70 inches or 127 by 178 centimeters and put it on the foot of a bed. 

Full Size Throw Blanket Dimensions

Full size throw blanket Throw blankets to cover the full extent of a full-sized bed should have a dimension of 80 by 90 inches or 203 by 229 centimeters. Sadly, there are still no throw blankets widely manufactured and available in this size, but you can always have it custom-made to ensure that the throw will cover the entire length of your bed. 

Oversized throw blankets are your best bet for a full-sized bed, and they will have a dimension of 50 by 70 inches or 127 by 178 centimeters. 

Twin Size Throw Blanket Dimensions

Twin size throw blanket A twin bed will have dimensions of 66 by 90 inches or approximately 168 by 229 centimeters, so if you are planning to decorate your bed covering with a throw blanket, then choosing one close to this size is the way to go. 

Your best bet for a twin bed is going for a throw blanket with a width of 50 inches or 127 centimeters and a length of 70 inches or 178 centimeters. Put them on the foot of your bed for easy access during nap time!

Oversized Throw Blanket Dimensions

If the standard throw blanket at 50 by 60 inches or about 127 by 152 centimeters is too small for you, there is the oversized throw blanket that would look great on sofas and beds no matter how small or big they are. A large throw blanket has a size of 50 by 70 inches or 127 by 178 centimeters. 

This is the best choice for people looking to use throw blankets for more extensive beds. Simply put it on the foot of any bed sizes, from king to twin, and it will make the bed look striking and cozy. 

Crochet Throw Blanket Dimensions

Crochet throw blanket sizes The ultimate throw blanket you can use to keep you warm, especially during wintertime, is a crochet throw blanket. These throw blankets are great for sipping hot chocolate on the sofa or cuddling while reading a book in your bed. 

There are two sizes available for a crochet throw blanket, and the first one is called “lap,” with a size of 32 by 48 inches or 81 by 122 centimeters. You can also get a slightly wider one at 35 by 40 inches or 89 by 102 centimeters. 

The standard crochet throw blanket will have a dimension of 52 by 60 inches or about 132 by 152 centimeters. 

What Is A Good Size For A Throw Blanket? 

The best size you can get your throw blanket to fit any need is the oversized throw blanket at 50 by 70 inches. 

It will work excellent for sofas and smaller beds, but it will also add a layer of comfort and design to more oversized beds. 

How To Choose A Throw Blanket?

Function and style are the most significant factors when deciding what throw blanket will be the most appropriate for your home. Are you using it as a solely decorative piece? Then go for the standard size. 

But, if you are looking to utilize the throw blanket, especially for colder days and nights, your best bet is to opt for an oversized throw blanket that will be slightly longer than the standard throws. 

If you are choosing a throw blanket for your sofa, choosing a more larger one will be good for snuggling with others or more easily wrapping yourself up.

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