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Blanket Sizes (King, Queen, Full, Twin & Throw)

In this blanket sizes guide you’ll see how big a blanket is for a king, queen, full and twin mattress, size chart, and baby blanket & throw blanket sizes.
Different sizes of blankets for residential propertiesIf there are so many choices for bed and duvet sizes, it is not a surprise to find out that is the case for blankets. A blanket is essential to getting a night of sound sleep at night, whether in hot or cold weather. Aside from providing warmth, it also provides security and comfort. 

The good thing is it is pretty easy to know what blanket any homeowner needs as long as they know what mattress size they have. From basic necessity to a fun and stylish accompaniment for a bed, a blanket is a great thing, and getting the right size will ensure usability.

How Big Is A King Size Blanket? 

King size bed mattress sizesOne of the enormous blanket sizes anyone can get is a blanket fit for a sizable king-size bed. A king bed has measurements from side to side of 76 inches or around 193 centimeters, with a length from top to bottom of 80 inches or 203 centimeters. 

The standard blanket size for this size is a blanket that is 108 inches or 274 centimeters in width with a length of 90 to 100 inches or 229 to 254 centimeters. Although this is the standard size, the blanket will be affected by the thickness of the mattress. 

Blankets are sized so as to fit under a coverlet. If you want sufficient overhang for a comforter or blanket to serve also as bed cover, you must be sure to select a size large enough. – Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House, Cheryl Mendelson

A standard-size blanket is all it needs for a king bed that is 10 inches or 25 centimeters thick. For a mattress thickness of 14 inches or 36 centimeters, the best blanket is 120 by 88 inches or 305 by 224 centimeters.

For thicker mattresses at 22 inches or 56 centimeters, the best blanket size is blankets at 130 by 110 inches or 330 by 279 centimeters. 

How Big Is A Queen Size Blanket? 

Queen size bed mattress sizesIf the homeowners own a queen-size mattress sized 60 inches or 152 centimeters in width and 80 inches or 203 centimeters in length, the standard blanket size for that mattress is 90 inches or 229 centimeters wide with a length of 90 to 100 inches or around 229 to 254 centimeters.

Although this is the standard, a queen can have different mattress thicknesses, calling for a more oversized blanket. 

For queen mattresses at 10 inches or 25 centimeters thick, the best blanket is 90 by 88 inches or 229 by 223 centimeters. The best blanket for a bed 14 inches thick is 108 by 88 inches or 274 by 224 centimeters.

For 22 inches-thick mattresses, it is best to get a blanket 120 by 88 inches or 305 by 224 centimeters. 

How Big Is A Full Size Blanket? 

Full size bed blanket sizeOne of the most common bed sizes will need a blanket size most used in many households, and that is the double or full-size blanket. This blanket type is the best for full-size mattresses at 75 by 53 inches or 191 by 135 centimeters. 

For a comfortable night’s sleep with the full bed covered, homeowners should opt to get a blanket made for a double sized at 85 inches or 216 centimeters from side to side with a length of 90 inches or 229 centimeters. 

This is also great for teenagers’ beds and can also work for children with more extensive beds. This is also a perfect size for a smaller bed, especially if the user is fond of wrapping themselves up like a burrito. 

How Big Is A Twin Size Blanket? 

Twin size bed blanket sizeTwin beds are available in two sizes, with the standard twin at 38 by 75 inches or 97 by 191 centimeters and the twin XL at 38 by 80 inches or 97 by 203 centimeters. The best blanket for this mattress size can be 65 by 90 inches or 165 by 229 centimeters. However, thickness will also affect the perfect blanket size. 

Ten inches thick mattress is excellent to pair with a 60 by 88 inches or 152 by 224 centimeters. There are 14 inches or 36 centimeters-thick beds with blankets sized 90 by 88 inches, 229 by 224 centimeters being incredible for them.

Aside from that, this blanket size can also work for a twin mattress 22 inches or 56 centimeters thick. 

Blanket Size Chart

Blanket Type Blanket Size
Lovey 12 by 12 inches
Baby 14 by 16 inches
Cradle 14 by 30 inches
Preemie 18 by 24 inches
Stroller 22 by 30 or 30 by 36 inches
Receiving 40 by 40 inches 
Crib 45 by 60 inches
Throw 50 by 60 inches
Twin 65 by 90 inches
Double 85 by 90 in.
Queen  90 by 90 to 100 in.
King 108 by 90 to 100 inches

What Is The Size Of A Throw Blanket? 

Sizes of throw blanketsOne blanket smaller than regular blankets is a throw blanket. Most of the throw blankets in the market are in three standard sizes.

Sometimes, many homeowners and decorators use throw blankets as decorative elements for their beds. Still, they also have a function, whether for use when cozying up in the bed during a movie or when the blankets and comforters are set in place. 

Throw blankets come in three standard sizes used for different purposes and spaces. The first is a throw blanket at 50 by 60 inches or around 127 by 152 centimeters.

There are also throw blankets at 54 by 60 inches or about 137 by 152 centimeters, and more extended ones at 54 by 72 inches or approximately 137 by 183 centimeters. 

Baby Blanket Size

Nursery room with steel crib gray coffee tableBaby blankets are not set-sized because there are many types for different purposes. The first is the lovey blanket with a size of 12 by 12 inches or around 30 by 30 centimeters.

The baby blanket is 14 by 16 inches or 36 by 41 centimeters. Cradle blankets are 14 by 30 inches or 36 by 76 centimeters, while preemie blankets are 18 by 24 inches or about 46 by 61 centimeters. 

Aside from those sizes, stroller blankets are also there with a width ranging from 22 to 30 inches or 56 by 76 centimeters and a length of 30 to 36 inches or 76 to 91 centimeters.

Receiving blankets are also available at 40 by 40 inches or 102 by 102 centimeters, while crib blankets are sized at 45 by 60 inches or 114 by 152 centimeters. 

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