Smart Shower Head (Designs & Buying Guide)

Here’s our smart shower head guide including what it is, the different controls, features, pros and cons, reasons to buy one, and if smart shower heads are worth it.
Smart shower head with LED lightsWhen you hear “smart house,” you don’t usually think of the bathroom. Most of us imagine a high-tech lighting system, smart TVs, or security cameras. Smart shower heads, on the other hand?

After a hard day at work, all you want to do is take a nice shower. The average person spends 30 minutes to an hour every day in the restroom. 

This activity may add up to a couple of years throughout your life, so it is better to spend it in style! But adjusting the shower water and getting it ready is tedious. 

If you like drinking a cup of coffee while waiting for hot water or watching your favorite TV episodes while showering, you can incorporate a smart shower to keep your peace even when showering.

Thanks to technological advancements, you may now connect most of your home appliances to a network of smart devices. While certain appliances aren’t compatible with smart home technologies, adding digital controls to your shower may be a significant enhancement.

What Is A Smart Shower Head?

Round smart shower head in bathroomSmart types of shower heads are devices that integrate smart technology into standard shower fittings. Built-in BlueTooth speakers, smartphone companion applications, and the ability to monitor temperature, usage, and water pressure are all additional features. 

You can control some smart shower heads with ease using your smartphone or a virtual assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant.

It is crucial to remember that each manufacturer defines a smart shower head differently. Some types are environmentally friendly, while others are more into luxury. Some include rainfall shower heads with extra water-saving nozzles or temperature indication LEDs. 

Some products enable you to manage, modify and fine-tune every element of your shower experience. They allow you to customize the temperature of the water, the flow, the length, and even the direction of the spray, among other things.

Smart showers are among the modern bathroom design ideas that also allow you to track your water use, reduce your total consumption, and allow you to safely control the bath temperature for your youngsters or senior family members.

Smart Shower Control

Bathroom with modern smart shower head, glass door, tile floors, mirror, and sinkSmart Shower Control is a concept that enables you to precisely control your temperature, monitor and stop water flow, alter the pressure, and rotate between numerous outputs. In many circumstances, you may accomplish this using a smartphone app.

Unlike standard shower heads, smart showers come with an integrated digital thermostat. In most cases, a control panel will be located in the shower or within reach distance. 

These control modules can connect with the digital shower using wireless or hardwired technology and give you complete control over your shower time.

With the stroke of a button, specific digital shower controls enable customers to pre-program the ideal temperature for their shower. Color-coded LEDs and touchscreen screens are among the other features. 

The smart shower technology delivers water at the correct temperature in a fraction of a second – and maintains it steadily for the length of your shower – thanks to its unequaled sensitivity.

Smart Shower Features

Round smart shower head in bathroomMonitor the rate of water flow and temperature: The fundamental advantage of a thermostatic valve is monitoring the rate of water flow and temperature. The valve will automatically mix the entering water to keep a constant temperature. You may purchase a thermostatic shower valve and put it in your existing smart shower.

Remotely controlled through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi: Controlling can be done using the app provided by your preferred brand. You don’t have to fiddle with the knobs anymore to get the temperature precisely right. 

All you have to do is use your smartphone to choose the shower setting of your choosing. So while you wait for the smart shower to reach your selected temperature, you may read the latest headlines!

Safety – Scald Prevention: You can shower with timers and environmentally friendly settings with smart showers. Since you can control the temperature of the water, you can make safe shower settings for your family’s most vulnerable members—children and the elderly. 

Most smart shower systems have built-in restrictions on how hot you may set the water temperature. As a result, it’s impossible to scorch oneself by setting the temperature too high by mistake.

Save Time by using Pre-programmed Settings: You may utilize voice commands to regulate your water temperature, choose which outlet to use, and activate your chosen shower setting, making your life simpler and more relaxed. This function will be handy for large families. It will speed up shower lines, reducing morning mayhem.

Reduce Water and Energy Use: Smart showers may save you just 3% on your monthly water bill. Some companies even claim to save up to 50% on yearly water use. You not only save water, but you also save electricity by not having to heat it.

Great Design: It seems futuristic and luxurious to replace a piece of old hand-operated equipment with a computerized touchscreen. This fixture also works with all shower sizes, whether it’s big or small. 

Smart Shower Head Pros and Cons

Smart shower inside a bathroom with tile wallHere we share the different advantages and disadvantages of a smart shower head.


Excellent water coverage

Has temperature control 

It has a wide variety of designs

No trickles of water or forceful bursts from the spray nozzle

Has remote control to switch on

Pleasing and gives a bathroom a sophisticated appeal

Help you save money on your water costs in the long run

Lower carbon impact


Costly – depending on the finish

Complex installation for some homeowners

Some types may limit the amount of hard water that comes out of the nozzle, especially those who reside in challenging water areas.

Why Buy A Smart Shower Head?

Bathroom with smart shower head and controlsDo you need a smart shower? Most likely not. You may, however, want one! Wouldn’t you want the cozy shower head to freshen yourself with after a long day at work or a strenuous session at the gym?

It is not a must-have, but it is certainly a bonus. If you choose one with water-saving features, it may also help you reduce the quantity of water you use. Going for one of the smart shower heads can dramatically elevate your showering experience.

These shower systems are available with a wide range of features and price points to meet practically everyone’s requirements.

Are Smart Showers Worth It?

Bathroom smart shower head with LED lightAccording to the EPA, at least 20% of the water that flows out of shower heads in the United States goes to waste, amounting to nearly 200 billion gallons. 

The value of a smart shower is highly dependent on the category. Sensors, particularly the more basic and portable varieties, provide a good return on a minimal investment. 

Most people would appreciate a pleasant, relaxing shower at the end of the day. These things, if anything, make the morning process more delightful while also speeding it up.

Aside from sustainability, you may just be searching for a way to add variety to your morning ritual or daily showers by listening to music without putting your phone in danger. If this is the case, a smart shower head might be ideal.

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