40 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas (Pictures)

This gallery features modern bathroom design ideas. Take a look at these luxury modern bathroom images to help decide which vanity cabinets, lighting, sinks, faucets, and accessories are right for your home. From minimalist to futuristic, there are bathroom designs we hope you’ll enjoy.

Luxury modern bathroom with aqua blue tile in shower

The luxury modern bathroom in the picture above brings in a lot of light with its full-length picture windows by the shower and bathtub. A neutral wood-finished porcelain tile is used for the floor and the walls and livened up by a patterned area rug before the extensive lavatory countertop featuring three vanity mirrors. A pop of color is brought to the neutral colors via the aqua-blue mosaic tile in the shower. [toc]

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Modern bathrooms reflect both style and functionality while adapting to modern interior design elements. Common characteristics in modern bathroom designs include minimal use of color, sticking to neutrals, black and white, and then adding an accent element.

Accent elements can be bright, solid colors, bringing on a Postmodern or Futuristic feel. Accent elements could also be more related to natural finishes such as stone or wood. A metallic finish for faucets and fittings, especially in stainless steel or chrome, is also common in modern bathrooms.

Stone countertops with functional casework — Marrying both style and function, the base casework for these bathroom countertops is usually fitted with as many cabinets, shelves, and drawers. Besides allowing for more storage space, these caseworks conceal smaller water heaters, P-traps, bottle traps, and other unsightly plumbing lines.

In addition, most casework for modern bathrooms is hanging, leaving a gap beneath it. This is an ergonomic choice, allowing users to stand right over the countertop with their feet comfortably tucked underneath the build-up.

In addition, this allows for easier cleaning of wet areas, especially since cabinetry is usually made of laminate on marine plywood or MDF board, which may be prone to warping upon contact with water and cleaning chemicals.

Wash basins – With the dawn of built-up countertops for modern bathrooms, wash basins are taking on more daring and smoother profiles. Usually in white porcelain, master bathrooms in particular will feature a pair of matching wash basins or a single unit with two separate basins and faucets. Vessel-type or counter-mounted wash basins are in vogue, as this means more counter space and also avoids things falling into the bathroom sink.

Toilets – Done mostly in white, some toilets feature a concealed tank design, wherein the water tank is hidden behind a built-up wall of concrete covered with tile.

Niches – The unsightly tank of the toilet is concealed, and a ledge behind the toilet is created, another functional space popular in many modern bathrooms. These built-ups can also be built all the way up to the ceiling, with smaller square niches punched into the wall for decorative shelving. Having a small downlight in each cove is also a great way to dress up the space.

Mirrors – Most mirrors are full-horizon, meaning they cover the entire width of the wall from end to end, allowing more continuity in its function and also a modern, streamlined look.

Windows – Although a definite taboo in the past, having large, floor-to-ceiling height glass windows in the bathroom is popular among modern bathrooms. Some treatments used to ensure privacy are frosted glass or the creation of a private pocket garden right beside the bathroom window. Skylights are also a great way to bring in daylight while protecting the users’ privacy.

Outdoor area – Larger bathrooms can opt to have an outdoor area, usually for the bathtub or shower area. Although going closer to more rustic designs, this feature is popular in modern bathrooms with this generation’s desire to be closer to nature and aspiration for more natural environments.

Luxe modern bathroom with charcoal glass walk in shower, freestanding tub & wood look tile floors

Bathtubs Bathtubs can either be independent floor-mounted units or enclosed bathtubs whose profiles are more suited to a modern bathroom design. Built-up areas with sunken bathtubs are still used but with a different accent tile for the build-up.

Floor-mounted units are preferred because of the unique shapes created by bathroom designers who use porcelain or resin for their tubs. Some tubs are even made of lightweight material, allowing clawed-foot bases. See here for more on how to choose a bathtub.

Bathtub faucets Due to the popularity of the floor-mounted bathtub, faucets for tubs have also adapted, becoming floor-mounted units. Usually, these chrome-plated fixtures start with a base plate on the floor and come up to the top of the tub in a long neck. More functional models even feature a telephone shower with a holder.

Shower area Usually, stand-up showers are enclosed by glass panels with stainless steel patch fittings to avoid water getting all over the bathroom. Besides the changing of the now defunct shower curtain, the mounted shower head has also been upgraded to the telephone shower for easier operation.

A rain shower mounted to the ceiling or higher up on the wall is also a popular choice, with many people likening the experience to taking a bath in the rain or under a small waterfall.

Unconventional tiles Although tiles still make up the main finish of most bathrooms due to their waterproof and inexpensive nature, more and more daring shapes and finishes have been created. Mosaic tiles, chevron-cut tiles, strip tiles, and subway tiles are popular profiles, while more modern surfaces include imitation marble, granite, wood, and glass.

Accent lighting Besides having wall sconces as task lighting directly above lavatory countertops, some larger bathrooms even opt to add one large accent lamp over the bathtub, creating a conversation piece and a niche. This new design trend is shaping the bathroom into becoming more than just a space for hygiene but a space to relax, think, and maybe even socialize.

Pictures of Modern Bathrooms

Modern white bathroom with large shower with rainfall showerhead

A small floor window and skylight bring the outdoors into this all-white bathroom, featuring beige stone tile flooring and polished white tiled walls. A sensuously curved bathtub is positioned by the corner while the glass-enclosed luxury shower area with a sitting bench and stainless steel fittings feature a long space complete with a telephone shower fixture and rainfall shower head.

Gray master bathroom with drum chandelier

This master bathroom features a modern, luxe design paired with more classic elements. The bathtub’s profile and back wall with three down-lit niches look modern but are given a classic twist through the drum chandelier hanging above it.

The pair of vanity countertops to the side are modern in terms of wash basin and mirror, but the antique reclaimed wood counters give the place a classic antique feel. A shower area in pebble finished floors and blue mosaic tile walls is discreetly hidden behind the solid grey wall.

Modern master bathroom with custom travertine bathtub and natural river rock floor

This modern cottage-style bathroom features more stone and wood elements, starting with the bathtub area that features a woodsy wallpaper, a travertine stone egg-shaped bathtub and river rock for the flooring.

The rest of the floor is in a warm engineered wood, also reflected on the shutters and casework used for the vanity counter. The vanity counter itself is also in a non-polished travertine finish, and sits in front of the shiplap wall boards painted in light blue grey.

bathroom with brown vanities and pendant chandelier over bathtub

This modern vanity features a built-up bathtub area with a pebble wash finish as its base and is surrounded by grassy green tiles. A pinecone-esque acrylic pendant lamp hangs above the bathtub and brings a certain quirk to the bathroom’s more subdued hues, such as the dark wooden laminates used for the cabinetry, matched with simple chrome-finished handles. Wood is also used for the flooring, while the vanity countertop features a spotted grey quartz.

Minimalist bathroom with elevated tub on white rocks

This modern minimalist white bathroom design features pops of orange mirrored from the color scheme used in the bedroom. The main focal point is a rectangular bathtub elevated on a small platform with white river rocks.

The bathtub is framed by white mosaic tiles and a dark wood lining and is complete with a quirky modern chandelier, a mounted flatscreen TV, and a clerestory window for daylighting. The rest of the floor features a plainer white ceramic tile.

Bright white painted bathroom with long vanity

This white bathroom is rendered even lighter because of the strip lighting all throughout the room’s shadow line. This effect gives the ceiling a sense of weightlessness that is mimicked by the long floating vanity countertop in white quartz.

With a pair of mirrors and recessed washbasins, the vanity countertop also features a hanging shelf in a light wood laminate, adding warmth to the all-white space. The geometric grey area rug leading to the bathtub adds texture to the minimalistic all-white bathroom.

Black and white color bathroom with porcelain tile flooring and large soaking tub

This black and white bathroom features tile borders in a checkerboard pattern running in vertical lines along sections of its walls. Between these borders is a matte grey porcelain tile that matches the browner, smaller tiles used for the floors.

A large curved soaking tub sits across the large wash basin for two and is mounted on a grey laminate vanity and dark stone countertop. The far side of the bathroom also features a small dresser with beveled mirrors and a tri-headed wall lamp.

Contemporary bathroom with silver chandelier and center tub

This modern-style bathroom features clean, neat lines, starting with its rectangular bathtub with floor-mounted faucet fixture. The large glass-paneled walk-in shower area features a rainshower mounted onto the ceiling and a telephone shower.

To the far end, the vanity counter for two is recessed into the wall, giving a better sense of intimacy. The vanity counter features a large wall-spanning mirror, wall-mounted faucets and seamless white cabinets for its base. The brown porcelain tile flooring combines the white bathroom, and the silver chandelier over the tub is the focal point.

Gray and white palette bathroom with carrara marble flooring and resin tub

This minimalistic monochrome modern bathroom design begins with the egg-shaped resin tub to the side, placed in front of picture windows looking out into the yard. Bordered by Carrara marble mosaic tiles, larger cuts of the stone lead to the end wall, decked in grey tile, with a full-horizon mirror in its center.

The back wall features a white minimalistic toilet and is paired with an acrylic Ghost chair and a small coffee table. The pair of linear vanity counters to the side is lined up against the wall with a continuous mirror and lit by two pairs of high-intensity wall lamps. The shape of the faucets also features a modern linear design.

Beautiful white marble bathroom with chandelier and high ceilings

This all-white bathroom features a more Neo-classical style with its cathedral ceilings and corniced terminations for the shower enclosure and toilet. The shower features a glass door, a rainshower, and grey marble tile floors and walls.

On the other hand, a simple white door leads to the toilet. The bathroom’s center features an arched picture window looking out into the outdoors, and a round white bathtub sits right in front of the view. To the side of the tub is an arched niche that serves as shelving and mimics the arched window, and the brass and crystal chandelier serves as the main focal point.

bathroom with grey and white wall tile

This modern bathroom features a Carrara marble countertop with a dark wooden laminate base for its drawers. Featuring two wash basins with wall-mounted faucets, the vanity terminates in a clerestory window and a wall lamp featuring illuminated circles.

The rest of the bathroom is decked in linear black and white stone tiles, while the shower area comes in a stronger black stone tile finish with white veins. The shower area is separated via glass panels and features a square-shaped rainshower.

bathroom with elevated tub and gold chandelier

This modern bathroom features warm wood laminate walls and a large picture window towards the back. Grey stone tiles also line its walls, contrasted by white porcelain tiles for the flooring. The centerpiece is a curvy freestanding tub mounted on a grey stone tile platform, topped with a vine-motif chandelier in gold.

Stylish bathroom with porcelain walls and flooring

Brown travertine stone tiles run along this modern bathroom’s walls and floors. A glass partition separates the rest of the bathroom from the boxy white bathtub with wall-mounted chrome-finished faucets. A narrow hallway leads to the main bedroom and features smaller black-painted wood cupboards for storage.

bathroom with window in shower and blinds

This modern bathroom features a pale wooden tile used for its floors and culminating in a half-hexagonal area with a set of three double hung windows with white roll-up shades framing the curvy white bathtub.

A glass-enclosed shower area with stainless steel fittings is given a black tile for its back wall, a great contrast to the beige colored walls and white ceilings. The bath area features a telephone shower and rain shower.

bathroom with bathtub window views, dark vanity and porcelain tiling floors

The large framed window of this modern master bathroom overlooks a wooded area. A circular white bathtub sits in front of this window and directly onto the brown stone tile floor. The vanity counter features dark wood cabinetry terminating in a white quartz countertop. A full horizon mirror is also fitted with an antique bronze and glass wall sconce.

bathroom with curved tub, black, granite floors and white vanity counters

A drum-shaped accordion fabric bathroom pendant light hangs over a polished white bathtub next to a large picture window with a garden view. Black granite stone tiles run along this modern master bathroom and onto the vanity counter at the end, which features two thin vertical windows.

To the side is the wash basin countertop featuring the same dark wood laminate from the vanity and topped with white stone countertops, and facing a large full horizon mirror mounted with classical style wall sconces.

bathroom with gray limestone walls and rainfall shower

Grey limestone walls with gentle curvilinear veins line the walls and floors of this modern master bathroom. The tub is white, rectangular and recessed into the built-up in grey mosaic tile. To the side, the shower area features a wall niche, telephone shower, and rain shower, and features a stone mosaic tile floor.

The back of the large mirror on the vanity also features a shiny brown-grey mosaic tile, and the wash basin sits on a black stone countertop held up by dark wood laminate cabinets and drawers with long linear chrome-finished handles.

bathroom with marble large format tile and window view from bathtub

This modern master bathroom features Carrara marble tiles for its floors. The shower area is glass-enclosed to the side and features a sand-colored mosaic tile for its floors and a linear grey strip tile for the border where the shower fixtures are mounted.

Another shower area is the main feature, set semi-outdoors with a view of the desert outside. A rough-hewn stone finish is used for its back wall, and landscaping is also used around it. Back to the interior, the Carrara marble tiles terminate in a wainscot behind the egg-shaped white resin tub with a floor-mounted chrome-finished faucet.

bathroom with slate floor, soaking tub and black pendant lights

Retro modern black pendant lamps with a gold interior hang over the robust white bathtub with floor-mounted fixtures. A flatscreen TV is mounted onto the beige wall beside the tub and is adjacent to the glass-enclosed shower area, which features olive green subway tiles and a brown and white marble stone finish. The whole bathroom is brought together by grey slate tile flooring in linear cuts and laid out in a random course.

Sleek dark modern design bathroom with high city views

This sleek modern bathroom offers the best city views, and its interiors mimic the linearity of the buildings outside. Facing the large picture window is the white bathtub, recessed into the built-up dark grey stone. The rest of the walls also feature this grey stone, while the floors are in a lighter white stone tile.

The vanity counter features a long full-horizon mirror and modernesque fixtures mounted onto the wall and servicing a long light grey stone countertop with dark-painted wood drawers. The dark-painted wood finish is also used for the storage cupboard to the side of the vanity.

Beautiful luxury bathroom with granite counter vanities and makeup counter

This large modern luxe master bathroom centers around a curved alcove for the glass-enclosed shower area. The shower area features a smaller white mosaic tile running along its walls and centering on a grey mosaic tile built-up tub with three small clerestory windows above.

The rest of the bathroom is in grey stone tile floor and white walls, with the exception of the lavatory counter, which features a white butcher’s block wood tile floor and grey linear mosaic tile wall. A travertine stone countertop is mounted on a dark wood laminate base and supports a white recessed wash basin. On the other side is a mirror on the whole wall in front of a small classic-style dressing table and chair.

bathroom with wood plank floors, large picture windows and lounge chair

A relaxing white blanketed lounge chair sits by the awning windows and glass swing doors of this modern bathroom. More light is brought into the bathroom via its slanted glass skylights, which reflect off the light wood strip flooring. A recessed alcove flanked by wall lamps is specially set for a curved white bathtub with a large mirror above it.

bathroom with skylight and mosaic pattern tiles

This modern bathroom’s raised deck features a zen-style free-standing bathtub and is fitted with a large glass skylight by the side of its shower area. The entire shower area features river rock walls and clean white linear tile floors.

The bathroom’s back wall features a blueish linear mosaic tile, reflected in the full-length mirror of the vanity that features a pedestal-type rounded wash basin and faucet on a white quartz countertop and white painted cabinets.

Glam bathroom with gold decor and mirrored metal accent wall

This modern rustic bathroom features a free-standing bathtub framed by a gold tile accent wall and a pair of orb-enclosed Edison lamps hanging over it. The floors are laid out with diamond-shaped travertine tiles and grey stone tile outlines.

The far side of the bathroom features a semi-circular space where a pair of vessel-type wash basins are mounted on a warm wood countertop. In front of each basin is a long, linear black-framed mirror, and in between are large wood-framed mullion windows.

All white bathroom with bathtub, bidet and vessel sinks

This all-white modern bathroom is made even lighter via the cool white strip light embedded into the wainscoting that runs all around this bathroom’s perimeter. The tile used is Carrara marble stone and is also used as the backsplash and vanity countertop material.

A pair of vessel-type circular wash basins sit on top of this vanity countertop, while a toilet with a concealed tank and bidet stand right opposite. Sheer white curtains bring in the bright light from the outdoors whilst maintaining privacy.

Black with white mosaic enclosure bathroom

This modern bathroom is characterized by the black and white mosaic tile used as the built-up shower area’s backdrop and behind the vanity’s large backlit mirror. The walls, built-up tub, and countertop of this bathroom are in a light travertine stone tile.

The wash basin is semi-sunken into the countertop with a slight overflow of its profile from the counter’s edge. Chrome-finished wall-mounted lavatory fixtures are mounted onto the black and white mosaic tile wall.

Dark tile bathroom with rainfall shower

This attic-ceiling bathroom’s sloped white ceiling and chrome-finished towel heater contrast well with the dark brown-grey stone tiles used for the walls and floors of this modern bathroom. Behind the wall-mounted lavatory and bidet is a small recessed niche for bathroom necessities, and right across it is a glass-enclosed shower area with telephone shower and round rainshower head.

bathroom with brick wall and black framed window

This Contemporary Rustic bathroom centers on the red exposed brick wall by the large double-hung window, which is contrasted by the dark brown stone tile used for the floors and walls. A quirky studded white-painted iron tub sits in front of a large, wood-frame mounted irregularly shaped mirror. The quirky geometric pattern on the towels add to the contemporary rustic charm of this modern master bathroom.

bathroom with brown oversize  tile

This modern bathroom centers on the back wall and features beautifully patterned Spanish tiles in geometric shapes and patterns. The rest of the bathroom uses brown stone tile for the walls and bathtub built-up and a lighter shade of the same tile for the floors.

The vessel-type wash basin sits in front of a backlit mirror and is supported by a walnut wood casework with rose gold handles. A rose gold statuette to the side also complements the tones of the vanity hardware.

bathroom with checkered pattern shower

A retro-modern checkerboard pattern tile is used for the shower area’s and vanity counter’s back wall. The shower area is glass-enclosed and features a window to the outside and a telephone shower. The vanity counter on the other hand, features large boxy wash basins sunken into a white quartz countertop with white painted wood cabinets. The floor tiles are simple off-white ceramic tiles.

bathroom with silver mirrored vanity cabinet

This Marie Antoinette style bathroom features a large beveled mirror over the white quartz stone countertop with recessed wash basins. The under-counter vanity cabinets are also in this beveled mirror finish and are mounted against the wall with beige wallpaper and white motifs.

A dainty bench stands in front of a large white mullioned window with heavy beige drapes and continues the old classic luxe vibe. Simple high-polish porcelain floor tiles complete the whole classical luxe theme.

bathroom with large round tub, dark hue vanity, outdoor views and chandelier

This modern bathroom’s two large picture windows bring in large amounts of light and are made even brighter by the lighted cove ceiling, where a delicate gold chandelier hangs over the center of the bathroom. The floors and walls feature linear travertine stone finish variations, while the back wall is in a gold wallpaper with a white and pink flower motif.

The circular bathtub is built up with a dark brown stone tile, also used for countertops, and complements well with the even darker wood used for the raised panel cabinets and casework. A modernesque toilet with a concealed tank is mounted to the side, and a circular padded table sits in the center of the bathroom.

minimalist bathroom with bathtub on elevated platform

Set on a rounded pedestal with strip lights, the whole effect gives the podium with the rounded bathtub mounted on it, a sense of weightlessness. This weightlessness is furthered by the large windows with sheer white curtains.

Elements of modern luxe are apparent in the curved architrave over the bathtub with brown stone tile borders, the gold mosaic tile backwall, and the chrome-finished standing towel rack beside it.

Bathrooms with Mosaic Tile

bathroom with gold mosaic positioned tile

A luxurious black and gold mosaic tile lines the entire backwall of the raised platform for the bathtub and shower areas and terminates in a large clerestory window bringing in the light and the view from the outside. The shower area features chrome-finished shower fixtures on its subway tile walls and a rainshower mounted on the ceiling.

The shower area also features a brown tile bench build-up, while the irregularly shaped white resin tub sits right beside it. The wash basin in black quartz countertop carries a pair of boxy vessel-type wash basins with a trio of hanging bell jar pendants over it. The beige tiled floor is accented with fuzzy beige rugs.

bathroom with floor to ceiling golden tile

The black and gold mosaic tile is used all along the walls of this modern master bathroom, with the tile border and floors in a more neutralized off-white color. Wall-mounted chrome-finished fittings line the walls of this bathroom, while a curvilinear vessel-type sink sits atop the black quartz stone countertop.

bathroom with blue mosaic accent wall

A modern bathroom design that shows off a colorful palette. A blue and gold mosaic tile accent wall sets the vibrant color mood in this modern master bathroom and is a great contrast with the comfortable, fluffy fuchsia lounge chair to the side. The Calacatta marble floor tiles add an earthy texture to the modern bathroom, while the curvy white resin bathtub, large rain shower head and skylight add to its chic modern vibe.

bathroom with metallic tile on walls

A black, silver, and white mosaic tile runs all around the back walls of this modern bathroom’s shower area and lavatory countertop. The built-up countertop, in a polished white marble, runs from the semi-recessed wash basin to the concealed-tank toilet, to the chrome-finished fixtures mounted onto the wall in the shower area.

The floors are in black tile, adding to the monochrome theme of the room, while a discreet light wooden panel across the vanity provides a more natural finish.

bathroom with pink chandelier and mosaic stall tile

The all-white finishes of the concealed-tank toilet, bidet, and double-basin vanity counter, along with the white walls and built-up shelf and bathtub, are given a quirky pop of color. The magenta-colored crystal and glass chandelier hanging at the center of this modern bathroom is both modern and quirky.

The bathroom chandelier matches very well with the purple and white mosaic tile enclosing the built-up bathtub area and lining the bottom of the full-horizon mirror on the vanity counter.

Bathroom with Outdoor Bathtub

bathroom with outdoor bathtub

This modern bathroom design features dark Emperador stone walls matched with a light grey stone tile for the floors and vanity countertop. The bathroom vanity countertop is fitted with full-length mirror and contains a cove for smaller down-lights. A small round coffee table with wooden and porcelain décor gives a more earthy tone, matching the outdoor circular wooden bathtub.

The focal point of the space is definitely the amazing Japanese style luxury bathtub outside. The outdoor section features the same stone floor tile but has a darker grey wall tile and is landscaped with pebbles and small ornamental plants.

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