27 Gorgeous Bathroom Chandelier Ideas

A bathroom chandelier can bring a feeling of luxuriance to your space and help you create the ultimate relaxing retreat. While chandeliers are often seen in dining rooms and entryways, they can add a lot of personality to a bathroom design.

Luxury master suite bathroom with elegant crystal chandelier

Chandeliers are similar to pendant lights in that they are often made of the same materials and use the same type of lights. However, chandeliers have a branched fixture, while pendants hang by a chain or cord.

In the image above are beautiful crystal chandeliers and matching crystal wall sconces, enhancing the glamorous element of interior design in one of the most important rooms of a house: the bathroom. [toc]

Bathroom Chandeliers

Modern bathroom with large tiered light fixture and 2 person oval tub

Popular types of chandeliers:

Traditional – They are elegant with a formal style using detailed scrolling and the highest quality materials.

Tiered – Have a light for each tier. Therefore the more tiers this type has the bigger it is. A tiered chandelier can come in any style, from contemporary/modern to traditional.

Mini – These light fixtures are popular for bathrooms as their smaller size makes them ideal for an intimate space. Similar to a full-size fixture, mini chandeliers are often used in bedrooms and closets to enhance the area and provide a sense of style and elegance.

Crystal – Glamorous is a great way to sum up the look of a crystal chandelier. They can also be expensive if constructed using real crystals. They are eye-catching and dazzling as light reflects off of each crystal. Crystal chandeliers are amazing for creating an aura of romance to a room.

Drum – Featuring one or multiple lampshades, a drum chandelier has a shade that completely surrounds each light or the entire fixture. They are similar in appearance to a pendant light.

Contemporary & Modern chandeliers Sleek and stylish are two words that define contemporary and modern lighting. With clean lines, straight edges, and modern materials these light fixtures can really add your own personal flair to a room layout.

Rustic – With a casual style, these light fixtures often have distressed or burnished finishes. They can even have rustic materials such as branches, tree branches, animal horns, and old-fashioned sconces and characteristics.

Transitional – A mix of modern and traditional, a transitional light fixture is widely adaptable and can most often fit in with any decor or design style.

From farmhouse to boho chic, or even glamour-inspired designs, the options for bathroom lighting are endless. With a variety of styles, finishes, and bulb types, the right chandelier can elevate any bathroom’s atmosphere.

To help you better understand the available products and make an informed decision, we’ve gathered information on several impressive bathroom chandeliers that cater to different tastes and styles.

Luxury master bathroom suite

This gorgeous master bathroom has a stunning crystal chandelier with a white clawfoot bathtub that views through sliding doors to an outdoor balcony area.

Beautiful primary bath with traditional chandelier

This traditional design has an ornate crystal-style fixture overlooking a large bathtub enclosure, built-in mirror globe lighting, a glass rainfall shower, and dual dark wood vanities.

Bathroom with glass chandelier

This contemporary chandelier is a drum style that pairs well with the modern and sophisticated look of the design with its window sitting nook, and grey laminate flooring.

Decorated purple bathroom

This glamourous bathroom suite is enhanced by the mini chandelier with crystal style glass, purple painted walls, dark floral drapery, chrome fixtures, silver table, marble tiles shower, and large marble topped soaking bathtub.

Modern chandelier with round tub in bathroom

This modern chandelier is suspended above a large bathtub enclosure with a rounded room with picture windows surrounding the space, providing an exceptional view of the gold course and nearby mountainside.

Low profile chandelier with tiers in bathroom

A lovely master bath with white marble, detailed herringbone style tile flooring, a large enclosed bathtub, an oversized shower, and a low profile contemporary light fixture with two rectangular sets of glass.

Chandelier over bathtub in bright white bathroom

A light and bright bathroom with an enclosed tub, marble slab surround, marble tile backsplash, and a gold mini chandelier.

Contemporary bathroom with mosaic tile

This bathroom is whimsical and colorful with its choice of aqua green paint on the vanity, mirror, and mosaic tile accent wall. The mini lighting fixture helps to brighten the mood even more and looks inviting suspended above the claw foot bathtub.

Decorative chandelier with textured ceiling in bathroom

This contemporary beaded lighting fixture features large glass balls in an upward-facing pattern suspended by chains and provides a warm illumination to the area. Shaded wall sconces in the walls also help provide a warm glow and bring needed light to the sink area.

Contemporary bath area with hanging chandelier

This tiled bathtub nook is made even more inviting by the mini chandelier’s soft light to set the mood. A louvered window brings in natural light and provides privacy when needed.

Decorative light in bathroom

This rustic and ornate burnished brass chandelier with hanging crystals looks amazing above this contemporary master bathroom suite, offering a chic touch of glamour.

Oceanfront bathroom with view

Two mini chandeliers with pink glass provide this traditional design with an elegant feel as guests gaze out upon the stunning ocean view.

White bathroom with drum light 

A drum-style chandelier with a chrome fixture is a great touch for this mosaic-tiled bath, adding a touch of boho flair.

Super fancy bathroom suite

Extravagant is one way to describe this amazing crystal chandelier with its impressive hanging glasswork of intricate beads, bringing glamour and elegance to the space.

Elegant bathroom with pillars and ceiling mural

A mini brass hanging light fixture looks fabulous in this elaborately decorated bathroom, complete with wide detailed pillars, large tile steps, a picture window, and an arched painted ceiling with a painted clouds mural.

Raised clawfoot bathtub in bathroom with chandelier

This luxurious space is inviting and majestic with its elevated claw foot bathtub and beautiful crystal chandelier. Bathroom chandelier ideas with high-end lighting fixtures make a lasting impression and definitely help when selling a home and for your everyday enjoyment.

Great looking bathroom with decorative chandelier

The traditional style chandelier really increases the sense of luxury in this farmhouse-inspired bathroom and complements the three-pronged wall fixtures and silver hardware.

Intricate chandelier suspended over tub

This wireframe chandelier is small and delicate and looks great in this bathroom with soft white tile and cream cabinets.

Long glass chandelier

A modern drum chandelier with three tiers or glass prisms provides plenty of dazzling light, blending contemporary style with chic elements.

Luxury bathroom with tub chandelier

This elegant bath is warm and inviting with its choices of warm oranges and red colors with a corner fireplace, natural wood finishes, and tall windows leading to an exposed beam coffered ceiling. The dramatic hanging glass chandelier is stunning and matches two additional wall mounted fixtures to fill the room with a soft glow.

Lovely bathroom with curved bathtub

This rustic, farmhouse-influenced design is perfectly positioned over the bathtub and framed by the large window view, offering a refreshing variety.

Bathroom with glass shower

A burnished brass chandelier with hanging bead strands with a large crystal at the ends is an attractive centerpiece for this luxury Mediterranean style bathroom.

Large romantic bath with two hanging lamps

This romantic open bathroom master suite is enhanced by the glass chandeliers with intricate strands and light brass fixtures.

Romantic bathroom with mood lighting

The warm glow from this small over-the-tub light fixture is soothing and can be complemented by the warm glow of candlelight to bring a soothing sense of serenity to the space.

Spa like bathroom with garden view

This Asian-influenced bathroom area has plenty of natural light with its corner of floor-to-ceiling windows. The mini chandelier is situated directly above the bathtub and really helps top off the feel of a spa like environment.

Muted luxury bathroom with large light fixture, soaking bathtub, and daybed

This elegant bathroom has room for two while soaking in the large tub, luxuriating in the shower, or relaxing on the daybed. An elegant ornate chandelier in a dark metal patina enhances the feeling of luxury and opulence.

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