Bathroom Window Size (Standard Dimensions & Size Chart)

Here’s our bathroom window size guide including standard bathroom windows dimensions for sliding, awning, casement and different bathroom window types with size chart.

Different dimensions of windows for bathroomsOne of the main building components of a home is windows which mean that choosing the best one that fits any room, especially the bathroom is essential. A bathroom window will allow natural light and fresh air into the room, plus offer privacy and security by enabling the person inside to see out.

There are many types and sizes of windows to use for bathroom windows, and most of the time, the window made for regular windows will suffice. Still, smaller bathroom windows are sometimes needed for smaller bathrooms to account for factors like privacy requirements and ventilation.

Many bathrooms in modern architecture offer the option to use oversized bathroom windows installed on the higher part of the wall or even on the ceiling.

Standard Bathroom Window Size

Standard window dimensions for bathroomsThere are different factors to consider that will affect the standard sizes available for most bathroom windows— factors such as ventilation or the privacy requirements a specific bathroom requires. The norm once upon a time used to be that bathroom windows needed a small one. Nonetheless, modern architectural design offers more flexibility and aesthetics for bathroom windows that were not standard at one time.

Bathroom with wood accents, window, floating toilet, and accent lightingBased on these requirements, there are three standard bathroom window sizes commonly utilized for bathrooms. The first is the square bathroom window at 24 by 24 inches or around 61 by 61 centimeters.

There is also the second bathroom window with a width of 18 inches or 46 centimeters and a length from top to bottom of 24 inches or about 61 centimeters. At the same time, smaller bathroom windows with a smaller width of 12 inches or 30 centimeters with a length of 24 inches or 61 centimeters are also used for some bathroom window requirements.

Small Bathroom Window Size

Small bathroom window dimensionsIt is already established that most window sizes will fit a need for a bathroom window, but more often than not, it will utilize the bathroom window that is the smallest in size.

Whether a homeowner will get a specific type of window for their bathroom, from the sliding window to the single hung window, the smallest size for these options is usually what homeowners and designers will look at first.

The smallest sliding window that is commonly utilized as bathroom windows has a size of 3 feet or around 36 inches from side to side and a height of 2 feet or 24 inches from bottom up.

Double hung windows are also used for most bathrooms, especially one with a traditional layout, and using the smallest size possible at 2 feet or 24 inches for the width with a height of 3 feet or 36 inches is the best option for most standard bathroom sizes.

Casement windows are also used for bathrooms, and the smallest size homeowners can get for this wistful window is a width of 1 foot and 7 inches or about 48 centimeters, and a height of 16 inches or 41 centimeters.

Bathroom Awning Window Size

Bathroom awning window dimensionsAn awning window is one of the most stylish options for a bathroom window. Awning windows are designed so that they can easily be opened outward from the frame’s bottom because of the hinge on top of the window.

In mild climates, windows are used for airing purposes, as well as for ventilation in relation to indoor air quality control. – Building Ventilation, The State of the Art, 2006

This type of window is ideal for homeowners who live in a rainy place as it can protect the bathroom from the rain and be a great source of ventilation for the room. Aside from that, awning windows are also easily customizable, giving a homeowner many options when it comes to added mechanisms or even sizes.

The standard sizes for many awning windows that can be used for the room run with a width of 2 feet to 5 feet 5 inches or about 61 to 165 centimeters from side to side.

The length from top to bottom is usually 32 inches to 42 inches or 81 to 107 centimeters. Other than the standard sizes available, homeowners can easily get a custom fit for their awning window needs from most window companies.

Bathroom Sliding Window Size

Sliding window dimensionsSliding windows are some of the most utilized types of windows, especially for modern home architecture. These windows slide, whether horizontally from left to right or vertically from top to bottom, with some having movable panels or fixed for one and not the other.

Sliding windows are available in many available sizes, but most of the time, there is a set standard size that will give the buyer a rough overview of all the measures they could utilize for their bathroom plan.

Sliding windows for bathrooms are available with the smaller 36 inches or 91 centimeters in width from the wider 84 inches or 214 centimeters.

Heights also vary in size, and anything in between the smaller 24 inches or 61 centimeters to the taller sliding windows at 60 inches or around 152 centimeters can be used by homeowners for their bathrooms.

Bathroom Ventilation Window Size

Bathroom ventilator window dimensionsThe ventilator for each room in the house will vary from one to the other, and this is also the case for bathroom window ventilators. The standard size used all over is ventilators at 18 by 24 inches or approximately 46 by 61 centimeters.

This size is close to what is standard for the bathroom as well as the bedroom, with the latter needing ventilator windows at 12 by 24 inches or about 30 by 61 centimeters.

Speaking of the bathroom, the best ventilator window for it will measure at 18 by 24 inches or around 46 by 61 centimeters.

This is also the same for the toilet room, which is commonly seen in most business establishments where only a toilet and a regular upright sink are inside the bathroom.

Usually, a ventilator for these purposes will be installed on the wall from the floor at 6 feet or around 72 inches or 183 centimeters.

Bathroom Window Size Chart

In order to let anyone choose easily, here is a rundown or a cheat sheet of what is commonly available for most bathroom windows.

Bathroom Window Type Width in Inches Width in Centimeters Length in Inches Length in Centimeters
Standard Bathroom Window 24 inches 61 centimeters 24 inches 61 centimeters
Standard Bathroom Window 2 18 inches 46 centimeters 24 inches 61 centimeters
Standard Bathroom Window 3 12 inches 30 centimeters 24 inches 61 centimeters
Bathroom Awning Window 24 to 65 inches 61 to 165 centimeters 32 to 42 inches 81 to 107 centimeters
Bathroom Sliding Window 36 to 84 inches 91 to 214 centimeters 24 to 60 inches 61 to 152 centimeters
Bathroom Ventilation Window 18 inches 46 centimeters 24 inches 61 centimeters

Bathroom Window Size Requirements

Master bathroom with picture window above tub, tile wall, shower area, and freestanding faucetWhat window will work for one bathroom might be different for the other, which is where size requirements will come in.

There is no set standard for what is needed since only the homeowners or the designer can easily determine what windows will be required based on their specific specifications and requirements. More often than not, aesthetics is a huge factor, and this requirement is often subjective.

Knowing the size will require finding the exact measurement of the window opening or double-checking the size of the window to be replaced. This will call for using a measuring tape to find the measure, which is easy for anyone, with no expertise required.

The window height is measured from top to bottom; most of the time, the smallest number is the way to go. The width will require measuring from side to side, from top to bottom, and getting the smallest measure will dictate the width of a particular window opening.

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