10 Stunning Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Space

different bathroom designs with pendant lighting

In this gallery of bathroom pendant lighting you’ll find a variety of styles to give you design ideas for your own home. Pendant lights are a great alternative to standard light fixtures and can add a lot of style and function to your bathroom space.

In the picture above is a contemporary master bath with freestanding bathtub and beautiful pendant lights with hanging glass. The white bathroom vanity is equipped with a vessel sink, powder room makeup area and wall sconce lighting.

Key Takeaway – Types of Pendants

  • Modern Minimalist
  • Industrial
  • Vintage
  • Contemporary
  • Nautical
  • Art Deco
  • Rustic
  • Retro
  • Asian Zen
  • Boho

Pendant Light Styles For A Bathroom 

white bathroom with countertop and shower

Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling by a cord, rod, or chain. There are several popular types of pendant lights. Additionally there’s a variety of styles to match your decor and bathroom design.

Mini pendant lights can be used solo and are great for redefining a space due to their ability to create focal points in a room. Mini’s are the smallest type of pendant light and are a popular choice for adding ambiance and enhanced beauty to a space. When several mini’s are grouped together in a single fixture they are often called island pendant lights. Island pendants are usually grouped with two or three light sources.

Multi-light pendants are a lighting fixture that has multiple hanging bulbs on one unit. These types are not as widely used in bathrooms and are more likely to be seen in kitchens and family rooms. Multi-light pendants are versatile and appealing.

Other types of pendant lights include: Up light pendant to direct lighting upwards. Down light pendant to direct light down. Drum pendants are cylinder shaped and are a versatile choice that works with almost any room style.

The style of the pendant light you will choose has a massive impact on the general appearance as well as the vibe of your bathroom atmosphere. Hence, you have to be well-equipped with the different pendant light styles as well as their structural design explanations.

Interior designers widely agree – the right pendant lighting is a necessity, not just an accessory. As Alex Papachristidis explains, strategic pendant placement creates verticality, making rooms feel more expansive. Well-positioned pendants also delineate spaces, clarifying if an area is meant for living, cooking or another activity.

Beata Heuman further emphasizes the need to consider light quality. Living rooms benefit from soft, diffused radiance whereas concentrated downward lighting works best over kitchen counters.

In the right setting, pendant lights provide more than illumination. Thoughtfully hung fixtures manipulate perception, draw the eye, and define a room’s very purpose. When it comes to design, few elements are as essential as the venerable pendant.

Modern Minimalist Pendants

modern minimalist lights for bathrooms

These pendant light styles are ideal for bathrooms that have modern, minimalist settings. Such lighting styles customarily feature extremely neat lines and streamlined materials such as frosted glass, matte white or brushed metal finish. These modern minimalist pendant lights promote simplicity – they emphasize functionality over aesthetics.

Vintage-Style Pendants

vintage bathroom with floating vanity

Is your bathroom more on the vintage, nostalgic side? This might be the time to install vintage-style pendant lights to further boost a glamorous ambiance.

Vintage-style bathroom pendant lights normally awaken the allure of bygone or ancient times with decorative detailing, crystallic accents, and antique treatments. Generally, such lighting fixtures are overly ornate with the use of pewter, oil rubbed bronze, aged brass, copper, antique or distressed finishes.

Industrial Pendants

bathroom with industrial lighting fixture

This pendant light style is more on the masculine side – such fixtures normally consist of metallic cages, weathered finishes, as well as exposed light bulbs. Typically, the look of these pendant lights is observed in warehouses and factories, which have an urban, raw character. Distressed, bare metal, matte, and polished black finishes all work well here.

Industrial pendants look equally well placed over vanities or freestanding tubs. When equipped with dimmable switches these  ceiling lights can enhance the ambiance while relaxing in the bath.

Contemporary Pendants

contemporary bathroom with mirror and wood counter

Most of the bathroom styles found in mansions feature these eye-catching pendant lights – contemporary. These pendant lights customarily include upscale materials, clean lines, and newfangled design elements attached to the pendant lights.

Nowadays, contemporary pendant lights represent the modern way of styling a bathroom. Matte black, chrome, polished nickel, satin brass, rose gold, white, glass, and gunmetal finishes are all popular right now for contemporary bathrooms.

Nautical Pendants

nautical bathroom with shower and mirrors

If you have a sea-inspired bathroom theme, these pendant lights might be the coolest option. Generally, nautical-style lighting, as the appellation states, display certain sea elements such as ship wheels, portholes, ropes, and the like. These pendant lights can deliver a hint of coastal appeal to your well-loved bathroom.

Art Deco Pendants

art deco lights for bathrooms

There are lots of homeowners who are fond of rich materials, geometric patterns, polished metals, and luxurious shades. If you are one of them, then Art Deco pendant lights might capture your interest.

These pendant lights usually feature the aforementioned details, and they often allude to a sense of luxury. Most of the time, Art Deco pendant lights have design themes that were popular way back 1920s. Pair them with a gilded period-era bathroom mirror and wall sconces with excellent results.

Rustic Pendants

Rustic hanging lights

Wood, wrought iron, rope, twine, aged finishes, bare bulbs, and other elements that represent the rustic family are what these pendant lights are all about. Although a bit unpopular, there are bathroom pendant lighting designs that feature such elements. Rustic-style pendant lights are often used in bathrooms that have a traditional, farmhouse vibe.

Pair rustic metal pendants with other vanity hardware pulls or handles, and shower door finishes to create a cohesive look. Use additional lighting options such as semi-flush, flush, chandeliers, or sconce lights to get the amount of lighting needed to brighten up the rustic elements and help prevent the look from feeling too dark.

Boho Pendants

boho bathroom with tub and window

For bathrooms that are infused with many design elements, themes, and patterns, bohemian style pendant lights, might be the way to go.

Boho pendant lights are frequently enriched with random colors, complex patterns, and haphazard textures. Such pendant lights embrace the principle of Bohemian’s free-spirited, eclectic essence.

Asian Zen Pendants

asian zen bathroom with round mirror and windows

Are you an Asian in love with your highly respected tradition? The installation of Asian-inspired pendant lights, which normally include natural elements such as silk, rice paper, or bamboo, may capture your interest. Asian Zen pendant lights encourage balance, calmness, and tranquility within the bathroom, making it a real wellness space.

Retro Pendants

retro style bathroom with tub and floating vanity

Can’t move on from the 1960s and 1970s? You can always bring back the time in your bathroom with retro-style pendant lights. This classic pendant light style is normally composed of funky shapes, bold colors, and nostalgic vibes. They also energize the atmosphere of the bathroom and add a whimsical touch.

Pendant Lighting Ideas

Modern designed bathroom with luxury down-lights

This modern master bathroom is reminiscent of a luxury spa with its stone accent wall, vessel sink and gorgeous down facing pendant lights.

Contemporary bathing room with globe cluster pendants and tub

A contemporary bathroom with globe pendant lights in one unit that add a lot of drama and beauty to the vanity area.

Rustic dual sink bathroom with wire cage pendants

This charming rustic dual sink bathroom has rough wood cabinets, wood flooring and multiple wire cage pendant lights on an old fashioned pulley system.

Traditional bath with cylinder lights and limestone floor tiles

A bright traditional master bath with cylinder shaped pendant lights, large soaking bathtub and limestone floor tiles.

White bathroom with pendants

This white master bathroom has marble counters, white cabinetry, dual sinks and burnished brass pendant lights with a chain link design over a yellow diffuser.

Asian bathroom with metal shiny pendants

An Asian style master bathroom with polished chrome pendant lights in a large cylinder shape suspended above two vessel sinks on a minimalist vanity.

Contemporarycrafted bath with skinny pendants

Contemporary master bath with polished nickel pendant lights with crystal glass tubes above two oval vessel sinks.

Bath with rock wall and pendants

Luxury master bathroom with rough rock wall, large enclosed bathtub and dark color oval pendant lights.

Bathroom with square mosaic tile and brushed metal cone shaped pendants

Stylish bathroom with a red decorative vessel sink, square mosaic tile and brushed metal cone shaped pendant lights. These fixtures have both pros and cons, as the focused illumination is perfect for the vanity, but it can create shadows and will need to be used with others to fully illuminate the room.

Bright city bathroom with two pendants

This light and bright city apartment bathroom features an attractive contemporary acrylic bathtub, and brushed metal pendant lights.

bathroom with retro cone pendants and floating vanity

This contemporary master bathroom has three retro cone shaped pendant lights that bring a stylish look to the space.

Glam bathroom with mini pendants with glass beads

This glamorous dark walled black and white bathroom is made even better by the elegant pendant lights with hanging glass beads.

Bathroom with mini cylindrical lights

This master bathroom has tons of natural light, but is enhanced even more by the soft glow from the mini pendant lighting over the vanity.

Bathroom with nickel beehive pendants

This pedestal bathtub is illuminated by four nickel beehive pendant lights providing plenty of character to this otherwise bare bathroom area.

Beautiful bathroom with center tub and elegant pendants with hanging glass

Positioning glam pendants over a freestanding tub creates an elegance and sophistication that you’ll love. Add a wall-mounted dimmer switch to control the level of brightness so you can soak and relax. These fixtures offer the look of chandeliers but with trendy downlight housings.

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