15 Black and White Bathroom Ideas (Design Pictures)

Black and white designed bathroom is a modern take on Art Deco This gallery of black and white bathroom ideas showcases a designs in a variety of styles. When decorating your bathroom with black and white its important to create the right balance to ensure the room is not too dark or overwhelming to the senses. Here are some popular ways interior designers are using black and white themed decor to create inviting bathrooms.

The black and white designed bathroom in the picture above is a modern take on Art Deco by combining an achromatic palette with modern patterns and classical pieces. The combination provides a good contrast of textures and forms. The wall features high-end ceramic tiles with low-relief patterns, mimicking the look of a wallpaper. The flooring is a simple diagonally-arranged 30×30 black & white tiles which contrasts with the high-gloss ceramic bathroom fixtures. The ceiling & storage pieces are all in matte white finish, and the upholstered armchair with striped upholstery helps soften the over-all look. Lastly, wall sconces and chandelier gives a more romantic look to the space.

Black & white bathroom with Victoria double slipper claw foot bath tub This is the same bathroom as above from a different angle. There are plenty of wood and wicker storage units for linens and other toiletry items. From this point of view you can get a better look at the decorative Victoria double slipper black and white claw foot bath tub with chrome faucet.

Modern toilet and bath uses Italian ceramic tiles This modern toilet and bath uses Italian ceramic tiles for both its floors and the walls. Half of the wall is finishes with semi-gloss white paint, which makes the finishing of this bathroom more economical. It also features simple white ceramic bathroom fixtures with curved edges that softens the otherwise “hard” look of the floors. The use of a corner bathtub and shower stall is also notable as it helps maximize the space of the bathroom.

Modern Art-Deco Glam bathroom A Modern Art-Deco Glam bathroom that boasts style but does not overwhelm with unnecessary elements. The Palette consists of mostly white (for the walls, ceiling and moldings) and high-gloss black as seen in the ceramic bathroom fixtures. The gold-finished faucets and bathroom accessories also adds to the elegance of this bath. The focal point of this bath however, is the gorgeous glass mosaic tiles on the wall behind the vanity.

Modern Zen-inspired bathroom This Modern Zen-inspired bathroom utilizes a color palette which appeals to both men and women. The design uses clean lines and geometric forms, which is evident in the toilet fixtures used. The main floor uses a wood deck tiles, and the elevated areas leading to the shower and bathtub uses dark gray ceramic tiles. The walls are finished with warmer gray tiles, accentuated by ceramic tiles with a floral pattern and 1″ red ceramic tiles, which completes the zen look of the bath.

Sleek and simple, modern bath design, uses large black granite tiles on the bathtub/shower area walls A simple and modern bath design, it uses large black granite tiles on the bathtub/shower area walls which gives it a nice high-gloss sleek look. The rest of the walls is painted in a cream semi-gloss paint, and it uses 30×60 white ceramic tiles for the floors. The black marble on the wall of the lavatory also provides a nice accent in this simple bathroom.

Spacious bathroom with natural light and beautiful view of garden area Black and white bathroom ideas that rely on decor and accessories are some of the easiest ways to implement this style in your home. This bathroom’s focal point is its black and white claw foot bathtub. This spacious bathroom makes excellent us of natural light and gives the user a beautiful view of the garden area through its very large picture window. The bath is mainly white – with white ceramic tile flooring and walls, and white plain ceiling – which helps in making it look more spacious. The large mirrors above the black marble counter also helps disperse light and create an illusion of a larger space.

Modern eclectic bathroom and toilet fixtures with unconventional forms and shapes A modern eclectic bathroom which features toilet fixtures with unconventional forms and shapes. This bathroom is most notable for its unique combination of patterns and colors which is very reminiscent of middle-eastern designs. The floors are 60×60 matte tiles in matte mocha, while the walls makes use of high-gloss black ceramic tiles with various patterns in gold. There is also an accent wall which uses the same style of tiles, but in white with silver circular patterns. Another interesting feature of this bath is the use of stainless steel spacer between tiles instead of the conventional grout.

Classic country-style bath combines classic elements with modern details This classic country-style bath combines classic elements with modern details. Both the floors and the walls are tiled with 30×30 empress green natural stone tiles. The large vanity area is mostly finished in white to help make the space look brighter, and its black marble counter top complements the vein patterns on the tiles of the floor and the walls. The shower area enclosure uses a very modern frame-less tempered glass, and all the fixtures and accessories used are classic designs in chrome finish.

Modern bathroom design is spacious with natural limestone tiles This modern bathroom design looks clean and spacious with the use to natural limestone tiles for its walls, combined with semi-gloss white paint, creating an illusion of a bigger and brighter space. The floors simply consists of large white ceramic tiles, and inside the frame-less shower enclosure, an wall is accented using large cuts of black granite tiles.

Very modern bathroom design with a bit of Asian zen inspiration This is a very modern bathroom design with a bit of Asian zen inspiration. Most of the floors and walls are covered by 30×30 white ceramic tiles, this is combined with purple ceramic tiles with horizontal texture/pattern and a nice purple-white-beige border tiles at the top. It also features a large frame-less mirror above the counter, and a wooden display & storage shelf. To complete the Asian-inspired look, a small plant box was places on the corner of the bathroom.

Ultra modern bathroom design This ultra modern bathroom design features a very minimal variety of materials, giving emphasis on the form of the bathroom itself. It only uses 2 types of ceramic tiles for both floors and walls: 30×30 white ceramic tiles and 30×30 gray ceramic tiles with dark gray grouting. The drop ceiling features are also tiled using the gray ceramic tiles, and the main ceiling is painted a similar shade of gray. Fixtures are also modern, mainly in white ceramic finish and chrome finish for the faucets, handles and accessories.

Masculine modern minimalist style bathroom This bathroom is a very masculine modern minimalist style. Most walls and ceiling are finished in plain white paint, and the tiles used are in a very dark gray shade. The flooring uses black mosaic tiles (around 1″x1″ to 2″x2″) with dark gray grouting. On some of the walls, 30×60 dark gray natural stone tiles were used, and in the shower area, a very unique round stainless steel mosaic tiles were used.

Modern minimalist design with ceramic tiles This bathroom is another modern minimalist design, which employs for 3 main colors and 1 accent color. The main flooring and wall tiles used are large gray ceramic tiles with organic patterns, the wall behind the water-closet uses the same style of tiles in a very light gray variety. It also has an accent flooring material, which uses white ceramic mosaic tiles. The bathtub is clad by a high-gloss black solid-surface material, and the vanity counter uses the same solid-surface material in a very bright orange color.

Large modern black and white bathroom with high gloss finish This large modern bathroom keeps finishes to a minimal – the walls and ceiling are painted white, the floors uses high-gloss ceramic tiles in black and white which were cut to shape to follow a certain pattern. The whole shower area is tiled using black ceramic tiles, and the shower enclosure uses frame-less tempered glass. What gives this bathroom more character is the black & white solid-surface material surrounding the tub, and the black & white tiles surrounding the shower area, which gives an interesting twist to an otherwise simple bath design.

Modern minimalist bathroom with natural light Minimalist black and white bathroom ideas depend heavily on colors and textures for their designs. This modern minimalist bathroom design capitalizes on its use of the natural light from the window. It also gives more texture to the space by using light gray natural stone tiles with 2 different sizes in an alternating brick pattern. This is applied on the whole floor and walls of the bathroom, and is framed by the black-painted trusses, columns and beams, topped with a light gray paint on the ceiling. The addition of the two wooden stools and the large plant in the middle gives the space more warmth and softens the over-all look.

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