35 Luxury Mediterranean Kitchens (Design Ideas)

These luxury Mediterranean kitchens feature designs inspired by architecture originating from countries around the Mediterranean Sea such as Italy, Spain and Greece. With dramatic open spaces, gorgeous textured walls, exposed beams, intricate custom tile work and clean lines with elegant arches these kitchens look visually stunning and impressive.

Craftsman kitchen with armhouse sink and wood beam ceiling

In the picture above a very spacious Mediterranean inspired kitchen space uses solid Mahogany woods almost throughout the entire layout. Rich wood details was used on the floors, the ceiling’s beams & trusses, as well as the cabinets themselves. Adding a luxurious touch to this design is the solid marble top with a detailed nosing profile, and the matching marble backsplash. [toc]

Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Mediterranean design is very appealing to homeowners who have specific preferences of styles with added brightness and relaxing atmosphere. With lively colors used for accents, high end finishes, and dramatic old-world elegance, kitchens designed in this popular aesthetics provide a sense of luxury and beauty.

This style commonly uses blues and greens for the walls, accents, and larger design elements, including islands and cabinets, reflecting the azure waters of the region. The color of the floors, and countertops are often presented in colors of tan and beige.

For an additional touch of Morrocan essence, colors like the red, yellow, and green are used in smaller elements such as curtains, rugs, glassware, and storage containers.

The materials used for this particular interior design style are often made from natural resources or even contemporary synthetics, which are naturally looking. Floors use mostly hardwoods or engineered hardwoods which are lighter in shade. The cabinets installed are made from high quality woods with rustic finish. The natural beauty of the cabinets is maintained by means of staining and painting. Mosaics can also be used to feature the region’s culture and include custom handcrafted tile work.

With regards to furniture such as chairs, tables, or stools, quality hardwood is utilized for its construction with the design of a natural or unfinished state.  Homeowners who wish to paint their furniture will make sure to use rustic colors so that the space will appear brighter and more vibrant.

Mediterranean Style Kitchen

Below are the essentials of a Mediterranean style kitchen design:

• Colors are rich and warm – make use of popular Mediterranean colors such as blended colors of red, bright yellow, and blue
• Swooping curves and arched architecture – provide elegance and old-world style
• Wrought iron details – features beautiful detail with rustic charm in the kitchen
• Textured walls – present the sense of a vintage villa and give a sense of glamour
• Backsplash tile – made from travertine, ceramic, porcelain, glass, slate or marble.
• Tilework painted by hand – these are presented with colorful Mosaics
• Saltillo floor tile – offers an earthy and warm flooring
• Ceiling beams – must be exposed and should match with the metals and textured walls
• Dark wood tones – to have a solid appearance using wood in the cabinetry, exposed beams and flooring

Mediterranean kitchens build a relaxing theme even when it comes to the decor and other accessories. Many small and large appliances are already available in different colors which can be matched properly with the Mediterranean design. Cookware or cutlery must project visual enticement to the design by pairing them properly with the overall theme.

Mediterranean Design Kitchen With Brick Accent

Kitchen with arched brick ceilin, off white cabinetry and crystal chandeliers

This kitchen’s vaulted ceiling in antiqued brick finish definitely takes us back in time and gives this culinary area an old-world vibe, especially combined with the antique mahogany flooring.

The combination of the ceiling and flooring is a bit dark, so to balance it, the walls were simply painted white, and the cabinets were mostly finished in a creamy white color and topped with gray soapstone. Unlike the rest of the kitchen, though, the center-most island uses antiqued green finish on its base, making it unique.

Mediterranean White Cabinets

Kitchen with ocean view, raised ceiling and wood floors

Kitchens designed in this style are well known for their elegant curves and designs of clean straight edges. This design combines this style with a more modern design to achieve an inviting and beautiful space.

Dark walnut floors and white walls serves as the background for the solid Mahogany cabinets, topped with smooth white granite with a simple nosing profile, creating a clean, seamless lines. Skylights help illuminate the kitchen, white the quatrefoil mosaic tiles add a more traditional pattern, using lighter, more contemporary colors to keep the space looking bright and fresh.

Kitchens with Mediterranean White Cabinetry

Kitchen with white cabinets, wood floor and exposed beams on the ceiling

This space also takes inspiration from traditional country-style kitchens, as demonstrated by its use of vertical wood planks for the cabinets and painting them in an off-white color.

These cabinets stand out nicely against the solid Mahogany floors, and blend seamlessly into the white walls. For the countertop, gray granite was used for the main cabinets, while white marble was the material of choice for the center island.

Baroque Style Mediterranean Design Style

Kitchen with rustic iron chandelier and large island

This design has a somewhat Baroque-style feel to it, with its use of dark colors and heavy wood materials. You will see that all walls and even the ceiling were painted in a mocha brown color paired with antique natural stone tiles in different shades of brown, which provides a dark and warm background for the kitchen.

It uses walnut finish for the heavily paneled cabinets, and tops it with a thick slab of brown granite, making it feel massive and heavy.

Light Colored Granite Mediterranean Counters 

Kitchen with sensa outono granite counters

Solid mahogany cabinets adds a touch of warmth into this layout and also matches the finish used on the ceiling molding, making the whole look cohesive.

On the overhead cabinets, the traditional style paneled cabinets were given a bit more spice by using wire mesh on its panels, making the interior visible. This cooking space uses gold granite for all countertop, and uses a faux marble finish on the poured cement range hood cover, making it match with the color of the granite counters.

The material used for the backsplash, on the other hand, is white-painted cobblestone tiles, giving it a unique texture, with a more traditional feel than subway tiles.

Mediterranean Concept Kitchen with Open Layout Design

Kitchen with long dining island and limestone floors

Going for a darker color scheme, this design produces a more private yet elegant feel to it. The unique open layout design is quite large, and uses mostly full-height cabinets against the walls, making it look very massive. These dark walnut-finished cabinets are all paneled and topped with brown granite stone.

The brick finish of the ceiling, the wooden beams, and the arched openings, on the other hand, help give this design a more rustic Southern European feel, which also helps mirror the curvy shape of the upholstered bar stools.

High Ceiling Design

Kitchen with high ceilings yellow river granite type counters

High vaulted ceilings with wooden beams give this space a Gothic/Baroque vibe, while sinuous curves found on the arches and wrought iron details definitely show the best of style elements commonly found in southern Europe.

The layout design somehow molds into the architectural style, using a walnut finish that matches the wooden beams and the wooden archways. Classic Corinthian motifs are seen on the cornice and sides of the full-height cabinets made from solid walnut.

The counters all use yellow river granite, which gives a warm golden glow like the stone flooring, further emphasized by the warm white lights.

Rustic Pendant Lights

Giallo Veneziano granite kitchen counter and pendant lighting

This cooking space design has a bit more country vibe to it, with its selection of finishes and accessories. Dark Mahogany is the choice of wood for the whole kitchen, giving it a red tone that looks good against the yellow walls and the orange granite counters and flooring.

The layout has a fairly high ceiling, painted in burnt orange instead of the usual white, further intensifying the warm tones in the space.

Cupola Ceiling

Kitchen with gold travertine floors and cupola ceiling dining room

The unique architecture of the house gives this floor plan a very interesting layout. Off-white walls and ceiling provide a nice clean background for the space, while the wooden beams and circular drop ceiling add more personality to the space.

For the cabinets, dark solid oak wood was used, varnishing it to perfection for an elegant look that perfectly matches the other furniture pieces, as well as the architectural elements like window frames and baseboards.

Mediterranean-Inspired Contemporary Kitchen 

Kitchen with arched entry and rustic dark cabinetry

This kitchen is a more contemporary adaptation of the Mediterranean design. The arched opening leading to the kitchen is simpler and less sinuous.

The kitchen paneling design is a bit simpler with clean straight lines and no ornamental motifs. The kitchen cabinets are all in dark stained mahogany, giving it a very elegant look.

Kitchen with light brown granite slab counter and cabinets with dark finish

This close-up view of the kitchen island showcases the thick granite slab countertops and detailed woodwork in the cabinetry. Elegant pendant lights with a wrought iron finish promote the rustic Mediterranean style.

The high-end stainless steel stove with a custom oven hood is a chef’s dream, while the dark cabinetry and textured walls offer old-world charm.

Kitchen with Neutral Finished Mediterranean Decor

Kitchen with azurite granite topped island and mini hanging lights

Another modern adaptation of Iberian design, this kitchen is easier on the eyes compared to the more traditional version, as it uses a good balance of neutral colors and warm colors.

The walls and ceiling of this kitchen are all in white, giving you a bright background, which helps balance out the heaviness of the terracotta-colored tiles. The kitchen cabinets are traditional Spanish style, with turned posts and panel details, all in solid fruitwood and topped with granite.

Kitchen with Arched Mediterranean Ceiling

Kitchen with blanco tulum island and arched wood ceilingsThis contemporary home has a small and unique open-layout kitchen. The small kitchen has an arched ceiling, clad with flattened strips of bamboo and has bent bamboo beams/trusses which follow the arc of the ceiling.

The cabinets is a combination of varnished walnut which matches the doors, and off-white, which matches well with the light taupe walls.

Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Kitchen with coastal gray quartz countertop and red cabinets

This design goes bold with its choice of colors and finishes. While the architectural details contain basic Mediterranean essentials like beige walls, arched openings, and wooden beams, the design is very unique.

The cabinets uses red-painted solid wood, topped with emerald green granite counters which also work perfectly with the unique emerald green mosaic tiles on the backsplash with an accent Mediterranean-inspired mosaic pattern at the center.

Exposed Beam Ceiling

Kitchen with cream cabinets and wagin wheel style chandelier

The heavy antiqued finish of the coffer ceiling already set a vintage vibe to the space, so to make it feel more modern, the space uses off-white painted cabinets instead of the usual solid wood cabinets.

It also uses light cream granite for the counters, sandstone tiles for the backsplash and cream porcelain tiles for the floor, creating a soft and warm-looking design.

Breakfast Bar Island with Mediterranean Motifs

Kitchen with dark cabinets, island, travertine floors and marble counters

Heavy carving and detailed motifs give this layout a more baroque feel to it. It combines dark wengue stained wood and varnished natural mahogany for the cabinets, combining it with black granite and dark yellow and black granite. The resulting look is exquisite and quite intimidating.

Arched Mediterranean Windows

Kitchen with arched windows and recessed lights

Large arched windows welcome it much natural light into this space, creating a well-illuminated design. it also uses lighter, brighter colors for its finishes.

The cabinets are all finished in a light beech wood color and topped with a toned down emerald green granite. To make it look less heavy, glass panels were also used on the overhead cabinet doors.

Rustic Mediterranean and Country Kitchen

Kitchen with country style motifs and alcove space

With the weather finishes and warm color scheme, this Mediterranean design gives off a rustic country vibe. All cabinets are in light oak finish and topped with a light beige marble to match with the walls and floors. It also has wrought iron details and country-style motifs to further complete the look.

Kitchen with Different Hardwood Finishes

Kitchen with glass panel cabinets with breakfast bar

This design uses a variety of wood finishes and a bold combination of warm colors, creating an exciting design. Teak wood floors provide a light yet orange-tinged background for the space, which was combined with light maple cabinets, which has softer orange undertones. This is topped with mocha brown granite and paired with dark wengue bar stools with orange leather upholstery.

Under Cabinet Lighting with Mediterranean Decor

Kitchen with golden bordeaux counters raised panel cabinetry

This contemporary Mediterranean kitchen has a very unique choice of lighting. You will see that one area uses blue LED lights, while the under-cabinet lights uses green, adding a modern twist to the traditional style kitchen. All cabinets are in walnut finish, with simplified motif carvings.

Kitchen with Dark Wood Mediterranean Cabinets

Kitchen with juparana arandis counters and dark wood finish island

The dark wood finishes and the unique wood truss design on the ceiling already give off a intimidating feel to the space, further emphasized by the choice of finishes used on the rest of the kitchen.

The full height of the walls were maximized, using most of it as cabinet storage space. The dark Mahogany wood adds a warm red/orange tinge to the space, and is topped with cream granite, creating a balanced combination, while still maintaining its intimidating appeal.

Wrought Iron Chandelier

Kitchen with medieval style chandelier and wood chairs with upholstered seating

This rustic cooking area not only combines different wood finishes, it also combines different furniture styles. While the cabinets follow a more classic silhouette with cornithian-inspired moldings and carvings, the 4 bar stools were inspired by Chinese yoke-back chairs.

This space uses a combination of dark wengue base for the center island and light walnut for the cabinets.

Kitchen Open to the Mediterranean Style Living Room

Mediterranean kitchen with typhoon bordeaux granite and antique white colored island

This space has lovely and interesting architectural details and a fairly spacious ceiling, making this area look more spacious and relaxed. Walls were painted in a light yellow color, setting a warm background for the space.

For the cabinets, a combination of Mahogany finish for the main counters and pale ash wood for the island was used.

Kitchen with decorative beam made of wood and arched wall

From this view of the wide open layout one can see the decorative exposed wood beam, arched wall architecture, abundance of dark wood cabinetry, and counter space. Irregularly shaped travertine floor tiles look impressive and really fit the style of this kitchen.

U-Shaped Mediterranean Island

Kitchen with u-shaped bar and cupola with decorative accent

Another contemporary adaptation of rustic Spanish design; this cooking area is able to combine classic silhouettes and a more modern and fun layout.

Using basic walnut for all the cabinets and light beige granite for the counters, what makes this kitchen area very unique is its massive U-shaped island counter, which also serves as an informal dining area or a bar area. It has wengue-stained barstools with brocade and leather upholstery, giving it a classic baroque feel.

Kitchen with Ceramic Tile Mediterranean Floors

Kitchen with crema cappuccino marble countertop and adobe tile floors

This floor plan shows all classic elements found in traditional Mediterranean style kitchens. The terracotta ceramic floor tiles, rag-roll finished walls, and the solid paneled cabinets.

The main cabinets are in natural walnut, while the large center island has an antiqued white finish. All of these were topped with satin finish beige marble. Wooden beams and wrought iron chandeliers also add to the classic vibe of the space.

Kitchen with Dark Mediterranean Wood Finishes

Kitchen with exposed brick archway and rustic looking island

The very high ceiling of this space compensates for the dark colors used in this design. Dark wood floors and white-washed orange walls with brick details serve as the backdrop.

The cabinets is a combination of two finishes: natural pine and black lacquer finish, both topped with black granite with golden flecks.

The backsplash tiles are unique in themselves as well, using diamond patterns with green, navy and gold colors, which helps add a unique pattern on the surface, somewhat mirroring the diamond pattern on the base of the black center island.

Kitchen with Terracotta Mediterranean Floors

Open concept kitchen witharched doorway

Lovely antique terracotta floors serve as the base of this bright open space, while the yellow walls and ceiling gives a subtle warm glow to the whole space.

Like most Southern European style interiors, this has solid wood beams and trusses running across its ceiling, which also supports a wrought iron chandelier. The cabinetry is made from lovely solid fruitwood, topped with white granite and solid teak wood butcher’s block for the central island.

Bright Kitchen in a Mediterranean Look

Large grouted tiles, wood table and picture window

This is another modern adaptation of the Iberian-inspired style space. Instead of antique terracotta tiles for the floors, this cooking space uses similar-looking ceramic tiles with large grouting to make it look like real terracotta floors.

This room  also lacks the arched architectural details in classic Greco-Roman-inspired spaces, so it instead applies such elements on the moldings and panelings on the cabinets. All cabinets were painted in a cream color and topped with dark green granite.

Mediterranean Stone Oven Surround

Kitchen with hardwood floors and light stone counters

Golden walnut floors give this space a gorgeous golden glow to match the yellow rag-rolled finish of the walls. The layout design borrows its motifs from neo-classic designs, and maximizes the full height of the walls for storage.

All cabinets are in dark Mahogany finish which matches the finish of the moldings and door frames. This room is designed with a lot of saturated colors and strong lines that entice the eyes and offers an impressive cooking space.

Backsplash with Mediterranean Floral Motif

Traditional kitchen with silver waves countertop and hardwood flooring

Floral motifs abound in this contemporary dining and cooking space, which produces elegant and sinuous curves typical of the Art Noveau style.

The unique layout uses a combination of two finishes – natural walnut and antiqued green – for the cabinets. It uses gray soapstone for all counters, and uses 3D ceramic tiles with floral patterns for its backsplash, adding a country-inspired detail to the surface.

Mediterranean Oak Kitchen Cabinets 

Kitchen with off-white cabinets, peninsula and chandelier

Using more washed-out colors, this design gives off a more rustic feel to it. The natural dark oak cabinets were combined with off-white painted cabinets and topped with light cream granite for a soft, light finish, which matches the over-all look of the space. The main cabinets uses the same finish of wood as the wooden beams and trusses, making it look very cohesive.

Cabinets in Earthy Mediterranean Finishes

Kitchen with beige walls and dark walnut cabinetry

Small space did not deter the use of dark finishes in this design. Bold black-painted cabinets were combined with dark walnut and beige walls. It also has a very unique counter top material with swirls of gold, black and gray, mirroring the colors of the cabinets.

Wrought iron details are also found in this design, like on the range hood cover, the chandelier and against the range backsplash.

Combining Mediterranean Theme with Off-White Cabinets

Rustic kitchen with large stove and panel windows

Going for a lighter, more modern look, this culinary space simplifies what is normally found in traditional kitchens of this style. It still has a ceiling with wooden beams and trusses, but this one uses thinner and smaller wood pieces, creating a less heavy feel on the ceiling.

For the Mediterranean kitchen itself, white-washed and off-white painted cabinets with white solid surface counters were used. This is combined with a solid white-washed ash wood range hood cover and open shelves for a lighter feel.

Kitchens come in a variety of designs. It is essential to know your preference to really have the best design that suits your taste. A space with south European influences is among the best designs that you can consider for a warm and elegant ambiance.

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