Kitchen Peninsula With Seating

See kitchen peninsula with seating ideas including how wide it should be, recommended sizes, and the best kitchen peninsula layout designs to use.
Kitchen with chairs, wood flooring, pendant lights, peninsula seating, countertops, backsplash, cabinets, and windowsMany people might be confused by the difference between a kitchen island and a kitchen peninsula. While they can essentially function the same, the main difference is the placement.

A kitchen island can be free-standing and is generally separate or disconnected from the rest of the other cabinets and counters in the kitchen, whereas a kitchen peninsula is an extension or is connected to the main kitchen counters and cabinets.

Functionally, both provide extra storage and or counter space and are also often used to provide a dining/bar area for the kitchen. Peninsulas are most commonly found in L-shape and U-shaped kitchen layouts.

How Wide Should A Kitchen Peninsula Be With Seating?

Spacious kitchen with peninsula, chairs, countertop, cabinets, range hood, ceiling lights, and wood floorsThe ideal width for a kitchen peninsula with seating would largely rely on the size and shape of your chairs or stools. As a general rule, you can use 2 feet per seat to estimate. So if you want to seat 4 people, you need at least 8 feet or 96” wide peninsula counter space.

If you use barstools or chairs with wider bases, you would of course need a bigger allowance. On average, the stools can be between 15”, 17” to 21” wide.

What Is A Good Size For A Kitchen Peninsula?

Kitchen with peninsula seating, chairs, wood flooring, pendant lights, cabinets, drawers, window, backsplash, range hood, and refrigeratorThe recommended kitchen layout dimensions with a peninsula and seating included would largely depend on the following factors:

Your space: what can fit in your kitchen space?

1. Clearances: you need to make sure you have standard clearances to ensure proper traffic flow in the kitchen

• Function: is it just used for small meals?

1. Storage

2. Display

3. Other functions

Just like a standard countertop, 24” is a good depth for a kitchen peninsula. Depending on your kitchen, you can make it smaller or bigger as is appropriate for your requirements.

Kitchen Peninsula Design

Spacious kitchen with peninsula, chairs, wine storage, windows, range hood, backsplash, and wood floorsUsing gorgeous modern kitchen designs, the peninsula in this example is uniquely placed perpendicular to the front center of the kitchen island, creating a T-shape. Because the kitchen is large and spacious this is very doable.

The kitchen peninsula was built in a dining table height, with a decent amount of depth and width to accommodate 2 seats on each side, as well as a storage space near the kitchen island side.

The matching material of the island and the peninsula makes it look like they’re one big piece. See more kitchens with islands and peninsulas here.

Kitchen Peninsula with Seating and Storage

Modern kitchen with zebrawood cabinets, center island, shelves, lighting, wood panel ceiling, and windows Another unique way to layout your kitchen peninsula is by placing it against a structural wall or column. In this modern kitchen, a counter is built against a structural wall, with additional display/shelving.

The countertop is extended further to create an overhang and accommodate counter seating on the opposite side of the cooking hob. This is a great choice for those who love to entertain while cooking.

Kitchen Peninsula with Sink and Seating

Kitchen with horizontal wood grain cabinets, chairs, peninsula seating, wood countertop, range hood, oven, and ceiling lightsIf you have a smaller kitchen space, this might be a good inspiration for your to look at. This simple U-shape kitchen extends one side of its counters to create a “partition”, and then adds a solid wood overhang surface on top of the kitchen peninsula to serve as the surface for counter seating.

Not only does it provide the necessary overhang to accommodate seating, but it also helps add more color and texture to the otherwise plain white kitchen cabinets. See more kitchen peninsula ideas like this here.

Kitchen Peninsula with Custom Countertop

Kitchen with wood peninsula seating, plates, chairs, wood cabinets, accent wall, refrigerator, and pendant lightsIf you’re not really in need of extra storage space and prefer a more light and airy look, you can add an open-base peninsula like this kitchen for example. Instead of having a kitchen cabinet base on the peninsula, this kitchen used a live-edge solid wood.

This is done to create the peninsula area of the kitchen and attaches it to the structural wall of the kitchen for support. This way you’re able to enjoy the additional peninsula counter space, and at the same time, the kitchen still feels “open”. 

Kitchen Peninsula with Stove and Seating

Peninsula seating for kitchens with wood herringbone floors, black door, and windowsAnother great idea for those with small galley kitchens like this is to extend the kitchen counter beyond the wall and use that extension as your peninsula.

You can also turn it to an L-shape if you don’t have a space like this modern galley kitchen, but if you do, something similar with an open base would look gorgeous!

U-shaped Peninsula Design

Kitchen with cushioned stools, countertop, peninsula seating, wood floor, barn door, window, and hanging lightsThis is what I would say is a more classic style of kitchen peninsula, featuring a U-shaped kitchen. The additional countertop is extended depth to create an overhang, accommodating seats.

There are standard kitchen cabinets underneath, but it is only on the side of the kitchen, while the side of the counter types of bar stools is finished with Moroccan tiles.

Two-tone Kitchen Peninsula & Cabinet Design

Kitchen with peninsula seating, high chairs, wood floors, black cabinets, tile backsplash, countertops, hanging light, and windowAnother classic example of a peninsula kitchen, but instead of extending the peninsula from the side where there is a kitchen counter, it extends the peninsula from the wall storage/pantry side of the kitchen.

To create a unified look, the base of the peninsula matches the color of the storage cabinets. The peninsula countertop is also a little bit narrower than standard counters, so this is a great alternative if you have limited space.

Small Kitchen Peninsula with Seating

Tiny house kitchen with peninsula seating, bar stools, wood floor, sink, countertop, backsplash, and indoor plantAnother great inspiration for those with small kitchen spaces — this unique kitchen features a simple L-shape layout, in which one side extends as an overhang to create a small peninsula.

The peninsula is overhung on 2 sides, so you can actually sit up to 3 people in this small space, or even up to 4 if you use smaller counter stools.

Open Plan Kitchen with Peninsula

Kitchen with peninsula, wood floor, countertop, sink, faucet, backsplash, cabinets, oven, and refrigeratorIf you have an open-plan house, adding a peninsula to your kitchen is a great way to divide the space between the kitchen and the dining or living area.

Like in this rustic modern kitchen, the peninsula divides the small kitchen space from the dining area, and also adds an overhang for a small counter seating. 

Kitchen with wood countertops, hanging lights, white cabinets, peninsula seating, tile backsplash, oven, and open shelvesThe combination of white cabinets with wood countertop makes for a lovely Scandinavian-inspired kitchen. This small U-shaped kitchen features a peninsula with a slight overhang for stools and also adds a bookshelf to take advantage of the wall the peninsula is against. This small peninsula is perfect for small spaces and comfortably sits 2 stools.

Modern Kitchen Peninsula Design

Minimalist kitchen with peninsula seating, wood cabinets, countertop, white walls, and windowThis small kitchen is designed to take advantage of every little space available for storage, which is why the kitchen “wraps around” the space.

Since the kitchen is quite narrow, instead of a kitchen island, a small peninsula that sits 2 is more appropriate as it provides additional counter space & seating without disrupting the traffic flow in the space.

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