Kitchen With Island and Peninsula

Here we share our kitchen with island and peninsula designs including popular configurations, dimensions and ideas.
Beautiful transitional kitchen with marble countertop island & peninsula with black pendant lightsIn today’s world, kitchens have become more than just a space for cooking meals. It has transformed into multi-functional area that caters to dining, socializing with family, entertaining guests, and sometimes even working.  

If you have a large floor space, a great option to make this part of your home versatile and efficient is to integrate both peninsula and island layouts. While this is often a feature found in high-end designs, the peninsula adds many advantages to your kitchen that makes it a worthy investment, especially if you have enough space for it.

In the picture above the white cabinetry, subway backsplash tiles, and Carrara marble countertops of this layout have a sophisticated and inviting appeal. The peninsula and island increase storage and additional room for appliances.[toc]

Kitchen Design with Peninsula and Island

Kitchen with black island and peninsula white cabinets quartz countertops shiplap walls The peninsula forms division between the kitchen from the living or dining. It clearly defines the spaces without the need of full enclosures.  At the same time, it may serve as a nook or bar where you can eat or do office work. On the other hand, the kitchen island counter enhances flow of movement as it makes the work zones more accessible to each other.

This layout also allows several users to collaborate or to simply just hang out with family and friends while cooking. Both design solutions increase storage by putting base cabinets and drawers underneath. They provide additional surface area for food preparation, cooking, and washing. You can generally divide peninsulas into two categories: Extension and Connected.

An extension peninsula is the most common, and is basically used in most U-shaped designs. The peninsula part is usually an extension of the existing countertop and cabinets, and are often in the same design style and finishes as the main counters. The peninsula side can be used as a counter seating, or add a higher surface for a bar seating.

You can even install a cooking hob to your peninsula counter to convert it into showcase cooking area, perfect for entertaining guests and family. This is a great option for open plan layouts as the peninsula helps divide and define the space.

By integrating these two kitchen elements into your U-shaped design, a better workflow can be achieved. An island (or two!) would definitely help cut down the unnecessary time spent on going from one end of the space to another if you integrate it into the plan efficiently.

A connected peninsula either connects to the wall, or a column. The kitchen peninsula design can also be attached on one (or both sides) to a wall or column. This is really common when you have doors or full-length windows that cut in between the wall length of your kitchen. The doors & windows will often cut the run of the wall, leaving you to connect the peninsula to a wall or a column, separate from the main counters.

These are also useful if you have errant structural column you can’t get rid of in the middle of the kitchen. Attaching a peninsula to these columns is a great way to utilize the odd space left in between, helping integrate the columns into the design.

You can add a hanging cabinets & shelves, or even install pendant lamps to give it a little more accent. You can also clad the column in interesting finishes such stones that match your countertop, or textured surfaces like bricks, to help it seamlessly blend into your design, making it less of an eyesore.

The black base peninsula and island make a bold statement in contrast with the white countertops, cabinets, and shiplap walls. This helps draw the attention to the center of the space. The open layout definitely makes the space look large and airy.

How Big Should a Kitchen Peninsula Be?

With regard to dimensions, minimum standard for a peninsula can range from 180-190 cm (70.8″ to 74.8″) in length and 70cm (27.5″) deep. For islands, average size is at 200 cm (78″) length by 100 cm (39″) deep.

It is recommended that there be at least 120cm (47″) aisle way clearance for easier access to storage and so two people can work together with ease. Read more about kitchen island dimensions here.

Open concept kitchen with white t shaped island large green cabinet peninsula wood flooring This open layout design gives off a welcoming and warm vibe. The large island and counter space is ideal for multiple users to cook simultaneously. It is a great area for entertaining several guests who can either lounge at the living area or sit at the dining table.

U Shaped Kitchen with Peninsula and Island

Here are some design ideas for this type of layout.

Contemporary kitchen with island and peninsula quartz countertops dark veneer cabinetsThis modern design combines marble countertops, dark veneer cabinetry, chevron patterned backsplash. The peninsula acts as a bar dining area and offers extra storage and workspace. Moreover, the island is a preparation area with under-surface cabinets.

Contemporary kitchen with quartz countertop island and peninsula dark wood cabinets light wood flooringThis contemporary design stands out because of the beautiful grain of the countertops complemented by the warmth of dark wood veneer cabinets. Both the two kitchen elements optimize the work zones through supplementary storage and dining space.

U shaped kitchen with long narrow island peninsula and marble countertopsA U-shaped layout exudes a classic and luxurious look with its white cabinets, marble tops, and gold metal fixtures. The narrow island has display storage and has added countertop space for meal prep.

Kitchen with black soapstone peninsula and marble island with white cabinets and shiplap ceiling This u-shaped space offers a strong contrast between the peninsula’s black soapstone top against the white storage units, shiplap ceiling, and subway tiles which adds character to this classic and timeless design. The island is also gorgeous with its distinct marble top and white cabinets.

Peninsula & Island Kitchen Designs

Kitchen with black gold quartz peninsula island white cabinetsThe black and gold countertop works flawlessly with the white base cabinets in this transitional design. The peninsula serves dual purpose as a washing zone and a counter seating. It also has a cooking hob that is very accessible to both the sink and dining area.

Kitchen with eat in dining peninsula cambria quartz countertops portable islandThis urban industrial design with an L-shaped layout creates a relaxed and cozy feel. The Cambria quartz countertops pairs well with the rustic gunmetal finishes and white & black cabinets. The tan leather stools look more striking against the black base of the peninsula. Kitchen with granite peninsula island with blue cabinet and tongue and groove wood ceilingMake a neutral kitchen pop with color by painting the cabinets blue grey. This adds interests and creates unique contrast with the white cabinets and metallic finishes.

Kitchen with quartz peninsula and breakfast bar islandThis palette of greys and dark wood balanced with silver metallic accessories creates a relaxing and light space. It features an island with sink and a perfect bar counter for casual dining or gathering. In addition, it has a deep peninsula that increases the storage capacity and work area.

Kitchen with quartz waterfall island and small peninsula white cabinetsThis one feels posh and stylish thanks to the stark white cabinets, mosaic tile backsplash, and chrome fixtures. It showcases a stunning long waterfall island cladded with marble.

Kitchen with stainless steel counter island soapstone peninsula white cabinetsThis design uses white cabinets with glossy silver and black accents. Its island features unique stainless steel top surface that is easy to maintain and clean.

Modern kitchen with gray quartz peninsula and white quartz island white cabinetsNever get out of style with this soft white and grey palette. The grey contrasting kitchen island in this compact design has improved its functionality through the added drawers and bonus countertop space.Kitchen with wrap around peninsula small island and calacatta classique quartz countersThe Carrara marble countertops combined with pure white cabinets, and stainless steel finishes   set the scene for a glam-inspired design. This U-shaped layout maximizes the work surfaces and storage making it more efficient for users.

L shaped kitchen with island and peninsula gray and white cabinets The pale blue island brings life and fun to this neutral scheme layout. Apart from increased work surface, it also incorporates breakfast counter and storage. On the other hand the peninsula, visually defines the kitchen from the living area.

L shaped kitchen with shiplap island and peninsula with stovetopThis coastal inspired design showcases navy blue base cabinets, white upper cabinets, quartz countertop, and rattan pendant lights. The island has shiplap detail and matches the navy striped barstools.

Kitchen with stacked stone island peninsula dark wood cabinetsThe stacked stone clad island and peninsula is a great idea to add personality to this kitchen. It balances the rich dark wood cabinets and effortlessly blends with the beige walls and flooring.

Modern kitchen with island and peninsula quartz countertops silver globe pendant lightsThis design creates a striking feature with the mix of polished metal finishes, mosaic backsplash, stone countertop, and lush velvet bar stools. The island and peninsula go together to make this kitchen not only elegant but at the same time functional by increasing surface areas and storage capacity.

Modern kitchen with small dining peninsula island and quartz countertops white cabinetsThis simple modern design blends clean white cabinets, subtle grey countertop, and light wood floors. It maximizes the space by putting a sink and counter seating and an island for supplementary work surface.

Open concept kitchen with large island and peninsula white quartz counters white cabinetsThis open concept layout with white cabinets, marble countertops, and stainless steel appliances is simply refined and elegant. This large and airy space with plenty of seating is a great area to hangout and to entertain guests. Rustic kitchen with green beadboard island and peninsula with wood cabinets This vintage design breaks monotony of wood elements by painting the base cabinets with olive green. The kitchen island with beadboard style detail has open shelves which is useful as stored items are visible and easy-to-grab. Its peninsula has dual function as a washing/preparation area and bar counter space.

Rustic solid wood kitchen with cream island peninsula and beige granite countertops This traditional layout showcases rustic solid wood cabinets, beige granite counter tops and tan stools. It also features cream island with decorative corbel and moldings that works as a preparation and washing area. Its peninsula separates the kitchen from the dining area and provides additional seating and convenient store space.

Small kitchen with island and peninsula stainless steel base cabinetsThe stainless steel surfaces with white elements make this design very streamlined and modern. Moreover, the stainless steel cabinets and storage offer durability and ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Traditional kitchen with island and peninsula wood beams and wood flooringThis classic French design with exposed beams, rich floors, and rustic white cabinets exudes a sense of nostalgia and comfort. There’s a bar counter seating for two, whereas the island provides functional storage and counter space.

Transitional kitchen with dark cabinets with peninsula and white island with granite countertopsCreate focal point by making your semi-open island white in contrast with the dark wood cabinets and black granite countertop. This area offers flexibility with the island having extra display for commonly used items and work area when cooking. Transitional kitchen with large island and peninsula with black white cabinets agatha black granite and arctic white quartz This transitional kitchen adds dramatic touch with the play of black and white finishes and textures. The massive island and peninsula offer underneath storage sink area and space for preparing and serving meals. The large kitchen island with seating provides plenty of space for family or entertaining guests while preparing a meal.

Kitchen with dark gray cabinets breakfast bar peninsula and portable rolling islandThe dark grey cabinets complements with the salt and pepper granite tops and stainless steel accents. Its peninsula is a cooking zone and at the same time a breakfast bar. Another feature is the rolling island which is convenient as an instant work space and can be moved away when not needed.

White cabinet kitchen with butcher block island and quartz peninsulaWhite paint and quartz countertops matched with light wood finishes just make this modern kitchen have a clean and fresh vibe. The peninsula helps visually define the kitchen and dining space while the island with butcher block top adds warmth to the space.

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