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Granite Slab Size (Standard & Custom Dimensions)

In this granite slab size guide you’ll see the standard, jumbo, extra large & largest granite slab dimensions and price per square foot for a granite slab. 
Modern kitchen with granite kitchen island countertop white cabinetsThere is really nothing better than the look of natural beauty that a real stone granite slab will give your kitchen countertops. Many homeowners are looking into using them for their kitchen islands and countertops as a focal point that will carry the whole look of their kitchen. 

Granite slabs can be pretty sensitive, especially to breakage and staining, so careful handling during the construction of any home, building, or improvement project is essential. This sensitivity does not repel homeowners whose hearts are set on granite’s solid feel and beauty.

Standard Granite Slab Size

Standard granite slab sizeAside from the granite colors and staining of the slab, it is important to know the essential background, like the size of the material. 

The size of a granite slab will vary since it is a natural material extracted from the earth. Generally, manufactured and processed granite slabs will have lengths between 9 to 10 feet or 108 to 120 inches and a width that ranges from 5 to 6 feet or 60 to 72 inches. This size can vary depending on the manufacturer. 

Typically, homeowners will need more than one slab of granite to construct a sizable island or countertop. Not to mention that there will be wastage that would go on when cutting the granite, so these are some factors to consider when deciding how much granite you should get. 

Jumbo Granite Slab Size

Jumbo and extra large granite slab dimensions

Some homeowners will want to construct a more oversized island in the middle of their kitchen to account for their large family or make everything look proportionate to the place. Luckily, there is a jumbo granite slab that they can look at when deciding on what granite slab size to purchase. 

A standard jumbo granite slab has a width of 64.5 inches or about 164 centimeters with a length of 131.5 inches or 334 centimeters. This is the size you want to get if you have other projects for your home that would warrant slabs like for your granite bathroom countertops and others. 

Extra Large Granite Slab Dimensions

The jumbo granite slabs are the most extensive sizes you can get from many granite slab manufacturers. There are granite slabs at 130 inches or 330 centimeters in length with a more extended width of 78 inches or 198 centimeters, although this is rare and will require careful logistics in terms of royalty and shipping freight. 

Another option for getting an even larger granite slab is custom sizing. There are some manufacturers that, given enough time and custom specifications, can make any homeowner’s ideal granite slab size. 

It is also doable to cut down on project costs and reduce waste of materials by getting smaller or the exact dimensions of a granite slab you will need for your construction project. 

How Many Square Feet In A Slab Of Granite? 

Granite slab square footage

Knowing the square feet of a particular thing will let you know how much surface area it will cover. For a granite slab, 9 to 10 feet or 108 to 120 inches by 5 to 6 feet or 60 to 72 inches, it will typically have an area of 45 square feet or around 4.18 square meters. 

The square area is 45 square feet, but it doesn’t mean that this is all the usable yield since sometimes a particular construction or home improvement project will call for cutting the granite slab, which could reduce the slab’s workable surface area. 

What Size Do Granite Slabs Come In?

The standard granite slab widely manufactured will have dimensions of 9 to 10 feet or 108 or 120 inches from top to bottom with a width of 5 to 6 feet or 60 to 72 inches from side to side. Most of them are sized vertically. 

There are also jumbo granite slabs available with a width of 64.5 inches or about 164 centimeters with a length of 131.5 inches or 334 centimeters. Extra-large ones can go with sizes of 130 inches or 330 centimeters, with a more extended width at 78 inches or 198 centimeters. 

What Is The Largest Granite Slab Size?

The largest granite slab sizes are the jumbo or extra-large granite slabs. Jumbo granite slabs are available with a width of 64.5 inches or about 164 centimeters with a length of 131.5 inches or 334 centimeters. 

On the other hand, rare extra-large ones can go with sizes of 130 inches or 330 centimeters, with a more extended width at 78 inches or 198 centimeters. 

How Much Does A Granite Slab Weigh?

Because of their extended width and lengths and the fact that they are granite makes for one heavy slab, and how heavy they are will depend on the granite slab thickness you are looking to use for your home. 

Thinner granite slabs will have a weight of at least 13 pounds per square foot, while thicker granite slabs can go up to 19 pounds per square foot. See our granite countertop weight guide for more details.

Granite Slab Thickness

There are two standard thicknesses for granite slabs: the 3/4 inch thick ones and the 1 1/4 thick ones. Both of these thicknesses are used widely for many granite kitchen countertops; however, the 3/4 slabs are usually laminated together to create a double-thickness. 

Any kitchen countertop using laminated granite tops will have a thickness of 1 1/2 inches. 

Cost Of A Slab Of Granite

Kitchen island with granite countertop indoor plant upholstered stool chairsA striking granite countertop will cost you a little bit more money compared to other options, but its natural beauty makes it an attractive option any homeowner should consider. Homeowners will typically pay at least $34 to $75 for one square foot of granite slab, depending on the design or the quality of the granite slab. 

How Big Can Granite Be Without A Seam?

According to the guidelines and specifications set forth by the Marble Institute of America, seams should not be wider than 1/16 inch. It also must be filled and covered with epoxy so that the color will match the granite slab effortlessly. It is also important that the seams lay flat with a lippage not extending 1/32 inch. 

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