Dining Table Dimensions (Size Guide)

Here we share our dining table dimensions guide including standard sizes for rectangular, square, round, and oval dining tables.
Contempoary dining room with white table, gray chairs and black area rug Dining table dimensions are important when planning the layout of your dining room and when purchasing linens, table cloths, and chairs. No host wants to welcome guests to their home for a holiday dinner and realize there isn’t enough room at their dining room table.

When this happens, the folding card table usually gets dragged out and the kids get seated at the end, feeling at times, left out. This article will help you avoid cramped furniture, narrow walkways, and dining room tables too small for your dinner party, by outlining standard dining table dimensions.

Standard Dining Table Dimensions

Dining room tables are typically designed with one of three shapes; square, rectangle, or circle. Some dining room table tops are designed using real wood in its natural state with naturally uneven edges. But standard table measurements still apply as the overall size and shape determine how many people can fit comfortably at the table.

Square Table Sizes

Square dining table size for 4 people Square tables have equal length and width and typically are made for four people at the most. The standard range is 36 inches to 44 inches leaving space for up to four people with enough elbow room.

Rectangle Table Sizes

Rectangular dining table size for 6 people While rectangular dining room tables offer many configurations based on the number of people you want to seat, it’s recommended to choose a table that’s at least 36 inches but not more than 40 inches wide.

This allows enough room for place settings and leaves enough room for passing food platters. If you plan on purchasing a sideboard or food buffet as part of your dining room set, a 30-inch wide table will also work well.

For the length of the table, figure the most people you’d like to seat at the same time and choose a length to fit everyone. Remember that the basic rule is 24 inches of space per person per side.

Round Table Sizes

Round table dining size for 4 to 6 people Round tables are similar to square tables when it comes to fitting in a small space. The diameter, or the length from one edge to the other crossing the center, is the size used to measure round dining room tables.

Not having corners allows flexibility for seating and makes it easier for diners to see each other. Round table dimensions can be used for hexagon-shaped tables and octagon-shaped tables.

The standard round dining table dimensions for two to four people is 36 inches in diameter. For four to six people the dimensions are 48 inches in diameter.

Oval Table Sizes

An oval table, like a round one, provides more space around the table and helps the dining room not appear crowded. Oval tables follow the same standard sizes as rectangular tables for length and width.

2 Person Oval Dining Table Size

• Square: 24 inches square
• Rectangle: 42 inches long, 30 to 36 inches wide
• Oval: 42 inches long, 30 to 36 inches wide

4 Person Oval Dining Table Size

• Square: 36 inches square
• Rectangle: 60 inches long, 36 to 40 inches wide
• Oval: 60 inches long, 36 to 40 inches wide

Dining Table Height Dimensions

standard dining table height A standard dining table height ranges from 28 inches to 30 inches high depending on the type of legs or footings. This height leaves enough room for typical adults to rest their feet on the floor. This is your family dining height or formal dining room table height.

standard kitchen counter height A counter height dining table is 36 inches high and matches the height of a kitchen island or bar. This makes it easy to use for informal eating in the kitchen, visiting over coffee, or doing homework with the kids while cooking.

Bar height table A bar height table is 42 inches high and works well as a gathering table for entertaining. The height makes it easy to transition from standing to sitting at a bar stool.

How Do You Determine the Size of a Dining Room Table?

Beautiful dining table off open concept kitchen First, consider the width and length of your dining room and where windows and other pieces of furniture will be placed. It helps to draw a square on a piece of paper representing the dining room size, using a quarter-inch to represent each foot along the four walls.

Allow for indents and irregular built-ins by drawing these on the lines. Erase the line for the length of the door or opening along the wall it’s located.

Measure the width and depth of any furniture you will be adding in addition to the dining room table. Draw these up against the lines representing each wall. (Tip: if you cut out the pieces of furniture from another sheet of paper, you can easily move them around to rearrange placement.)

Once complete, draw another square in the middle of the room leaving clearance all around the table for people to pass through.

The best distance is 48 inches from the edge of the table to the nearest wall or piece of furniture. The minimum is 30 inches clearance. The square needs to be drawn the distance you prefer for clearance. When you’re done, measure the length and width of the square. This is the largest size allowed for a dining room table.

Modern dining room with beige paint color and large windows Below are the standard sizes per number of people who can be seated at each size and shape table. Remember, if you purchase a table with leaves, check where the leaves are stored. It’s more convenient to store them under the table than to have to keep the leaves in a closet.

2 Person Dining Table Dimensions

• Square: 24 inches square
• Rectangle: 42 inches long, 30 to 36 inches wide
• Oval: 42 inches long, 30 to 36 inches wide

4 Person Dining Table Dimensions

• Square: 36 inches square
• Rectangle: 60 inches long, 36 to 40 inches wide
• Oval: 60 inches long, 36 to 40 inches wide

6 Person Dining Table Dimensions

• Square: 48 inches square
• Rectangle: 72 inches long, 36 to 40 inches wide
• Oval: 72 inches long, 36 to 40 inches wide

8 Person Dining Table Dimensions

• Square: 60 inches square
• Rectangle: 96 inches long, 36 to 40 inches wide
• Oval: 96 inches long, 36 to 40 inches wide

10 Person Dining Table Dimensions

• Square: 60 inches square
• Rectangle: 72 inches long, 36 to 40 inches wide
• Oval: 72 inches long, 36 to 40 inches wide

12 Person Dining Table Dimensions

• Square: 72 inches square
• Rectangle: 96 inches long, 36 to 40 inches wide
• Oval: 96 inches long, 36 to 40 inches wide

Circular Table Sizes

• Two to four people: 36 inches diameter
• Four to six people: 48 inches diameter
• Six to eight people: 60 inches diameter
• Eight to ten people: 72 inches diameter
• Ten to twelve people: 96 inches diameter

Dining Room Layout

Dining room table layout next to kitchen Shiplap dining room with wood table next to kitchen.

Manufacturers design and build dining room furniture with a set of standard table sizes as their guide. This allows for chairs and benches to be made to fit for each size and shape.

A dining room requires more space to move around in than a kitchen or bedroom. Plan a layout around the size of the dining room table you need using the instructions above. You may need to factor in extra furniture first.

Lighting is another important consideration when laying out your dining room design. We have more details about dining room chandelier sizes here, or read more about the types of dining room lighting.

Standard Dining Room Size

A dining room may be any size or any shape but typically equals two-hundred square feet. This may be laid out as 10 feet by 20 feet. Larger dining rooms may be 14 feet by 18 feet or more.

Seating Arrangements

Always plan your dining room layout and dining room table size around the largest number of people you plan on having around the table.

At times, a chair can be pulled up to join at the table or you may have guests seated on a veranda or patio. Keep in mind if you purchase a table with one or more leaves, the full length and width has to be able to fit in your dining room.

Dining Room Table Size Infographic

Dining room table size infographic

If you plan on selling your home or would just like to get additional ideas, visit our staging a dining room article here.

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