L Shaped Kitchen with Island (30 Design Ideas)

The L-shaped kitchen with island is a popular layout that maximizes corner space, and provides plenty of countertop for food preparation. The L-shape is excellent for promoting a sociable configuration that can incorporate seating, storage, and appliances.

Luxury l shaped kitchen with long gray island white cabinets marble countertops

Ideal for medium to large spaces, the L-shaped kitchen with island layout is popular for entertaining, eat-in dining and works perfect for an open-concept design floor plan.

The island in the picture above serves as the centerpiece in this large L-shape kitchen because of its gray-painted base that contrasts with the all white wall cabinets. The island is equipped with an extra sink and dining space for four. You will also notice built-in appliances such as an under-counter wine fridge and built-in dishwasher placed just right beside the sink. [toc]

Functions & Benefits of Kitchen Islands

  1. Dividing spaces – this is especially applicable to open plan spaces. The island helps visually divide spaces without obstructing the traffic and visual flow of the space.
  2. Additional work surface – the extra countertop surface the island provides definitely helps during food preparation.
  3. Better workflow – this is especially applicable for bigger spaces. The addition of islands help create a good “working triangle.”
  4. Additional storage – The extra cabinet space definitely helps a lot if you need to store a lot of items. This also provides more space for other appliances such as dishwashers, or even an extra stove top or sink.
  5. Additional dining space – the island is a pretty convenient extra dining space, especially for breakfast or light meals / snacks.

Traditional kitchen with white cabinets and dark wooden island mosaic backsplash

Featuring a neo-classical style, this L-shape design features an island that maximizes its base for storage space. Even the sides of the kitchen were utilized as cabinet space. Another interesting feature in this design is the magnetic side of the fridge cabinet.

L Shaped Kitchen Designs with Island

L-shaped kitchens are one of the most common kitchen layouts. The addition of anisland to an L-shape design helps provide better traffic flow and accessibility for a more efficient work triangle. Large islands often have equipment or appliances installed on them, especially if the main counters are already cramped. Doubling kitchen features can also be seen often on islands.

For example, sinks – the larger work surface are aof the island makes it more ideal for food preparation, so an additional sink is often installed mostly for cleaning the hands or washing the food. The stove top / cook top is also often duplicated in the island. This is particularly useful if you want to keep certain food heated or boiling as you prepare other dishes on the main stove, or you simply want an additional cook top to work on.

Here are some examples of L-shape kitchens with islands:

Beautiful kitchen with island and white shaker cabinets

This modern transitional style combines old details with modern aesthetics perfectly. Dark wood floors and black windows give a nice contrast against the all-white walls and kitchen, while the addition of a few natural wood finishes, brass accents and woven fabrics give the space a more laid-back feel. A small undermount sink was installed on the island, and provides enough counter space for four big counter stools. The space under the island was also maximized with storage space, while the wall cabinets houses the built-in appliances.

Modern kitchen with pantry area and slab cabinets

Going for a modern farmhouse aesthetic, stainless steel finishes were combined with rustic wood laminates on the cabinets. Bertoia counter stools grace the marble-topped island, creating a nice contrast of materials/textures. You will also notice nice small details such as the black powdercoated pulls on the base cabinets and the matching matte black fixtures.

Traditional style kitchen with large island arctic white quartz beadboard ceiling panels

Another classic style L-shape space that fully utilizes the island’s base for storage space. Even the sides and the front of the island was used for cabinet space. It also features a small nook/overhang so you can push in your counter stools so it doesn’t obstruct the way when not in use.

Traditional island, subway tile backsplash, shaker cupboards and butlers pantry

This fixture was designed to maximized the additional work top, dining space and storage it can provide. Its marble top has an overhang all around so that all sides can be used as a dining space. The whole base on all sides was also used as extra cabinets for extra storage.

Luxury contemporary kitchen with dining island with sinkThis gorgeous contemporary design highlights its sleek look with clean and crisp contrasts. The white monolithic solid surface used on the top and sides of the island adds a nice bold contrast against the dark wengue laminates used on the cabinets and the base of the island. It serves as an extra work space/top as the main cabinets were mostly utilized for built-in ovens, cooking hobs and pantry storage.

L layout kitchen with angled island, marble countertops and recessed cabinets

The island adapts to the oddly-shaped layout of this kitchen to maximize the available space and create a consistent hallway space. This space sports classic style cabinets which were adapted to hold built-in appliances as well.

Kitchen design with black cabinets, light wood island quartz countertops

By using a natural oil finish for the Oak base of the island, it becomes the focal point of the kitchen which uses dark wengue stain for its cabinetry. The clean white quartz top ties together the look, while the woven jute counter stools adds flair and texture to the space.

Long kitchen with overhang counter island with globe lights

White is a common go-to scheme for kitchens as it’s very timeless and easily blends in any design style. Additionally, white cabinets look great paired with silver/stainless steel, which is the most common finish for modern appliances. This classic style white kitchen is given a modern flair with its stainless steel built-in appliances, and its clear glass display shelves and pendant lights.

Country kitchen with wood plank island and granite countertops

Using horizontal clapboards to add a textured finis is a nice touch to add variety of finishes to the space. Combined with the antiqued finish of the counter stools and the shiny finish of the gray subway tiles on the backsplash, this kitchen gives an eclectic kitschy vibe.

Large open kitchen with eat-in island and octagon tile backsplash

This is an excellent example of a transitional style kitchen with island and seating that plays around with subtle hue changes and textures to create a more fun look. Appliances are built-in for a cleaner look, and countertop items/accessories were minimized. The fully upholstered gray counter stools adds a pop of contrast to the otherwise soft-toned palette of the kitchen.

Traditional green cabinet kitchen with off-white color island and wood flooring

This design combines khaki-painted cabinets with a light gray island. Silver/stainless steel finishes serve as the accent color, which can be found on its built-in appliances (fridge, stove, range hood), fixtures, counter stools and lights.

Modern brown lower base cabinets with white glossy upper storage

This modern L-shape kitchen combines glossy whites with matte mahogany laminate finishes to balance the warmth of the wood and the cool feel of glossy laminates. Other unique features include its stainless steel splash board for the kitchen range that connects it to the range hood. This creates a very modern look that matches the overall theme of the space.

Kitchen with light gray cabinets and quartz slab countertops

This massive country style kitchen uses an achromatic color scheme, playing around a bit with textures and patterns to make it more interesting. The main cabinets are stained in gray but with prominent wood grain texture, while the island base is in a dark wood stain, which makes it almost black. The backsplash uses white wood-textured tiles in various pattern combinations. To add to the textural variety, you also have the main countertop which is plain white solid surface and the island countertop which is a large slab or marble with prominent black veins.

Country designed kitchen with butcher block, open shelving and wood beams

The combination of white and natural wood finishes instantly make this kitchen a Pinterest-worthy look! The L-shape design looks extra sleek and clean because the built-in appliances were concealed inside the cabinetry, all except for the cooking range and hood. The open wood shelves and the small butcher’s block on the island are a nice touch to complete the look.

Modern custom kitchen with rectangular island with two types of countertops

For this modern L shape kitchen, instead of using part of the island as a dining area, this one simple extends or connects the island to a wood-laminated counter-height table that serves as a small breakfast table in the kitchen. This goes well with the very cohesive modern color scheme which combines stainless steel with dark walnut laminates.

Contemporary crafted kitchen with eat in island, gray painted cabinets and quartz waterfall counters

This is an excellent example of an open plan kitchen which directly connects to the dining area. The island in this case serves as a visual divider between the dining space and the kitchen space. Both spaces uses a white and gray modern scheme.

Contemporary blue cabinets in kitchen with white quartz waterfall countertops

The massive island of this modern L-shape kitchen divides it from the rustic style dining area just across. The space uses gunmetal gray cabinets paired with clean white solid surface tops. Appliances are all built-in to the cabinetry for a sleek look.

Kitchen with peninsula breakfast bar and island with pendants

This modern design uses a unique glossy wood laminate finish on its upper cabinets and the island, which is paired with white glossy laminates and marble counters. The glossy laminates create a seamless transition to the built-in glass ovens installed.

White L-Shaped Kitchens with Islands

Corner kitchen with wood plank island and stone countertops

Going all-out with its country-style theme, this space uses weathered wood boards to add a wooden accent to the small island. It also uses vintage style fixtures, as well as vintage style appliances and lighting to match the whole look.

Kitchen with calacatta vagli marble island counter and wood dining table

This open plan design has a very eclectic mix of finishes and styles. Glossy modular cabinetry, a massive Carrara marble island, metal counter stools and appliances are all paired with vintage sideboards and vintage dining table, creating a very unique look.

Kitchen with distressed cabinets and black granite surface countertops

The island counter divides the L-shape kitchen from the living area, and adapts a cohesive classic theme that matches with the architectural style of the house. The distressed antique white kitchen cabinets provide excellent contrast to the dark gray quartz countertops.

Contemporary two tone kitchen with gray hue island, white tone cabinets and black and white countertops

Gold accents adds an elegant flair to this country style design. The space has an interesting combination of modern lights/accessories and classic furniture styles.

Kitchen with butcher block wood island and corner layout

The solid wood butcher’s block top used on the island makes it stand out from the white-dominated space. The addition of classic style wrought iron counter stools is a nice touch that complements the overall style used in the house.

Small L Shaped Kitchen with Island

Open room kitchen with gray toned island and off-white hue cabinets

Partitions were taken down, the structural columns were embraced in this transitional style open plan design. It uses a light color scheme of white, gray and light wood finish to match the light wood flooring. The square island worked its way around the column and made it look like its part of the design.

Small kitchen with dining island, glass backsplash and slab of quartz

This tiny L shape kitchen managed to squeeze in an equally small island in order to house the under counter wine fridge and to provide additional dining and counter space.

Kitchen with marble wall backsplash and light and dark grey cupboards

This gorgeous transitional style design combines grays and whites with golden accents for a modern and elegant look that creates a home magazine-worthy look!

Small modern floor plan kitchen with stainless steel table island

This tiny L-shape kitchen managed to add a very small freestanding stainless steel kitchen island. Because it is light and movable, you can easily move it around or relocate it as needed.

Kitchen with a light green island, white main cabinets and wine storage

This whole space goes for a cohesive white and gray country style look. The small open plan L-shaped design with island connects to the living room and dining room, so the colors are kept low-key in order to blend in. Space is very limited so storage is maximized and most appliances were also built-in. See more small kitchens with white cabinets here.

The L-shape floor plan with an island has always been both an aesthetic and functional layout. Both small and large spaces could install one, as long as it has sufficient space. But generally, larger areas enjoy the benefits and added functions of this plan.

There are also many options if you’re thinking to install one. Usually, people match the island to the existing cabinetry, or add contrast to make it look different to serve as a focal point. You can also use freestanding islands if you want a more mobile option.

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