Calacatta Quartz Countertops (15 Types & Design Guide)

Calacatta quartz countertops are beautiful, unique pieces of stone that will add a magnificent look to a kitchen, bathroom, or any bar imaginable.

Kitchen with calacatta countertops, island, white cabinets and gold pendant lights

Below is information on the colors, prices, and types of Calacatta quartz countertops that are commonly available.

What is Calacatta Style Quartz?

Transitional kitchen with calacatta quartz countertop, white subway tile and porcelain tile floors

Calacatta Quartz is an extremely durable style of engineered stone. This gorgeous material takes 90% crushed quartz and combines it with resin and pigments to become an extremely hard slab that resembles real Calacatta marble.

The results are a thick, natural-looking slab, and a great statement of strength. It is used a lot due to its stain and scratch-resistant qualities, making it suitable for various environments.

The quartz has these qualities because it is extremely hard durable, and easy for maintenance and caring. This allows the use of this material in an assortment of places, including bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, etc.

The engineered stone typically has distinct veining that makes it a unique and practical piece. It has a primarily white surface with a blue-gray veining color. Some types have varying hues and tints to the white, as well as incorporating some more brown gray versus the cooler, traditional blue-gray veining.

The patterns of the veins also vary from type to type, even from piece to piece, as they are all used to create unique stone slabs. These features often resemble that of an expensive marble in appearance but are still an engineered stone material.

Calacatta Quartz Slab

Kitchen with calacatta quartz slab countertop

Using a single slab for Calacatta quartz countertops is one of the best choices because of the unique qualities of this style of stone. With the different veining in each slab, it is harder to cohesively get them to flow when they are in multiple slabs.

If you just get one oversized piece and cut it to make it the shape you desire, you will get a much cleaner look. A local countertop company can offer guidance on the best approach to achieve this.

Most slabs are available in both 2 cm and 3 cm slabs as well as some prefabricated options for design and installation flexibility. The thickness can vary based on the place you get the stones, and it can change the pricing for it as well.

What color is Calacatta?

The stone has a clean, bright white surface and features some gray-blue-toned veining. The veining is commonly thick and dramatic. Some certain kinds have extra colors thrown in such as golds and browns. See the pictures below for popular variations available.

Calacatta Countertop Price

Kitchen with calacatta quartz countertop and backsplash with light gray cabinets

Calacatta quartz typically runs about $60 to $100 per square foot. Based on the thickness and type that price could vary. Each type of slab is unique which can drive the price up, especially if you have a specific look in mind.

Getting them in larger pieces can also be difficult (and therefore pricier) so sometimes buying in tiles instead of slabs can be a money saver.

The material in itself is on the pricier side of the spectrum though, so it may be more worth it to dive headfirst and get the full slabs to really make an impression with the space it will be used in.

When thinking about the price of the materials also remember that there needs to be extra money planned for an installation (more expensive based on difficulty level), and any cuts that need to be made into the slab.

How much is a slab of Calacatta?

U shaped kitchen with calacatta quartz countertop white cabinets

One standard slab of Calacatta Quartz is typically about $70 to $100 including the installation charge. This can vary by size, shape, location, and seller.

In some cases, one can also need more than one slab for a construction project, which can obviously add to the cost, often doubling, since it is purchasing an additional slab.

These projects can range from installing granite or concrete countertops on an island along with these slabs to add contrast to the design.

Popular Types of Calacatta Quartz

While Calacatta is a type of quartz itself, there are also subcategories of types with slight differences in color and veining. These stylish options can be used for various project types, such as enhancing the walls or surfaces of a given space.

Between patterns, small shade differences, and the amount of translucence to each piece, there are a ton of selections so each design can have the perfect pieces. The wide variety of options available allows homeowners and construction services to find the right fit for any job.

Some of the most popular types are listed and described below.

Calacatta Gold Quartz

Contemporary kitchen with calacatta gold countertops, white cabinets and pendant lights

Calacatta gold quartz has a bright white background, with a starkly contrasting dramatic gray veining pattern, with one dramatic difference.

The difference between basic quartz and Calacatta gold is the addition of gold veining mixed in with the grays on the white background. This creates a unique piece as well as a major focal point in the room.

Calacatta gold quartz screams luxury and elegance, allowing nothing else to top it.- interior designer Savannah.

With the additional color though, it does make the style choices and coordination a bit more limited than the typical types.

Calacatta White Quartz

Modern kitchen with white calacatta quartz countertop, backsplash and white cabinets

Calacatta white quartz is a stunning piece of stone with a bright white background and a striking wide vein pattern that gives the countertop a luxurious feel.

This material, as many of the other types do, offers the natural look of marble, but with none of the drawbacks that come with marble worktops. The stone has a very durable work surface that is both stain and scratch resistant making it as functional as it is beautiful.

Calacatta Laza

Kitchen with calacatta laza quartz countertops and distressed wood island

Calacatta Laza Quartz countertops include a dramatic, realistic brown veining pattern floating in the milky white background of the stone. This is a natural look resembling marble. It is great in both modern and classic settings.

Calacatta Classique

Kitchen with calacatta classique quartz countertops

The Calacatta Classique quartz incorporates a bright, clean white background with a light but striking gray veining. This type comes in slabs of 2 cm and 3 cm and has a polished finish to it.

This gives it a maintenance-free quality as well as a luxurious and high-end appearance. Luckily the look is timeless as it is a material that could last a lifetime.

Calacatta Venice

Calacatta venice quartz countertop kitchen

Calacatta Venice Quartz countertops have a warmer white background giving a softer feel to the countertops. The veining mimics that of Italian marble with a subtle, but thicker pattern. This combination keeps the counters neutral while still being a luxurious focal point of any kitchen.

Calacatta Botanica

Kitchen with calacatta botanica quartz countertops

Calacatta Botanica quartz includes a softer white background with a light gray veining. This simplicity offers an elegant appearance that can be used in a wide variety of design styles and color trends. From modern sleek to a timeless Italian marble style, this countertop slab is great for any aesthetic desired.

Calacatta Nuvo

Kitchen with calacatta nuvo quartz countertops

Calacatta Nuvo Quartz countertops are a product from Caesarstone and are made to closely mimic the natural marble pieces. They may include wide, elegant gray veins floating in the milky white background of the stone. This style looks excellent in modern and contemporary kitchens and can work well for the main countertops, islands, and backsplashes.

Similar to marble, these slabs have a slight variation with each piece, making them unique in every aspect. Currently, the Nuvo only comes in 2 cm (3/4″) slab thickness sizes. When working with a construction services company, be sure to discuss the best option for your specific project and home design.

Bianco Calacatta

Kitchen with bianco calacatta quartz countertops

Bianco Calacatta Quartz features a milky white background with a thick, warm, light brown veining with darker brown outlines. The soft, approachable feel of this countertop gives a timeless look to the entire space it encompasses.

With the appearance of marble but the qualities of quartz, it is an excellent choice for those seeking an extremely hard and durable, yet easy-to-maintain material. Be sure to consult with contractors and utilize the right tools during installation to ensure the best results.

Calacatta Classic

Kitchen with calacatta classic quartz countertops

Calacatta Classic Quartz is an elegant yet subtle type of stone material. It has uniform gray veins in the neutral white background with a sort of translucent look to it, nothing too dramatic.

This style resembles natural stone and doesn’t call too much unneeded attention to itself. This offers a timeless look that can fit in with most styles, making it a versatile option.

Calacatta Leon

Traditional kitchen with calacatta leon quartz countertops two tone cabinets

Calacatta Leon quartz has a soft light white background, with a starkly contrasting dramatic gray veining pattern, directly screaming the marble look. The stone is extremely hard and durable and easy to maintain and care for.

This allows using this material in a plethora of places, including bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, etc.

Calacatta Verona

Kitchen with calacatta verona quartz countertops white cabinets pendant lights

Calacatta Verona Quartz features a soft white background and subtle veins, similar to a lot of the other types described here. It offers the beauty of a marble look with the Stain-, germ-, and heat-resistant qualities of a fantastic stone countertop.

Calacatta Vicenza

Kitchen with calacatta vincenza quartz countertops

Calacatta Vicenza quartz has a light white background, with extremely subtle light gray veining, almost looking more like fleck veins in the surface.

It is typically available in both 2 cm and 3 cm slabs as well as some prefabricated options for design and installation flexibility. It is great for a variety of styles ranging from traditional to modern.

Calacatta Ultra

Kitchen with calacatta ultra quartz countertops

Calacatta ultra quartz has one of the purest white backgrounds of all the types. The style has a delicate, soft linear veining, that is absolutely timeless. This type gives marble a run for its money, especially due to its durability, and chip, stain, and heat resistance.

Calacatta Trevi

Transitional kitchen with calacatta trevi quartz countertops


Calacatta Trevi quartz slabs are inspired by real Italian marble. It has a warm, soft white structure and subtle, refined veining. This style is extremely hard, durable, and easy to maintain and care for.

Calacatta Roma

Kitchen with calacatta roma countertops and peninsula

Calacatta Roma quartz originates from quarries in Italy, Germany, and Portugal. It has characteristics of a white background with light gray striations and veining throughout. It is frequently used for kitchen countertops and is not recommended for use on fireplaces.

Choosing the right quartz for your project should involve discussions with your design team and contractors, as well as considering factors like the wall color and overall style of the room to make the right choice for your space.

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  1. I have bright white cabinets and am looking for a white quartz with gray veining. I liked the Roma, but when I put the cabinet door against it–it was not even close to the white in my cabinet. Im afraid its going to look really awful. any recommendations? Also doing a waterfall edge on a peninsula

  2. Do you have an image of “Miraggio Cove”? We visited the MSI showroom in Atlanta this weekend and they had some slabs but no samples. Or, could you ship us a sample? We are using Mountain Stone in Cashiers, NC as our fabricator and our project is located in the neighboring Town of Highlands, NC.

    1. Hello, thank you for the question, unfortunately we don’t have an image or details about ordering that slab. MSI are the only ones I can think of to potentially help with a sample.

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