White Quartz Countertops (Kitchen Design Ideas)

Welcome to our gallery of white quartz countertops detailing the beauty and style of this popular kitchen design feature.
Kitchen with quartz countertops and wood breakfast bar with industrial style pendant lightsThe fresh, clean look of white quartz make it one of the most in demand materials in the market today. Its sleek aesthetics, clean look and stylish appeal conforms to both minimalist design sensibilities and luxurious classic settings. Join us as we explore the one of a kind beauty and notable characteristics of white quartz countertops and why they deserve to take the center stage in your home.

Quartz countertops, in general, provide numerous benefits to homeowners. It is considered as one of the most trusted surfaces and practical countertop options in the market today. When it comes to resilience and durability, nothing can match quartz countertops. Pure quartz is inherently hard and combining it with resin binders greatly reinforces its strength, making it a long wearing surface which can stand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Performance wise, quartz countertops are at par with granite and concrete. It does not crack and chip easily and makes an effective working surface. In addition to that, it is scratch resistant, heat resistant, stain resistant and anti microbial. Unlike natural stone countertops, quartz countertops have low porosity which makes the impervious to any type of moisture and liquid.  

Another major benefit of quartz countertops is that it does not require high upkeep compared to natural stone materials. Granite and marble countertops need periodic sealing to prevent liquids from seeping into its surface, but with quartz countertops, resealing is not necessary. All you need is a damp cloth and a mild detergent and water solution to clean off its surface. Consequently, this results to added savings in terms of maintenance cost. Provided that it is properly cared for, quartz countertops can last for decades and most manufacturers include a lifetime warranty with the material.

In terms of aesthetics, quartz countertops bring in a touch of elegance and sophistication to a space. With the wide array of color, patterns and finishes to choose from, the design possibilities are endless. It is also highly customizable which means it can be modified to any shape and size in order to fit your specific needs. In addition to that, quartz countertops can be manufactured in continuous runs, allowing homeowners to install the material in a single piece with little to no seams, ensuring a more uniform look.

Kitchen with white quartz counters, laminated wood island base and picture windowAside from these advantages, white quartz countertops contribute some more positive attributes which make them a desirable choice for kitchen countertops. (See our full color gallery of all types of quartz kitchen countertops here)

White Quartz Countertops Pros and Cons

Here are some added benefits of using white quartz countertops :

Timeless beauty – White is the most popular neutral color because of its classic and timeless beauty. White quartz countertops render the same effect to kitchen spaces, by lending a touch of timeless flair that will surely never go out of style. White quartz countertops can adapt itself to any decor, no matter what the prevailing concept of your home is.

Versatility and flexibility – White quartz countertops are available in diverse types, patterns and colors which range from a bright white hue to a creamy ivory shade. The presence of sparkling flecks and dramatic veins give it a distinctive look provide a luxurious and ultra stylish feel to spaces. White quartz countertops can be used in so many ways, whether it may be to create a stark contrast being the element of your kitchen or to serve as a complementing decor. White quartz countertops adds character and can serve as a stunning focal point not only for your kitchen, but for your home.

White quartz countertops, having a “fail proof color” also provide versatility in terms of design. It can be used for any style or inspiration, whether classic, traditional, transitional, contemporary or modern. Mixing and matching decor and other elements in the kitchen are also the least of your worries since white quartz countertops can go with almost anything. It can be paired with light or dark colored cabinetry, whether solid wood or painted, high gloss or flat finished. Aside from that, it also works for “all white kitchens” as it effectively eliminates the monotony of the design by providing an interesting visual element to the space.

It offers flexibility in terms of application as it can be used as a wall accent, a backsplash material or even a flooring material.

Uniform appearance and consistent color –  Unlike natural stone which has a n inconsistent color because it is quarried in slabs, white quartz countertops have a uniform color all throughout. With engineered stone countertops, the colors are more solid and consistent because it can be controlled during production. The manufacturing process of quartz countertops ensures its nearly perfect appearance, texture and material composition. So it is also the best countertop material for homeowners who are very particular with blemishes and imperfections. The even color and smooth transition makes it the ideal material for waterfall island counters. In addition to that, a seamless white quartz countertop also fits the sleek and smooth aesthetics of minimalist and modern designs.

Kitchen with mahogany cabinets, white brick backsplash and counter with single sinkMatches the look of natural white marble and granite– Quartz, in general, is produced in such  way that it mimics the appearance of natural stone materials like granite and marble. Some white quartz countertops looks so close to the real thing that you can barely tell that it is made up of engineered stone. White quartz countertops capture the beauty of natural stone while providing a more durable, hard wearing surface that does not require the same high upkeep that real granite or marble needs.

Achieves a high end look – Solid white quartz has a very sleek appearance, a super bright, clean aesthetics and modern appeal. It is perfect for creating a minimalist look that is streamlined, pure and parallel to a high end look.

Provides a bright and airy feel to kitchens – White quartz countertops instantly brightens a space, while leaving a clean, crisp look for your home.  In addition to that, it is also provides an effective way to liven up dark rooms, to create contrast with dark cabinetry and to balance for different elements in the space.

Perfect for creating contrast in a kitchen space – Contrast is one of the key elements to creating a well balanced design and if you want to achieve a stark contrast for dark kitchen cabinets and solid wood floors, solid white quartz is the way to go. Unlike granite which has color variations within its veins, flecks and swirls, solid white quartz has a plain, pure color that creates a bold statement and striking contrast that stands out in a space. Alternatively, white quartz which has veins or specks can be adapted for blending as the undertones can pick up the colors of the different finishes in the kitchen palette.

Balances the atmosphere in a kitchen space – In an area where there are different design elements like the walls, floor, cabinetry, furniture, fixtures and appliances, it is good to have a balancing element which tames the dynamics of the space. White quartz countertops can anchor a space while offering a stable design element that does not compete for attention.

Kitchen with cabinets with arctic white variety quartz counter and glass backsplashMake small kitchens area spacious – The main effect of light colors in an interior is that it makes spaces appear bigger. Using white quartz countertops creates an illusion of a more spacious environment that has an open and airy atmosphere. It is well suited for small kitchen spaces as it can instantly make the area feel bigger. Alternatively, white quartz countertops can also be used for large kitchen as it expands the space.

Disadvantages  of white quartz countertops:

There are still some negative aspects of using white quartz countertops, but still, it’s positive features outweigh the negative ones.

In general, quartz countertops have drawbacks which include its expensive cost. With its price point almost as close to granite, quartz countertops are considered to be at the high end range of countertops materials, However, it still proves to be a wise investment because of the benefits that it can offer.

Quartz countertops are also not advisable for outdoor use. When exposed to constant direct sunlight, potential damage to the material may develop. Quartz is sensitive to UV rays and the extreme sun can cause discoloration. Aside from that, excessive heat and sun can also result to splitting and warping over time.

Another major drawback of quartz countertops is that it does not take extreme heat too well. Quartz countertops are heat resistant but on up to a certain point. The resin used in manufacturing quartz results to this limitation as it can melt once exposed to temperatures higher than 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Quartz countertops do not get easily damaged by hot pots and pans, but leaving it too long on its surface can eventually result to cracks. However, this issue can be rectified through the use of hot pads or trivets which can serve as protection for your quartz countertops.

Compared to dark colored quartz, light colored quartz has one more added disadvantage. The light and bright color of white quartz countertops tend to show dirt more easily. An all white surface has more visible liquid spills and grime, thus requiring more frequent wiping.

Transitional kitchen with two islands, flat panel cabinets and chessboard pattern backsplash

Ivory Quartz Stone Countertops Cost

On the average, the cost of white quartz can run anywhere from $50 to $100 per square foot depending on the brand, design and color. Simple and common quartz designs typically cost $50 to $60 per square foot, while mid quality quartz usually cost $60 to $70 per square foot. Those that fall on the high end range are specialty series or quartz with exotic designs and their price is anywhere from $70 to $100 per square foot.

Installed quartz, on the other hand, has an average cost of $150 to $180 per square foot. Aside from the material cost and the cost of installation., some other factors which may add to the cost of the project are the fabrication of specialty edging treatments, leveling of the material, seam jointing and cut outs for the sink, fixtures and other built in appliances.

White Quartz vs White Marble

Quartz is less expensive compared to natural marble slabs. So if you are on a tight budget, engineered stone works as the perfect alternative to marble as it gives you the same aesthetics that natural stone has without sacrificing quality and durability.

If you are considering common varieties of marble like the Carrara marble, its price point is closely at par with quartz. Which means you can explore both options and decide on whether you. Rare marbles, on the other hand, are more expensive than quartz countertops.

The average price of marble countertops is $125 to $250 per square foot including installation, while engineered quartz countertops typically go from $100 to $185 per square foot including installation

White Quartz vs White Granite

Quartz countertops are a little more expensive than granite countertops, but that goes for the common designs only. Although a natural stone, granite is a little less expensive because there are so many suppliers offering the material and their origin makes a big difference in terms of the cost. However, when it comes to exotic granite, they are on a higher price point and is more expensive than engineered quartz.

As mentioned, the price of quartz can range $100 to $185 per square  foot including the installation. Granite costs $100 to $225 per square foot including installation. High end granite or rare exotic granite costs more and can amount to $175 per square foot for the material alone.

Popular Types of White Countertops Made of Quartz

All white kitchen with porcelain flooring and recessed flooringWhite quartz are available in a wide array of patterns, designs and color. Each brand has their own specific line of quartz designs which feature distinct appearances and exquisite color combinations. Some quartz manufacturers have their own series which are dedicated to engineered stone which look like natural materials, while others have premium specialty designs which incorporate gemstones and other unique materials in their composition.

White quartz is extremely popular because of their resemblance to natural stone like granite and marble, but in general, its design and types can be classified into three: solid color quartz, veined white quartz and flecked or speckled quartz.

Solid color white quartz are those that have a single, plain color. It is unornamented, simple, sleek and has a clean, dense and pure white color. This type of white quartz is typically used for minimalist, contemporary and modern interior settings. Some popular types of solid color white quartz are Pure White Quartz by Caesarstone and Super White Quartz by Pental.

Veined white quartz are engineered stone surfaces that mimic the look of natural marble. Typically, veined white quartz has a bright white to creamy ivory base that is accentuated with soft or warm gray veins. The veining pattern can go anywhere from uniform to random, broad to fine, light to dark. Majority of the veined white quartz look like the famous Carrara Marble which has a  shiny, smooth appearance and white base color with gray veins. Some examples of veined white quartz are Montclair White Quartz by MSI Stone, Lagoon by Silestone and Calacatta Nuvo by Caesarstone. Read on to find more options for white quartz that look like white marble.

Flecked and speckled white quartz are those that have grains and flecks of crystals and aggregates within their surfaces. This type of white quartz have a great resemblance to natural white granite. The grains and flecks can range from fine to large and light, medium to heavy. Some have no luster while others have a metallic appearance that gives the stone a luminous effect. An example of flecked white quartz is Calico White Quartz by MSI Stone.

There also some variants of white quartz that look stunning because of their lustrous appearance. The presence of frosted mineral flecks and crystals give off a sparkling effect under lighting and instantly brightens up kitchen spaces. This is also one of the most distinct attributes of white quartz which sets their appearance apart from their natural stone counterparts. Some examples of these are Sparkling White Quartz by MSI Stone, White Diamond Quartz by Silestone, Cascade White Quartz by MSI Stone and Crystal White Quartz by Pental Quartz.

Here are some popular types of white quartz along with an overview of their characteristics:

Kitchen with glass cabinets, globe type lights and gray base cabinetsSparkling White Quartz Countertops

Characteristics : Sparkling White quartz features a stunning shimmering appearance and reflection of icy white speckles and occasional mirror like silvery crystals over a bright white background. The luminous effect of this quartz is highly visible under lighting and its unique aesthetics bring a touch of sparkle and elegance to spaces. It is also known as Fairy Dust quartz. MSI Stone offers this quartz in regular and prefabricated slabs.

Brand : MSI Stone

Cost per square foot:  $49 per square foot

Thickness:  2 centimeters thick and 3 centimeters thick slabs

Finishes:  Polished

Application: The sleek, elegant and ultra smooth appearance of Sparkling White quartz conforms to the stylish vibe and minimalist aesthetics of modern kitchen settings. It looks exquisite when paired with high gloss black kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances. This is also the perfect countertop material for dark colored kitchen cabinetry as it renders a stark contrast that is visually appealing and bold. This type of quartz can also be used as a wall accent or backsplash material.

Siberian White Quartz Countertops

Characteristics : Siberian White Quartz has a creamy white base that is filled with swirls and striations of taupe and gray.

Brand : Color Quartz

Cost per square foot: $75 per square foot

Thickness:  2 centimeters thick and 3 centimeters thick slabs

Finishes: Polished, Honed (custom order)

Application: The warm undertones of gray and taupe of the Siberian White Quartz is the perfect complement to dark colored wooden cabinetry. Together this pair makes a classic combination that works for any design style, whether traditional or contemporary.

Kitchen with peninsula counter and three white chairsWhite Diamond Quartz Countertop

Characteristics : White Diamond Quartz has a bright, ultra white base color that is highlighted with white translucent crystals. Its appearance is almost similar to Sparkling White quartz, but instead of having  combination of white and mirror like silvery flecks, the crystals re just purely translucent white in color.  It is sold by Silestone in jumbo slabs and pre cut sizes which are 12×12 inches to 24×24 inches in size.

Brand : Silestone

Cost per square foot: $49 per square foot

Thickness: ½ inches, ¾ inches and 1 ¼ inches thick slabs

Finishes: Polished

Application: The crisp white color of White Diamond Quartz gives off an airy feel that makes kitchens brighter and clean. It is also recommended for use in small kitchen as it makes the space appear bigger. Typically, this type of quartz is paired with white cabinets in modern and contemporary settings.

Calico White Quartz Countertops

Characteristics :  Calico White quartz has a soft, dreamy white color with subtle accents of very fine cool gray grains. These very small dots are hardly visible when the material is viewed from afar, but on a closer look give off an interesting quality to the material.

Brand : MSI Stone (Q Premium Natural Quartz, Q Quartz)

Cost per square foot: $49 per square foot

Thickness: 2 centimeters thick and 3 centimeters thick slabs

Finishes: Polished

Application: The subtle appearance of Calico white Quartz countertops is the ideal pair decor for contemporary and modern kitchen spaces. It can also be used in traditional settings, if you want to balance off the richness of dark wooden cabinets.

Open layout kitchen with cabinets and brown sofa setSuper White Quartz Countertops

Characteristics : Super white Quartz has a uniform bright white color with no flecks or any veining pattern. It is solid colored, plain and ha a  fresh, clean and bright appearance. It is almost similar to Pure White quartz, but they only differ in terms of their brand names. It is one of the classic options for quartz countertops.

Brand : Pental Quartz

Cost per square foot: $75 per square foot

Thickness:  2 centimeters thick and 3 centimeters thick slabs

Finishes: Polished

Application: The unornamented look and simple aesthetics of Super White quartz make it the perfect countertop option for minimalist kitchens. Aside from modern kitchen settings, it can also be used for traditional, contemporary and transitional spaces. Its smooth, sleek and clean feel renders elegance and sophistication to spaces.

White kitchen with light green walls and grey ceiling lights Crystal White Quartz Countertops

Characteristics : Crystal White quartz has a uniform white color that is highlighted with small aggregates of silver crystals and frosted flecks. Its appearance is almost similar to Iced White Quartz.

Brand : Pental Quartz

Cost per square foot: $75 to $79 per square foot

Thickness: 2 centimeters thick and 3 centimeters thick slabs

Finishes: Polished

Application: Crystal White quartz also has a luminous effect when subjected under lighting. Its fine aggregates contribute a sparkle to kitchen spaces which instantly turn dull spaces into striking interiors. This type of quartz is best paired with simple cabinetry and works with both light and dark colored wood. However, pairing it with the simplicity of high gloss white cabinets allow it to stand out more in a space.

Kitchen with natural stone floor tiles and island with white baseCascade White Quartz Countertops

Characteristics : Cascade White Quartz has a subtle mix of creamy white background that is accentuated by a fine flecks of transparent crystals and large patches of muted silver, taupe and warm gray. The interesting mix and layering of colors that it showcases lend a sheer, translucent feeling to kitchen spaces. It is also known as Cascata Bianco and is offered by its manufacturer in jumbo slabs and prefabricated variants.

Brand : MSI Stone (Q Premium Quartz)

Cost per square foot: $55 per square foot

Thickness: 2 centimeters thick and 3 centimeters thick slabs

Finishes: Polished

Application: The perfect blending of cool and warm gray undertones give Cascade White quartz a flexible color which can match both light and dark colored kitchen cabinets. It offers a subtle accent to spaces while functioning as a focal point for kitchens. It is well suited for pairing with white panelled kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Cascade White quartz can be also be used as a backsplash material and wall accent.

Pure White Quartz Countertops

Characteristics : Described by its manufacturer as the “purest, cleanest and most dense white quartz available” from their line, the Pure White Quartz has a bright, ultra white solid color. Unlike other white quartz, Pure White quartz has a plain unornamented appearance that offers a clean, bright look to spaces.

Caesarstone offers this in different edging treatments such as the pencil edge, bullnose edge, laminated edge, mitered apron edge, sharknose edge, spalayed edge and the 5 x 5 shadow line edge join.

Brand : Caesarstone (Premium Quartz)

Cost per square foot: $69 per square foot

Thickness: 2 centimeter or 20 millimeter thick slabs

Finishes: Polished

Application: The bright, solid white appearance of Pure White Quartz makes it an ideal countertop choice for minimalist style kitchens because of its sleek and simple aesthetics. Popularly used for modern and contemporary kitchen styles, this type of white quartz is perfect for high gloss white kitchen cabinets or can be used for a classic contrasting combination with black cabinets. Pure White Quartz countertops have an smooth surface which shines when subjected to lighting.  It offers an ultra stylish vibe and an elegant flair to kitchens while making them appear more brighter, cleaner and spacious.

Kitchen with dark cabinets with silver pulls and glass tile backsplashIced White Quartz Countertop

Characteristics : Also known as Frosting Quartz, this type of quartz has a soft white color that is accentuated with fine and medium specks of luminous frosted white flecks and silvery crystals.

MSI Stone produce Iced White quartz in regular, jumbo and prefabricated slabs.

Brand : MSI Stone (Premium)

Cost per square foot: $75 per square foot

Thickness: 2 centimeters thick and 3 centimeters thick slabs

Finishes: Polished

Application: The luminous appearance of Iced White quartz looks extra radiant under lights as it’s frosted flecks sparkle more. So if you are aiming for a sparkling effect for your kitchen countertops, opt for this material. This type of white quartz countertop can be paired with white, light colored and dark wood cabinetry, and can be used for any kitchen design style. It can also be used as ca bathroom countertop, backsplash, wall accent and flooring material.

Montclair White Quartz countertops

Characteristics : Also known as Parisienne White quartz, the Montclair White Quartz is a type of quartz that resembles natural marble. It has a low variation pattern which is characterized by a white base with cool gray undertones, it is accentuated by a dramatic veining pattern of  subtle white and warm gray veins. MSI Stone offers Montclair White Quartz countertops in prefabricated forms and jumbo slabs.

Brand : MSI Stone (Q Premium Natural Quartz series)

Cost per square foot: $45 per square foot

Thickness: 2 centimeters thick and 3 centimeters thick slabs

Finishes: Polished

Application: Ideal for pairing with white cabinets to allow its exotic beauty to stand out. The Montclair White Quartz countertop has an ultra rich and luxurious feel that is perfect as a focal point for classic and traditional kitchen styles. It can also be used for waterfall kitchen islands, bathroom countertops, backsplash and even flooring.

White Platinum Quartz Countertops

Characteristics : Characterized by a metallic appearance that has a frost white base covered in heavy platinum and silver flecks. Its pattern is almost similar to Ice White Quartz, but the flecks have a more prominent silver color and a heavier pattern.

Offered in standard format slabs which are 55 x 120 inches in size.

Brand : Silestone Quartz (Platinum Series)

Cost per square foot:  $70 per square foot

Thickness:  12 millimeters, 20 millimeters, 30 millimeters and 50 millimeters thick

Finishes: Polished

Application: The sparkling finish of White Platinum Quartz makes it an ideal addition to all white kitchen settings as it provides an interesting aesthetic that breaks off the monotony and dullness of a space. Unlike marble like quartz that has a dramatic appearance, White Platinum quartz offers a striking statement to a space.

White Marble-Like Quartz Type Countertops

Cabinets with antique white finish, quartz worktop and black sinkOne of the most unique qualities of quartz countertops is that is made to look like natural stone, but offers less maintenance. Quartz countertops have a very close resemblance to real granite and marble. It captures the same distinct beauty and elegance of these natural stone finishes but provides more benefits.

Marble like quartz countertops allow you to bring in a luxurious feel to kitchen spaces, without sacrificing durability, making it one of the most practical countertop materials available in the market today.  Unlike real marble which needs periodic sealing and high upkeep, quartz countertops that look like marble are non porous, won’t stain and is scratch resistant. Although some homeowners still prefer the real thing, marble like quartz is a superb alternative. The only main difference that they have is that real marble is cool to the touch. Quartz, being an engineered stone lacks this quality but makes up for this by providing a more durable, harder and resilient surface that is long lasting.

White marble is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. Its classic look brings opulence and a regal and dramatic flair to spaces, making any kitchen feel luxurious regardless of its style and size. Since white marble countertops have always been in demand in the kitchen design scene, quartz manufacturers have produced their own line of marble like quartz surfaces which reflect the exact same pattern and colors. In fact, a large amount of white quartz look like white marble with gray veins.

Kitchen with counter with dual sink, white walls and open shelvingDifferent quartz countertop brands offer marble like quartz which have a creamy white to bright white base that is accentuated with cool and warm veins. Some feature soft, fine subtle veins, while other have more prominent designs which showcase dramatic thick veins. Both can be used as a stunning focal point in kitchens. Aside from white, marble like quartz countertops are also available in different colors like brown with white veins, black with white veins or gray with white veins. All of which render a unique appeal and specific character to kitchen spaces.

Some notable brands of quartz countertops which offer white quartz countertops that look like real marble are MSI Stone, Silestone, Pental and Zodiac. Cambria, another popular quartz brand, has their own line of marble like countertops called the “marble series” which offers a wide array of patterns and color. Caesarstone is also one of the most popular brands which offer marble like counter tops which closely look like the real thing.

Here are some examples of white quartz countertops that look like white marble:

White peninsula with plate setting, stools with grey seating and MDF cabinetsSilestone Quartz

Lagoon – Eternal series made by Silestone, closest to white marble with grey veins

Calacatta Gold – Eternal series made by Silestone, has large cool gray veins which are

Statuario – Eternal series made by Silestone, has subtle, light, fine gray veins and specks

Pearl Jasmine – Eternal series made by Silestone, has scattered prominent thin gray veins

White Arabesque – Custom series made by Silestone, random fine gray veins

Snowy Ibiza – Custom series made by Silestone,has very few random, light gray veins

Lyra – Nebula series made by Silestone, similar to Snowy Ibiza but with medium gray veins

Pietra – Stonium series by Silestone, similar to Lyra but with heavier gray veins

Lusso – Influence series by Silestone, creamy white base with medium amount of fine gray veins

Kitchen with calacatta nuvo countertops and white shaker cabinets with gold hardware finishesBeautiful transitional kitchen with Calacatta Nuvo quartz countertops. See more examples of Calacatta quartz countertops here.

Caesarstone Quartz

Calacatta Nuvo  – made by Caesarstone, has large cool gray veins

Noble Grey – made by Caesarstone, luxurious broad dark gray veins which run across a creamy white, light grayish background

Statuario Maximus – made by Caesarstone, has more prominent large veins Statuario Nuvo – made by Caesarstone, finer cool gray veins compared to Statuario Maximus

White Attica – made by Caesarstone, has fine warm gray veins in random pattern

Cambria Quartz

Torquay – made by Cambria quartz with an ultra white base with broad warm gray veins and subtle fine white grains

Annicca – made by Cambria, bright white background with large cool gray veins that have earth toned specks

Rose Bay – made by Cambria, has a dramatic, busy random pattern of charcoal gray veins

Rose Dale – made by Cambria, lighter version of Rose By, with less veins

Swan Bridge – made by Cambria, has a creamy white cool gray base with subtle light gray and beige veins

Weybourne – made by Cambria, has a soft white to cool grayish base that has swirls of fine gray veins

Read more about the popular types of Cambria quartz countertops here.

MSI Quartz

Carrara Grigio Quartz- made by MSI Stone, this type of white quartz closely resembles white carrara marble with its bright white base and soft gray veins.

Cashmere Carrara Quartz- made by MSI Stone, this type of white quartz aso look like the white carrara marble. It has an ivory white background with subtle gray veins.

Calacatta Vicenza Quartz- part of the Q Premium natural quartz collection made by MSI Stone, has a fresh white base with soft gray and brown veins. Closely resembles real white marble.

Romani White Quartz – part of the exquisite  Q Premium natural quartz collection made by MSI Stone. An exotic looking marble like white quartz that features a dramatic movement of subtle gray and white tones with earth tone specks against an ivory white background.


Calcutta Grey Quartz – part of the marble collection that is made by Quartzmaster, closely resembles the classic white marble with its dreamy white base and soft gray veins

Organic White Quartz  – made by Quartzmaster

Calacutta Michael Angelo Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, features a bright white base with broad, large gray veins

Statuario White Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, has prominent broad and large veins which are darker in color, more like taupe, mixed with finer veins in the background.

Calacutta Capraia Quartz  – made by Quartzmaster, has a creamy ivory base with very light fine taupe veins

Calacutta Italia Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, features a creamy ivory base color with broad, large cool gray veins

Statuario Classic Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, showcases a white background with fine gray veins, the pattern looks like fine cracks in a porcelain vase

Calacutta Borghini Quartz  – made by Quartzmaster, features a white base with large taupe veins in a random scattered pattern.

White Aran Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, has a white base color with very faint soft gray veins

South Beach White Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, has a creamy ivory  base with very faint soft gray veins

Calacatta Vagli Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, features a soft grayish ivory base with large taupe veins, works as a perfect focal point for white kitchens.

Calacatta Bnc Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, characterized by a white base with very faint swirls of light gray veins.

Statuario Venato Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, has a bright white base with large, warm gray veins

Calacatta Lincoln Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, features an off white base with a tinge of brown undertone accentuated with few taupe veins

Calacatta Miel Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, showcases a bright white backgroud color that is highlighted with  mixture of large and fine cool gray veins

Calacatta Manhattan Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, features a very unique pattern of cool gray patches with a mixture of fine and large gay veins against a bright white base. This type of white quartz is perfect as a focal point for an all white kitchen setting.

Calacatta Luna Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, features large, faint, soft gray veins against a creamy beige background.

Calacutta L’ellair Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, has a soft ivory base with a very light undertone of gray. The veins and pattern in this type of white quartz are almost not visible.

White Arabscato Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, a type of white quartz with a bright white base highlighted with fine veins arranges in a random swirling pattern.

Alaskan White Quartz  – made by Quartzmaster, this type of white quartz has the most striking vein color. It features  an ivory toned base with large black veins. This stone has an exotic look that is perfect for use as a main focal point for a kitchen space.

Venato Gold Quartz – made by Quartzmaster, has a creamy white base with subtle light grayish, ivory veins.

Backsplash Ideas for White Colored Quartz Worktops

Kitchen with black island base, backsplash in horizontal tile orientation and cabinetsCreate a classic statement with subway tiles. If you are aiming for an ultra clean and sleek look for you kitchen, try pairing solid white quartz countertops with crisp subway tiles. Subway tiles are small rectangular pieces of glazed white ceramic tiles that are usually 3 inches by 6 inches in size. When paired with exquisite quartz countertops, subway tiles produce a crisp, uncluttered look that blends cohesively with any kitchen design style.

You can use this if you want to achieve an all white look for you kitchen without being too dull. High gloss white kitchen cabinets and shiny polished solid white quartz countertops produce a smooth transition and a continuous look that is ultra stylish and elegant. If you want to take this classic combo to greater heights, try pairing it with dark gray kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen with strip tile type backsplash and countertop stoveContrast with strip tiles. Create a bold contrast for your kitchen by pairing white quartz countertops with a contrasting strip tile backsplash. Contrast adds depth and dimension to the overall look of the space. You can do this by mixing a subtle patterned white quartz with neutral or earth colored strip tiles. Just make sure that your quartz countertop does not have a super busy pattern as the two elements may clash together.

Alternatively, you can also use strip tiles for blending. Pickup the undertones from the veining, grains and flecks of white quartz and use it as a complementing element for your overall kitchen palette.

Kitchen with metallic glass for the backsplashShine brighter with metallic glass mosaic tiles. Aiming for that luminous effect for your kitchen? Try matching sparkling white quartz countertops with metallic glass mosaic tiles for that extra shine. Silver, frost and mirror like glass mosaic tiles are the perfect complement for white quartz countertops with crystallized flecks. When trying to pull off this look, choose plain white kitchen cabinets to perfectly balance the bold elements in the space.

Kitchen with French windows, white stools and drum chandelierCalm the movement of marble like quartz with plain white backsplash – White quartz that look like marble are a true beauty in itself and are worthy to be showcased as a focal point in a kitchen space. To allow this type of white quartz to stand out, pair it with plain white backsplash. You can choose from materials like ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles or solid white quartz.

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