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    Calcite Countertops (Types & Pros and Cons)

    See calcite countertops and discover what they are, the different types, their pros and cons, cost, cleaning & care tips and how they compare with other types of countertop materials. Calcite countertops can be used with any design, regardless of the style. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern look or a more traditional aesthetic, […] More

  • How to measure a sofa

    How to Measure A Sofa (Interior Design Guide)

    Welcome to our guide on how to measure a sofa for your interior design including how to easily tell if your sofa will fit. The sofa is the anchor piece and has become a benchmark in home decoration. It is the most used piece of furniture and one of the most comfortable spots in the […] More

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    Shower Sizes (Bathroom Dimensions Guide)

    Welcome to our shower sizes design guide including popular bathroom dimensions, and types of showers and bathtubs.The shower area is the most essential part of the bathroom and when it comes to investing on a new shower upgrades or remodeling your bathroom; one important factor to consider is knowing the standard size of a shower. […] More

  • Modern light wood walk in closet with under shelf lighting

    Closet Design Software (Best 21 Free & Paid Programs)

    Welcome to our guide to the best 15 closet design software including free, paid, 3D, apps & online programs. This article will give you some of the best online closet design software to assist you in designing and organizing your home closet which can save money and simplify your life. Whether you are building your […] More

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    Rubberwood Furniture (What It Is & Benefits)

    Here we share our rubberwood furniture guide including what it is, if it’s a real wood, its hardness, durability, types of furniture made of rubberwood and staining. Due to its resilience, aesthetic appeal, and durability, wood has been and continues to be one of the most often utilized materials in furniture production. Producers may choose […] More

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    Farmhouse Kitchen Paint Colors (Design Guide)

    Welcome to our guide to farmhouse kitchen paint colors including matching paint with materials, accents & finishes and the best colors to use for your designThe beauty of farmhouse kitchen is its simplicity which has become synonymous with “classic kitchen style”. Its rustic touches, crisp white walls, open shelving, painted cabinetry, exposed beams and apron-front […] More

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    Paint Colors That Go with Red Oak Floors

    Here we share the best paint colors that go with red oak floors including the best complimentary and neutral color paint picks.Extending through the large areas of your home, the floors is the most significant element of the house and influences many factors such as making the space look cooler, warmer, larger, smaller, cozier, and […] More

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    Essential Small Kitchen Appliances

    Below we discuss essential small kitchen appliances to get the most out of your functionality out of your kitchen space. Smaller homes are becoming popular and so appliance manufacturers are producing smaller kitchen appliances without compromising functionality. Small kitchen appliances save time and effort and make life easier every day. These small appliances bring multiplicity […] More

  • Kitchen with farmhouse style apron sink in island

    Single vs Double Kitchen Sink (Pros & Cons)

    Welcome to our guide on the differences between a single vs double kitchen sink including cost and pros & cons.The kitchen is where most of the socializing, eating and cooking activity is taking place in the family’s day-to day living and the kitchen sink is probably used more than anything else in the kitchen. The […] More

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    Dumbwaiter Design (Manual, DIY & Elevator Guide)

    Here we share our dumbwaiter design guide including details about manual, elevator and DIY models. Dumbwaiters were in use around the beginning of the 19th century but the first recorded use dates back around 200BC when Romans used it to allow movement of goods. What Is a Dumbwaiter? A dumbwaiter is basically a small service […] More

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    Exposed Aggregate Patio (Pros & Cons and Designs)

    Welcome to our exposed aggregate patio design guide with pros and cons, cost and maintenance tips.An exposed aggregate concrete surface is a popular choice for backyard patios and pool decks. it has a textured design that makes it less slippery than many other types of patio materials. In addition, due to its composition of small […] More

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    Poplar Kitchen Cabinets (Designs & Pros and Cons)

    Here we share poplar kitchen cabinets including what this material is, its hardness, pros and cons, cabinet door designs, and if poplar wood is a good option to use. Have you ever considered using poplar wood for your kitchen cabinets? Poplar is a beautiful, sturdy wood that can give your kitchen a unique look. Wooden […] More

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