13 Stunning Laminate Countertops That Look Like Granite

different laminate counetrtops that look like granite

You can have that gorgeous countertop that you always wanted with laminate countertops that look like granite. When it comes to kitchen surfaces, granite is king as it is one of the most attractive materials available. With granite, you get that stunning organic look from your natural stone material, primarily made from quartz, feldspar, and mica.

However, granite countertops can be expensive, especially if you’ve got an expansive area. In this article, we will tackle why laminate countertops that look like granite are a wise choice and what the popular colors to choose are today.

Why Choose Laminate Countertops

 Improved quality of laminates: Unlike 20 to 30 years ago, laminates today have greatly improved in quality with added features such as UV protection and heat-resistant properties. 

 Faux granite is easy to install: Because it’s lightweight, you can install it anywhere, even without professional help. 

 Wide range of pricing: Due to the added features and improved quality of laminates, owners can choose according to their budget. 

 You can get the look of rare granite coloring: Because these are digitally printed, it is not hard to find your design preference.

 You can install over an existing material: When your existing countertop has a worn-down surface but still has a good substrate, you can install a laminate sheet over it to spruce up the look of your countertop. 

Types of Laminate That Look Like Granite Countertops

kitchen with blue pearl granite top on island

Blue Pearl Granite: The blue and silver white spectacle is hard to miss, and it’s a popular bar and kitchen island granite coloration. The laminate countertops simulate the gorgeous display of blue-shaded specks sprinkled with silver or white crystals. White- and cream kitchen cabinets work well with your blue pearl granite for that traditional look, but you can enjoy your laminated blue pearl granite with blue-gray or gray-toned cabinets. 

Labrador Blue Pearl: A mood-provoking granite color, the Labrador Blue Pearl Granite is a popular variation of the Blue Pearl but is darker in color and can be gorgeously showcased in layered lighting.

You can combine the simulated Labrador Blue Pearl granite with dark cabinets. Black and Indigo are a favorite pic, but you can combine lighter tones such as those white-yellow undertones such as cream or lemon-toned elements. 

Salt and Pepper: Along the rise of the Midcentury style in interiors are the nostalgic 50s and the 60s. The vintage aesthetic, such as salt and pepper coloring, has been spruced up to create its modernized version. A laminated countertop that looks like salt and pepper granite is characterized by a white backdrop and specked or mottled surface. 

new venetian gold countertop in kitchen with white cabinets

New Venetian Gold: A laminated New Venetian Gold is the perfect option for that traditional air. It has more of a granular pattern than the specked appearance but is sprinkled with larger crystals. The granite look combines cream and brown-colored backdrops with slight black and white granules.

Like an enlarged image of sand grains, the laminated New Venetian Gold is the perfect countertop material for ornate styling. However, you can combine the New Venetian Gold with white cabinets to tone down the busy pattern. 

Desert Dream Granite: Mostly sourced from Brazil, this mesmerizing granite color showcases a large veining of cream and gold that runs across the slab, creating a dramatic and dynamic design.

You’ll easily find a laminated version of Desert Dream coloring that you can match with equally energizing base berries or purple-toned cabinets. Because of the gorgeous granite coloring, you might want to extend your countertops to your backdrop, creating a continuous and monolithic focal point. 

Van Gogh Granite: Considered one of the priciest colorings of granite, laminated Gogh granite has colors reminiscent of the famous painting Starry Starry Night, thus the name Van Gogh Granite. The colors include blue, yellow, green, turquoise, and white, with swirls of veining across the slab in random directions. If you want to add excitement to your traditional kitchen, you can add a laminated version of the Van Gogh Granite to create that juxtaposition.

kitchen Black Galaxy Granite counter on island

Black Galaxy Granite: Like looking at the night sky, the Black Galaxy Granite has a captivating quality with a jet-black color and silver or white specks that look like stars in space. The laminated version of the Black Galaxy Granite is the perfect option for that contrasting neutral to a light-toned kitchen. 

The Black Galaxy Granite enjoys the highest demand within and outside the country . It is being quarried by private parties exclusively over an area of five sq . Kms . between Rajupalem -Laxmipuram and Ramathirtham villages of Ongole district. – State Level Public Enterprises in Andhra Pradesh, 2009

Del Mare Granite: If you’re searching for a cool green tone for your worktop, the laminated version of the Del Mare Granite is the perfect option, as it has just the right green tone where it’s not too dominating. The green-toned granite looks alike it can be interlaced with white or black tiles. Because of its light quality, the laminated countertop can create a relaxing space.

Agatha Black Granite: Like ripples of clouds in a midnight sky, the jet-black granite is the perfect color for those who want a moody yet somewhat casual air in their interiors. The Agatha Black Granite can be matched with varying brown shades with reddish brown cabinets that echo a traditional styled interior. Gray to light-toned base cabinets are great for contemporary or modern kitchen designs.

Alaska White Granite: White granite may not be as dramatic as their colorful counterparts, but they are perfect for that clean and modern kitchen or bathroom; because of the popularity of white coloring, it’s not hard to find the laminated version of this white laminate. You’ll also see swirls of gray and black that occasionally occur across the slab, as well as flecks of white, silver, or gray coloring. 

Silver Waves Granite: Black countertops are a trending color in natural and engineered stone, as they are easier to maintain and will look luxurious with any finish. The most popular finish today is in matte finish. As the name implies, the silver granite is like looking into the sea with waves splashing about but with gray coloring and a black backdrop. 

kitchen with countertop made of silver cloud granite

Silver Cloud Granite: Since gray countertops and islands become a popular element in kitchens, many homeowners will find that it’s easy to mix and match the neutral tone to any color. The Silver Cloud granite is characterized by whiffs of white, just like clouds running across the slab. You can also match this with both light and dark base cabinets. 

Colonial Gold Granite: When opting for a warm and traditional-looking granite, the Colonial Gold Granite can be a great option, especially if you want to brighten up a room. Match your laminate counters with white tones to have that welcoming yet luxurious characteristic.

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