What’s Your Kitchen Countertop Style Quiz

Ever wondered what countertop style best fits your personality and preferences? This fun quiz will help uncover your ideal look. By answering a few key questions about your style, visual tastes, cooking habits and willingness to clean, you’ll gain insight into the perfect countertop material for your kitchen.

What's Your Kitchen Countertop Style?

How to Take The Quiz

I’ll walk you through several aspects that impact what works. First, consider your overall kitchen aesthetic – do you prefer modern and sleek or comfortable and rustic? Next, we’ll explore your personality traits – are you trendy and bold or relaxed and practical? I’ll also ask what visual textures catch your eye, like natural stone or smooth solid colors.

Once you complete the fun quiz, you’ll receive a breakdown of your best countertop match. I’ll even show an image to spark ideas for your space! With an array of materials from marble to wood and various finishes from raw industrial to polished stone, rest assured we’ll uncover your ideal look.

The best home designs fuse beauty and functionality with personal style. Let this quiz guide you to the perfect countertop for your needs and tastes. Just answer each question honestly and I’ll handle the rest! At the end, you’ll gain design clarity and a visualization of how to make your kitchen uniquely you.

How the Questions Determine Which Countertop Fits Your Personality

What is your kitchen style?

This question aims to understand the overall design aesthetic of your kitchen. Your choice here helps to identify a countertop style that complements your kitchen’s look and feel.


    • Modern – Clean lines, sleek
    • Traditional – Timeless, detailed
    • Rustic – Natural, earthy
    • Industrial – Raw, utilitarian
    • Coastal – Light, beachy
    • Transitional – Mix of traditional and contemporary

How would you describe your personality?

The countertops you choose for your kitchen say a lot about your personality and design style. This question aims to match your personal preferences with the right countertop to maximize comfort and happiness in your kitchen.


    • Practical and down-to-earth: Durable, fuss-free countertops with high functionality make the most sense.
    • Elegant and sophisticated: You appreciate luxury & refinement.
    • Creative and eclectic: You enjoy unique and artistic elements.
    • Modern and trendy: You are a trend-setter.
    • Bold and adventurous: You lean toward using unique and unconventional designs.
    • Relaxed and easy-going: You prefer a relaxed and easy-going environment.

What do you enjoy looking at?

This question allows us to understand what visual styles and textures appeal most to you. Identifying your aesthetic preferences helps ensure we recommend countertop options you’ll love.


      • Natural stone textures: You enjoy the intricate, organic beauty of natural stone surfaces.
      • Luxurious marble veins: You’re attracted to the timeless elegance and smooth polish of marble countertops.
      • Warm wood grains: You appreciate the rich, cozy feeling oak or butcher block counters can provide.
      • Sleek, solid colors: You prefer simple, streamlined counters in solid non-porous surfaces.
      • Raw, industrial finishes: You’re drawn to the unrefined, rustic aesthetic of cement or concrete counters.
      • Smooth, seamless surfaces: You like the clean, modern look of sleek countertops with invisible seams.

What kind of maintenance are you willing to do for your countertop?

I’m asking this question because different countertop materials need different amounts of care and cleaning. I want to make sure you pick a countertop style that fits how much maintenance you’re willing to do.


      • I don’t mind regular maintenance: You are okay with taking care of the surface.
      • I prefer low maintenance: You prefer something that doesn’t require a lot of attention.
      • I like to occasionally oil my countertop: You’re ok with frequent maintenance.
      • I’m fine with some maintenance but prefer easy upkeep: You want a balance between maintenance and ease.
      • I prefer a very durable and hassle-free option: You want a surface that had durability as its primary feature.
      • I am okay with occasional sealing and maintenance: You don’t mind occasional upkeep for a beautiful look even though it requires sealing.

What is your preferred cooking style?

The types of meals you typically cook can help determine which countertop material is the best fit for your kitchen. This question aims to match your cooking habits with a durable surface that can handle your culinary activities.


      • Quick and simple meals: You prefer a straightforward cooking style.
      • Gourmet cooking and baking: You enjoy elaborate and refined cooking.
      • Healthy, natural, and organic: You focus on wholesome & natural ingredients.
      • Experimental and trendy: You love trying new and innovative cooking recipes.
      • Classic and timeless recipes: You stick to traditional & time-trusted recipes.
      • A mix of styles, depending on my mood: You like to vary your daily cooking style.

What did you think of this quiz, did the answer represent the type of countertop you like or did it miss the mark? Let us know what you think below in the comments.

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