How Big of a House Do You Need Quiz

Looking for your perfect home but not sure where to start when it comes to size? We get it – figuring out square footage can be confusing. That’s why we created this fun, how big of a house do you need quiz, to help match you with the ideal home to fit your lifestyle.

Whether you imagine relaxing nights in a cozy apartment or family movie nights in a spacious living room, picture yourself in your dream home as we walk you through a few quick questions. By the end, you’ll have a better sense if you’re more suited for a compact pad or a sprawling estate. No matter what, this lighthearted quiz will reveal the just-right amount of space to call your own sweet home. Shall we get started?

How Big of a House Do You Need?

How the Home Size Quiz Works

Trying to figure out how much house you really need? I feel you – buying a home is a big decision and it’s tricky to settle on the right size. Well, I just came across this simple little quiz that makes it a total breeze. All it does is ask you a few quick questions about the number of people living with you, bedrooms you’d like, and preferred bathrooms. Nothing crazy! Then once you hit submit, it takes your answers and generates a custom recommendation for whether you’d be happy in a small apartment, medium-sized house, large luxury property, or even an extra spacious mansion.

The quiz scores your replies behind the scenes to determine the match. But no math skills required on your end! It just displays an image of the recommended square footage, along with a breakdown of why that size makes sense for your household. I think it’s such a handy tool for visualizing what would truly function best. And the whole process takes less than a minute, so no pressure or stress. Plus you can share your end result on social media if you’d like a little input from friends. Give it a whirl – could be super helpful to try out some different options as you daydream about your potential new home!

How To Decide What Size Home You Need

When deciding what size home to buy or rent, an important factor to consider is how much space you actually need for your household.

As a general rule, 1-2 bedroom apartments under 1,000 square feet are best suited for singles or couples. 2-3 bedroom homes between 1,000-2,000 square feet can comfortably fit small families of 3-4 people. Larger 3-4 bedroom houses ranging from 2,000-3,000 square feet are ideal for bigger families of 4-6 members. And extra-large 4+ bedroom homes over 3,000 square feet provide ample room for large, multi-generational families of 6 or more people.

The number of bathrooms should also accommodate the number of bedrooms, with a minimum of one bathroom for every two bedrooms. Other recommendations are to allocate at least 500 square feet per person and determine if you need additional rooms for offices, guests, entertainment, etc. So evaluate your family size, lifestyle needs, and budget to decide how much space you realistically require. The goal is choosing a home with sufficient but not excessive square footage to suit your household.

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