What’s Your Ideal Living Room Layout? Quiz

What’s Your Ideal Living Room Layout?

Discover the perfect layout for your living room that matches your style and needs. Answer a few questions to find the best arrangement for your space.

How do you primarily use your living room?

How the Room Quiz Works

Looking to spruce up your living room but aren’t sure where to start? Take our fun quiz to discover your ideal layout based on your lifestyle and preferences. We’ll guide you through seven key questions, having you rate your priorities for seating, furniture arrangement, activities, decor and more on a scale from A to D.

Once you’ve selected the choice resonating most with your vision for each question, we’ll tally up your answers and reveal one of four tailored layouts. Get ready for photos and descriptions of spaces maximizing media viewing, social gatherings, family play or reading nooks according to what you value most. With this insightful peek into layout possibilities personalized to you, you’re sure to feel inspired and confident to refresh your living room into a practical yet stylish hangout space.

Our step-by-step question format aims to keep you engaged as we determine whether sectionals or slipper chairs are in your future. We handle the design thinking so you can start daydreaming about a living room that brings you joy. Take the guesswork out of layout and join the thousands of people who have discovered their ideal through our revealing and interactive quiz!

How To Decorate For Each Layout Style

Here are some detailed tips on how to decorate for each living room layout result from the quiz:

Media Room Layout – Cuddle up to your favorite flicks in a media room designed for entertainment. Focus furnishings around a wall-mounted flat screen and select sleek, minimalist décor to avoid visual distractions. Install cabinets for media storage and dimmable overhead lighting to set the perfect movie mood. Choose plush rugs and a cozy sectional sofa to enhance comfort. Complete the look with a quality sound system for an immersive viewing experience.

Conversation Living Room Layout – Encourage meaningful conversations in a living room tailored for social gatherings. Arrange sofas and armchairs in a welcoming circle or U-shape, facing each other across a central coffee table. Layer on pillows and blankets for cozy appeal and place side tables nearby for convenience. Install sconces for ambient lighting and incorporate personal touches like photos and plants to foster connections. Keep snacks and drinks stocked in a handy bar cart or sideboard so guests feel right at home.

Family Activity Hub – Design a family-friendly living room to accommodate play, creativity and bonding time. Durable, washable furnishings stand up to activity, while storage ottomans and bins corral toys when not in use. Mark out specialized zones for reading, gaming and crafts and leave the center open for movement. Infuse bright, cheerful hues and use interactive elements like chalkboard walls. The right layout and furnishings help this space shape meaningful memories.

Quiet Reading Nook – Finally, create a quiet refuge for reading and relaxation. Layer plush rugs and soft throws over chaise lounges or reading nooks tucked out of traffic flow. Surround with bookshelves to showcase favorites and provide a handy table for current titles. Inviting lighting and calming, clutter-free style promotes peace, while personal touches add character. The goal is to craft an oasis amid the busyness of life.


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