Which Paint Color Should You Use? Quiz

The “Which Paint Color Should You Use?” quiz was designed to match you with your perfect wall color for fun and entertainment. This quick 6-question quiz gathers details about your aesthetic preferences, and personality to help find a color right for you.

Which Paint Color Should You Use?

How the Paint Pick Quiz works

As you progress you’ll be asked multiple-choice questions like those about your favorite season, home style, desired mood, room function, lighting, and color preferences. A progress bar shows how far you are along to completion. You can go back at any time to change a response if needed.

Once all questions are answered, your responses are weighted to provide a personalized paint color recommendation. Behind the scenes, an automated scoring system tallies all the points to select your top color match.

Your result shows the winning paint color alongside a photo example of that hue in an actual room. This visual aid helps you envision how the shade would look once applied. A brief color description calls out defining characteristics of the paint to see if it suits your needs and style.

The possible results from the quiz are:

Calm Blue
Sunny Yellow
Warm Orange
Cool Gray
Soft Lavender

Paint Tips for Each Color

When selecting paint colors for your home, it’s important to consider the mood you want to create in each room.

Calm Blue – For a serene peaceful environment a calming blue tone is a great choice. Use it especially in bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms where relaxations is the goal. You can pair it with white or neutral furniture selections and accents for a tranquil look.

Here are some specific calming blue paint choices to consider.

Benjamin Moore – Palladian Blue (HC-144) A calm, peaceful blue called Palladian Blue from Benjamin Moore is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms where relaxation is key. Pair this soft, airy blue-green with white furniture and accessories to enhance its tranquil vibe.

Sherwin-Williams – Sleepy Blue (SW 6225): this is a popular soothing blue that evokes a feeling of restfulness.

Behr – Light French Gray (PPU18-08): Use this for a calm and peaceful ambiance.

Sunny Yellow – Bring the warmth and energy of a sunny summer day into your home with Sunny Yellow. This vibrant shade evokes feelings of optimism and cheer—perfect for spaces where you want to promote positivity. The lively color is ideal for kitchens, dining rooms, or any area where you gather with friends and family. Pair sunny yellow walls with crisp white trim or light natural wood tones. The contrast will keep the bright color feeling fresh instead of overwhelming.

Benjamin Moore – Hawthorne Yellow (HC-4): Benjamin Moore’s reliable Hawthorne Yellow is a cheerful yellow that will brighten a space without it being too overwhelming.

Sherwin-Williams – Friendly Yellow (SW 6680): Opt for Sherwin-Williams uplifting Friendly Yellow that generously welcomes all who enter its glow. With sunny yellow walls it will feel like a new day filled with promise around every corner in your home.

Behr – Sunburst (S-G-340): To energize your kitchen or promote happiness in a family room, turn to the cheerful yellow of Behr’s Sunburst. Combining this bright, sunny hue with light wood tones results in a fresh, vibrant look.

Warm Orange – Using a warm orange tone promotes a feeling of optimism and warmth in a room. This shade works excellent for living or dining rooms and can be paired effectively with browns, reds, golds to enhance its warmth.

Benjamin Moore – Autumn Cover (2170-30): A rich, earthy orange  that seems to capture the very essence of fall with its vibrant colors of turning leaves.

Sherwin-Williams – Navel (SW 6887): A bold and vibrant orange that adds a lively and cozy feel when used around a dining table.

Behr – Firelight (MQ4-34): for a more romantic glow this warm, glowing orange is perfect for creating a cozy ambiance.

Cool Gray – For a touch of sophistication, Cool Gray offers a modern, versatile neutral that works in any room.

Benjamin Moore – Stonington Gray (HC-170): This is just one stunning example that pairs nicely with other cool tones, crisp whites or metallic accents to convey an elegant, contemporary style.

Sherwin-Williams – Repose Gray (SW 7015): This is a light, cooler gray that provides a stylish contemporary look.

Behr – Silver Drop (790C-2): This soft and silvery gray is a sophisticated choice with a modern appeal.

Soft Lavender – To instill a sense of gentle calm as well as charm, Soft Lavender is ideal for bedrooms, nurseries and bathrooms and always pairs well with white or soft pastel accents.

Benjamin Moore – Lavender Mist (2070-60): For a gentle, comfy vibe this breezy shade works well as an accent for a bedroom wall or bathroom. Its softness will help you relax and unwind.

Sherwin-Williams – Enchant (SW 6555):  This delicate color with its hint of romance and tranquility is one superior way to create this delicate, peaceful ambiance.

Behr – Periwinkle Dream (640A-3): This subdued, peaceful color reminds you of gazing up at the evening sky at twilight. Periwinkle Dream helps craft a dream-like setting that smoothes out hard edges and makes every space feel just a little bit magical. Paint it in a bedroom, home office or living area to enhance the tranquility.

So in summary, selecting paint colors really comes down to the mood and feel you wish to achieve. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Behr offer excellent options ranging from peaceful blues and lavenders to warm oranges and vibrant yellows – all designed to help make your home reflect your unique style and personality. Consider the tips and real paint ideas above as a helpful guide when embarking on your perfect color search.

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