What’s Your Closet Organization Style? Take The Quiz

Looking to organize your closet in a way that truly works for you? Take this fun quiz to reveal your perfect closet organization style! This short quiz asks you questions about how you currently handle closet storage and maintenance. Do you prefer an edited capsule wardrobe or an expressive maximalist look? Are you highly organized with uniforms hangers, or more free-spirited with items displayed randomly?

What’s Your Perfect Closet Organization Style?

Your Perfect Closet Organization Style is:

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How the Closet Style Quiz Works

Based on your answers, the quiz will calculate which of four distinctive styles aligns best – Minimalist, Maximalist, Organized or Free-Spirited. Once you complete the quiz, you’ll receive a detailed overview of your ideal style along with tailored tips. For example, if you score highest as a Minimalist, you’ll get advice on investing in multifunctional pieces and keeping surfaces clutter-free.

The quiz results essentially provide a blueprint for optimizing your closet in a way that suits your habits and preferences. You’ll gain insight into editing and arranging your wardrobe and accessories in a functional and inspiring way. Clear the clutter and create space for the items you truly love!

Organized closet with baskets and drawers

Types Of Styles For Organizing Closets

From minimalists who value simplicity to maximalists who embrace abundance, there are a few major closet personality types. Let’s explore some popular closet organization styles, along with tips for making each work for you:

The Minimalist

If you identify as a minimalist, you likely aim for a clean, clutter-free closet with plenty of open space and surfaces cleared of visual noise. The focus is on owning versatile, high-quality basics in neutral tones that can be mixed and matched endlessly.

When organizing a minimalist closet, it helps to build a streamlined capsule wardrobe of essential pieces you’ll wear often. Multifunctional items like convertible clothing or ottomans with built-in storage are also useful. Display items sparingly and keep extras stored neatly in drawers or bins. The overall vibe is calming, airy and focused only on necessities.

The Maximalist

On the opposite end of the spectrum, maximalists rejoice in overflowing closets, packed with bold prints, vibrant colors and a wide range of styles. Abundance and self-expression take priority here over strict organization.

While it may seem chaotic to some, there are ways for maximalists to cultivate order within their packed closets. Grouping similar items, like shoes or jewelry, together can provide visual harmony. So can color-coordinating items or using brightly patterned storage bins that align with your style. Display your most beloved statement pieces in places of prominence rather than hiding them away. And don’t be shy about mixing and layering different prints, textures and hues to achieve that signature maximalist flair.

The Organizer

Some of us find peace of mind in systematic organization. For those folks, efficiency and having a place for everything take precedence in all areas of life, including closet storage.

Meticulous organizers may label bins, shelves and drawers to precisely designate spots for specific items. Uniform hangers promote streamlining and make locating garments even easier. Routinely cleaning out and decluttering prevents mess build-up over time. Compartmentalizing storage via divided drawers or shelves also suits this uber-orderly approach.

The Free Spirit

Free spirits refuse to be confined by strict organization rules. Instead, they prefer eclectic, personalized arrangements and storage options that align with their adventurous tastes.

If you identify as a spirited improviser, don’t overthink the organizing process. You should display inspiring pieces that bring you joy front and center. Look for colorful, unique bins and storage containers that are reflective of your personality. Experiment with closet layouts by mixing and matching folded and hanging items to get the look you want. And incorporate artistic touches like scarves draped over hooks or stackable vintage crates for shoes to inject more personalized flair.

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