What’s Your Landscaping Style? Take the Personality Quiz

Discover your perfect outdoor oasis with our fun and insightful “What’s Your Landscaping Style?” quiz! As you answer questions about your gardening preferences, a progress bar tracks your completion. We’ll ask about your favorite plants, outdoor furniture, ideal setting – even colors and textures that appeal most.

What’s Your Landscaping Style?

How the Landscaping Quiz Works

Select the choice reflecting your taste. Our quiz then calculates results to reveal your unique landscaping personality. Are you a fan of clean modern designs with succulents and geometric shapes? Do you prefer a cozy cottage look with lush roses and vintage accessories? Or maybe a rugged, natural style speaks to you, with hardy plants and earthy tones.

Each style description explains key features with practical tips to guide you. An artistic illustration visually brings your landscape to life. Our goal is to help uncover your personal sensibilities while offering inspiration to transform your outdoor space.

So take a moment to discover your perfect landscape fit! By the end, you’ll have fresh ideas and plans to create an outdoor oasis reflecting the true you. Start answering below and let your creativity bloom!

Modern landscaping style with concrete patio and planters

How To Get Landscaping Results

Here is a breakdown of the landscaping styles and how to get the look.

Modern Landscaping – Clean lines and minimal fuss characterize the modern landscaping style. Incorporate geometric shapes like rectangles or squares into your garden layout. Choose sleek concrete planters, gravel pathways and simple water features. Opt for metal, glass or stone furniture with uncomplicated silhouettes. Stick to a muted color scheme accented by pops of color in pillows or containers. Select low maintenance plants such as succulents or ornamental grasses, arranging them in orderly patterns.

Rustic Landscaping – Rustic landscaping embraces the natural, cozy personality of the outdoors. Incorporate materials like weathered wood, fieldstone and galvanized steel planters. Handcrafted or vintage garden furniture blends seamlessly. Favor hardy native plants and delicate wildflowers intermingled along meandering gravel paths. Touches of green, brown and brick red enhance the earthy vibe. Allow your landscaping to unfold organically, avoiding overly formal designs.

Cottage Landscaping – Charming and whimsical perfectly capture the cottage landscaping style. Incorporate gently curving beds overflowing with colorful flowering plants. Connect these vignettes with winding pathways and rustic stone steps. Wrought iron or wooden benches beckon visitors to sit and enjoy the cozy scene. Vintage elements like worn shutters or antique watering cans add to the timeworn personality. Touches of white latticework and trellised climbing roses lend an airy yet welcoming feel.

Tropical Landscaping – Lush, vibrant plants are the hallmark of tropical-inspired gardens. Incorporate palms, flowering hibiscus, elephant ear and other tropical greenery. Intersperse colorful orchids or bromeliads for added drama. Choose furnishings with natural fibers like rattan, bamboo and jute in bright hues. Accent with ceramic planters, decorative umbrellas and tiki torches. The sounds of a bubbling fountain or small waterfall complete the exotic backdrop.

Desert Landscaping – The minimalist, rugged beauty of the desert permeates this style. Hardscape materials like weathered stone, gravel and timbers contrast beautifully with architectural plants like agave and aloe. Opt for galvanized steel or distressed wood furnishings that harmonize with the arid surroundings. Touches of terra cotta and sand-colored fabric connect the indoor areas with the outdoor spaces. Allow interesting succulents like echeveria or euphorbia to take center stage in simple rocky outcroppings surrounded by a sea of gravel.

What did you think about the landscaping style quiz? Did it get things right or did it miss the mark? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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