11 Beautiful Quartz Countertops That Look Like Soapstone

different kitchen designs with quartz counter

The aesthetic qualities of soapstone make it an attractive material to use in interiors, but the natural stone may not be enough to be a desirable option for busy worktop stations. Kitchen and bathroom countertops, for instance, need to be durable so they can handle the wear and tear of everyday use. This is where quartz countertops that look like soapstone come in. In this article, we’ll look into the different quartz countertops that have the aesthetics of soapstone and what makes soapstone look like a great option for countertops.

Soapstone vs. Quartz That Looks Like Soapstone

u shaped kitchen with soapstone counters

 You can place hot pots directly on soapstone countertops, but it is not recommended to place hot objects on a quartz countertop surface.

 You get the unmatchable look of authentic soft stone, while quartz, if quality-made, can mimic the aesthetic characteristics of soapstone.

 Quartz countertops are undeniably stronger than soapstone, as soapstone has a range of 1 to 5 on the Mohs scale, while quartz falls on a 7 or even higher scale.

 Quartz countertops can be customized and come in a variety of options. Since it is an engineered stone, you can simulate any type of soapstone look.

 Soapstone and quartz are both impermeable materials, which means they are more hygienic. However, take note that oil spills on soapstone can stain.

 Quartz and soapstone natural countertops generally have a small difference in pricing, as soapstone costs around $70 to $120 per square foot, while quartz can cost around $50 to $200 per square foot.

Types of Quartz That Look Like Soapstone

kitchen with Cemento Pompeii Quartz island

Cemento Pompeii Quartz: Like pieces of black paper placed side by side that mark the white lines, the Cemento Pompeii Quartz has a dynamic look. You’ll diagonally find the thick white veining slanting on the right. The veining is also almost consistent in distance. The Cemento Pompeii Quartz captures the talc-like appearance in a dark gray hue.

Charcoal Soapstone Silestone Quartz: The said quartz stone can be easily mistaken for soapstone with its distinct charcoal tone and white veining, which seem to have smaller and finer veins radiating from this thin, large veining. The color of charcoal soapstone silestone has blue and green undertones, with a color hue close to #2A3034. The medium-dark soapstone can be matched with both dark and light hues, with blues and greens as well as white- and cream-colored cabinets.

Charlestown Cambria Quartz: This quartz slab is characterized by white veining that has tree veining but further branches out, creating a somewhat circular pattern. This patch of white veins is like lightning striking amidst a black sky.

kitchen with Cambria Blackbrook Quartz slab counter

Cambria Blackbrook: If you’re looking for a soapstone look-alike that can work as a countertop material and, at the same time, a backsplash material, then you’ll find it easy to make a statement with Cambria Blackbrook. Because of its prominent veining that’s thicker and white, it runs randomly throughout the slab.

Kelya Quartz by Dekton: Typically, a natural stone slab has veining that falls on the right side, creating diagonal streaks on the surface of these quartz stone counters. However, Keyla quartz has that muted coloring and quality, but the main difference is that the veining falls on the left side. The veining is thin and usually does not have tree veining or no thinner veins radiating from the veins.

Quartz countertops resemble solid-surface countertops, but contain a higher percentage of of mineral matter versus binders. – Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Cabinets & Countertops: How to Customize Your Home with Cabinetry, Editors of Cool Springs Press 

Somnia Quartz: This quartz stone has a muted quality like soapstone as well as soft white veining; however, the difference is that you get a vintage look because of the random white veining that goes across the slab. Like creases in old paper, the gorgeous stone is a great idea for adding visual interest where it can substitute for texture and pattern. 

kitchen with Nero Greco Quartz counter and cabinets

Nero Greco Quartz: Like the Somnia Quartz, the slab surface has that random white veining running across it in varying directions. This also creates a vintage quality to the countertop that can juxtapose white and sleek cabinets or go along with a gray cupboard.

Soapstone Mist Quartz: If you’re looking for a light gray worktop, you may want to look at the soapstone mist quartz. The soft and light gray gives off a relaxing quality, along with the occasional white veining. Match the soapstone quartz with black or dark-colored cabinets.

Metropolis Soapstone Quartz: With an almost 60-degree slant on the right, the Metropolis soapstone quartz is another dynamic-looking surface that can add flair and movement to any kitchen or bathroom interior. The look is also perfect for balancing elements by adding an asymmetrical feature.

Fossil Quartz: A medium gray-toned slab that simulates the soft chalk-like appearance of soapstone, fossil quartz is an interesting engineered stone slab design. Like looking into space with tiny, bright stars that cluster and spread randomly across the slab. It does have very occasional veining, but it is very thin and diagonally crosses the slab without any tree veining.

Tartufo Quartz: When looked closely, this soapstone look-alike has the same soft gray, but this time, it showcases very small white veining that seems to randomly run through the slab, creating a small cumulus cloud-like appearance.

Capturing the essence of soapstone’s organic aesthetic, flowing veining and smooth matte finish, quartz-soapstone lookalikes deliver visual depth without the hassle. Updating your kitchen’s counters? Get the high-end stone appearance without the upkeep – quartz replicates coveted soapstone, in a carefree way.

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