Brown Granite Kitchen Countertops (Types & Colors)

This gallery shares the different types of brown granite kitchen countertops, with popular colors, cabinet & paint shades, and backsplash & updating ideas.
Luxurious kitchen with brown granite countertops, pendant lights, and glass tile backsplash

Earth colors like brown are no stranger to our built spaces, especially in our homes, where they convey a sense of strength and stability. Rich and warm, the color brown is the perfect combination of muted tones and the ever-popular white hue. 

For the kitchen, these shades are a sensible choice, particularly if you have white cabinets, walls, and floors. These areas cover the largest visual space -and a light color creates a light and bright atmosphere. 

With the right design choices, a brown granite kitchen countertop gives you both durability and beauty. Other than your standard color, there are many color tones, such as dark and light brown.

Moreover, there are many types of brown granite countertops with different characteristics. We’ve listed the most popular ones that are perfect options for your next new build or kitchen renovation.


Brown Granite Countertop Colors

Island with beige granite top and chairs in a kitchen with stylish globe lights

Here are the popular types of brown granite for your kitchen designs.

Dark Brown Granite Countertops

Bright kitchen with dark brown countertops and white raised panel cabinets

Strong contrast in colors can create a striking and rich visual for a kitchen, especially if you’ve got a large area. A dark brown granite countertop will stand out against a white backdrop and can emphasize the solid and stable material.

Pastel colors are also great, with the earthen hue creating a relaxed and sophisticated color palette when matched with matte black cabinet hardware

Note that deep color can look heavy and dull, especially if the aesthetic lacks contrast and depth. Make sure to create depth and variation in elements for visual interest and impact. Black Thunder and Kosmus Granite are popular examples of brown countertops with dark coloring. 

A disadvantage of dark brown granite countertops is that the color can easily show fingerprints so that regular cleaning might be needed.  

Light Brown Granite Countertops

Granite that is light brown and wooden cupboards in a traditional kitchen

A light brown granite countertop is an opportunity to layer your colors if you have dark brown cabinets. Check other colors in your light tone countertop to match it with an accent color.

When matched with a white backdrop, your soft brown colors match with matte black or silver-colored hardware. 

As there are many variations of light brown-hues, you’ll find that the lighter you go, the more you need to add contrast to your accent colors. Lapidus and Jaguar granite are examples of popular light-shaded options. 

Beige Brown Granite Countertops

Kitchen with beige brown surface countertops

A kitchen can look cheerful and airy with a beige-brown granite countertop. This color palette is also an excellent opportunity to add stunning, rich metallic accents such as brass or gold to create a luxurious kitchen.

Beige-brown granite countertops have the right amount of color and are slightly more yellowish-gray than lighter hues. 

Most prefer the light brown shades as they reflect light, making it easier for food items to be seen. Astoria and Sanguine Granite are examples of beige countertops with beige-brown colors

What Color Cabinets Go With Brown Countertops?

Beautiful kitchen with hardwood floors, brown and yellow granite

Brown, with its subdued and warm quality, can be considered a neutral hue, and the organic color works well with most colors. We’ve listed the best cabinet colors for that contemporary or modern look.

1. Black. Elegant and timeless, black looks good whether you have a large or small kitchen, and it can be a striking pastoral or modern-themed interior.

Black cabinets with a brown granite countertop can be dramatic, and there’s room for exploring striking accents such as yellow or luxurious metal hardware. However, you’ll need a well-thought-out lighting design to prevent your kitchen from looking dark and gloomy.  

Modern kitchen with black cabinets, dark gold trim and brown stone countertops

2. Blue. With a calm and relaxed color, blue cabinets are the perfect complement to the warm shade of brown. Please note that the darker the shade of your cabinets, the more they can look dominant and overbearing, and a lighter shade of stone is a better match to balance the look.  

3. White. Because of their clean appearance, white cabinets are a popular choice for kitchens, but too much of the neutral color can make a space look bare and boring. A brown countertop perfectly complements the crisp color as it breaks the monochromatic look.

Choose a shade that best suits the look you are going for, and add accent pieces to create more visual interest. The dark color also means it’s less likely to show dirt and needs less upkeep. 

Kitchen with white cupboards, brown mottled granite, island with built in stove and steel hood

4. Navy Blue. When you need a cool shade that is more forgiving than the lighter hues, navy blue is the perfect color for your cabinets.

Pair it with a brown granite kitchen countertop, and you get a visually appealing kitchen space that works well with traditional and modern themes. It’s also an opportunity to use warm metallic hues such as bronze backsplash to complete the look. 

5. Yellow. As yellow is a vibrant color, your yellow cabinets will stand out it will need to be paired with neutral colors that won’t make your kitchen look overbearing.

A deep-brown will add a relaxed and calming tone to a yellow color palette. Choose lighter shades to create a charming and cozy kitchen space.

This color combination looks great with vintage and modern-themed kitchens. Accent the space with chrome or any other silver hardware. Deeper hues of granite paired with mustard yellow suit your more traditional themes. 

6. Green. The organic pairing may look hard to pull off, but with the right tone, green colors can look gorgeous, especially when paired with a rich stone kitchen backsplash. 

Combining green cabinets and brown granite countertops creates a serene and warm color palette. Add indoor plants and layer textures to enhance the organic look. 

7. Gray. A popular cabinet color for today’s contemporary kitchens, gray will benefit from a tawny pairing as the warm color balances the neutral color. Leaving gray with white, for instance, can look depressing when not paired with a warmer hue.

The great thing about gray cabinets is that there are many shades with undertones to match your brown surfaces, creating the perfect mood or look you require. The warmer color complements the cool tone of grays, creating a beautiful contrast. 

8. Beige. When aiming for a monochromatic scheme with slight variations of brown, the beige color is the perfect cabinet color to pair with your granite countertops.

The tone is lighter; thus, beige kitchen cabinets can be generously applied to all your cabinets without overwhelming and clashing with your stone countertop. Bringing a deeper shade to your worktop area will highlight the countertop. 

Luxury custom kitchen with stainless appliances, brown and white granite, and cream cabinets

9. Teal. The coastal hues are a revisit to the 1970s vintage kitchens, and the brown-toned tinge is the perfect match to the eye candy color as it gives that warm mix to the mint color.

A deeper teal shade can also give a tropical mix to your kitchen and, when paired with brown, creates an interesting combination. Teal colors provide a perfect palette for small kitchens as they add dimension and depth without looking overbearing. 

10. Pink. For that boho chic or rustic kitchen, dusty pink with earthy stone shades is the perfect combination, as it adds a soft and feminine touch to your warm color without being too loud. Pick a mahogany color to update antique pieces, and it’s a color that works well with well-lit kitchens. 

Brown Granite Countertops With White Cabinets

Large kitchen with many cabinets, brown speckled counters

White is the best color to match brown with interiors, and in a kitchen space, the neutral color balances the warm, earthy tone of this shade of granite countertops.

The homely look of the white and brown combination can be accented with a color that’s usually the undertone of your countertop or other colors present on the specks of the stone. 

Besides having a balanced color temperature, this combination allows the other colors to stand out. Since the color is darker and is made from beautiful granite patterns, the workstation is highlighted. 

Brown Granite Countertops With Gray Cabinets

The cool gray color perfectly matches your brown color since the cool tone balances off the warm hue. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to play off with the mood or look of your kitchen, and this will depend on the undertones of your gray cabinets.

Blue undertones will love a lighter shaded granite countertop with black or gray specks or coloring, while a yellow undertone has a warm hue that will love warm metallic accents. 

A brown granite countertop with gray kitchen cabinets conveys a modern aesthetic but works well with a shaker or other traditional cabinet designs. 

Backsplash Ideas That Go With Brown Shades Of Granite

Expansive kitchen with track lighting, mosaic tile backsplash and floor

Stack Bond White Bricks. The varying specks of natural minerals seen in a granite countertop are one of the reasons why straight-edged patterns of tiles and bricks are the perfect match to the natural stone.

The horizontal layout creates a space where the eyes can rest from the busy patterns on your granite countertop. In addition, the contrast of colors allows the brown coloring to stand out while keeping a neutral tone in the background. 

Tuscan-inspired Square Travertine Tiles. Deep-brown granite countertops, together with the color-rich travertine tiles, capture the warmth and richness of Tuscan kitchens.

Add luxurious gold and rose-colored accents to complement the rustic textures and create an eye-filled aesthetic. The typical granite slab will showcase a variety of colors of trapped minerals that are perfect for inspiring the warm accents to use in your traditional kitchen theme. 

Paint Colors For Brown Color Granite

Spacious kitchen with beige walls, chandelier, and brown worktops

The paint color of your backdrop, particularly your cabinets, walls, and backsplash, makes a difference in the look and mood your granite conveys.

The following are perfect paint colors that go well with your brown countertop.

1. Olive Green. Oregano 2147-10 by Benjamin Moore. The beautiful olive-green color by Benjamin Moore has herbaceous qualities.

The gold undertones make it the perfect complement to the similar warm shade of the granite countertops. The saturated color makes it suitable for the main color tones of kitchens that can be painted on the walls and cabinets. 

Oregano 2147-10 Oregano 2147-10 by Benjamin Moore

2. Pale Icy Blue. Borrowed Light No. 235 by Farrow & Ball. Inspired by the delicate light that comes through the windows during the summer, the pale icy blue is a cool paint color that can be easily matched with various shades of granite countertops.

For kitchens with limited natural light coming through, the pale blue paint brightens up the room, which can easily replace the usual white-themed kitchens. 

Borrowed Light No. 235 Borrowed Light No. 235 by Farrow & Ball

3. Soft Yellow. Mannequin Cream No. 2152-60 by Benjamin Moore. Light, Uplifting, and energizing, the milky tone of the soft yellow paint creates an optimistic yet relaxed atmosphere in any kitchen.

Match it with your granite countertop, creating an energizing room. You can also add blue tinges or match the paint color with hints of blue to create a coastal feel to the space. 

Mannequin Cream No. 2152-60Mannequin Cream No. 2152-60 by Benjamin Moore

4. Light Pink. Cameo Rose No. 071 by Benjamin Moore. Drawn from the soft and delicate coloring of the pink necklace, Cameo Rose is a lovely dusty color alternative to your typical contemporary neutral hues.

Because it has a light coloring, it can be applied expansively to walls and cabinets. A brown combination with a feminine color creates a modern and chic ambiance that can work with any shade of the color. 

Cameo Rose No. 071 Cameo Rose No. 071 by Benjamin Moore

5. Crisp White. Chantilly Lace OC-65 by Benjamin Moore. The popular paint color has almost no undertones, with only hints of pink, blue and yellow tinges.

The bright color combines well with mocha hues that are perfect for any theme, especially for ultra-modern kitchens. Choose a brown-hued granite countertop with hints of the undertones of the paint color, and you get a cohesive aesthetic. 

Chantilly Lace OC-65 Chantilly Lace OC-65 by Benjamin Moore

6. Cool Beige. Nomadic Desert 6107 by Sherwin Williams. This light to medium beige color is a perfect cool beige to layer with your granite countertops.

It has an LRV of 50, which makes it present but does not weigh down a well-lighted kitchen area. You can create that Nomadic themed room and incorporate white and light-colored wood. 

Nomadic Desert 6107Nomadic Desert 6107 by Sherwin Williams

7. Warm Gray. Dovetail SW 7018 by Sherwin Williams. When looking for a modern and neutral hue, the warm gray version of Sherwin Williams gray paint is the perfect option to complement the cozy look of your granite. The paint color has a tinge of violet and green, creating a unique undertone for grays. 

Dovetail SW 7018 Dovetail SW 7018 by Sherwin Williams

8. Tan. Cardboard SW 6124 by Sherwin-Williams. Create a chic twist to the natural stone with the tan color. The light tan allows your rich granite colors to stand out without looking plain, but at the same time, it’s a soft backdrop to the busy working space. Pair the color with a cool tone like teal to break the monochromatic look. 

Cardboard SW 6124 Cardboard SW 6124 by Sherwin-Williams

9. Deep Blue. Naval SW 6244 by Sherwin-Williams. The deep blue adds a dimensional quality to your kitchen with a light brown kitchen countertop. It is a practical color to paint on base cabinets, especially for busy kitchens with kids or pets.

The brightness or dimness of the kitchen space will depend on the shade of your counter. Use a gloss finish to create a luxurious blue kitchen. 

Naval SW 6244 Naval SW 6244 by Sherwin-Williams

10. Taupe. Incense Stick 2115-20 by Benjamin Moore. The unique kitchen color looks more taupe shades, and it’s the perfect hue to make a kitchen island stand out with an earthy color centerpiece.

The color harmoniously blends with brown, especially if you want to update the look of a traditional kitchen. Add gray accents to add interest to the color combination. 

Incense Stick Brown 2115-20 Incense Stick 2115-20 by Benjamin Moore

11. Raspberry. Raspberry Blush 2008-30 by Benjamin Moore. The Color of the Year 2023 Raspberry Blush is an exciting detour to your usual neutral hues.

The bold yet welcoming hue has that fruity element with a saturated red-orange coral tinge. The color enlivens the senses and works well with medium to light stone hues, creating a charismatic and modern look. 

Raspberry Blush 2008-30 Raspberry Blush 2008-30 by Benjamin Moore

Types Of Brown Granite Countertops

Luxurious kitchen with brown natural stone

With its intricate hues, the brown granite countertop is a great choice for adding textured depth and allows plain and simple kitchen elements. Along with the variations of its shades, there are popular types of granite that one can choose from.

The following is a part of the large catalog of granite slabs and tiles from suppliers ranging from pale-toned palettes to dark and deep hues. 

Fantasy Brown

Beautiful stylish kitchen with fantasy brown

The main color of Fantasy brown granite is white with various brownish and grayish veining that stretch across the slab stone. However, there is a variety of veining, hardness, and source, which means the pricing will also vary. 

You might find fantasy brown with different labels of natural stone, but technically, it is under the marble stone and occasionally as a combo stone. The stone is usually categorized as a Level 1 or Level 2 stone.  

Its dominant white color is easily matched with a white backsplash or captures one of the veining colors with a brownish or grayish backdrop. 

Baltic Brown

Modern designed kitchen with black appliances, and baltic brown

Originating in Finland, this variety is also termed brown and black granite. The deep brown small to medium flecks of color are backdropped with a predominantly black coloring. Paired with white cabinets or backsplash, it becomes a striking element in the kitchen space.

Metallic silver hardware is a suitable hardware material that balances the striking appearance of natural stone. Using brass or gold is also possible but may be overwhelming visually due to the heavy coloring. 

Tropic Brown

New kitchen with tropic brown

For outdoor kitchens, tropic brown granite is a durable countertop material and, like many variations, can withstand freezing temperatures.

The primary colors are deep brown and black with low variations, and evident crystal-like specks glisten when lightning strikes. Match the intense shade with white light or colorful textured tiles to create a rustic kitchen. 

Coffee Brown

Bright kitchen with coffee brown

Compared to most options, the coffee brown granite countertop has smaller specks of varying colors with almost mahogany and black specks. The occasional tiny white bits make it an interesting visual for your kitchen countertop.

The fine flecks make it a suitable match for simple and clean contemporary kitchens with a less busy appearance. Light grays, tan, white, and lighter hues will help these stone slabs stand out.  

Antique Brown

U-shaped kitchen island with antique brown

An exquisite variation of darker hues, the Antique Brown granite countertop showcases medium to large crystal-like minerals with blue and platinum clusters.

The beautiful display of variations is the perfect eye-catching countertop for traditional and contemporary kitchens. Due to its rustic quality, it’s a perfect element for modern industrial kitchens. Match it with silver or chrome finishes to match the platinum coloring. 

Autumn Brown

Kitchen with autumn brown

With varying taupe and charcoal shades, the autumn brown granite countertop showcases a busy visual element to your kitchen. You also get orange and moss-green flecks along the slab with cream-to-white highlights from the autumn colors.

It’s an eye-catching granite countertop that conveys a moody ambiance, especially when paired with deep brown or charcoal gray backdrops. The pattern variation is classified as medium. 

Chocolate Bordeaux Granite

Country rustic kitchen with island and chocolate bordeaux granite

As exquisite as its name, chocolate Bordeaux granite showcases chunks of cappuccino, white and gray chunks with black and brown veining.

The neutral colors allow you to pair your beige granite countertops with other neutrals for the floors, walls, and cabinets. Black base cabinets with these coffee-toned surfaces will make your working space stand out and look sophisticated and modern. 

Juperana Arandis Granite

Luxury kitchen with cherry cabinets and juperana arandis granite

Like the Greek and Roman stone structures, the burnt sienna and white coloring create a soft, antique-like appearance. The slab has brown, beige, and darker coloring.

The unique stone is sourced from Brazil and is characterized by its high pattern variation. You can find Juperana Arandis granite countertops with large veining across the slab backdropped by the distinguishable burnt Sienna coloring. 

How To Update Granite Counters?

Apartment kitchen with brown light color granite and laminated cabinets

1. Update the Finish. Switch from the typical gloss finish to a honed finish, making the granite material look calmer and minimalist. The matte finish suits modern elements such as white and clean cabinets, straight-edged countertops, and matte black hardware. 

2. Change the Cabinets. When you’ve got an outdated granite countertop, it’s likely that all your elements, such as the cabinets, have that traditional look.

You can change the cabinet doors to flat or slab door panels to create that clean and sleek look. Then, paint your cabinets with neutral hues. A popular update for base cabinets is painting them with a matte black or charcoal color to create that subdued look for your countertops

3. Update your Backsplash. Along with a honed-down brown granite countertop, you can update your backsplash with more recent tiling patterns or shift to a slab or panel backsplash.

A one-tone color will help calm the look of your busy countertop area. Geometric tiles such as a picket ceramic tile can make a difference to the look, but note that not all geometric tiles work with all granite materials. 

4. Change Your Hardware. Details make a difference in the overlook of your kitchen, and one of the best ways to update your kitchen design is by changing your cabinet hardware.

Matte black or chrome hardware with sleek and simple profiles are the trending jewels of kitchens today. Choose to update your cabinet pulls and faucet to these updated hardware styles to create that contemporary kitchen look. 

5. Epoxy-like Paint. There are refinishing kits that have the basic tools and supplies to change the look of your granite countertop. This will cover the entire surface of your countertop and is perfect for damaged surfaces if you’re fully dedicated to replacing your countertop completely. 

6. Tile it Over. When you need a complete makeover, tiling over your granite kitchen countertops is the best way to go, as you don’t need to spend much on renovation. However, be fully invested in giving up on this surface. Tiling the countertop is best for damaged surfaces. 

7. Paint it Over. When you have a damaged and worn-down granite countertop, painting it over is a more affordable option that is without the need for a major renovation. Please take note that it is a meticulous process for the prep work.

Builder kitchen with granite slab countertops and double sink

First, you’ll need to remove any caulking present and ensure no residue is left. To clean the granite, scrub the area with alcohol and degreasing soap, a water-based detergent. To allow the glossy surface to adhere to your paint, the brown granite countertop must be sanded to roughen the surface.

A mechanical sander is preferred, especially if you’ve got a large area to cover. Take time to sand tight spaces using manual sanding.

After removing dust and debris from the sanding process, apply the primer and let it dry. When you’ve chosen your final paint color, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and care for a successful result. 

Visit our gallery of white kitchen cabinets with granite countertops for more ideas. 

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