Colors That Go with Teal (Interior Design)

With many colors to choose from when it comes to the interior of your home, it can be quite dizzying and overwhelming. One of the colors guaranteed to spruce up your place is teal. And yes, you can match it with other colors too!

Beige sofa in cozy living room interior with gold paintings on green wall with black stool at desk

Teal is an elusive shade of blue and green, identifying itself to both colors without being exclusive to each one. This awesome color has a variety of shades you can choose from, some leaning more on the side of blue while others are more teal greens. 

Dating this bold color from way back in Ancient Egypt, teal can clearly be seen in Egyptian artworks and masterpieces. It is a versatile hue that soothes and calms you down. If you want to know more about the colors you can use along with teal, read along.[toc] 

Colors That Match Teal 

Modern interior of living room with blue corner sofa coffee tables floor lamp

Here’s a list of the primary colors to match with teal for interior design.

Color Combinations Description Examples of Use
Teal-and-White Creates a clean and modern look Use white for walls, ceilings & furniture; add teal-hued accents such as pillows, throws, and curtains
Teal-and-Gray Gray balances its boldness Use gray for flooring, furniture & curtains; add teal-hued accents such as wall art, cushions, and rugs
Teal-and-Beige Beige creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere Use beige for walls and furniture; add teal-toned accents such as lamps, vases, and rugs
Teal-and-Yellow Yellow adds a bright and cheery pop of color Use yellow for accents such as pillows, curtains, and wall art
Teal-and-Navy Navy complements it well Use navy for furniture and curtains; add teal-toned accents such as cushions, lamps, and wall art
Teal-and-Pink Pink adds a touch of playfulness and balance Use pink for accents such as pillows, curtains, and wall art. Go lighter for a calmer look.
Teal is a combination of green and blue, and both of these colors are associated with nature, including oceans and forests. It showcases freshness and relaxation, which can be the perfect color for your bedroom and even the bathroom (with its nautical and coastal themes).
Teal also contributes to your balance and equilibrium, making it a good option for the wall colors of offices and libraries. Teal is a vivid hue but if you don’t want something too bright, a muted teal tone works wonderfully. In fact, this is the characteristic of a mid-century modern style

Colors To Use With Dark Teal 

The simple addition of teal to a space (even just a splash of it) can change the mood of an entire room. Dark teal is an incredible color to match and experiment with.

Dark teal’s cool and solid color gives way to a more relaxed ambiance. To introduce a bit of warmth, you can mix and match it with the following colors.


Minimalistic room with green velvet sofa plants, armchair and pendant lamp on brown wooden parquet

Cream’s neutral nature balances the boldness that comes with teal. The combination of both colors offers a soft yet somehow boldly popping look, balancing each other depending on whether you want it leaning more on the softer side or the striking side. 

It is popular to be used for a wall and couch color combination. And since it can be a soothing combo, it is a good option for rooms with high traffic. 


BeigeBeige is a good partner for teal when you are looking for a trendy yet comfortable look. Similar to cream in its neutrality, beige colors are easy to match with. It is also a great backdrop if you want the green hue to pop.

Beige adds warmth to teal while it cools down beige. If you want the room to be cozier, use more teal. If you want it to have more balance, use more beige instead. 


TanTan offers a warm addition to teal and serves as a perfect match. It emphasizes rich teal accents, which is a good time to use the hue for solid accessories and patterned decor.

Add teak curtains, vases, and even rugs, but make sure not to forget a few touches of tan so that it will not be overwhelming. 

Colors To Use With Teal Green

Cozy green home with green sofa table and decor in room

Teal green is another shade you can choose. Since it is both blue and green, shades can either lean more on the blue side or on the green side.

Teal is a bold statement to use. If you are thinking about it for your option, here are some colors that go with it. 



Pink-and-teal combinations together make a pretty and bold pairing. This combination is the way to go if you want a more feminine touch.

Teal and pink room

Green, teal, and pink are perfect for a more textured and complex look for a bedroom. This combination even offers some sort of a vintage look when added with gold. See more pink color combinations here.


Combining a gold-and-teal pairing gives you a cozy and luxurious look. You get the coziness from teal, and the luxurious look comes from the gold tone.

Yes, the addition of gold in the mix somehow adds class to the specific room so that you can try it out! See more colors that go with gold here.


Modern dark green design with white parquet floor brown sofa floor lamp and coffee table

Rust-and-teal together are a good option if you are thinking of an autumn look. And you can bring this incredible look to your room! You can have teal-toned walls and rust-colored furniture and accessories. 

Color Schemes To Go With Teal 

Some of the top color schemes to consider using with teal are:

Teal with white, black, and tan. This combination provides an understated yet sophisticated look when accented by teal-hued furniture or walls.

Teal with bold colors such as red, yellow, and orange. Choose this combination for a more dramatic look.

Teal with navy blue and white. Darker blues like navy blue also work well, creating a calming atmosphere in any space. Add some white on the ceilings and walls to balance the bold-teal accents.

Teal with metallics such as silver, gold, and bronze.  To add hints of glamour and femininity, combine these eye-grabbing reflective surfaces for a luxurious feel.

Teal is a great color to mix with, and I don’t mean just one hue but also color schemes. There is just this gorgeous feel to these tones that you will want to include this option in your decoration process.

The important thing when choosing a particular color scheme is to understand the vibe and feel it’s putting out there. Is it the same feel you want your room to have? 

Colors For Teal And Gray

Pillows on comfortable sofa in bright interior

One of the color schemes that go nicely together is teal-and-gray. This combination has a soothing effect despite its bold contrast with each other, considering gray is a soft tone while teal is a vividly popping hue. 

If the teal-hued color is leaning on the green side, it has more richness and boldness, but it turns to a more calming tone once it’s leaning toward the blue shade.

Teal also has this regenerative effect that energizes you and energizes you. And with a soft gray, the pair looks sophisticated in a beach house or somewhere with a similar vibe.   

You don’t have to stick with teal-and-gray since you can mix it with other colors. Some colors that can match this pair include red, black, brown, gold, and yellow. 

Colors For Teal And Blue 

Small room with teal blue wall with decorative molding modern sofa black table and square quilted ottoman

Teal-and-blue are colors that also match up well. This pair is great for topical feels, particularly when cobalt blue is used. With both undertones, these two colors are a great match.

The colors that would complement this pair are gray, gold, and brown. You can try grey walls with golden brown flooring and pieces of teal and cobalt blue accessories all over the room. 

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