11 Colors That Go With Gold (Paint Matching Guide)

Colors that go with gold design guide include matching paint colors such as blue, pink, green, purple, and more exciting color combinations for your home interior design.
Living room interior with coral sofa and chair plus classic green walls

One of the biggest trends in interior design is metallic style, and it appears it’s here to stay for a while. At the top of this interior trend is the color “gold.” Essentially, gold-hues can capture a look of sophistication and elegance, especially when incorporated into the home interiors.

Moreover, it’s considered one of the top metal choices when it comes to decorating because of its ability to blend well with other colors, as long as you’re familiar with the right color combinations. Best known for its classic and timeless qualities, let’s take a look at the colors that look best with gold. [toc]

Quick-list: Colors That Go With Gold

  1. Black and White
  2. Blue
  3. Pink
  4. Green
  5. Gray and White
  6. Purple
  7. Turquoise and Red

Paint Colors That Go With Gold

White interior with cozy beige couch wooden floors and gold decor

Here are the paint colors that pair well with golden tones for your home interior needs and ideas. 

Black and White

Modern black and white bedroom with illuminated horizontal poster

You definitely can’t go wrong with the black-and-white color scheme. However, it’s best that this combination would only serve as a backdrop, either for wall colors or furniture paint

Meanwhile, it’s recommended that gold is only used as a decorative accent, such as for door handles, cabinet handles, light fixtures, and so on. 

Too much gold in any living space can be overwhelming to the senses and might even run the risk of looking tacky. 

While golden accents may seem insignificant details, they actually further highlight the beauty of a room


Two elegant comfortable blue armchairs and glass coffee table with gold accents

Blue and gold are what may be considered a golden color combination. Any shade of blue is naturally bound to work with the said metallic color, making blue perhaps the best color pairing to use.

You can mix and match blue with other colors or even include it in layers or stripes in your paint colors. You can guarantee that they will still work together because blue and gold are an absolute match made in heaven. 

In any case, the golds make the blues pop out and vice versa, creating a majestic and refined ambiance. 


Room with pink sofa gold finishes gray walls

We know what you’re thinking. Pink may not be the best choice to pair up with gold, but hear us out: they actually work well together, especially if you go for pale pinks.

In fact, this color combination is one of the top choices for nursery room interior designs. This color scheme is all over Pinterest and other design blogs, too. 

However, pink-and-gold don’t necessarily work well only in the nursery. They also make any room in the house appear both classic and charming. 


Green and gold room with comfortable brown sofa and coffee tables

Green can come in a broad spectrum of colors, including lime, sage, and even bright green. Read more about colors that go with green here. 

Combining any shades of green with a touch of gold gives a refreshing and vibrant effect. There’s also a somewhat minimalist and vintage feel to this combination that definitely makes it worth considering. 

Gray and White

Grey and white interior with wooden armchair and coffee table

Gray is another color that probably doesn’t pair well with gold but for some reason, they also complement each other. Read more about colors that go with gray floors here.

Gray works as an interesting backdrop for golden hues, with white complementing both. The overall look is eye-catching and classic at the same time.


Modern chic classic interior with violet velvet sofa

Need we say more? Purple is the color of royalty and as well all know, royalty also denotes gold. 

Even the smallest splash of purple can make a striking difference in the layout of the golden interior that you’re trying to bring together.

Similarly,  it would be smart to mix and match with select furniture pieces to complete the whole look. 

Turquoise and Red

Blue designer chest of drawers with a mirror and decor two red large vases

Turquoise and red together are already such a standout color pairing, more so when you add some elements of gold into the picture.

This color combination can fit almost any design style that you could possibly think of, including vintage, modern, and custom-made. You can easily apply these colors to your furniture pieces, too.

Colors To Pair With Gold Walls

Living space with gold accent wall brown wall paint and sputnik chandelier

Gold walls are a rather unusual and challenging interior design theme. If not done right, they can actually make the room look tacky and overwhelming. Read more about what wall color goes with black furniture here.

The trick to working with golden walls is integrating colors that will balance the lustrous metallic color. 

Neutrals with Deep Tones

Luxury interior room with gold wall decoration

Go with neutrals that have deep tones, such as deep tans or beiges, dark olives and sages, dark brows slate and charcoal grays, and so on. These would create a contrast that can make the golden walls work for any living space.

Dark Shades of Red

Classic red and gold interior with couch and door

Gold is essentially an extremely bright yellow color with warm undertones, so it would make sense to go for analogous colors such as red, which also has a warm undertone. 

You’ve probably heard this rule in color theory repeatedly, but just in case, warm colors go with warm colors, while cool colors go with cool colors

Go for dark shades of red such as brick, wine, or cranberry to create a contrast against golden walls, which, mingled together, will produce a visually impressive display.  

Orange Shades

We get it. Red isn’t necessarily for everyone, and if this is also the case for you, you can go for a more toned-down version that still yields a visually appealing effect: orange. 

Orange tones such as shades of terracotta or even rust can do wonders for your gold walls, that should be also at the top of your options list.

Purple and Blue

Luxurious blue brown burgundy room in art deco style

This is a bit contradictory to the color rule that “warm goes with warm” while “cool goes with cool” since both purple and blue have cool undertones. Still, interestingly, they work extremely well together. 

This color combination provides a cool effect to an otherwise warm room due to the golden shades while still giving an exquisite and elegant look. Moreover, this combination is particularly great for bedrooms and offices.

Matching Colors with Gold for Room Design Themes

Ask the Interior Designer – Willa Roberson-Mitchell.

Innovative interiors are truly worth their weight in gold. Not only does gold seek value in the best color companions; it also resonates in a variety of room design themes. When paired with a harmonious element of color, golden hues can evoke a specific design theme for your home.

Here are some design infusions Willa offers to create a harmonious feel when using colors with golden tones.

Modern Industrialism

Benjamin Moore Cement Gray 2112-60
Benjamin Moore Cement Gray 2112-60

Gold accompanied with walls painted in exposed concrete gray, exudes a sense of Modern Industrialism. This theme has gained popularity over the years for its raw, urban chic vibe.

Gold married up with taupe also appeals to an Industrial theme. This color combination exudes an organic sensation when integrated into the theme of things.

Contemporary Theme

Cream and gold furnishings interior designCream and gold are hues that depict a Contemporary Theme. They reflect an elegant approach to design that’s commonly appointed to formal areas in a home.

It’s a safe design direction where you’re less apt to make decorating errors when focused solely on neutrals. This theme features well with a mustard gold wall statement. Introducing curtains in a soft textural cream will create an elegant flow into the overall scheme.


If you’re looking to create a Nautical theme, blues and golds will set you on the right course. In this design statement, walls can be featured in medium to dark mustard gold with furnishings upholstered in a deep-sea blue.

Here, you will want to keep golden accents to a minimum to avoid sensory overload. Capture the breeze with ivory-colored full-length curtains to create a sense of rhythm and flow.


Pink is a romantic hue and, when paired with golds, reveals a lovely glam-inspired theme. This theme’s color duo works well for sleeping, dressing room and bath spaces.

If bold is what you’re seeking, paint your focal wall with a bling of gold. Pull in some white upholstered furnishings, throw in a slight kiss of red accents and the romance is on. If you should choose to lower the temperature a bit, try adding white curtains and fluffy accent rugs to do the trick.

Behr Bitter Sage N390
Behr Bitter Sage N390


For a theme that replicates Nature, consider introducing leafy greens with pure-gold. Here, it is fitting to pair sage, emerald, or dark green with a focal wall painted in medium to dark-gold.

This vibe is freshly organic and revitalizing to the senses. Introducing curtains in either earthy brown or sand beige is reminiscent of nature; elements that will enhance this aesthetic.

Traditional Classic

Are you in reign for pure royalty? Purple and gold will achieve your vision. You can replicate this Traditional Theme with deep purple upholstered furnishings rolled out with a few golden accents. Purples and golds are intense hues, so the key is to maintain a minimalist approach to this timeless concept.

SW 6768 Gulfstream Teal
Sherwin Williams 6768 Gulfstream Teal


You can achieve an Urban Mid-Century vibe with teal accentuated by gold. The color teal has trended in popularity and, when resonating with golden tones, takes on a wow factor all its own.

Go uptown gold with your walls; they will set the center stage for this sophisticated theme. Envision styling your space with these insights and you’ll become creatively bold with gold.

What Color Curtains To Use With Gold Walls

Empty room with beige walls neutral curtain and gold fixtures

There isn’t one single color that’s a catch-all be-all when it comes to coordinating curtains with golden walls. Instead, there’s a wide variety of options and ranges to choose from.

Here are some colors that might be worth considering for your curtain color options.


Modern interior design room with brown vintage armchair

Choosing neutral shades for your curtains with bright walls is guaranteed a safe bet. They don’t lean on any undertones, so they definitely won’t clash with the warm hue of gold. 

Neutral curtains can tone down and balance the otherwise vibrant color illuminated by golden walls. To start with, you can play around with whites or off-whites, tans, beiges, creams, or even grays.


Monochromatic color wheel

This is a bold option since this further enhances the warmth and brightness of the space. Nonetheless, it can actually work effectively if you go for a softer shade of yellow like butter yellow.

As a result, this color combination can give a striking gold effect to any room.


Complementary color wheel

Complementary colors paired with gold can be another daring choice, but they can create a vivid and striking room.

Go for the go-to perfect pairings for gold which are blue or purple for the curtains. They are directly opposite golden hues in the color wheel and can make the space look eye-catching without drowning out in all those yellow tones.

For more related content, check out this article on colors that go with purple.

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