What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls

Here ‘s our tips on what color curtains go with gray walls such as classic white, emerald green, multi colored bohemian style and other window covering colors that give accent to your gray walls.
Modern living room interiorNowadays, gray walls are trending because of their versatility. Gray alone looks boring but if you mix and match or accentuate it with other colors, your interiors will surely stand out. 

Just like white, gray goes well with any color so it’s easy to find colors that match it. It can add some depth to a room. If you are choosing curtain colors that will match gray, you won’t run out of ideas.  

So, what color curtain should you choose? Here are some suggestions:

Classic White

Open gray and white living room with leather sofa tv and modern lampClassic white or bright white is an excellent match for gray walls. White curtains can go with any style and any room. The bright white pops out of the gray wall and gives the place a light and airy ambiance.


Oatmeal is a neutral color and it perfectly blends with gray and yellow. Gray walls can have a cold effect on a room.

Hanging oatmeal-colored curtains will allow adding accents in a warm color. You can turn the room into a lighter space without feeling the coldness of the gray walls.

Navy Blue

Modern tv livng room with couch new design coffee table and big windowsNavy blue curtains are the prettiest draperies for a room with a gray wall. The deep color of the curtain does not result in a dark impression of the room.

The deep and rich hue becomes more pronounced. Choose furniture in camel brown with white or warm accents for an amazing effect.


Interior with sofa gray wall carpet and yellow curtainYellow is a perfect match for gray. Hanging bright yellow curtains can lend a warm and cheery feel to the room. Opting for mustard yellow creates a classy look. Both shades will look gorgeous on gray walls.

Tan And Cream

Gray is a neutral color that can go along well with other neutrals. Hang curtains with cream and tan color combinations to make the room a little bit warm. Turn a corner into a cozy spot by adding a comfortable chair and a knit blanket.

Dusty Rose

Hang dusty rose curtains in a room with a gray wall. The two colors are a perfect match. You can use dusty rose with any shade of gray and get good results.

With dusty rose curtains, you can add white furniture with accents of burgundy and olive. Visit our design guide on what color furniture goes with gray walls for more tips. 

Charcoal Gray

Large living room with a large white corner sofa tv unit dining area with dining table gray walls and large windowsGive a room a masculine look by hanging charcoal gray curtains. Any shade of gray will do. Charcoal gray against light gray walls creates a fantastic contrast. The room will feel warm and welcoming.

Natural Green

Go earthy. This is the trend right now. You can opt for olive green or one with a floral pattern. Add some native decors or indoor green plants. White furniture will do wonders to the room.


Gray and yellow bedroom interior with window with curtains brick wall two lamps and knot cushionSoft lilac curtains of gray walls result in a gorgeous combination. But, both shades are cool colors. Add some warmth to the room by adding darker shades. You can have magenta, plum, or wine furniture. All these tints go well with gray.


Coral curtains and gray walls are a gorgeous combination. This color scheme is soft and calm and coral curtains make the room brighter. They also pop out and make the room impressive.

Enhance the brightness of coral by adding white accents. Using navy blue furniture can tone down the oral shade.


Modern living interior design with gray wall sofa and long curtainGray-colored walls make a room airy and light. Hanging curtains in a cream color can help keep air and light without making the place cold.

A cream color tint does not pop out of the gray, it provides a subtle contrast. Yet, the hue is gray with a different appeal.

Chalk Blue

Gray and blue complement each other. You can use any shade with the same effect. Yet, some shades look better than others. Dusty shades like chalk blue work best with gray walls. This is because dusty shades have gray undertones.


Choosing ombre curtains will allow you to use any color. Ombre has one main color that fades out. You add a splash of red. The color is vivid at the top and fades as it nears the bottom edge. The fading hue softens the main burst of color.

Emerald Green

Empty room interior with black wall background on wooden floorGray walls and mid century furniture will go well with emerald green curtains. Emerald green and gray lend a calming effect to any room. Rooms with this color scheme look sophisticated.


Beautiful pink pastel vintage kid bedroom with gray wall and wooden floorTurquoise is a vibrant color that perfectly matches gray walls. It comes out from the gray background as a contrast. The combination is ideal for kids’ rooms, play areas, and other spaces that need more life.

Buffalo Check

Farmhouses with simple decors need buffalo check curtains. They suit the theme of the house. Any pattern will suit the gray walls.

Multi-Colored Bohemian Style Curtains

Persons preferring the bohemian style can go for curtains with a mix of colors and patterns. Proper mixing and matching will make these curtains perfect for gray walls.

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Curtains with Large Vibrant Floral

Large vibrant floral patterns are popular. They also go well with gray walls. The gray background tones down the impact of the bright tints. Go for large prints for a burst of colors. Small ones can make a room look cluttered.

Blue, Gray, and White Combination

Curtains that mix white, blue, and gray will look amazing on a gray wall. The slid white background will make a room bright despite mixing it with darker colors.

Neutral stripes

Interior of a living room with gray wall wooden floor long curtain and sofa Curtains with neutral stripes can suit walls of any color including gray. They might not have an explosive effect but they can bring warmth to a room. They can make a room an inviting space.

Mossy Green

Mossy green curtains go well with walls with gray color with a hint of green. The effect is like the color of woods and sky.

There are many curtain colors that match gray walls. and choosing the best shade can be intimidating. Use these suggestions to make the right choices. After hanging the curtains, you will see the amazing outcome of your hard work.

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