30 Beige Kitchen Ideas (Cabinets, Countertops & Backsplash)

Here, we share our beige kitchen ideas, including cabinets, countertops & backsplash in various design styles.
Contemporary kitchen with beige cabinets, dark blue island and quartz countertops

If white doesn’t suit your taste or aesthetic goals, beige is a great alternative for your kitchens. Both are very versatile and timeless, so they should work on any style and can look good with most of the available kitchen finishes. Beige kitchens look more inviting because of the warm tones in the color.

The additional pigment also makes dirt less visible on its surface, so it’s also advantageous for ease of maintenance. Light browns also look good paired with wood as they enhance and complement the warm tones of the wood.

Beige Color Kitchen Designs

Since beige is a light, neutral color, it easily goes well with any color you pair it with, especially those with warmer undertones, such as browns/wood finishes and other earthy colors, so there are quite a lot of colors you can choose for your walls, floors, and kitchens.

White walls combined with beige kitchen cabinets typically look great, as it emphasize a subtle contrast between the two colors and, at the same time, keeps the ambiance bright. Shades of gray would also work well with these color cabinets, especially the warmer-toned grays, yielding a more contemporary look.

The array of possible beige ideas and color schemes you can create are endless – as beige is a neutral color, you will find it looks good with most colors, whether cool or warm!

An easy way to update the look of your classic style kitchens is by changing the color scheme into a more contemporary style. The easiest colors would be whites with beiges, as they instantly make the whole space brighter.

If you have existing cabinets you don’t want to re-finish, you try to add beige into other parts of the kitchen, such as the backsplash or the countertop. There are many natural stones and synthetic materials in this color you can choose from. Most popularly used in kitchens are marble, limestone, granite, quartz, and solid surface in light brown shades.

You can also explore adding a touch of beige to your flooring, like using this color for ceramic tiles, laminate or wood flooring. You can also experiment with finishes to add a variety of textures – perhaps try a glossy-beige laminate for your cabinets. Or a matte-beige countertop material? As beiges are versatile colors, the possibilities are endless!

Below are some great examples of kitchens with a beige color scheme you may take inspiration from:


This open kitchen plan features bold walnut floors and walnut wood slats on the ceiling. White walls and white countertops help tone down the bold wood finishes and create a more harmonious ambiance to the space.

The wall cabinets were painted in a soft oatmeal color, a very subtle balanced beige that brings a little bit of warmth to contrast with the white marble backsplash and the flat white wall paint.


This spacious kitchen features natural oak floors and oatmeal-colored walls matched with off-white cabinets. The yellow tones are further accentuated in this space through the use of gold metal lamps and yellow accent lighting inside the cabinets.


Detailed cornices, moldings, and decorative posts are just some of the details you’ll find in this classic-style kitchen. The cabinets are in off-white to help tone down the mahogany flooring, while a beige granite countertop was used, giving this layout a very elegant look.

Modern kitchen with beige wood veneer cabinets and quartz countertops

This modern kitchen design uses light beige wood veneer cabinets combined with a white quartz countertop and backsplash to create a light and inviting layout.


This contemporary kitchen has a unique approach to updating the look of this design. The cabinets are standard cream-colored and topped with beige granite. The addition of gray subway tiles on the backsplash, however, updates the whole look and adds a bit of flair without overpowering the rest of the other finishes in the space.


Sometimes, changing the wall color is easier than changing the existing finishes of your kitchen (especially when your design is still in perfect condition!). In this case, because the cabinets are already white, the walls were painted in a very light beige color to create a warmer, homier ambiance.


The beadboard panels and the brass hardware used in the cabinets in this galley kitchen give it a country-style look, but in combination with colorful patterned tiles on the walls, Oak flooring, and a matching butcher’s block countertop, it gives off a more contemporary appeal.

The cabinet base was painted in a dark beige color, contrasting with the white overhead cabinets. A subtle touch that makes the overall look more unique.


The color scheme of this modern kitchen space uses different shades of beige – a beige-stained wood finish for the cabinets and beige-painted walls. Gray backsplash tiles were used to give it a more modern look, and dark beige ceramic tiles were the material of choice for the flooring for ease of maintenance.


Another material alternative to painted cabinets would be laminates or veneers. This modern kitchen features a beige-washed Ash laminate used on all of the cabinets, giving it a clean and soft color that looks fresh and updated.


This classic-style kitchen has all-white cabinets paired with beige marble countertops and beige glass backsplash tiles. The walls were also painted a dark shade of beige for a bit of contrast.


A little texture and pattern were incorporated into this classic style kitchen using dark beige herringbone pattern ceramic tiles for the backsplash. The unique gold and white countertop used on the island also adds to the variety of colors and textures in the space.


If you want a more subtle use of matte-beige in your kitchen, you can use this example. A light ecru shade was used on the island for a very subtle contrast, and similar-toned beige subway tiles were also used for the backsplash—a simple yet well-coordinated look.


The use of wheat-beige paint on the rectangular island in this all-white kitchen adds a subtly homey vibe to the space and helps break out the plainness of white surfaces without taking too much attention.


Because the gray walls, paired with the gray countertop and backsplash, have cool tones, the kitchen cabinets were painted with a light-beige color to bring more warmth to the space and balance out the cool tones. It helps create a balance of cool tones (walls, backsplash and countertop) and warm tones (cabinets and flooring).


Because the beige mosaic tiles on the backsplash already have a bold pattern, a plain-beige solid surface countertop was used for all the countertop surfaces to help tone it down.

beige-kitchen-design-with-brown-granite-countertopsGranite is a really classic material for traditional kitchens, as it is a very sturdy material. The travertine stone used on the backsplash also adds more texture and pattern variety to the space, while still maintaining its traditional appeal.


The soft-beige paint on the walls adds a touch of softness to this all-white kitchen. The use of warm lighting also helps in creating a warmer ambiance for this large floor plan.


Most modern houses have all-white walls and moldings like this. You might want to add a bit of variety by using light-beige laminated panels for your cabinets instead of white to add a bit of variety and give it a little contrast. A light, earthy color will help give warmth to the space while still keeping the kitchen looking bright and modern-looking.


For a more contemporary look, consider using a matte sand-beige laminate for your kitchen cabinets. The matte surface looks very modern and would look good with your shiny, stainless steel appliances, too!


Plain white glossy laminates would’ve stood out too much placed against these wood-paneled walls, but using a light warm-beige laminate could pull the light maple flooring and the walnut wall panels together by helping transition the two colors.


The white quartz countertop pops against the glossy-beige laminates of these cabinets! Many beige kitchen ideas match their interior color with the paint used on the rest of the house, creating a cohesive look throughout the open space plan.


This kitchen uses a bright white flooring material, and to tone it down, the walls were painted off-white, and the laminates used were yellow-beige to help add a bit of color to the space while keeping the neutral color scheme.


Warm-beige tones paired with black accents/hardware create a very elegant & chic contemporary look. This example uses beiges on both the cabinet/drawer faces, as well as the countertops and backsplash. It uses black edge bands for the laminated boards, as well as black hardware, to give a bold contrast that gives a unique, elegant vibe to the space.

kitchen-with-beige cabinets dark wood island-and-bora-bora-beige-quartz

If you have existing light-toned natural wood cabinets, you can use a light-beige stain to give your room a fresh look! This example used a matte light beige-wash/stain on its entire wall cabinet, updating the kitchen look to a more contemporary feel.


This traditional-style design has gorgeous beige travertine flooring throughout the space, which adds a nice warm contrast to the all-white kitchen cabinets. The backsplash also uses the same material for a more coordinated combination of finishes. See more pictures of related antique white cabinets here.

rustic-kitchen-with-distressed beige-cabinets-and-beige-granite-counters-with-olive-green-island

Traditional kitchens look best paired with classic beige granite with bullnose edges. It brings out a timeless classic vibe to your design and is a material that will last you ages! This kitchen with contrasting islands offers a variety of finishes and textures to create visual interest and a feeling of luxury.


For this small kitchen, instead of the usual black granite or white marble countertop, it instead uses dark-beige quartz for its countertop to give it a different vibe than most designs of this size.


Because of the open floor plan, this kitchen shares the same color of beige wall paint as the dining and living areas. The plain white cabinets look great placed against the earthy walls and also complement the travertine tiles used on the backsplash.

kitchen-with-wood-cabinets-and-beige painted-island-with-beige-granite-countertops

The beige-wash finish on kitchen cabinets, paired with light brown ceramic tiles on the floor, helps amplify the rustic appeal of this classic design space. Paired with other traditional furniture pieces and accessories, it successfully creates a modern-rustic vibe.


One of the more simple beige kitchen ideas is to add these colored backsplash tiles above the countertops. This example uses glossy beige subway tiles to add texture and color to the all-white design.

For more related ideas, check out our gallery of cream kitchen cabinets.

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