Yellow Kitchen Walls (Paint Color Ideas)

Here, we share our yellow kitchen walls guide, including if it’s a good choice, the pros and cons, the different ideas, and the ideal paint colors that match this shade.
Kitchen with yellow walls, brown granite and checkered floor

The kitchen in your home serves as the command center for your family, producing nutritious and delicious meals that can energize them for the day. This is why it’s important to style your kitchen in a way that can contribute to the area’s function in the home.

One of the best elements you can use for styling is the kitchen walls. The expanse covered by your kitchen walls can tell you that whatever you put on your walls can affect the ambiance of your kitchen. A simple choice of color or patterns can drastically spruce up and improve your kitchen. But with many colors to choose from, which color is ideal for a kitchen setup?

Is Yellow A Good Color For A Kitchen? 

Kitchen with beige tile backsplash, yellow color walls, oven, white cabinets, backsplash, sink, countertops, and windows

Yes, yellow is a great color option for a kitchen primarily because it is usually associated with appetite stimulation. This means that painting your kitchen this shade can add an inviting vibe to the room that will make you want to eat more. Besides the kitchen, it will also be an excellent color option for your dining room. 

Yellow is also a good color for kitchens that do not get natural light inside. The sunshine color adds visual warmth to the space, giving it the brightness it needs. Besides that, the color is clean enough without looking too clinical, like how white usually appears. And you don’t even need to paint every kitchen wall for the color to produce the necessary effect you’re looking for.

Using Yellow Paint Colors in the Kitchen

We asked interior designer Danielle Porter for her best practices for using yellow paint colors in the kitchen, and here is what she had to say:

The kitchen has always been, and always stands to be, the heart of the home.  If you’re looking to create a statement and a space that exudes culinary creativity, happiness, and energy, yellow may be the accent color for you to use in your space.

Bright and sunny yellow brings warmth and energy to a space, but just as with any other color, it doesn’t elicit that response from everyone.  Before you grab the paintbrush and dive in, it’s important to explore the pros and cons of yellow in your kitchen, the colors to complement it for a cohesive space, and some ideas for specific shades and tones from some of our favorite vendors.

As mentioned, yellow is, in color theory, said to elicit happiness, excitement, and creativity.  There are a lot of other great reasons to bring this vibrant color into your space, including:

  • Creates a warm, homey, and bright atmosphere
  • If your kitchen is on the smaller side, bright colors like yellow can make it feel larger
  • It pairs well with a variety of colors, decoration and patterns and creates a great focal point
  • Complements and works well with a multitude of design styles – traditional, modern, bohemian, and more

On the flip side of color theory, yellow is also said to sometimes elicit a sense of caution, egotism, and even anxiety. 

  • If too much is integrated, it may feel overwhelming
  • Certain shades can make food look unappetizing
  • Can be difficult to pair with some natural wood tones
  • May not be the best choice for a neutral or muted palette

Because the pros and cons of yellow are highly subjective, we always recommend a test wall in your space to see how you feel after a few days before committing to the hue.  Even if you’re looking to bring in the shade to a backsplash or something more permanent than paintget a paint sample that closely matches it and test it before finalizing – you’ll be glad you did!

As with any color, there are a variety of shades and tones of yellow that you can try to hone in on the vibe you’re looking for.  Two of our favorite approaches for the kitchen space are:

  1. Soft and Subtle.  If a subdued look is more your style, try a pastel tone or a buttery yellow.  They’ll bring warmth and brightness without being overwhelming.  This can be a great option for a family-focused kitchen where you want to encourage everyone to gather together and create happy memories around food.

Your Paint Palette: Try out Friendly Yellow (SW 6680) or Lantern Light (SW 6687) from Sherwin WIlliams and Sunny Side Up (367) or Luminaire (374) from Benjamin Moore.

  1. Bold and Bright. For those who love a good, bold accent color, try going with something more saturated.  Think of a sunny yellow-orange or a bright lemon.  This color palette is great for those culinary explorers who like the vibrant energy the color can bring in.

 Your Paint Palette: For Sherwin Williams, give Bee  (SW 6683) or Lemon Twist (SW 6909).  Benjamin Moore’s options might be in the wheelhouse of Sunny Afternoon (356) or Golden Bounty (294).

One of the more difficult questions to answer is about tones and colors we would not recommend.  We recommend avoiding yellows with too much gray or brown in them – they’ll end up reading as muted and muddled and may distort the way your food looks – something you certainly don’t want in your cooking space.

Once you’ve determined your approach, it’s time to pair it up with other colors.  Choosing a complementary color like plums (think grapevines, etc.) or even blues can always be a safe approach; stick to the same saturation and tone.  An analogous palette would bring in tones of either greens or oranges, which can work particularly well in a vibrant kitchen space.

One approach we don’t recommend is a tertiary color palette here unless done subtly – as the tertiary colors for yellow are red and blue – together making the primary color palette.  And when in doubt, a neutral palette of pairing yellow with whites, creams, and lighter shades is always a safe approach.

So, when designing your kitchen space, yellow can be a great option, presuming the shade you’ve selected matches the vibe you’re looking for.  When in doubt, start with one feature wall and then add more once you’ve lived with it and know it’s what you’re looking for. 

By considering the pros and cons, exploring different ideas, and choosing the ideal shade, you can create a beautiful and functional kitchen that reflects your personal style and taste.

Yellow Kitchen Wall Ideas 

Kitchen with white molding, yellow hued countertops, yellow mustard walls, and wood floors

Having white kitchen walls is a stereotype, and while these walls will look clean, they can get too clinical. If you choose yellow kitchen walls, you eliminate that factor in the mix. 

One of the best things about the color yellow is that there are many shades you can consider. You need to find the right shade that can help you produce the ambiance you want for your kitchen. 

It might not be an easy task, especially since there are many shades to consider, from bold and bright ones to mellow and more serene tones. If you need good kitchen accent wall ideas, bright yellow is better to cheer up the space and make the wall stand out.

You can’t use the color on all your kitchen walls since they can be too distracting. And if you are going for something calming and relaxing, light and mellow shades are better to create a homey and comforting ambiance.

Here are some shades of yellow you can consider for your kitchen walls and what they mean for you when you choose them. 

Butter Yellow

Kitchen with butter walls, bar stools, cabinets, pendant lights, and floating shelves

Butter yellow is one of the popular shades you can consider for the walls in your kitchen. Butter-tone kitchen walls can add softness and warmth to the room without overwhelming brightness. They are perfect for hardworking spaces like kitchens, where you cook and work for your food. If you want kitchen walls that stand out, butter is a great color to go to.

For a rustic and old-fashioned aesthetic for your kitchen, match your butter yellow walls to a beadboard ceiling and embossed stainless steel island base above the range. The butter saturation delivers warmth that balances the cool look of the stainless steel. And yes, it can still make your kitchen easily stand out. 

Here are some butter yellow paint colors you can check out if you feel like this shade is worth a try:

Kelly-Moore Sunny Side Up (KM5218)Kelly-Moore Sunny Side Up (KM5218)

Benjamin Moore Golden Groves (313)Benjamin Moore Golden Groves (313)

Behr Daffodil Yellow (380-B4)Behr Daffodil (380-B4)

Valspar Top Banana (3008-1C)Valspar Top Banana (3008-1C)

Modern Yellow

Kitchen with modern yellow paint, cabinets, round table, chairs, countertop, oven, and window curtains

If you envision modern yellow kitchen walls for your home, there are many elements and factors worth considering. Since this is technically not a shade, but leaning more on the style that the kitchenwall uses, there are some ideas you can imitate or use as inspiration, including the following.

• Black and yellow kitchen walls: The combination of black and bright hues features a dramatic aesthetic that makes both colors stand out. This color combo can reinvent the classic 1970s lemon-and-brown kitchen style but in a louder way. 

• Bold yellow accent wall: Use bold shades to accent a wall in your kitchen and place different elements in the same color, like the cabinets or wall decors.  

• Modern yellow farmhouse kitchen: Introduce a rustic kitchen with white cabinetry and exuberant sunshine-hued walls that add warmth to the mix. 

If you want to take a chance at this with modern yellow kitchen walls, here are several paint colors you can use. 

PPG Dilly Dally (PPG1213-6)PPG Dilly Dally (PPG1213-6)

Valspar Sweet Lemon (3006-3B)Valspar Sweet Lemon (3006-3B)

Sherwin-Williams Decisive Yellow (SW6902)Sherwin-Williams Decisive (SW6902)

Soft Yellow

Kitchen with dining area, soft yellow, flat panel cabinets, hanging lights, bar chairs, and windows

If you want something more subtle and calming, you can choose soft yellow kitchen walls at home. Lighter shade kitchen walls are ideal for small rooms since it has the effect of making them appear bigger than they are. This shade can easily match other colors and kitchen elements because of its subtle hue.

If you want to build your serene kitchen, here are additional elements for improvement to consider with your soft yellow kitchen walls. 

Red-toned wooden cabinets (For added richness and elegance)

Pastel green cabinets (For cottage-style appearance)

Black-ish backsplash

Beige backsplash and beige granite countertop

Oil-rubbed bronze faucet

Brown barstools

Tone-on-tone mosaic tiles 

To help you explore your options, here are soft yellow paint colors worth checking out and considering.

Dutch Boy Just Cheeky (212-5DB)Dutch Boy Just Cheeky (212-5DB)

Pittsburgh Paints Pineapple Delight (211-3)Pittsburgh Paints Pineapple Delight (211-3)

Pratt & Lambert Sparkling Wine (15-3)Pratt & Lambert Sparkling Wine (15-3)

Benjamin-Moore Laguna Yellow (291)Benjamin Moore Laguna (291)

Light Yellow

Kitchen with light tone yellow, countertop, wood grain cabinets, sink, and windows

You can also go for something much lighter and enliven your kitchen walls without overwhelming the room. This color palette is usually seen in vintage kitchens but can also be applied in transitional and modern-style kitchens.

This particular yellow color matches well with the following colors and kitchen elements:

Aqua green cabinets

Brown granite countertops

Brown hardwood flooring

Cream and brown colored pottery

Consider the following light yellow paint colors you can use for your kitchen walls. You can easily match them with other colors for your furniture and interior decor elements. 

Behr Pineapple Crush (P320-4)Behr Pineapple Crush (P320-4)

Mythic Paint Lemon Basil (097-3)Mythic Paint Lemon Basil (097-3)

Kelly-Moore Golden Treasure (KM3437-2)Kelly-Moore Golden Treasure (KM3437-2)

What Color Goes With Yellow In A Kitchen? 

Kitchen with track lights, countertops, and yellow accent wall

If you choose this shade for the kitchen, you don’t have to go all the way and paint the walls, cabinets, flooring, and everything else yellow. The best thing you can do is to mix it with other colors that go well with it, creating a stunning palette.

Check out these colors to pair with your yellow walls. 

Yellow And Gray

Sherwin Williams Grayish (SW 6001)Sherwin Williams Grayish (SW 6001)

Gray is a highly flexible color, and you can go light with yellow, then dark with gray, and vice versa. This color is timeless and provides a neutral ground you can work on, and its cool tone balances the brightness delivered by the color. 

• Traditional and retro feel: Light gray and zesty sherbet hues

• Pastel look: Soft gray and pale tones

• Bold look: Dark gray and bold lemon 

• Trendy look: Dark gray and mustard 

• Minimalist look: Sleek gray and bright palette

Yellow And Blue

Sherwin-Williams Endless Sea (SW 9150)Sherwin Williams Endless Sea (SW 9150)

Blue is another lovely color that goes well with this shade, and similar to the effect the gray and yellow combination offers, blue is a cool tone that balances well with its warmth. Yellow is a mood booster, and blue offers a cool and calming effect, balancing each other. 

This color palette showcases and provides Bohemian vibes to your kitchen. Medium hued walls and blue cabinets or types of kitchen countertops will make a good nautical-themed space for preparing meals.

Yellow And White

Grey hueSherwin Williams Extra White (SW 7006)

White is a neutral color that easily matches all colors and acts as an empty canvas you can paint on. The yellow and white color combination is the ideal option for small kitchens, considering it brightens the space and transforms the area into a bigger, lighter, and airier space. Add open shelving to the mix; this is the solution for small kitchens!

With white walls looking very clinical, pairing bright hues adds warmth and a cozy feel to the room. And more than just the welcoming and inviting vibe it produces, bright splashes of the hue on white can also liven up the kitchen. 

Yellow And Black

Black hueSherwin Williams Tricorn Black (SW 6258)

Black is a bold color that matches well with this color and can easily be seen in the color palette of honey bees. So, if you’re going for a dramatic and bold-looking kitchen, the black and yellow color combination is the way to do it. 

The brighter the shade you choose, the bolder it will look with black. But if you want a more subdued combo, go for a lighter shade to soften black’s edginess. You only have to decide on the vibe you want your kitchen to have. 

What Color Cabinets Go With Yellow

Kitchen with pecan cabinets, black oven, stove, countertop, ceiling fan, and yellow toned walls

One of the important elements you need to consider when sprucing up your kitchen is the cabinets. Once you’ve set your decision on yellow walls, you need to take into account the color you will choose for your cabinets.

While going au natural with your cabinets and choosing authentic hardwood works, you can also paint the cabinets with colors that look wonderful with these walls. Here are some colors for the cabinets to explore. 

Monochromatic Colors: The monochromatic color palette doesn’t get old, which can be a good option for your kitchen. You can choose a lighter or darker color than the shade you use for your kitchen walls.

The best thing about choosing monochromatic colors is their stunning and uniform look. Do you tend to have OCD? Then this is a good option for your kitchen!

Lighter & Darker Colors When choosing colors for your cabinet, you can choose lighter or darker colors depending on the effect you want to produce and benefit from. Most often, when the walls are in dark colors, lighter colors are chosen for the cabinets. And this also goes the other way around. 

With yellow walls, you will lean more toward the darker colors because of the brightness of the shade. Darker colors are also perfect for more subdued shades.

Regarding function, lighter colors can make your cabinets look timeless and cleaner. Darker colors can elevate your cabinets to be a statement piece. 

Blue Cabinets: Blue is a popular color match to yellow, and the pair is often considered a classic match. You can use other shades of blue to make your kitchen appear more visually interesting. You can try out pale turquoise cabinets to pair with this hue.

What Color Curtains Go With Yellow

Spacious kitchen with island, bright walls, cabinets, backsplash, curtains, and windows

Besides the kitchen cabinets, curtains can add visual value to the room. And with yellow walls brightening up the entire space, using curtains to add a refreshing element to the kitchen is a good step. But which types of curtains and what colors should you have? 

White Curtains: White curtains look light and refreshing when added to a room with bright walls. Some of the white curtains to pair with your yellow kitchen walls are the following:

Sheer white patterned curtains

White embroidered curtains

White sheer curtain panels

Blue Curtains: When you pair up blue curtains and yellow walls, you get a coastal vibe that can be bold to look at or serene and peaceful, depending on the shades you choose. Explore the following blue curtains for your options:

Teal and white stripes curtains

Navy blue curtains

Blue chevron curtains

Gray Curtains: Gray is a neutral color you can easily pair with any color, even yellow. For your walls, here are some gray curtains worth considering:

Gray and white patterned curtains

Dark gray curtains 

Neutral Earthy Curtains: If you’re going for something close to nature, choosing neutral earthy curtains will make it seem like you are under the sunshine outdoors even when inside your kitchen. Here are excellent earthy-toned curtains:

Beige curtains

Elegant mocha curtains

Dark green curtains

Black Curtains: Do you want to go bold with colors that stand out? You can pair black curtains with sunshine-color walls for your kitchen if you want the room to be eye-catching. One of the best black curtains to consider is that with a black and white pattern. Read more about what color curtains go with yellow walls here.

Pros And Cons Of A Yellow Wall In The Kitchen 

Kitchen with lemon walls, wood floor, countertops, backsplash, and shaker cabinets

If you’re still unsure and hesitant about choosing this shade, weighing the color’s positive and negative effects can help you decide if it’s the best option. 

Pros of a Yellow Wall Kitchen

Kitchen with colorful walls, hanging lights, and windows

Every color produces a specific reaction that can either support or negate the vibe you want your kitchen to have. Yellow is a stimulating color that automatically brings joy and warmth to a space.

Here are more benefits you can get once you choose it for your kitchen walls.

Promotes stimulating conversations

Makes a room look brighter and more welcoming

Can be used as an excellent accent wall and focal point of the room since the bright kitchen wall easily stands out 

Highly versatile and can easily be matched up with other colors (as well as be used for different decor styles and designs)

Comes in various shades (mellow, butter, lemon-tinted, mustard, pastel, sunflower, saffron, golden, autumn, canary, sunset, amber, etc.)

Cons of a Yellow Wall Kitchen

Kitchen with bright hued walls, bamboo cabinets, oven, and sink

Besides the several benefits you can enjoy when you have yellow kitchenwalls, some disadvantages and drawbacks come with that choice.

Some of these are the following:

May induce the feeling of frustration or eye exhaustion if you choose the wrong shade

Requires the right shade of color when considering a combination

With more advantages than disadvantages, it’s safe to assume you’re now leaning more on the sure side of using this buttery shade for your kitchen walls.

How To Decorate A Kitchen With Yellow

Kitchen with open design, yellow painted slat wall, black cabinets and yellow island

Decorating your kitchen with yellow walls is simple if you paint them. While you can create patterns and designs with paint alone, one of the most important steps in decorating the walls of your kitchen is choosing the right shade of paint.

This choice is very important since it will set the vibe of your kitchen. After that choice, here are the simple steps to follow when decorating your kitchen with yellow walls. 

1. Choose the color palette and other colors you plan to use in the kitchen (Make sure it complements the color)

2. Follow the color palette and apply it to the different elements of your kitchen, including the countertops, kitchen cabinets, flooring, and curtains

3. Add splashes of yellow elements all over the room to somehow add twists and surprises to the space

4. Make sure to corroborate all elements and colors to unify and harmonize everything into the chosen color palette and ambiance

See more related content in our article about kitchen wall colors with dark cabinets on this page.

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