What Color Curtains Go with Yellow Walls (11 Best Options)

Here we share what color curtains go with yellow walls, including the ideal hues, suggestions that work well in kitchens, using mustard walls, and interior designs with brown furniture.
What color curtains go with yellow wallsYellow is bright and eye-catching, immediately brightening a room where it’s being used. The color easily represents warmth and happiness, which you’d want in your room for extra motivation.

The thing with lemonkitchen walls, though, is that sometimes it can be intimidating to style and match up. Some get scared of how bright yellow can be that it might be difficult to pair with other colors

If you are wary about what color of curtains you should go for, here are some easy options you might consider.

Quicklist: Curtain Colors That Work Well with Yellow Walls

  • Sheer 
  • Teal or Sea Blue 
  • Textured Dark Brown 
  • Black and White 
  • Green 
  • Rust 
  • Navy Blue 
  • Sheer Beige 
  • Red 
  • Grey 
  • Mocha 

Sheer White Curtains

Sofa chair indoor plant yellow wall white curtainWhether patterned or not, sheer white window treatments are perfect for your amber walls. The sheer white (or almost clear) window treatments will balance the brightness that the saffron walls offer. 

Since it’s sheer, it will also provide a more refreshing and light look. If you want a bohemian look for your room, this is what you are looking for.

White curtains and beige throw pillow accents

You can pair these sheer white draperies with tan curtains, especially if your room has wooden pieces of furniture installed. Combining sheer white and tan window coverings with yellow walls creates a more unified look.

Teal/Sea Blue For A More Coastal Ambiance

Dining room with yellow wall hanging light teal curtainNothing beats teal or sea blue colors if you want a coastal vibe for your room. And yes, they can easily be paired with saffron walls! 

Blue is a good pair for yellow. But you must be careful about what shade of blue you will match up with a specific intensity of canary.

What you can do for a perfect coastal vibe is to choose a less intense hue of mustard. Teal and sea blue are cool colors that balance yellow’s welcoming vibe. 

“Although the in-vogue shades may vary from year to year, such standards as blue and yellow, blue and white, and the all-American red, white, and blue are as popular as ever.” – Better Homes and Gardens Books (Firm), Color Schemes Made Easy

For a rustic feel, though, you might want to go for a yellow that reminds you of sunny seaside morning walks.

Tip: Avoid using blue window shades with patterns not to make the room feel smaller.

Textured Dark Brown Curtains

Living room with yellow walls and brown textured curtains If you want a more modern style room, textured dark brown color curtains work well with bright yellow walls. This classic pair has this warm harmony that is gorgeous and refreshing to look at. 

You will need to consider how intensely yellow your walls are to be able to choose a brown hue that can match. With textured dark brown, though, the color is compatible with light and bright yellow shades. 

If you have wooden furniture inside the room, it will also contribute to the cohesiveness of the design. The brown softens the bright yellow room and adds texture to the vibe.

Black and White Curtains

Black and white curtain color combination Black and white window treatments, plaid or striped, work well with bright yellow walls. It would be better if the yellow you chose for your walls leaned more on the gold shade. The black-and-white combination balances the brightness of the yellow.

Green Curtains

Yellow wall window shutter green curtainYou can also use green window shades to match your yellow walls. This works wonderfully, especially if some plants are installed in the room. 

The solid green color of the curtain somehow brings nature inside your room, and the sunny yellow walls complete the whole experience. This also works well with floral green fabric shades.

Green is also on the same color spectrum as yellow, so you can safely combine the hues of these two colors.

Adding complementary colors, such as red or orange, to a yellow-painted wall can result in a better attention span compared with colors that belong to cool tones, like brown and gray. [Source: NIH]

Smoky Rust-Colored Curtains

Classic living room with yellow walls and rust colored curtains The combination of mustard walls and rust-colored window shades is easy on the eyes, especially since they belong to the same color family. The sheer light through the rust-colored curtains looks good in a yellow-dominated room.

Navy Blue Curtains

Behr Navy Blue (S-H-580)

Blue and mustard are complementary colors, so they go well together. You can match your canary walls with navy blue fabric shades for a soft contrast. 

Make sure, though, that your walls are in pale lemon so that their contrast with the blue will be smooth and elegant rather than forced and overpowering.

You can choose a minimalist navy blue curtain or something with a geometric pattern. The choice is up to you.

Sheer Beige Curtains

Benjamin Moore Burlap Beige (OR-6)

Sheer beige shades can also match your citrine walls. Beige adds more texture and depth to the yellow walls. 

It offers a room a neutral look with natural materials, including wood and plants. So if you have wooden furniture and indoor plants in your room, this is a good option.

What Color Curtains Go With Yellow Walls In the Kitchen?

Kitchen with yellow walls, marble countertop and wood flooringIf your kitchen has saffronwalls and you’re trying to look for compatible fabric shades to go with it, here are some colors to consider:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Black
  • White (Sheer)
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Mocha
  • Pink
  • Silver

These are only a few colors that can go well with daffodil, and it will be up to you what to choose. Be careful when choosing the shades and hues from both colors since they will define the room’s vibe.

Do you want your kitchen wall to be calming or produce a dramatic effect? If it’s the former, go for pastel, muted canary, and cold curtain colors. If it’s the latter, try out warm shades for the lined curtains.

What Color Curtains Go With Mustard Yellow Walls?

Yellow wall wood floor white curtainAnother color that’s difficult to pair up with is mustard. However difficult to match, some colors can go well with it. 

With mustard yellow walls, try out turquoise or azure window coverings. While amber and blue may be complementary colors, choosing the right shades and hues to pair them together is still necessary. Other colors you can try are:

  • Purplish blue
  • Grey
  • Sheer White

What Color Curtains Go with Yellow Walls And Brown Furniture

Living room with wood floor brown furniture

Mustard walls and brown furniture go well together since they showcase nature in its pure essence. Some of the best options you have for the colors of your unlined curtains are:

  • Black and White (Patterned or Printed)
  • Neutral
  • Contrasting Color Palette (Blue and Purple)
  • Monochromatic-themed

These color curtain options can improve the look of any room with brown furniture, especially in your home’s living space.

You can further enhance the room design by using complementary colors in decor and accessories. Add rugs, throws, and cushions with a touch of the wall shade to tie the elements together and create a cohesive space.

See more related content in our article about the different living room color schemes with brown leather furniture on this page.

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