Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets (Door Styles, Colors & Ideas)

 The simplicity, charming aesthetics, and down-home appeal of farmhouse style kitchens continue to capture the hearts of homeowners and designers alike, making it one of the most well-loved kitchen design styles up to this day. Warm, welcoming, and projecting a deep sense of country comfort, the farmhouse kitchen style is one of the simplest and most practical kitchen design styles.

Kitchen with shiplap walls and white cabinets

Before it was even considered an architectural and interior design style, the American farmhouse style was more of a functional home – one that caters to the needs of farmers and families centered around farm life.

With this original intention, different styles were combined throughout the years to produce a practical home. Essentially, the countryside look reflects its American heritage through simple and informal design features charming historic elements with an inspiration from nature.

The farmhouse kitchen style is characterized by being unpretentious, functional, and straightforward. Traditionally, people would make use of whatever it is that is available to build their homes. Thus, the result is a more rugged and rustic appearance. Everything was homespun and handcrafted, making the space feel more lived-in and home-like. [toc]

Kitchen with blue base cabinets and rustic wood island

To meet the daily routines of farmhouse living, farmhouse style kitchens were designed to cater to large families, to entertain the community with a sense of welcoming hospitality, and to provide a high amount of comfort.

The kitchen cabinetry became one of its key facets in design, and it directly reflected what the true farmhouse style was about – simple, functional, and practical.

Below, we explore some of the key design features of Farmhouse kitchen cabinets to help you decide whether their laid-back vibe and captivating charm are the right fit for your home. (Visit this page to see our full list of kitchen cabinet styles)

Characteristics of Farmhouse Cabinets

Kitchen with large island and wood floors

Here are some other characteristics of farmhouse style kitchen cabinets.

Down home feelIn general, the farmhouse kitchen style is characterized by natural coziness and comfort, which reminds us of a well-lived home. Farmhouse style kitchen cabinets are laid back, casual, and less formal as compared to country style kitchens.

Unpretentious design – Farmhouse style kitchen cabinets are characterized by a simple and straightforward design. Unlike French country kitchen cabinets, which are heavy on the details and put emphasis on ornamentation, farmhouse style kitchen cabinets have simple lines that are accentuated with plain trims and paneling.

Natural materialsJust like the country kitchen cabinet style, the farmhouse kitchen cabinet style takes inspiration from nature and aims to bring the outdoors in through the use of natural materials such as solid hardwoods.

Rustic appeal and homespunFarmhouse style kitchen cabinets have a strong rustic appeal. Rugged elements and materials in their natural finish are abundantly used in this kitchen style. Part of the design of farmhouse style kitchen cabinets is complementing decor such as handcrafted and vintage accessories.

Reclaimed wood and vintage accents – Reclaimed wood is typically used as an accent for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets.

Textured touchesAnother key feature of farmhouse style kitchens, in general, are textured finishes and surfaces, which are typically inherent to natural materials.

Textured touches are also often incorporated into farmhouse style kitchen cabinetry through the use of mixed materials such as glass inserts, reclaimed wood accents, and trims.

White and light colorsThe general color palette of farmhouse style kitchen cabinets is airy and bright, making use of white and light hues as the primary color for farmhouse style kitchen cabinetry.

Kitchen with light wood cabinets and beige granite countertops

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Design

The use of natural materials and surfaces is also a trademark of the true farmhouse kitchen style. The main material for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets is natural solid wood.

Unlike modern kitchen cabinets, which usually feature synthetic materials such as laminates or thermofoil, farmhouse style kitchen cabinets abundantly make use of wood throughout their design.

This is simply because the farmhouse kitchen style is geared towards creating a naturally cozy atmosphere and aims to bring the outdoors in through the use of natural materials.

Quality hardwoods such as cherry, maple, oak, and pine are the most popular choices for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets. If cherry is the signature wood of craftsman style kitchen cabinets and oak is tantamount to country style kitchen cabinets, pine is the traditional favorite for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets.

Pine is a type of softwood that has a natural pale yellow color. Pine is the only species of softwood that is used for kitchen cabinetry and compared to hardwood, pine dents easily. However, its strength and quality is usually reinforced through pressure treatment before use. 

Common species of pine used for farmhouse style kitchen cabinetry are Eastern white pine and Western white pine.  

Pine is a popular choice for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets because its inherent knotty appearance makes it a perfect fit for the down-home appeal of the rustic, farmhouse style.

Pine can either be left in its natural yellowish color or treated with wood stains to achieve a different tone. Alternatively, pine can also be painted in white or any farmhouse kitchen cabinet color as it takes in finishes very well. Kitchen with cabinets, green island, wood beams, flooring & shiplap ceiling

The modern farmhouse kitchen style is known for re-purposing and for giving old items a new look. Re-purposing creates a timeworn feel and also renders a more rugged appeal to a farmhouse style kitchen setting.

Another popular material for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets is reclaimed wood. Distressed wood or reclaimed wood are salvaged old pieces of wood or used lumber that are utilized for a new purpose to create new furniture, cabinetry, decorative accents, or accessories in a space.

Reclaimed wood can be used in a farmhouse style kitchen setting in so many ways. Whether for cabinet doors or for open shelving units, distressed wood provides a more rustic appeal. It can also be used as a decorative wooden hood cover for concealing range hoods, pipes, and exhaust systems in a kitchen.

Finishes for Farmhouse Cabinets

Kitchen with wood base island, under cabinet lighting and white windows

In general, the farmhouse kitchen style is also known for its unpretentious design and timeworn appeal. With that in mind, farmhouse style kitchen cabinets are typically left in their natural finish, or treated with a light-colored paint, rather than being covered in synthetic materials such as high-pressure laminates.

Paint is the primary finishing material for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets. Unlike craftsman style kitchen cabinets, which put a premium on natural dark, rich, heavy woods, or the classic country style, which also showcases wood in stain finish, the farmhouse style is set apart from the rest by its white and light-colored kitchen cabinetry.

White paint, in particular, is the most common finish for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets. While in some cases, white is substituted by mellow colors like beige, off-white, cream or soft shades of yellow, powdery blues, cool gray, and lavender. You can learn more about the common colors for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets as we go on with this article.

Paint for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets is typically plain, solid, and smooth. This regular finish creates a more simple and casual aesthetic while functioning as a perfect complement to rustic decor and other rough textures and finishes.  

Farmhouse style kitchen cabinets do not have the heavy and ornate finish of French country kitchen cabinets. However, in some cases distressing is also used if a more aged appearance is desired. Distressing creates an authentic, weathered look and is perfect if you are geared towards the antiques and vintage decor.

Kitchen with single basin farmhouse sink and sliding barn door

Another popular finish for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets is the raw or unfinished look. The natural or unfinished look for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets is often used to project a rugged appeal.

Pinewood, for example, looks exquisite in its natural finish, and when treated with a clear coat of wood stain, its natural knots and grains are highlighted.

Staining can also be used as a finishing for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets. Aside from clear stains, which enhance the inherent graining pattern and color of wood, wooden farmhouse style kitchen cabinets may also be treated with medium to dark colored stains to give them a whole new color.

However, staining is still less commonly used for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets as compared to white paint.

Popular Design Details for Farmhouse Style Cabinets 

Kitchen with window seat and island breakfast bar

Here are some common decorative details used for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets:

Simple Moldings – Compared to the highly ornamental French country kitchen cabinet design, details in farmhouse style kitchen cabinets are less heavy on the eyes.

Decorative trims with simple profiles can be found around the center panel of kitchen cabinet doors or above the perimeter of overhead kitchen cabinets.

These decorative moldings are also carried out along windows found in the kitchen to emphasize their scale and give them prominence.

Kitchen with raised panel cabinets and wood oven hood

Wooden hood cover – The vent hood is one of the key spots to display rustic farmhouse details. A trademark of farmhouse style kitchens are wooden hood covers whose design was based on craps of short, random pieces of wood which are reclaimed and joined together to build a canopy or a vent hood.

Range hood appliances are typically made up of metal in order to fit a more traditional kitchen setting.

Wooden hood covers are added above the stovetop to create a more uniform, consistent look while serving the practical function of concealing ducting, pipes, and kitchen exhaust systems.

Wooden hood covers may either be highly decorative or plain, but for farmhouse style kitchens, they are usually made up of reclaimed wood in a natural finish to fit the rustic appeal of this kitchen cabinet style.

It also takes on different shapes, such as a simple box shape or a tapered shape, which typically runs from the ceiling down to the termination of the range hood.

Kitchen with beadboard cabinets and two level bar island

Beadboard –  Beadboard panels are a popular feature of farmhouse, country, and cottage inspired homes. Beadboard panels are a series of long, narrow wood planks that are joined together at an upright, vertical position.

It is traditionally used as a decorative wall treatment but later on became well-known as a cabinet door design.

Aside from being used as a treatment for farmhouse style kitchen cabinet doors, beadboard panels may also be added as the backsplash, detailing on center island faces, or accent walls to contribute country charm to kitchens. You can learn more about beadboard cabinet doors as we go on with this article.

Kitchen with open shelves, rustic table and gray sliding door

Open shelves – Open shelves are usually added to farmhouse style kitchen cabinets for displaying rustic accessories and auxiliary items such as knick-knacks and choice dinnerware, cookware or decorative items like mason jars.

Farmhouse Style Cabinet Doors

Farmhouse style cabinet doors are known for their comfy and casual or laid-back vibe. Its design is more basic and less formal compared to the rich details of a French country inspired cabinet design.

The straightforward design of farmhouse style cabinet doors is often accentuated with simple details like glass inserts or a wooden beadboard panel.

Here are some popular cabinet door designs which are popularly used for farmhouse style cabinets:

Single line kitchen with white shaker cabinets

Shaker style cabinet doors – Shaker style cabinet doors are one of the iconic trademarks of farmhouse kitchen settings.

By definition, a Shaker style cabinet door is a five piece door that has a recessed center panel.

Although its mostly used in contemporary and modern inspired settings, Shaker style cabinet doors are a favorite for farmhouse kitchens because of their charm, simple aesthetics, and laid-back appeal.  

Shaker style cabinet doors have a clean look, which makes them a perfect match for the unpretentious design aesthetic of farmhouse style cabinets.

Farmhouse style cabinets with Shaker style cabinet doors are typically made up of quality hardwood such as maple, quartersawn oak, or hickory, which are usually left in their raw, natural finish.

Alternatively, they can be painted in white or light colored paint to give farmhouse style kitchens a more airy feel.

Kitchen appliances with antique blue finish and cabinets with beadboard panels

Beadboard style cabinet doors  Beadboard style cabinet doors are a signature look of country, farmhouse, and cottage style kitchens.

Traditionally used as a decorative wall treatment for bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms before plastering and drywall became famous, a beadboard panel is a row of narrow wood planks that are lined up vertically. Each piece of the wood plank has a little ridge in between, and this joint where each plank meets is called a “bead”.

Beadboard panels are traditionally made using tongue and groove connection to perfectly join the pieces of planks together in a uniform single panel with vertical slats.

However, for beadboard cabinet doors, the grooves or ridges are just carved into the center panel of the wood to simulate the look of traditional beadboard panels.

Typically, beadboard cabinet doors for farmhouse style cabinets are painted in white or a light-colored paint. They contribute a rustic feel and cottage charm to kitchens, making them feel more homespun and cozy. Beadboard style cabinet doors are tantamount to quaint country essence.

However, there is one major drawback of using beadboard cabinet doors, which is the maintenance it requires. The grooves and slats in between the cabinet door can be hard to clean, as dirt and grime can easily get stuck, but with a little wiping, your beadboard style cabinet doors can maintain their natural beauty.

Kitchen with glass door cabinets and subtway tile backsplash

Glass cabinet doors –  Glass cabinet doors may be used as accent doors to highlight a portion of farmhouse style cabinetry, or it may be used to furnish a whole wall of overhead cabinets.

Cabinet doors with clear glass inserts are often used to display cookware, dinnerware, and chic containers to reflect a down-home theme. In addition, glass cabinet doors also give farmhouse kitchens an overall open and airy feel. In terms of functionality and accessibility, glass cabinet doors also give full visibility of the contents inside the storage; thus, it is easier to look for something you need.  

Clear glass is the most common type of glass used for country-inspired cabinet doors. Alternatively, leaded glass or stained glass panels may be used as doors for farmhouse style cabinets for a true farmhouse flair. To improve the look and functionality of glass cabinet doors for farmhouse style cabinets, task or interior cabinet lighting may be added.

Chicken wire cabinet doorsFarmhouse style cabinets are known for their down-home appeal, and to create a more laid-back “countryside” and farm-like vibe, cabinet doors are sometimes also treated with chicken wires.

This is also a good way to give existing cabinets a rustic update. Replacing existing cabinet doors with chicken wire fastened to a frame is a quick, easy, and cost-effective fix to create a farmhouse style kitchen.

Other popular cabinet door designs used for farmhouse style cabinets are recessed panel doors, raised panel doors, and flat panel doors.

Farmhouse-Inspired Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen with ceramic farmhouse sink, faucet and single hung windows


Hardware for farmhouse style kitchen commonly has an antique finish and a simple profile. Cabinet pulls, knobs, and handles do not have a highly ornamented surface, but instead they are straightforward and functional.

Common types of cabinet hardware for this design aesthetics are wire pulls, knobs, cups, and bin pulls. Wire pulls are simple handles that are used for cabinet doors, while cup and bin pulls are typically used for drawers.

Knobs, on the other hand, are small cabinet hardware that is attached to cabinet doors or drawer faces using a single face. They are generally round but also come in other forms, such as square, rectangle, oval, crystal, or novelty.

Country-inspired cabinet knobs have simple shapes and are typically made up of metal in a dark color finish. There are also some other designs which make use of porcelain and wood. Knobs for these cabinet styles may also include designs that are printed on the surface, such as flowers, gingham patterns, roosters, etc.

Cup bins and pulls are the signature hardware of traditional style cabinetry, but rather than being used for cabinet doors, these are typically utilized for drawers. Their old-fashioned charm and vintage beauty make them the perfect cabinet hardware for these cabinets.

Cup bins and pulls are characterized by their half-moon or semi-circular shape. Cup bins and pulls are installed with the open side facing downward and uncle open pulls and handles. This can only operated on one side.

There are also cabinet accessories that are made to fit the country-inspired style specifically, and these designs often feature interesting pastoral and country-themed details like a small rooster motif, a printed gingham pattern, or a hand-painted floral or leaf motif.

Some have decorative backplates that feature carved details and cutouts. Metal, porcelain, and glass are also popular materials for country-inspired cabinet hardware.

Cabinet Hardware Finishes

Kitchen with fluted apron sink with metal pull hardware

The country-style cabinet hardware finishes are generally antique-looking, rugged, timeworn, and dark in color.

Black and dark brown cabinet hardware are commonly used with country-inspired cabinets. Strong dark colors in a deep, warm finish give a historic feel and produce great contrast with white cabinets.

Some of the common finishes for country-inspired cabinet hardware are:

BlackBlack is the primary color of country-inspired cabinet hardware. This creates a strong statement and offers a contrast to the signature light color of country style cabinetry.  Black cabinet hardware also has a vintage and old-fashioned feel.

Venetian BronzeThe color of Venetian bronze cabinet hardware is very dark and it is almost close to black. But one of its unique attributes is the appearance of deep brown undertones. In terms of appearance, Venetian bronze is darker than oil-rubbed bronze.

Just like black metal cabinet hardware, Venetian bronze also pairs well with country-style cabinetry because it brings a stark element of contrast. When paired with cottage cabinetry, Venetian bronze cabinet hardware adds a strong rustic vibe.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze – Oil-rubbed bronze is characterized by a very dark color, which ranges from deep chocolate brown to dark gray with copper undertones. It simulates the appearance of aged bronze through the use of chemicals, and compared to Venetian bronze, oil-rubbed bronze has a lighter color and a more matte surface.

The dark color of oil-rubbed bronze is a perfect match to white and beige-colored cabinets.

Old AntiqueOld antique cabinet hardware is abundantly used in traditional cabinetry because of the Old World, historic, and timeworn feel. Their rustic appearance makes them a perfect fitting choice for the rugged aesthetics of the rustic country cabinets.

Old antique cabinet hardware is characterized by a unique deep chocolate brown and is well suited for light-colored and white cottage-style cabinetry.

Farmhouse Design Kitchen Colors

Kitchen with off white marble countertops and cabinets in off white finish

The farmhouse style is all about creating a cozy atmosphere and projecting a sense of laid-back comfort. To create such an environment, the color palette of country-inspired kitchens is light and bright in general and more easy on the eyes.

You will not see the deep, rich hues that are authentic to the French country style, but instead, cottage-inspired kitchens are predominantly neutral. Whites, grays, and shades of brown are a staple in this type of kitchen aesthetics. The accent colors are usually mellow to promote a cheery ambiance and a charming look.

Kitchen with bianco carrara marble counters and exposed beam ceiling

Farmhouse-inspired kitchens heavily make use of whites in their overall color palette. Thus it is also the most popular cabinetry color for this setting. White cabinets and rustic wood elements are tantamount to country-styled kitchen aesthetics.

Beige, creams, and off-whites are also more widely used than dark woods.

Other alternatives for country-inspired cabinet colors are soft, muted shades like cool grays, soft blues, beige, and light taupe.

Natural wood finishes are also common in country-inspired cabinets. Light and medium-stained woods with prominent graining patterns are more favored in projecting natural coziness and warmth to a space.

Country-inspired cabinets are also often left unfinished in their distinct natural colors or enhanced with wood stains. Wooden ones in a natural finish also give the space a more rustic feel.

White Cabinets

Kitchen with white flat paneled cabinets and white moldings

White is the signature color of country house cabinets. White cabinets generally help make kitchens feel brighter and airier. Aside from the classic charm that white cabinets project, they also have a more casual look as compared to dark, heavy, and rich wood.

As mentioned,  kitchens with white cabinets are easier on the eyes as compared to kitchens with natural finished or stained wooden cabinets. They are less formal looking and provide added versatility and flexibility in terms of design.

White cabinets are a farmhouse style setting that allows the homeowner to easily mix and match decor, furniture, and furnishings within the space.

In addition, white cabinets also pair well with almost anything, so one can easily experiment with wall colors, flooring, and backsplash material as well. It also provides a good way to introduce other colors which will add more life to country-inspired kitchens.

White cabinets also match well with any type of cabinet hardware finish, allowing you to create contrast or harmony within the overall color scheme.

In summary, white cabinets function as a neutral backdrop that creates a flexible setting for introducing splashes of color throughout your palette.

White cabinets are also ideal for small kitchens as they create an illusion of a bigger space. White cabinets also bounce off natural light better, thus creating a more illuminated, fresher and airy feel for the home.

Another major advantage of using white country house-inspired cabinets is that they are timeless and are proven to never go out of fashion. Especially when paired with browns and natural woods, this classic combination can stand up to the test of time.

Kitchen with cream cabinets and beige granite counters with olive island

As an alternative to the bright, crisp color of white, beiges, creams, and off-white may also be used as a paint color for cabinets. Beige has a slightly yellowish tinge that adds a subtle amount of warmth to the color palette while still functioning as a neutral base.

So, in terms of pairing and matching with accessories, decor, and furnishings, beige cabinets are also easy to work with.

Another popular option for country-inspired storage units is the distressed white finish, in which the surface of the cabinets is subjected to repetitive sanding and distressing, then covered with a top coat of antique glaze.

Distressed white countryside-styled cabinets can be used if you want to render a more timeworn feel or weathered appeal. Alternatively, white country chic cabinets may also be left in a plain, smooth finish and matched with antique hardware if a more casual setting is desired.

To add interest to country-look kitchens with white cabinets, make sure to combine cabinetry with wooden accents. These wooden accents may be introduced as a wooden hood cover, as a decorative trim or as paneling.

Combining white country home-inspired cabinetry with wood accents creates contrast and diversity, making the space less dull and boring. The use of rough textures and complementing natural materials can also help enhance the rustic flair in this cooking space with white cabinets.

To produce a more rustic-inspired setting, pair white country house-inspired cabinetry with light natural stone counters such as limestone, soapstone, or marble.

Alternatively, feature a classic butcher block or wooden countertop to go with white country chic designed cabinetry. White and brown are considered a “favorite” in the country home aesthetics because of the natural coziness that they render to a space.

Country Farmhouse Elements

Kitchen with dual sinks and knotty wood type cabinets

The countryside-inspired culinary space, in general, is best known for its warmth and comfort, distinct down-to-earth appeal, homespun look, and abundant use of natural materials, so in essence, the country and farmhouse interior designs are alike in so many ways.

The country design aesthetics branches out to different inspirations such as the English country, French country, country farmhouse, etc., compared to its French country and English country counterparts, the country home look offers a more laid-back vibe and down-home atmosphere.

The rustic country look is typically dark, heavy, and antique-looking. At the same time, country-inspired kitchens project a more toned-down look through the use of simple wooden cabinetry, light-colored natural stone countertops, reclaimed wood accents, plaid and gingham cloths, rustic wooden utensils, mason jars, vintage tin cans, antique farm equipment, farm animal decors, and artwork.

In summary, they are less traditional looking and have a less formal and lighter ambiance that gives guests a welcoming and highly comforting feel.

If the country-home-inspired signature look is white painted cabinets, country-inspired cabinetry abundantly uses wood in a natural finish. This cabinetry design combines an unpretentious design with natural elements and textures to create a rugged aesthetic and rustic appeal.

Kitchen with custom range hood and porcelain flooring

Country-inspired cabinetry also has minimal decor but instead puts priority on practicality, functionality, comfort, and simple living.  

Some common cabinet door designs featured in country home-designed cabinet casework are flat panel doors, Shaker style doors, raised panel doors, and recessed panel doors.

Simple trims and decorative molding paced along the borders of the center panels and above the overhead cabinets or base cabinets are also used as decor for this type of cabinet styling.

In some cases, a more artistic touch is added to country house cupboard design by using rich detailing and carvings that feature scenes and pastoral settings.

Countryside-inspired storage units also focus on a sturdy build that ensures the cabinets last a lifetime. To make sure that the country-inspired cabinet has a long lifespan,  natural materials like hardwoods are abundantly used and fitted well during construction.

Country home-inspired cabinet units are typically constructed from high-quality solid wood like cherry, oak, maple, redwood, fir, and pine.

Farmhouse Design Ideas For Your Kitchen

Creating a true country home-inspired culinary space not only requires well-designed cupboards but also needs attention up to the smallest detail in the space. Incorporate the following accessories into your cabinetry to bring that down-home comfort to your home. Here are some country-style storage space design ideas to try for your home:

FWhite apron style sink with wood cabinetryFarmhouse sink with apron overhang 

Add a farmhouse sink An important feature in a country home-inspired cabinetry is a deep, oversized sink that has a large apron. It is generally larger compared to regular sinks and is usually top-mounted over base cabinets.

Traditionally, this sink style was meant for storing larger amounts of water during the time when it was still fetched from wells or a nearby body of water. It was also traditionally used for preparing large meals, washing big pots and pans, doing the laundry, or even bathing a baby.

The idea behind these sinks is to enable the user to stand directly in front of the sink, with no countertop or cabinet in between.

These sinks are very popular nowadays and are widely available in the market. They are typically made up of porcelain, cast iron, or stainless steel and are very durable.

Portable white island with beige wallsPortable island with wood countertop

Use butcher’s block or wooden countertopsWhite cabinetry and chunky butcher’s block countertops are a classic combination for country home-designed kitchens.

A favorite in true country home-inspired cooking areas, and butcher blocks add natural warmth and coziness while bringing in contrast to white cabinetry in a space. In addition to aesthetics, butcher blocks, and wooden countertops are highly durable and can serve different functions in food preparation, such as kneading the dough and chopping ingredients.

Display vintage accessories and country-inspired decor in open cabinetry –  Cupboards and drawers are also often combined with other rustic elements and decor to reflect that distinct down home feel.

Vintage accents and old-fashioned accessories are also displayed in the cabinets to create a more “lived-in” feel. Enhance the look of culinary storage units with simple dinnerware, cookware, and flatware arranged in tasteful combinations or display antique and vintage tins. Mason jars are also another trademark of true country-inspired decor.

Kitchen rooster hanging pot rackKitchen rooster pot rack

Add a touch of rooster decorRooster decor is commonly found in country-look culinary spaces to reflect the countryside or farm-style living.

Adorn countertops, open shelves, and cabinetry with rooster home accessories to add a chic and playful touch.

Rooster decor is available as carved figurines, metal art, artwork, or painting or as motifs for jars, tissue holders, dinnerware, glassware, and other culinary tools. It is also often used as prints for textiles and soft furnishings like tea towels, curtains, pot holders, etc.

Add texture for a more rustic vibeTo create variation in texture, combine different materials to complete the look of culinary spaces with rustic charm.

Use textured or unfinished wood, natural stone, and other materials that can add depth and dimension to the overall design of the space.

To tone down the hard surfaces and add a welcoming relief in a country home-inspired cooking space, incorporate plants and baskets into countertops, open shelves, and cabinetry.

Repurpose old items Charm can be added to a true country home culinary space by using old items for a new purpose.

Old pieces such as recycled jars, bottles, antique tin cans, and old wood are given new life as part of the decor in a country chic cabinetry.

Use salvaged or reclaimed woodIn conjunction with repurposing, old and reclaimed wood can be used as accents in a country home-inspired culinary space to give it a more rustic feel.  

Create a statement in your culinary space using old wood as a wall accent, decorative trim or molding, or a wooden hood cover. You can also use it to create a grander feature in your culinary space as a bar center island, or small built-in breakfast nook.

Alternatively, reclaimed wood can be used as exposed ceiling beams to create a more natural feel for a country house-inspired culinary space.

Rustic wood barstools with adjustable height seatsRustic wood bar stools with adjustable seat

Alternatively, shiplap for culinary cabinetry can also be used as part of this look. Shiplap is a type of wooden board that is commonly used as an exterior siding for constructing rustic buildings such as residences and secondary structures like sheds and barns. Shiplap has an unfinished look and is roughly sawn.

Unprimed spruce is one of the cheapest forms of shiplap. It is very versatile in terms of use and does not only work in exterior applications but for interiors as well.

Use shiplap as wall paneling for country home-inspired kitchens, or use it to accentuate the face of a center island for a more rustic character. See more shiplap kitchens here.

Farm table made of driftwood, console table and benchWood farm table in driftwood color finish

Complement country home inspired culinary storage units with a “farm table” – If the space in your home permits, pair farmhouse-inspired storage units with a classic farm table.

Farm tables are made up of long planks of high-quality wood, such as oak, which are fitted closely together to create sturdy furniture. Match farm tables with chairs that have legs or backs that feature rich details and carvings of farm houses and pastoral scenes.

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