25 Beautiful Shiplap Kitchens (Design Ideas)

Here, we share lovely shiplap kitchens and our gallery of design ideas showcasing layouts of boards on the walls, ceilings, and islands.Kitchen with white shiplap island and marble stone counters

Lately, interior design trends have seen many comebacks from past styles, updated and contextualized into contemporary applications. One of those trends is modern farmhouses, which, as its name suggests, mixes the clean lines and simple elements of modernism with the texture, rawness/rustic quality of farmhouses.

One particular aspect of farmhouses we have seen more often recently is shiplap boards. These wall planks have been incorporated into many contemporary applications, whether on the walls, ceiling, or cabinetry.

Shiplap is easy to combine with more contemporary styles because it’s subtle enough to blend in, but it also has a distinct look that you can easily associate with farmhouse / rustic-style interiors.

Aside from that, they’re fairly easy to install, they are now made in various materials (which you can choose depending on the application area or your budget), and they also come in many different sizes and colors. It’s a very easy way to “enhance” the look of any modern space.

If you want that subtle touch of rustic feel into your kitchen, putting these tongue and groove boards on your kitchen island or cabinets is an easy way to do it. The picture above shows shiplap boards on a small kitchen island. The boards were finished in the same color as the island, making it very subtle and blending in the contemporary look of the space.

Kitchen Shiplap Wall Ideas

Beautiful kitchen with cabinetry in bright white, shiplap surround island, wood beam ceiling, sliding barn doors and open wooden shelving

For kitchens with paneled cabinetry, it could be easier to install shiplap boards on your walls instead. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can experiment with wide boards, narrow boards, or even horizontal and vertical applications.

A very basic white paint color on these tongue and groove boards makes them subtly blend into the background yet still gives enough depth and texture to your room.

Beautiful kitchen with vertical shiplap, subway tiling, marble surfaces and hardwood flooring

Featuring French-style kitchen cabinets, this all-white design uses vertical shiplap boards on its wall to give the illusion of a higher ceiling height.

Kitchen with blue island, white horizontal shiplap, black pendant lights and sconce

Using a slightly narrower board and a muted light cream color, these horizontal shiplap make the space look more balanced and symmetrical.

Kitchen with walls that use shiplap-look panels, cabinets in white and wood countertops

Adding the wide horizontal boards on these walls completes the rustic farmhouse look this design is going for. The boards are also a nice “grid line” you can follow when installing wall-mounted shelves and accessories.

Kitchen with gap plank shiplap on one wall, with sunken refrigerator, white base cabinets and tile to ceiling backsplash

The nickel gap wall planks provide a visual continuity to the subway tiles pattern behind the counter walls. But unlike subway tiles, these tongue and groove boards are easier and faster to install.

Kitchen with little niche with shiplap accent wall backsplash

If you don’t have that much wall space in your kitchen to play around with, you can also consider putting the boards as your counter backsplash. Remember to keep it in dry areas using wood or other materials that easily warp with moisture.

You can also treat your paneled kitchen backsplash with a waterproof and heat-resistant clear coat sealer.

Shiplap Office Nook

Kitchen with black quartz, shiplap office nook and built in desk

Horizontal planking in office nooks also adds a nice textural element to the surface and is also a useful guideline for installing frames and other wall-mounted accessories.

Shiplap Bar

Kitchen with cabinet nook with painted boards and shelving

You can also install shiplap on areas you want to highlight or become the focal point. In this layout, for example, the small bar nook’s wall was clad with white-painted tongue and groove boards, making it stand out against the light taupe-painted walls of the kitchen.

 Shiplap Dining Nook

Kitchen with dining nook, eat-in island, white quartz slab countertops

For this open plan kitchen, adding the light sage green boards on the walls of the banquette seating/dining area gives it an illusion that it is a separate space because of the difference in texture/pattern, even if technically, there is no wall separating it from the kitchen and the living area. See more shiplap dining rooms here.

Shiplap Wainscoting

Kitchen with shiplap panel wainscoting and white and glass door cabinets

If you don’t want to cover your whole wall with paneling (especially for those concerned with dust/dirt build-up between board grooves), a nice alternative is to install them on your walls as wainscoting. It gives a renovation the same subtle rustic effect but is only installed in accessible heights, making maintenance easier.

Small Kitchen With Shiplap

Small kitchen with butcher block island, and shiplap wainscoting

This layout shows a creative way to conceal the unused space above your kitchen cabinets. Instead of keeping it open (which usually results in dust accumulation), false beams were added and clad with horizontal planks to make it part of the design story.

Shiplap Ceiling In Kitchen

White kitchen with arched shiplap design ceiling and gray beadboard island

If your space has a gorgeous gabled ceiling like this example, you can spice it up using boards to add texture and bring more attention to the ceiling.

Nowadays, you can get them in a variety of materials, finishes, and textures, so if solid wood is out of your budget or if your area is prone to termites, you might consider using uPVC with tongue and groove boards instead.

Cottage kitchen with wall planks, open shelving, big basin sink

The horizontal board placement on the walls and ceiling adds a sense of continuity and harmony for simple rustic-style paneled kitchens. Open shelving and window ledge make an excellent place to bring in decor items to reinforce the country or farmhouse style you want.

Kitchen with wood board accent wall, granite island and white recessed panel cabinets

Using a plain white shiplap ceiling design helps tone down the dark, warm tones of the flooring and the accent wall, creating a more balanced look for this cooking and dining space.

Galley kitchen with walls and ceiling made of shiplap

The narrow boards used on the ceiling of this small galley kitchen give it a very retro vibe that perfectly matches the overall style of the space. These boards around the sink faucet and appliances like the oven and microwave must be properly sealed to avoid damage and make cleanup easier.

Shiplap Backsplash In The Kitchen

Kitchen with rustic board backsplash, cabinets in off-white and black range hood

For areas not exposed to too much moisture or heat, adding planks on the backsplash instead of using stone gives it a bit more grit and character, typical of country-style homes. See more pictures of shiplap kitchen backsplash here.

Shiplap backsplash

In this closeup of the shiplap backsplash in the kitchen, you can see how the tongue and groove planks were used to create a stylish design around the custom oven hood. Before installing these boards yourself, you’ll want to consider your options.

Use a heat-resistant, Fire-rated Class 1 paneling with tongue and groove joints for any area around the stovetop. Further, protect it by sealing the product with a waterproof clear coat. During installation, make sure the board edges are not directly on the countertop, and caulk the gap to prevent any water from touching the wood.

Farmhouse kitchen with shiplap backsplash and cream color cabinets

The use of shiplap for the backsplash in this example demonstrates how it can be used as a visual guideline when deciding on your open shelf heights.

Shiplap On The Kitchen Island

If you’re not ready to invest in covering your whole wall or ceiling with boards, maybe applying them on your kitchen island is enough to achieve the look you want. However, using this paneling for the ceiling and island together creates a harmonious design that works well together.

Kitchen with ceiling boards and pillar legged island, white cabinets and dark wood flooring

This shiplap installation on the kitchen island fascia is subtle yet is enough to give off that rustic home vibe.

Kitchen with tongue and groove island, white cabinetry, quartz countertops and shiny tile

This is another great example of kitchen islands with painted boards. The island boards perfectly match the wall cladding used on the range hood cover, creating symmetry and harmony in the overall look.

Large kitchen with shaker cabinets, gray shiplap accent island with marble countertops

This beautiful design uses subtle gray shiplap accent boards for the sides of its large island. The color of the boards perfectly matches the gray subway tile backsplash and provides a soothing contrast to the white shaker-style cabinetry.

Kitchen with custom painted plank island

Homeowners can implement the design style on the front of an island with great results. By using wider boards, this central island looks bigger than it is!

Shiplap home bar with bar stools and stained cabinets

Rather than a regular kitchen design, this space is a basement home bar with a lapped peninsula and bar stool seating. The light gray paint used for the kitchen peninsula contrasts nicely with the darker wall paint and dark wood cabinetry, while pendant lighting, light color carpet, and geometric backsplash help to keep the overall design bright.

Kitchen with reclaimed wood island, hood, white cupboards and gray subway tile backsplash

This example is a great reminder that shiplap boards don’t come only in white (although it’s the most popular). The kitchen island in this example is clad with weathered wood planks, giving each board a unique tint and texture. Visit this page for more reclaimed wood kitchen islands.

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