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Types Of Scents For Candles

Check out the different types of scents for candles including a list of scented candle recommendations and how to choose a candle scent for the ambiance you want in your home.
Burning white scented candles and hot tea cup and honey on white marble table near sofa with pillowsExperts say that one of the best triggers to bring up a memory or a feeling is through the stimulation of the olfactory senses. Scent really has the power to recall emotions and memories that other external variables can’t do as much.

Scents can also stimulate the brain for improved creativity. Because of this proven scientific link, it goes without saying that scents can be quite influential in the way that we think and feel. 

If you want to create an environment in your home that would impact your emotional and psychological state, then scented candles can be a lot of help in that area. In this article, we’ll discuss what the different types of scents there are for candles, how they are, and what they do.

This will help you decide better if you’re ever in the market for one. It helps to know exactly what you’re looking for and how it can be good for you and the space that you’re trying to improve it with.

Candle Scents List

Aromatic scented candle glass on black wooden table with dried potpourri and fragrant herbsThere are a lot of different candles scents and they each have their own strengths that you can use and play up to your advantage. We’ve broken them all down for you below.


Yellow and pink floral scented candles with tulips in wooden boxCandles with floral scents are great for the summer months. These are the types of scents that bring in a certain type of freshness in the air and more or less help you deal with the summer heat better.

If you love the luxurious smell and feel of fresh bouquets of flowers but find them inconvenient and expensive to set up in the home all the time, floral scented candles can be a pretty good substitute for that. 

Floral scents are some of the most popular candles scents out there for a pretty good reason. They’re soft and not intrusive. They also have a calming effect on the mind and if you’re in the mood for a little bit of romance, floral scented candles are definitely the way to go.

Scents like lavender, lemongrass and jasmine can be good for stress and calming the nerves. Lavender is one that is especially recommended for relaxation.

Florals can work extremely well for bedside tables, bathrooms, living areas, and even for special occasions such as events or celebrations in the home.

Floral scented candles come with primary distinct notes and these blends are as follows:

• Jasmine

• Rose

• Geranium

• Lavender

• Lilac 

• Ylang-ylang

• Gardenia


Autumn decorations with cinnamon stick and candles in marble with citrus scentCitrus scents, on the other hand, are great for uplifting the mood. They’re also great for injecting energy into a certain space.

Citrus scents are perfect for areas in the home such as in kitchens, offices, hallways, offices; and all of the other places wherein you would like to more or less feel active and more awake.

The thing with citrus scented candles is that they’re typically associated to the summer months but the thing is, they can be perfect to light up during gloomy indoor weather days to help brighten up the mood.

Citrus scented candles come in primary blends such as:

• Lime

• Lemon

• Pineapple

• Orange


Scented candles with apple, cinnamon and chestnut in a dark wooden backgroundFruity scented candles are pleasing all across the board. There’s something about fruity notes that really stimulate and inspire happiness. It can really stimulate the mood. If you need a quick pick-me-upper, fruity scented candles can really accomplish that for your space.

Because fruits are associated with food, they work tremendously well in the kitchen or in the dining room or basically any room in the home where you more or less have some food around. It doesn’t clash with food scents and can be in the same table as with other food items you might consume.

Here are some signature fruity scented blends worth noting:

• Pear

• Apple

• Peach

• Apricot

• Strawberry

• Cherry


Cedarwood and eucalyptus scented single wick candleSee this woody scented candle at Amazon [sponsored link]

Woody scented candles have a unique effect in such a way wherein they simulate how it smells and feels like when you’re in the outdoors.

There’s just something about earthy and woodland smells that make you feel a bit more centered and grounded and this is great for the home because it makes you feel more in tune with nature even if you happen to be indoors.

Woody scents are inviting and they inspire a warm feeling that remind you about being huddled up near the campfire. Woody scented candles are perfect for intimate evenings or if you just want to spend some alone time, with a book and a hot cup of tea.

Woody scented candles have signature blends that are primarily:

• Cedarwood

• Patchouli

• Sandalwood

• Juniper

• Fir

• Spruce

• Pine

• Cypress

• Balsam


Small tumbler candle with balsam and cedar scentsSee this earthy scented candle at Amazon [sponsored link]

Earthy scented candles, similar to woody scented ones, encapsulate the feeling of being outdoors, feeling the ground on your feet, and how it feels just right after the rain. These scents are noted for being balancing and centering.

They’re encouraging and inspire strength and a soothing sense of being. If you’re ever in the need for a calming and grounding effect in your spaces at home, earthy scents are definitely the way to go. 

Here are some main blends for you to consider if you want to check out earthy scented candles:

• Balsam

• Cedarwood

• Sandalwood

• Cypress

• Ginger

• Frankincense

• Myrrh

• Vetiver

• Patchouli


Candle on a marble tray with fresh eucalyptus and chamomile scentsSee this fresh scented candle at Amazon [sponsored link]

Fresh scented candles are a bit of a hybrid. These scents are a good mix of citrusy, herbal and aromatic notes. If you’re ever in need of feeling invigorated and freshened up, fresh scented candles can be your strong candidates if you’re ever in the market for it. 

Fresh scented candles can create something invigorating and fresh for your space. It’s the type of scent that you can’t really put a finger on but something that you will find ultimately pleasing and surprising.

These types of candles can work well in bathrooms, bedrooms, wardrobes or walk-in closets, and the like. Basically, if you happen to have clothing and and linens around, fresh scented candles are perfect to be lit up in those spaces.

Fresh scented candles include main notes such as :

• Sage

• Lime

• Grapefruit

• Bergamot

• Eucalyptus

• Lemongrass

• Rosemary

• Basil

• Thyme

Sweet and Spicy

Sweet and spicy scented candles will remind you of the fall season. If you want to create a vibe of cosiness and warmth, they should be your go-to scent of choice.

This is perfect for spaces in the home where you can lounge around, like spaces with daybeds, sofas, pillows, or even thick carpets and rugs.

They can be quite perfect for your living areas where you can just light them up and then just cuddle up in a corner somewhere. Read more on ways to get beautiful living room décor on a budget here.

Signature sweet and spicy blends have the following choices:

• Cinnamon

• Vanilla

• Honey

• Anise

• Clove

• Sugarcane

• Pepper

• Cardamom

• Amber


Burning exotic scented candles with birch decorationsExotic scented candles are unique and interesting because they remind you of travels in foreign countries. They inspire scents that you aren’t really familiar with from your local area.

Exotic scents bring in warmth and a certain welcoming feel. If you event want to bring in thoughts of luxurious indulgence and comfort, then exotic scented candles are definitely the way to go.

These candles also oftentimes have notes of spices and food related to sweets and pastries such as vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon. They’re great for almost all of the spaces in your home and can be set in the dining area as well as they don’t really clash that much with food smells.

Here are some of the signature notes associated with exotic scented candles:

• Chai

• Vanilla

• Cinnamon

• Coffee

• Honey

• Frankincense

• Rosewood

• Honey

• Clove

• Nutmeg

• Ginger

• Balsam

• Caramel


Masculine scented candles are particularly unique because they bring in scents that are bold and manly, as the name suggests. If you’re looking for a scented candle to light up in a man cave or in a man’s office, then masculine scented candles would be perfect for those spaces. This isn’t a scent that’s for everyone.

It’s a bit of an acquired or niche taste but if it’s something that you’re into, it can definitely work for you. Masculine scented candles are typically associated with man-related smells such as whiskey or bourbon, tobacco, and campfire or smoky scents.

Here are some of the prime signature notes that can be found in masculine scented candles:

• Sandalwood

• Cedarwood

• Pine

• Fir

• Bergamot

• Patchouli

• Vanilla

• Musk

• Tobacco

• Amber

How To Choose Candle Scents For Your Home

Burning scented candles and air reed freshener on round tableSo you might be curious, how exactly should you pick out the perfect candle scents for your home? There are a few basic things for you to consider to really make sure that you’re buying ones that are perfectly suited for your tastes and preferences.

First, think about the size of the space that you’re lighting the candle up in. A good rule of thumb in all this is balance.

A very strongly scented candle can be a bit overwhelming and stifling for a small room so you have to be really careful about that. Small spaces pair much better with scented candles that have light smells whereas those with heavier notes work better with larger rooms.

Second, think about the purpose that you have for it. What exactly are you trying to create or achieve for that particular space in the home? Would you like to have something that would make the space feel more invigorated and awake?

Perhaps you might consider a citrus scented candle for that. Do you want to create something romantic or intimate? You might want to look into candles that have floral or exotic signature notes for that space.

And third, speaking of signature notes or scents, that’s also something that you would have to take a look at. It’s very similar to picking out a perfume that you would like to be associate with you or with your particular vibe.

You can even come up with your own mixture of scents. It really all boils down on your personal preferences. If you have the energy for it, you can even create a specific signature scent for each and every single room or space in your home.

The Actual Candle Choosing Process

If you want to get a pretty good idea of how a specific scented candle will smell like once it has been lit up and burning, sniffing aromas is the way to go.

Pay attention to how strong the smell is. If it already smells faintly when you sniff it, that smell won’t get any stronger once it has been lit up. If it smells particularly strong, you can expect more or less the same strength once it’s been lit up so make sure that you consider that as well when you’re picking your candles out. 

It also helps if you pay attention to the actual ingredients of the candles. Scented candles that have been made out of high quality waxes and oils are bound to last longer so although they may cost a little bit more upfront, you should consider it as a long-term investment.

Scents can overwhelm your senses and after some time, you’ll see that your olfactory senses might end up getting desensitized especially after sniffing one scent after another.

A great way to “reset” the smell in between candles is to sniff at coffee beans. They usually have these available in the stores. Sniffing this fragrance will give you more clarity and a better sense of experience for what the actual scent is like.

Use Candle Scents to Create Ambiance In Your Home

Burning candles with autumn decor on white table and a sofa bed on the backgroundScented candles are a great way to embellish your spaces in the home without really doing much or spending too much on them.

Aesthetics are great but emotions can be drawn out of the scents that you actually bring into your space and that’s something that scented candles can contribute into the mix. Always make it a point to pick out your scented candles based on your desired effects for it.

Feel free to play around and try different scents that you might fancy. The best part in all of this is that if you find that certain scent options don’t really work for you, you can simply just head out to the store and pick out another one.

Candle fragrances similar to essential oils and aromatherapy, can change the way that a room can make you feel and it’s definitely great for enhancing your overall mood.

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