Kitchen Colors with Gray Cabinets (Stylish Ideas)

Below, we discuss the best kitchen colors with gray cabinets, including shades for paint, flooring, finishes, backsplash & countertop designs.

different kitchen designs with gray cabinets

Embracing the warmth and touch of interior design, the right wall colors and finishes can significantly enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Gray cabinets give an open slate when it comes to a kitchen, which means there is not too much restriction on the woods or colors you can use besides the temperature of the shades used.

Not only that but having gray cabinets is becoming quite trendy! It was once thought that gray was somewhat dull and boring, but with the right accent colors, finishes, and interior design elements, it becomes a base for beauty.

The color has gone from boring and depressing to high end and stylish. On top of that, there are so many colors and textures for the gray cabinets that there is no way the end product will be anywhere near dull. Below are some suggestions for what you can use to incorporate these hues into your kitchen.

Paint Colors that Go With Gray

Gray and white

When it comes to color matching kitchen colors with gray cabinets, there is no equal to gray and white kitchen designs. This color combo is found more often than not in any home with gray cabinets.

White paint is frequently used with gray cabinets to provide plenty of contrast and keep the design from feeling too dark. If not white, you’ll often see gray being offset with a light color paint such as another shade of gray, greige, or beige, to keep the design bright.

Kitchen with gray cupboards and white subway tile

For a change of pace from a more neutral color palette, cool gray cabinets are best paired with blue or green paint when used in the kitchen.

Gray and light blue walls

Blue can easily become overwhelming if using a dark shade, and it is recommended that a lighter shade be used to create a crisp and clean environment.

Light gray, light green paint and granite countertops

Light green is another good color due to the energy it can give, and it goes well with a wood flooring selection as well as cool steel cabinets.

Gray cabinets and warm paint

Warm gray is another hue type commonly used in kitchens because it allows the use of warmer colors such as red or yellow. Warmer colors are believed to stimulate one’s appetite, which in a kitchen can promote cooking and eating.

Closed kitchen with small island

 A warm light slate cabinet paired with a dark red accented wall makes for a sophisticated kitchen, while a brighter red can make it more of a playful space.

The choice of wall color and hue, specifically red, can stir up powerful emotions, so it’s a good plan to use the color sparingly.

One can opt for a range of grey tones to achieve a similar result. Many will opt to bring in red decor pieces to get a similar effect.

Yellow and gray

As a lighter color, yellow works well with darker gray cabinets, which can be soothing and brighten up the space. Yellow paint is also great for small kitchens as it can make the space appear larger and less cramped. Read more about gray kitchen cabinet color psychology here.

Flooring For Gray Cabinetry

Espresso flooring and grey

Sometimes, pairing wood cabinets and flooring can be difficult; you do not want too much of the same color but do not want the woods to clash. One of the best things about using grays for the cabinets is that (depending on the shade) they can match almost any wood tone you have in mind.

One of the best woods to pair with gray cabinets is espresso wood. The deep brown this wood has brings a modern look when used with misty cabinets and a unique backsplash.

blue gray color

Tile flooring can also be used in a coordinating gray color or even black or white to keep with the neutrals and let the paint and accessories do the heavy talking. Tiles can also be laid out in different patterns that can add a bit more of a focal point while still keeping a neutral color.

Backsplash Color For Gray Painted Cabinets

Yellow accent and gray

With darker grays for the cabinets, a lovely white or pale colored tile is a great addition to the contemporary or modern kitchen. Backsplashes adding unique qualities to the kitchen are extremely trendy right now.

Marble and gray

Subway tiles are a unique way to create a look that does not go out of style. The contrast between dark pewter cabinets and a light subway tile or a cool light shade cabinet with something like dark blue tiles adds a contrast that will surely be an eye catcher.

White basketweave backsplash with gray

A light color mosaic backsplash tile provides plenty of visual interest and contrast as a backdrop for gray kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Finishes That Go With Gray

The finishes you select for your kitchen, from the ceiling to the cupboards, can have a big impact on the overall feel of the space and convey the type of design you desire.

Gold finishes are back in style, and when combined with gray cabinets, they can inject a lot of style and sophistication into the room. Consulting information and tips on kitchen design can help you choose the right products to enhance your space.

Gold finishes and gray

Gold and brass hardware can be utilized for lighting fixtures, cabinet hardware, bar stools, and even appliance knobs to get the look you want. The gold geometric style pendant lights shown above go well with gold color knobs and pulls, shiny bar stools, and wood finishes.

Open concept kitchens are a more modern take on a galley or line kitchen. They’re perfect for entertaining and everyday life. – Your Space, Made Simple Interior Design That’s Approachable, Affordable, and Sustainable, Ariel Magidson 

Having an open concept design affords you the ability to tie in additional built-in cabinets in the living room or dining area.

Countertops To Use On Gray Cabinetry

Most kitchens with gray cabinets combine them with white countertops with great results. There’s a timeless allure when white and gray are used to contrast each other. White countertops can come in quartz, marble, granite and man made laminates.

Shiny polished gray

If you’re in the mood to try adding color to your countertops, they are a great place to add some spice to the kitchen. While keeping things like the cabinets, flooring, stainless steel appliances, and possibly even the backsplash a relatively neutral color, the countertops can be where things get exciting.

If going the cool route and choosing blue paint, incorporating a dark color, such as a blue countertop, can make a kitchen look like it’s straight out of a magazine.

Dark gray and red touches

Now, maybe the accent color will be elsewhere –backsplash, floors, and accessories – and the counter is meant to be neutral. The cool thing about countertops is they are usually not just one color, and some have streaks or spots in them with differing shades. This can bring the entire kitchen together if you plan it together.

Imagine you have light misty hued cabinets, espresso wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, white backsplash tile, and paint and accessories. The countertop can be a coordinating color, with white, dark shades, and even those with blue veins or flecks, bringing all the colors together.

Adding a few accents on the countertop will bring out the colors in the countertop and appliances. Even keeping the primary color out of the counters and keeping it neutral will let the paint colors, finishes, and accessories in the space really shine.

For this to work, make sure you have adequate lighting. Natural light is great, but make sure to include plenty of recessed and pendant light fixtures.

Coordinating Color To Complement Gray Cabinets

Beautiful kitchen with gray cabinets, quartz waterfall counter island and backsplash tile

Ask the Designer: For this section we asked interior designer Danielle Porter her best techniques for matching and coordinating colors with gray kitchen cabinets, and here’s her response:

As design trends ebb and flow, there are always a few aesthetics, details, or palettes that tend to come along and have a lasting effect.  When it comes to kitchen design – gray cabinets are one of those design elements.  Because of their versatility and modern appeal, they’ve become increasingly popular with homeowners and designers.

The beauty is that going with a gray cabinet doesn’t lock you into a singular specific design aesthetic or vibe – there is a multitude of ways to integrate these shades of kitchen cabinets along with a kitchen island and kitchen accessories while creating a unique experience that is tailored to your style. This approach adds a sense of depth to the overall cabinetry.

The first thing to consider is if you’re going with a dark, light, or mid-tone grays. This decision will absolutely make a difference in determining which colors you’ll pair with the cabinets.  Second, you’ll want to consider which part of the kitchen you want to feature. 

Whether it’s the paint, flooring, cabinets, backsplash, appliances, or counter – there is always a way to integrate gray cabinets seamlessly.

We’ll first review one of the most popular approaches – the classic and timeless color pairing of white and gray.   This color combo works in a variety of design styles, hence its popularity across the board. 

Depending on your gray tone, you can bring in a warm white or off-white shade that complements the undertones of your cabinet.  Bringing in a bright white, especially on the counters and backsplash, will always create a crisp and clean environment.

If you’re looking for something more bold or dramatic – consider pairing black, charcoal or even a deep jewel tone to add punch to your space.

This can be done through a patterned backsplash tile, black hardware, or accent paint throughout the kitchen.  Bring in a white or light gray countertop for a high-impact, contrasting effect.  As always – look at the space as a whole and create balance with your finishes.

For those who like a more subtle design, earth tones are a great option to pair with these color cabinets. Bringing in beige, brown, and green can make your kitchen feel natural and organic and work best with a warm white. 

Earth tones work great with natural stone options for the countertop that have different shades of your colors integrated (think granite, soapstone, marble, and even wood).

If cooking is your respite and you’d like your kitchen to feel more calming and tranquil – opt to pair shades of blue or green with your cabinets. This color combination creates a relaxing and cool atmosphere and fits right in with homes that are near the water or are coastal/beach inspired. 

Bringing in a backsplash that has blue, green, and cream glass can add a soft pop of color to any kitchen.  Adding more natural tones, like wood accents will help balance out all of the cooler colors as well.

Lastly – think bold, bright, and playful! Grays, after all, are all a neutral tone and you can play up your kitchen to be a lively entertaining space with bright colors.

Some ways to do this are through materiality – like a red brick wall or a bright yellow backsplash to add color and personality.  Because design is all about balance – bringing in some supporting neutral colors (whites, creams, light silver) will help make the space cohesive and emphasize a sense of style in your choice of kitchen accessories.

When it comes to designing a kitchen with grays – the palette and design options are truly endless.  No matter which scheme or palette you prefer, we always recommend looking at the space as a whole and finding the balance between the colors and tones. 

By considering the entirety of your kitchen, you’re bound to have many ideas to create a space that is functional, beautiful, and reflects your unique style.

What’s you favorite choice for colors that go with gray cabinetry? Let us know your picks for wall colors to use in the comments. For more related ideas check out our gallery of white kitchens with gray islands.

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  1. I recently had custom cabinets built with the understanding they would be painted. I want the exterior paint on the island to be a blue gray, while all other cabinets, uppers and lowers will be white. The cabinet painter says the interior cabinets on the island should be the same as the exterior paint color. Is that correct/industry norms?

  2. Hi, my name is Ruby,am remodeling my kitchen, and I try to go with light grey cabinets and white countertop with grey shiny dots but I still don’t know what floor should I go with. If you could please help me figure out what color to go with. Am debating either dark grey or wood espresso color that looks like wood. Thank you, I appreciate the help.

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