Granite Kitchen Countertops Pros And Cons

Here we share our granite kitchen countertops pros and cons guide including the different benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of this natural stone material.
Kitchen with center island, granite countertop, white cabinets, range hood, and tray ceilingGranite kitchen countertops are considered one of the top options for homeowners because of the number of benefits you get from installing them in your kitchen. Granite is one of the most popular options and can be considered one of the most sought-after materials when considering your countertops. 

Why are granite countertops popular with homeowners? There are several reasons for that and along with these benefits are the drawbacks that you should know about when you choose granite countertops.

Pros of Granite

Beautiful kitchen space with granite countertop, pendant light, dining area, and wood cabinetsThere are granite kitchen countertops pros and cons that have many benefits and advantages that you can make the most of. These are precisely the reasons why the material is popular for countertops. Here are some notable ones:

Hard and highly durable: Granite kitchen countertops are ultra-durable and this is one of the top reasons why homeowners like this type of countertops. Since kitchen countertops are highly used and have high foot traffic, durable material like granite works excellently.

• Heat-resistant: Granite is practically more heat-resistant than marble or quartz countertops, easily taking in up to 1200℉ without damage. This makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen, where meal preparation will constitute hot pans and pots. Despite being heat-resistant though, use protective covering for your countertops to help preserve them better and longer. 

• Scratch-resistant: Granite is known for its durability and hardness (scoring 7 on the Mohs scale), which is why it’s not surprising that it’s scratch-resistant. You won’t have to worry about knives and other sharp utensils hitting the surface (But of course avoid them as much as you can!). 

• Stain-resistant: You don’t need to worry about spills and stains when you install granite countertops in your kitchen since the material is stain-proof. Even if your countertops do not absorb liquids, it is still a good idea to wipe spills and stains as soon as you see them. 

• Chemical-resistant: Granite countertops are resistant to acid and bases, making you worry-free when it comes to chemicals.

• Bacteria-resistant: Granite countertops are incredibly sanitary since they can’t harbor bacteria because the material is non-porous. 

Kitchen with granite countertops, pendant lights, wood floor, and white cabinets• Natural yet unique appearance: Granite slabs are like snowflakes, you can never find two completely identical ones.

This means that your granite kitchen countertops are guaranteed to be unique in their own right. In addition to that, its natural look is normally darker in hue with a classic and timeless appeal and adds a luxurious and warm vibe to the room. 

• Adds to your home value: Since granite kitchen countertops are popular because of their quality and attractive style, they can undoubtedly increase your home’s value. This is especially true if you’ll be improving from tile and laminate kitchen countertops or other cheaper materials. 

• Sustainability: Genuine natural stones like granite are quarried and cut in slabs, which are what’s used to make your countertops. This eliminates and reduces any exposure to chemicals that can be encountered with engineered materials. And a single quarry site can supply a century’s worth of projects. 

• A variety of designs: You have limitless design options when you choose granite countertops. The designs can range from light to dark colors, as well as designs with small flakes or long smooth veins. The versatility of granite means it can be used to match your kitchen design and even works well as a matching backsplash.

• Low maintenance: Granite countertops are easy to clean and won’t require any special care. With its durability, you can use harsh chemicals to ensure the cleanliness of the countertops. But since it’s stain-resistant, you won’t need to do so. 

Cons of Granite

Kitchen with granite countertop, pendant light, wood floor, dining space, windows, glass door, range hood, and backsplashLet’s face it, countertops made of granite are simply lovable and wonderful! But there will always be granite kitchen countertops pros and cons you will need to consider. Here are some of the cons you have to be aware of:

• Needs to be correctly sealed: Naturally porous, granite countertops can have problems once it is poorly sealed. It can result in bacteria growth and even stains.

Resealing may be needed yearly or every 10 years, depending on the quality of sealing. But make sure to strictly follow the manufacturer’s sealer instructions or hire professionals to do the job for you. 

• Susceptible to cracking: While granite types of kitchen countertops are durable, they can still crack. Heavy cookware like cast irons can crack your kitchen countertops so be careful when using it and laying it down on the counter. 

• Repairs may be difficult: Once you encounter cracking, repairs may be difficult and you will need professionals to conduct the repairs. More than that, partial renovation may not be possible with granite countertops and you might need to rip up the whole kitchen once you decide to change your granite countertops to something else. 

• Susceptible to fading: Granite countertops can fade over time, particularly when exposed to direct sunlight and other weather elements. The risk increases when the countertops are dyed. 

• Expensive: While you can find budget-friendly granite countertops, most high-quality ones or those with unique colors are still expensive. Average-sized granite kitchen countertops can cost around $3,250. It can cost $100 to $250 per square foot of the granite countertops. 

• Seams will show: Granite slabs are cut and glued together so there will always be seams that will show.

Minimize these seams by having professionals install your granite countertops for you. Sealing the granite surface will help prevent surface germs, bacteria and moisture from entering the porous cavities of natural stone.

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