25 Nursery Paint Colors (Design Guide)

Nursery room for girls with crib, wall paint color, wood floor, dresser, and window curtains

Having a new baby is a very exciting experience and one of the little projects that can make you look forward to it more is building the nursery! It might be exciting but don’t just jump the gun! You have to do it right and not just randomly choose colors and designs.

Colors play a significant role in a person’s mood and psyche, and this goes the same with babies. You can use colors to create a vibe and make sure that your baby is comfortable and has excellent sleep at all times.

Nursery Paint Ideas 

Nursery room with beige walls, window, crib, and curtains

One of the easiest ways to furnish your baby’s nursery is to paint it. And yes, it’s not just choosing a specific color and painting everything in that color. You can actually be more creative with how you paint your baby’s nursery.

Always choose non-toxic paint for a baby nursery. A water based paint that does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) is a good idea as your new one will like to explore walls with their little hands and mouth. Look for zero VOC paint choices to protect your baby from possible foul odors and air toxins. Check these picks below for their VOC content to ensure they are safe for use.

Here are some painting ideas you may be able to apply to the nursery.

Go Monochromatic

Nursery room with gray concrete paint color, wood floor, crib, nightstand, chair, and windows

Monochromatic means only using one color but this doesn’t have to be boring. Using one color, you can mix and match different shades of that same color and paint the nursery with these different shades.

Paint An Accent Wall

Nursery room with pink wall, crib, white chair, and window

An accent wall is an interior design element that can increase the room’s value and artistic appeal. You can do the same thing with your baby’s nursery if you don’t want plain boring painting work. 

You can try out a classic nursery or even a preppy and sophisticated one! And yes, it could be done using simple accent wall ideas.

Paint A Pattern On The Wall

Nursery room with wallpaper, crib, chair, rug, and window

If you want to install wallpaper instead of paint but just have paint on hand, one clever thing you can do is to paint a pattern on the wall instead. 

The best course is to use a stencil to get the design just right. On the other hand, you simply can dig deep into your creativity and artistic soul and be free with your patterns and design.

Baby Girl Nursery Paint Colors 

Nursery room with patterned wall, crib, and wood flooring

If you are preparing for a baby girl, here are some of the paint colors that will look fantastic in this particular room of the house.


Nursery room with pink walls, crib, dressers, and windows

Pink is an obvious choice for a baby girl’s nursery and this is not surprising. Your baby girl is guaranteed to feel warm and comfortable in her room, allowing her to relax and have better sleep. You can go for pale pink or pastel pink, whatever pink you prefer.

To further help you, here are some pink pain colors you can consider:

Benjamin Moore Pink Bliss (2093-70)Benjamin Moore Pink Bliss (2093-70)

Benjamin Moore Gentle Butterfly (2173-70)Benjamin Moore Gentle Butterfly (2173-70)

Benjamin Moore Queen Anne Pink (HC-60)Benjamin Moore Queen Anne Pink (HC-60)

Soft Peach

Nursery room with soft peach wall, crib, shelves, and hung window

If you don’t want to go for straight-up pink but still want to choose a feminine color close to it, you might want to go for soft peach. You can pair the color with neutral and cool colors to create a serene vibe for your baby girl.


Nursery room with crib, lamp, rocking chair, and window curtain

Another color you can try for your baby girl’s nursery is yellow. From soft yellow to dandelion yellow, it is a soft yet bright color that can be perfect for your baby. Plus, there are a handful of colors that match with yellow to make your nursery room stand out.

Choose a soft and mellow tone to provide a warm vibe but not a harsh and bright feel. Here are some yellow paint colors you can check out.

Benjamin Moore Man on the Moon (OC-16)Benjamin Moore Man on the Moon (OC-16)

Benjamin Moore Dark Linen (2147-60)Benjamin Moore Dark Linen (2147-60)


Girls nursery room with accent wall, crib, wood floor, and window curtain

Purple is a great color that combines the best properties of blue and pink. It showcases the soothing appeal of blue and the nurturing appeal of pink.

 If you want to integrate this in your baby girl’s nursery, choose pale and serene shades like lilac and lavender.

Baby Boy Nursery Paint Colors 

Nursery room with blue paint color wall, wood floor, crib, chair, and floor lamp

If you are expecting a baby boy and preparing for his nursery, here is a list of some of the standard paint colors used.


Nursery room with blue paint color, tent, crib, pendant light, and window

Blue is another classic color that automatically points towards baby boys. Blue is a color that’s naturally calming and relaxing that scientifically, the color is believed to cool the body down, lower blood pressure, and simply put the body in sleep mode. 

It is also believed to help lessen anxiety and aggression. So, physically and mentally, blue can help you feel at ease and make your sleep more comfortable. This is the same effect your baby boy can benefit from when you choose the color blue.

Choose soft blue shades, including aqua and powdered blue to be on the safe side. To be specific, Benjamin Moore First Snowfall is a good option if you want a baby blue hue for your little one’s nursery.


Nursery room with green paint color, crib, couch, cabinets, sloping ceiling, and skylight

Green is another color you can try out for your baby boy’s nursery. The color is known for its earthy and nurturing appeal, offering somehow a sense of security. This is the perfect vibe you will want to have for your baby’s nursery.

Green also has that healing and thriving appeal perfect for growing up babies. Like blue, it reduces anxiety and improves concentration. Choose light to medium earthy shades like moss green or sage green.

Nursery Safe Paint 

Beautiful nursery room with black and white wall, wood floor, crib, dresser, floor rug, and lamp

Another option you can have for your nursery is to choose safe colors. These safe colors may either be for a baby boy or a baby girl. If you want a color that’s somewhat in between, here are some colors you can try out:


Nursery room for girls with crib, wood floor, white wall, rug, pendant light, dresser, and window

White is a classic color you can always use to be on the safe side. The color offers a sense of serenity and innocence (Really, perfect for a baby!). It also adds warmth to the room!


Nursery room for girls with gray paint color wall, wood floor, crib, chair, lamp, and sheer curtains

Another safe color you can choose for your nursery is gray, and yes this color has many shades and hues to choose from. To help you with your decision if you somehow choose this color, here are some gray paint colors to check out:

Benjamin Moore Bunny Gray (2124-50)Benjamin Moore Bunny Gray (2124-50)

Chill by ClareChill by Clare

Benjamin Moore Whitestone Gray (2134-60)Benjamin Moore Whitestone Gray (2134-60)

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray (HC-165)Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray (HC-165)

For those looking for lighter tones, a gray and beige color known as greige paint may be a happy medium between a stylish gray and a lighter shade.

Warm and Earthy Neutrals

Beautiful nursery room with panel walls, crib, wood floor, sofa chair, windows, and indoor plants

Warm and earthy neutral colors can also be considered for your baby’s nursery. Warm colors offer a welcoming appeal to the room, while earthy neutral colors create a grounding and cozy atmosphere.don’t forget to bring in some addition colors with different rugs and decor to liven up the design.

Here are some of the paint colors to consider:

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster (SW 7008)Sherwin-Williams Alabaster (SW 7008)

On Point by ClareOn Point by Clare

Dutch Boy Antique White (011W)Dutch Boy Antique White (011W)

Best Paint for Nursery 

Simple nursery room with sofa chair, gray walls, crib, dresser, and wood floor

Now, if you still feel like you’re lacking options, Here are what can be considered the best colors and paint options for your baby’s nursery based on the market:

1. Serene Teal

Sherwin Williams Drizzle (SW6479)Sherwin Williams Drizzle (SW6479)

Sherwin Williams Harmony

2. Soothing Greens

Benjamin Moore Lehigh Green (HC-131)Benjamin Moore Lehigh Green (HC-131)

Menards Misted Meadow (329-2DB)Menards Misted Meadow (329-2DB)

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec

Benjamin Moore Natura Waterborne

3. Neutral Colors

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (0C-65)Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (OC-65)

Benjamin Moore Big Bend Beige (AC-37)Benjamin Moore Big Bend Beige (AC-37)

Benjamin Moore Ashwood (OC-47)Benjamin Moore Ashwood (OC-47)

With the help of these options, you can find a paint color for your nursery room that goes well with your preferences.

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