Bohemian Paint Colors (Matching & Design Guide)

Here, we share our bohemian paint colors guide, including the ideal hues that help you achieve this style and the different color schemes you can use in your home.
Bohemian living room beige accent rug wood floor indoor plant

The Bohemian look offers a carefree aesthetic inspired by the collection of memories and the arts, making it a perfect theme for a more relaxed and personalized bedroom space. 

The eclectic theme means you can have more layers of color, textures, and patterns compared to your contemporary spaces. Draw inspiration from these visually captivating color palettes.

What Colors Are Boho?

Bohemian yellow living room with rug white sofa indoor plant hanging light

Working colors for your boho are generally eclectic and unconventional, which means you can literally choose whatever color palette you want, with a few exceptions. Include both warm and cold hues, which means you’ve got a good range of creative options for your interior. 

To fully benefit from the varying colors, combine three shades of the same hue. For instance, with blue, you can mix it with sky blue, navy, and turquoise. You can choose 6 to 12 colors at once but with three dominating shades

However, if you lean towards a more contemporary look, choose less and have one or two major colors for your interior. 

Colors to choose:  Neutrals, Pastels, and Rich Earthy Hues. 

Common boho colors include Rust Orange, Peach, Emerald Clementine, Lemonade, Teal, Turquoise, Red, Bubble gum, Purple, and Electric Blue.  

Colors to avoid: Neon and Highly Saturated Hues 

Accent: Metallic Gold, Emerald Greens, Royal Blues, Reds 

Part of choosing your color is the materials you plan to use for your furniture, fabrics, and décor:

Materials: Denim, Leather, Turquoise, Rattan, Raffia, Wood, Suede, Lace, Crochet, and Leather 

Furniture: Carved wooden furniture, hanging chairs, rattan lounges, butterfly chairs, Moroccan poofs, and peacock chairs.  

Décor: Macrame, sculptures, pottery, printed rugs, quilts, paintings, wooden baskets, pendants, lamps, sconces, botanicals, and other vintage treasures. 

Rugs: Beni Ourain Rug and natural jute rugs.  

What Is A Bohemian Color Scheme?

Brown bohemian bedroom indoor plants, wood floor and brown bamboo room divider

A bohemian color scheme generally employs neutral hues, warm skin-toned hues, vibrant but earthy tones, and accent gems and metallics. The bohemian color scheme depends on the mood you are aiming for. 

The Groovy Hippie 

Groovy hippie bohemian paint colors

By taking a cue from the bohemian hippies of the 1960s, the Groovy Hippie color scheme is based on the vintage look of worn-out leather jackets, white rock shirts, and maxi dresses. In the interior, it’s one of those bohemian paint colors that can look casual yet remain elegant when put together well. 

Main Colors

Soft Orange #35a871

Gray Magenta #635d63

Walnut #976955 

Grayish Cyan #b3d8d8 

Grayish Violet #cdc8cf 

Get the vibe: Behr Paints 

Behr C40-77 Mica 

Behr PPKR-10 Elfin Magic 

Behr Ecat-15 Bora Bora

Behr PFD-29 Wheel Barrel 

Behr PMD-75 Autumn Gourd 

The Romantic Bohemian 

Romantic bohemian paint colors

Think brides in long crochet dresses in white. This invigorating color scheme for your bedroom has a wistful and fairytale air, where white, organic beige, and pastel shades dominate. 

Wicker baskets, silk fabrics, vintage chandeliers, and botanicals grace the space. The whimsy look is the perfect choice if you still want fewer colors for your boho-inspired bedroom.

Main Colors

Rose Gold #b76e79

Naïve Peach #f3d2bf

Pastel Blue #ddc9ca 

Pastel Yellow #fadfad

Warm White #e7e2df

Get the vibe: Sherwin Williams 

SW 6631E Naïve Peach 

SW 7006 Extra White 

SW1661 Silent Yellow 

SW 6800 Spring Morning 

SW 9003 Rita’s Rogue 

Mod Gyspy 

Modern gypsy bohemian paint colors

The Mod Gypsy takes inspiration from the French Roman Esmeralda with an eclectic style in lush emerald, blush pink and gold combinations.

The general look has an inviting and reenergizing vibe thanks to the use of soothing colors such as green and light browns. It’s a great color scheme if you want a different color landscape if you live in the city. Read more about our guide on colors that go with green here.

Main Colors:

Mocha #a68268 

Light Gray #d9cfcd

Blue Green #436c6d

Lime Green #99aa99

Gold (Metallic)

Get the Vibe: Dulux Australia 

Dulux 9DAFA0 Pale Gray 

Dulux 556a67 Anglers Dream

Dulux 90RR/64036 Oyster Cove 4

Dulux A4815F Latte 

Dulux Design 690-D0105 Gold Effect 

Boho Morocco 

Boho morocco paint colors

This Mediterranean Bohemian style gives a rest on wood and wicker textures and instead incorporates tile and stone finishes. You can either leave a whitewashed wall or have it painted in burnt red or cobalt blue for more color. 

Moroccan tiles commonly use cobalt blue, vivid scarlet, and emerald green, which infuse gorgeous, uplifting hues into the earthy center of the color scheme.

Moroccan walls can also be whitewashed with elements of green, which is the Islamic hue, and blue, which is a characteristic Mediterranean color.

Get the Vibe: Behr Paints 

BM 1090 Butternut Squash

BM AF-120 Tamarind

BM 034 Spiced Pumpkin 

BM 1137 Sycamore 

BM 2109-70 A La Mode 

Main Colors:

Copper #f09ef

Very Soft Orange #e3c3a7 

Moderate Red #cd594f

Light Gray #735e43

Moderate Orange #ce9460 

Edgy Boho Style 

Edgy bohemian paint colors

Among the bohemian paint colors, this scheme is perfect for a bedroom for that moody and masculine touch. The staples of the edgy boho look take off with darker hues, the inclusion of leather and cool metal with sleeker silhouettes, think Lenny Kravitz, was funky meets suave. Your unique décor can have vintage and grunge details with metallic details.

Main Colors

Khaki #ae9780 

Black #1a1b1e

Gray #4f565c

Dark Gray #8c97a0 

Lite Gray #d6dbdd 

Get the vibe: Behr Paints

Behr Echo Mist ECC-31-2

Behr Raging Sea 750F-4

Behr Black Licorice PIC-45

Behr Little Black Dress PPU24-23

Behr Casual Khaki N300-3 

The English Bohemian 

English bohemian paint colors

Burrowing a few pieces from its Nordic cousins, the English Bohemian brings an earthy yet lite and whimsy version of your Scandinavian aesthetics. 

The bright neutral hues are great for small bedrooms as it opens up the space and lets light drench through the light-colored textures. 

To create depth, you can add dark brown accents. Layered textures are still present in your English Bohemian but have fewer patterns. Read more about our guide on what colors go good with brown here.

Main Colors:

Copper #dlb695 

Lime Green #f0e934 

Dark Khaki #8d745e 

Light Gray #a59e9b 

Soft Gray #d0d1d3 

Get the vibe: California Paints 

Behr Clouded Vision DE 6380 

Behr Twilight Taupe DE 6060 

Behr Bean Pot 

Behr Windmill DE 6064 

Behr Sleeper’s Entry 

African Bohemian 

African bohemian paint colors

The African Bohemian is an inclusion of zigzag prints, intricate black and white geometrical patterns, and touches of the upbeat and warm colors of the culture and place. 

The layers of rich patterns are well balanced off with earthy neutral hues and vibrant accents that make your bedroom visually stimulating while keeping it a relaxing space. 

This ensemble has fewer loose textiles and instead uses hand-knotted and tufted rugs. Incorporate wicker pendant luminaires to extend the rich textures towards your ceiling.

Main Colors

Light Gray #dcdlbe 

Grayish Green #878d7c 

Desaturated Green #57442f 

Charcoal #4f565c 

Yellow #ffde59 

Get the vibe: Behr 

Spanish Sand 04-W07 

Simple Taupe ECA-11 

Hickory Grove ECC-20-3

Black Licorice PIC-45 

Neon Light 380B-5 

Bohemian Traveler

Bohemian traveler paint colors

Across from the East to the Mediterranean, this free-spirited style boasts a collection of different styles from all over the world. Have a sun-kissed surround, with ebony or white wood furniture to give contrast. 

Moroccan tiling, Macrame, and a faux zebra printed rug are other décor pieces that keep your bed space interesting. 

The mix of vibrant and organic hues can be a collection of bohemian paint colors from the East to the Western regions, where the amber hue keeps everything anchored. The bold color palette is perfect for any bedroom that receives most of the gloomy days.  

Get the vibe: Dunn-Edwards 

1409 Mustard Seed

Geyser 1809 

Rusty Orange 2237 

Sycamore Stand 778 

Silver Glossy 

Main Colors

Grayish Lime Green #99aa99

Rusty Orange #cca458 

Light Gray #d9cfcd 

Strong Yellow #cc9c0a 

Bohemian Jungle 

Bohemian jungle paint colors

An exotic look of the Boho style is your Bohemian Jungle-inspired bedroom, where forest colors such as dark green, deep reds, and blues are matched up to create a surprisingly relaxed space. The striking and expressive combination can be personalized by blush and brass colors , giving a whole look a regal feel. 

Main Colors

Red #6332122

Black #1d1a18 

Dark Gray #675c55 

Gray #bdbla4

Emerald #3944f1c 

Get the vibe: Sherwin Williams 

SW Inverness 6433

SW Doeskin 6044 

SW Browse Brown 6012 

SW Tricorn 6258 

SW Rustic Red 7593 

Metro Boho

Metro boho paint colors

This is a great Boho style choice for the bedroom in the city by having less fluff and cleaner lines but still incorporates distressed metal colors such as pewter and brass. Adding opal and seashell textures can also add contrasting hues to your wood and earthy tones. 

Main Colors

Mod Orange #b27d51 

Black #413c38 

Blue Green #7c773 

Light Gray #c1b2a8 

Light Grayish #e4ded9 

Get the vibe: Sherwin Williams 

SW 7661 Reflection

SW 6030 Artistic Taupe 

SW 7019 Gauntlet Gray 

SW 7675 Sealskin 

SW 6362 Tigereye

Adding a dash of color to your home shouldn’t be a routine at all. Using a scheme that revolves around these bohemian paint colors, you can infuse new life into your residence.

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