25 Alluring Boho Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You

Boho bedroom design with woven basket decor

A Bohemian, also known as a boho bedroom is like your own personal sanctuary – a place to relax, unwind, and express your free-spirited style. Let go of your cookie-cutter decor and embrace a eclectic, global-inspired aesthetic that’s entirely your own and displays your own personality and style.

How to Get A Stylish Boho Bedroom Design Look

There’s a fine line between eclectic and shabby, here a few tips to get the look without bringing down the overall vibe.

Mix of Textiles – Using eclectic layers are key for a cozy boho room. Think about using different throws, blankets, and pillows of different textures and patterns over your bed and accent furniture. Bring in a few rugs across the floor, maybe overlapping them for a lived-in vibe.

Soft, sheer curtains are a good option and can lend a carefree accent. Accent pieces such as fringed pillows, woven throws, and tassel details can help reinforce the style.

Natural Materials – Boho spaces seek to connect with nature and implementing natural materials throughout can help. Bring in some driftwood furniture, wicker accents, and rattan light fixtures on the ceiling. This is also a great place to bring in houseplants, and you can even consider trailing them from the ceiling, and grouping them on your dresser or bookshelves.

Earthy Color Palette – Using rich, earthy hues and a primate colors can set the mood. Go for shades of deep red, burnt orange, golden yellow and of course mixed with natural green and brown. To lighten things up use accent colors with cream or white to keep it feeling bright and airy.

Use Patterns – If you’re an admirer of different countries and cultures you’ll want to implement different patterns that you’ve seen that bring you joy. Some like to adorn their walls with Moroccan tiles, Indian block prints, or Native American geometric blankets. You can try mixing floral patterns, with tribal designs, or rustic wall textures – anything goes.

Vintage Furniture – The boho lover is always on the prowl for a good vintage find. Seek out antique nightstands, ornate mirrors, and charming cabinets to paint in a distressed finish. Display your repurposed garage sale and flea market treasures where you can appreciate them.

Personal Touches – Don’t forget to add your own unique artistic, and personal touch to the design. Hang macramé, showcase travel mementos, or create a gallery wall displaying all your favorite photos or art. This space should showcase your unique persona and create your own sanctuary.

Comfort – This probably should have been right at the top, but cozy seating and bedding is a must. Pile up pillows and throw blankets on the floor for a relaxing hang-out spot. Adorn that cozy nook with a woven pouf, vintage armchair, or anything super comfy.

Carefully Curated Decor Pieces – Light candles, string up fairy lights, and layer your favorite textures of linen, velvet, wool. Display your favorite finds on open shelving, and stow things away in interesting baskets, or vintage trunks for storage. Allow your boho bedroom to transport you to a place you love that is creative and free.

bohemian bedroom with wooden headboard
This rooms rustic ornate crafted wooden headboard makes an excellent focal point and goes well with the other brown accents and luxurious off-white lines.

boho style bedroom with wicker furniture
Rattan, bamboo and wicker give this space an organic look reminiscent of a tropical locale. The use of crisp white bedding and curtains provides a light, inviting quality to the design.

artist bedroom with whimsical wall decals

This flowering wall mural offers a fun and whimsical element to the room that pairs will with the colorful bedding and pillows.

charming bedroom with vintage textiles
With its collection of prints, wall art and furnishings, this room showcases an eclectic mix of interests and gives the vibe of a world traveler.

rustic farmhouse bedroom with vintage mirrors
Like a private bedroom oasis this room is inviting with its rich wood details, patterned rug and flowing wall coverings.

boho country bedroom with vintage furniture
This room brings a little of everything to the mix with its range of different furniture pieces and colors.

mysterious bedroom with string lights
Set with its hanging string lights the room offers a relaxing ambiance that sets the mood as a laid back hangout for rest and contemplation.

artsy bedroom with printed cloth
An easy way to set the mood is by hanging a tapestry or fabric print that speaks to you. Pair its colors with other elements in the room to get a more cohesive look.

Moroccan bedroom with textured wall and tile accents
This Moroccan inspired bedroom design features backlit alcoves on either side of the bed with hanging pendant lamps and oversized decorative pots with exotic houseplants.

inviting bedroom with moroccan poufs
Adding some knitted poufs to the foot of the bed can create a stylish feel. Other elements like tasseled lamp covers, antique nightstands, rich curtains and floor coverings can add a sense of the exotic.

boho room with mixed patterns on bedding and pillows
This room embraces patterns with is array of hues covering the bed, wall and floors. By carefully layering the patterns one can create a very appealing result.

bedroom with macrame wall hangings
Macrame wall hangings match perfectly with this designs textured bed cover and area rug. The rustic wooden benches and decor pieces help bring an organic touch to the space.

bedroom with layered rugs

With its old fashioned plaster wall and assortment of different patterns and materials this room create an inviting ambiance that is helped by its natural light and light color bedding.

bedroom with indoor plants, distressed dresser and painted brick wall

Make the best of a rustic brick wall by adding a bit of whitewashing to tone down the deep colors and pair it with a distressed dresser and wall hanging. Bring in color through the use of interesting decor pieces such as a steamer trunk, glass vase or ornate houseplant pot.

bedroom with hammock and whitewashed brick

What could be more inviting than a hammock swinging in front of a window to soak in the sun’s rays and enjoy the day. This room tones down its rough wood beams and rugged brick walls by using an abundance of knitted blankets, throws and pillows.

bedroom with global accents and wall hangings

This room uses a creamy off-white paint shade for its walls to create a neutral canvas for its eclectic mix or decorative furnishings like the large wooden armoire, nightstand, and detailed bed headboard.

When choosing paint colors for a bohemian style room you can use color to set the mood and get the ambiance you want. Here’s a quick breakdown of ways to get appealing results.

Earthy Neutrals – These soothing, down-to-earth tones make the perfect blank canvas for layering in spicy accent colors and whimsical decor. I’m thinking a creamy beige that reminds you of vanilla ice cream or a warm sand color, that reminds you of that last beach vacay you took and loved.

Punchy Primaries – Inject a burst of cheer with sunny yellow, grassy green or cherry red paint. This is not for the faint of heart, but can really shake up the design. I picture these playful hues paired with macrame wall hangings and beaded curtain accents to get the affect you want.

Mystical Blues – Want to go for something a little more exotic, try using a smokey ink blue or magical peacock teal, these cooler tones bring a calming sense and can evoke a wide range of emotions. I envision an inky blue wall with a gallery of eclectic art prints, tropical rattan furnishings and jewel toned fabric pillows.

Earth Goddess Greens – Lush colors like emerald, sage and mossy greens connect one to nature and look beautiful in this style. They would look amazing framing that vintage brass bed or rich wooden furniture pieces. Add in potted plants and rattan nightstands for a real jungle vibe.

Boho paint colors are all about creativity and self-expression. Whether you go for neutral, punchy brights or exotic moodier shades, infuse the space with layers of color, texture, artwork and decor you genuinely love. Most importantly, have fun with it!

bedroom with floating shelves and decor pieces

bedroom with ethnic prints and orange sheer curtains

With its wide array of primitive colors and comfortable fabrics this room provides a cozy vibe that is eclectic and adventurous.

bedroom with dreamcatchers and silk bedding

Texture and pattern reigns supreme in this old-world style space. The large inviting round chair adorned with a quilted blanket makes a cozy reading nook. A variety of dreamcatchers brings some sense of personality and character to the design.

Bedroom with DIY artwork, floor rug and rattan chair

With hanging houseplants and an interesting mix of Bohemian flair this room is both casual and inviting at the same time. Throw in an oversized rattan chair with shag throw and comfy cushions for the perfect spot to curl up with a good book.

Bedroom with crochet throws and pillows

The brightly woven crocheted throw and pillow found here combined with the cheerful yellow walls lend a happy feel to this bedroom. With an assortment of patterns and fabrics it offers plenty of visual interest with a homey vibe.

Bedroom with colorful textiles on bed and walls

This bright and attractive room has a native American style with its handmade blankets and tapestries. Adorning the bed and walls with colorful fabrics is a great way to bring color to a room’s design.

Open bedroom with sheers on the windows and wood grain bed frame

This bright open space embraces wood finishes and light and airy neutral colors with its design. The wall of windows covered by sheer curtains promotes its natural light and the addition of green plants combined with wood accents gives it a natural feel.

Bedroom with canopy bed and knitted patterns

A canopy bed with flowing curtains is a fabulous way to create an enchanting bedroom ambiance. Combine it with your favorite patterned quilts and pillows to add your favorite color themes to create an inviting bedroom retreat.

What did you think about these Bohemian bedroom design concepts, leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know what you’ve tried with your rooms.

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