9 Inviting Bedroom Reading Nook Ideas

Reading nooks are becoming popular as more people have become aware of the benefits of having a perfect place to take a break and get lost in their latest read. And so, we have curated some of the best reading nook ideas, including tips on how to divide your space for a reading nook, furniture considerations, what lighting you’ll need, and how to design shelving and storage for the perfect library with some personal touch. 

different bedrooms with reading nooks

Finding a reading space can be as simple as placing a comfy chair in an unused corner of your living room or bedroom, a window seat, or even a repurposed closet. However, there is always something special about having a reading nook that offers a cozy spot to curl up and get lost in your favorite novel. Get inspired with our best ideas for reading nook locations that can also be your favorite meditation corners. [toc]

Bedroom Reading Nook Locations & Layouts

bedroom with cushioned bench and window

Corner Space

Look for a quiet corner space, which has low traffic where you can be free from distractions. If you have an extra space in your home that has an unusual corner or an empty wall space between your closet and dresser, don’t let that space go to waste.

You can transform this space into your cozy private reading nook by adding shelves, a comfortable bench with storage space for blankets or floor pillows and cushions, and some lighting fixtures such as string lights or wall scones. This reading nook will turn out to be your favorite thing about these architectural oddities.

If you only have a small space to work with, try placing an easy chair in the corner, add some indoor plants, and an end table or a sturdy stack of books to help set up a comfy corner reading space where you can burrow away with some great literature.

Under A Window

Modern minimalist room with picture window and seat

Having a reading nook under a window takes the idea of an interior escape to the next level and turns this space into a mini hideaway. If your home has a dormer window, the small alcoves where each window is placed can be charming architectural detail that is a great place to use as a reading nook.

You can install built-in bookshelves and storage types of drawers between the gap from the floor to the sloped ceiling on either side of the reading nook. Highlight this space with a built-in window bench with additional storage space and small gallery walls over each side of the window bench, making it all the cozier.  

In Front of the Bed

Bed with tufted bench for reading

If you enjoy reading in the bedroom and want a separate space to enjoy your favorite book, a secluded spot near the bed will help you relax should you drift off while reading. A chaise lounge in front of the bed with some soft throw pillows and quilts or blankets will let you stay comfortable and create a reading nook where you can channel your energy into something you are passionate about.

For a stylish settee, you can use a miniature loveseat to give your reading nook a splash of glam. A side table is a must-have to set down your books and drinks, as well as a place to set up a table lamp. You can also use an ottoman as a side table where you can place a serving tray to keep all your essentials nearby.

Closet Conversion

A spare closet can be transformed into a cozy haven for reading. Adding a comfortable built-in bench with storage cabinets or drawers is a clever use for that extra space below. Lighting is essential for reading, install wall scones that cast a warm glow, provide some extra light when reading, and help you avoid eye strain. Equip your closet reading nook with outlets for charging your devices while you read your book.

Closet seating lets you blend in your reading nook with the rest of the room and brings interesting dimensions for a perfect place to retreat. Try installing curtains to the closet door for an intimate touch of privacy making you feel like you are tucked away while still allowing light to flow in. You can also optimize this reading area into a study or homework zone for your family.

Nook Seating

small bedroom with picture windows and ceiling lights

Comfortable Chair: So far, we have given you some ideas for perfect reading nook locations, now it’s time to choose your seating. Your reading nook should feel like a sweet haven where it feels good to be there that you will want to go more often. Thus, you need to get your seating right. An armchair with an ottoman or upholstered stool that serves as a footrest allows you to lean back and relax.

When making your reading nook beautiful and comfortable, consider your upholstery choice. Leather upholstery gives you a cozy feel and will make you stay cool on warm days while foam cushions covered in soft fabric such as velvet or chenille add an essence of luxurious bliss and are incredibly comfortable. The feel of the fabric on your skin can help make you relax while you sit back and enjoy a good read. 

Window Seat: Having natural light for reading while sitting cozy on your favorite armchair or recliner is the best window seat in the house. Natural light makes reading easier and more pleasant especially in early mornings. Large glass picture windows let the outdoors be the backdrop and an oasis to your reading alcove as you lose yourself in your favorite novel with the bonus of a great view outside.

You can also build a custom bench with high-density foam for an enjoyable and relaxed feeling. Make sure that your reading space is stocked with blankets and pillows to give you comfort and keep you warm in cold weather. Incorporating an area rug, side table, and floor lamp brings all the luxuries of a cozy window seat reading nook.

However, it might be hard to concentrate on the pages with a wonderful view outside as your backdrop, so we suggest that you position your armchair or recliner facing inward.

Armchair or Chaise: It is essential to carefully select comfortable furniture for your relaxation. If you have the space for it, choose a wide armchair because it can accommodate a range of body sizes and positions. It is also best to add a footrest or an ottoman, as it makes unwinding with your favorite book more comfortable and relaxing.

A chaise lounge can be designed as a completely upholstered piece or with an exposed wood frame structure with an upholstered seat, back, and possibly one or two sides or arms. – Furniture Design and Construction for the Interior Designer, Christopher Natale

If you want your reading area to flow with the rest of your space, such as your living room or family room, an armchair or a chaise lounge will suit your design scheme. This furniture can double as an accent chair where you can relax while entertaining guests, becoming the focal feature in the room and making the room extra inviting as a relaxing spot for the family.

Bean Bags or Floor Cushions: If you want to create a reading nook that is portable and can be easily moved in any place of the house or even outdoors, with little more than a bean bag and a few floor cushions you can easily transfer your reading space anywhere so you can kick back and lose yourself with your favorite book.

A great advantage of the portable floor seating style is that you can easily stack and move them out of the way after reading. To make your floor seating reading nook extra cozy, consider placing a large plush rug, pillows, and even small ottomans.

Hammock or Swing Chair: If you want to take your reading nook outdoors, a hammock or swing chair can make the area extra special for an enchanting and dreamy hideaway. Alternatively, you can also have a hammock or swing chair for your relaxation inside the house and feel the joy of sitting in one while reading your favorite literature, especially on days when it is raining outside.

By invoking some of your bookworms’ favorite things, a hammock or swing chair is a good idea to incorporate for a kids’ reading nook giving them an incentive and an option for seating while they rest and read a book. A hammock or swing chair can give you or your kids something cool and relaxing to swing into and make your sitting area into a serene and dreamy space when trying to catch up with a new novel. 

Lighting For Reading

bedroom with nook lighting fixtures

Your reading nook is a place you want to stay for an extended time. Added soft lighting when decorating the layout will help you feel more peaceful and relaxed.

Amber light and red light are the best color lights for reading and studying at nighttime because they reduce the risk of eye fatigue and discomfort. Make sure that when you install or position your reading lamp, the light should shine directly onto the page of your book and not over your shoulder to avoid any glaring.

Underlit reading nooks or reading in low light can cause your eyes to tire out much quicker since they have to work harder. Consider installing an adjustable light source such as an adjustable wall lamp especially if you have limited space for a table lamp or not enough space to fit a floor lamp.

Wall-mounted fixtures and floor lamps are great options for those night owls and evening readers. However, we suggest utilizing a mix of light sources that create different layers of illumination that complement one another, such as blending recessed lighting with a floor lamp, hanging lamp, or wall lighting fixture.

Book Shelving and Storage

bedroom with reading space and shelves

Incorporating extra shelving and storage for books within the design scheme of your reading nook creates more than just another piece of furniture. Shelving and storage, such as a built-in bookcase can also bring an interesting dimension to your place of retreat.

Maximize space in your reading nook by designing everything with more than one purpose, thus giving it more functional value. For example, hidden storage beneath the seats, a built-in reading bench with storage for cozy throws, and installing shallow wall-to-wall floating display shelves for the kids’ reading nooks will allow young kids who can’t read yet to see the book cover and select what they want to read.

Reading Accessories

bedroom with curtain and bookshelves

Incorporating accessories into any room transforms the space and brings it to life by adding colors, textures, and patterns to a plain space. Style your reading nook by bringing in tons of textiles, such as soft, comfortable, textured pillows and throws.

Enhancing your book corner with an assortment of plants of different sizes will make your space extra cozy and create an oasis surrounded by nature. A vase of flowers on the shelves is an easy way to make your floor plan feel more welcoming.

Adding a table to your reading nook can be particularly useful and decorative. Area rugs, seat cushions, and throw pillows will provide comfort and an inviting vibe. Lighting fixtures can set the right mood for reading a favorite novel.

Accessorizing creates a connection between aesthetics, comfort, and happiness that reading a book brings. Having the right accessories gives your design a touch of elegance and sophistication. These accessories create a way of expressing your unique individuality.

Cozy Personal Touches

nook area for reading in bedroom

Your reading nook is also your own special space; adding some personal touches such as your favorite color, best-loved book collection, preferred style, and motif should be incorporated when designing. Enhancing your space with some of your personality makes this space more comfortable to hang around in.

Curating a cozy reading nook with hanging some art or framed photos builds up the experience of reading and transcends you into a journey to the world unknown. Creating a candlelight ambiance can help kindle the magic of the stories with the soft flicker of candlelight and offers a warmth atmosphere and serenity. 

Get inspiration from any of your favorite literary settings and transform your design into a whimsical fairytale-like corner that sparks joy and insight beyond the limits of the book. Express your personality by creating or designing bookmarks that reflect your character and style. Remember, the beauty of a reading nook is not only about the different elements found within the space but also about how it can arouse emotions and sensations.

Dividing The Reading Space Tips

bedroom with reading nook and mattress

There are many ways to divide a space for a reading nook. Here are our best tips:

 Using a canopy usually found as part of the beds or curtain can be a great way to cordon off a reading nook, especially for small spaces.

You can also try to hang a woven DIY rope screen to create a slightly secluded reading nook and focus on your favorite novel. For a retro divider idea, try hanging a beaded curtain if you don’t need total privacy but want a bit of a visual divider to section off your floor plan.

 Building a book nook in your reading area is one of the great ways to divide and utilize the space. You can also use open furniture cabinets or bookcases; this way, you can create a different zone for your reading area without cutting out the light or making the space feel closed in.

 For an open-plan room layout, dividing the space to make way for your reading nook can be as simple as placing an area rug, some seat cushions, extra throw blankets, and a reading chair with an ottoman makes getting cozy more convenient.

You can also create a false wall with plants and large planters, bringing in at the same time to boost the room’s air quality.

 If you wish to create a more permanent room divider, consider installing an acrylic or plexiglass and metal or lumber partition with a lightweight frame and a stylish enclosure. You could also opt to mount a wooden slat wall that doesn’t have to close off a space completely.

Both types of dividers provide just the right amount of privacy without blocking the much-needed light coming from natural light sources. These dividers blend perfectly with the space, allowing visibility between rooms and creating a delineation that makes your reading nook feel more intimate. 

We hope these room divider tips gave you some great ideas to give you some privacy for your reading nook and to double as décor for your home. Happy Reading!

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