Bed Slat Sizes (Full, Queen & King Board Dimensions)

Find out the popular bed slat sizes with standard support dimensions for different beds, how many & how wide of planks to use, and board material alternatives.
Platform bed with 2 column slats

Bed frame slats are a type of base constructed for beds. These supports have many connected bars slatted across the bed frame width or sometimes even between long slotted spines that run the length of the entire frame. These thick or narrow strips can be made of metal, wood, or plastic and can fit or overlap with each other. 

Bed frame slats support the mattress, and there are two types for people to choose from: solid and sprung slats. Solid slats are often pine and will run the width of the frame. This, in turn, will give them a firmer bed with more support. On the other hand, sprung slats will provide a more cushioned and plusher feel. [toc]

Are Bed Slats Standard Sizes? 

Most common bed slat sizes

Slats for beds come in many sizes and will depend primarily on the size of the frame and its mattress. Most bed frame supports are made with boards that are 1×4 or 1×6 inch boards, which means that most frame slats will be 3.5 inches or 9 centimeters to 5.5 inches or 14 centimeters wide. 

It is essential not to get a thicker slat to ensure airflow and keep circulation going to the mattress and frame to avoid mold and mildew developing on the foam and wood.

Slat Size For Full Bed 

Slat size for full bed

Most households will have a standard full bed in their homes, and other than box springs, there are slats they can use to support the cushion. Slats for beds have many benefits, like providing stability, affordability, and adequate airflow, which is attractive to buyers. 

So, what size of frame slats are recommended for full beds?

Full mattresses or double beds are about 54 inches or 137 centimeters, requiring support boards at least 56 to 60 inches or 142 to 152 centimeters. 

As a general rule of thumb, frame slats are roughly 2 to 6 inches or 5 to 15 centimeters longer than the mattress size

How Many Slats For A Full Size Bed

Now that we know the size of frame slats needed for a full-sized bed and mattress, how many boards will it take to support this mattress size

There are no specific slat numbers that will dictate how many a homeowner will need since it will depend on the board size. Still, generally, on most stores’ packaging for frame slat products, it states it will take about 13 slats to fully support a double bed

How Wide Are Slats For Full Size Beds?

Aside from the entire length of a frame slat, it is also essential to take note of its width. For a regular double bed frame support with a length of 54 inches or 137 centimeters, the board width will usually be 2.75 inches or approximately 7 centimeters with a height of 0.62 inches or 1.56 centimeters.

Size Of Slats For Queen Bed

Size Of Slats For Queen Bed

Another standard platform bed size is the queen, which will need slightly more extensive slat boards than the whole or double beds. A Queen mattress is 60 inches or 203 centimeters wide.

Like full beds, the supports for these mattress sizes will generally follow the 2 to 6 inches or 5 to 15 centimeters longer rule than the mattress size. This provides a length of about 62 to 66 inches or 157 to 167 centimeters.         

How Many Slats For A Queen Size Bed?

The number of slats needed for Queen-sized beds will depend on the board size. There are two most common sizes of frame supports used for queen beds: the 1 by 3 and the 1 by 4 ones.

If you are going for a slat at 1 by 3 or 2.5 inches or 6 centimeters, it will need about 17 boards. For boards at 1 by 4 or 3.5 inches or 9 centimeters, a queen will need at least 14 boards of this size

How Wide Are Slats For Queen Size Beds?

As stated above, two support board sizes are usually used for Queen beds: the 2.5 inches or 6 centimeters support and the 3.5 inches or 9 centimeters one. These board widths usually run the width of a Queen mattress at 62 to 66 inches or 157 to 167 centimeters.

Size Of Slats For King Bed

Size of slats for king bed

The average king size bed mattress is 76 by 80 inches or 193 by 203 centimeters, and the slat boards to support this mattress size will be different from one manufacturer to the other. If a homeowner has a frame with the exact dimensions of the mattress, the boards are expected to be slightly smaller. 

Beech is one of the most affordable options for support boards out there, and to fit king beds, it will usually have a length of about 39 to 41 inches or 96 to 106 centimeters.

Remember that this side will be supported by a spine that will run the length of the platform bed. So, it will usually be two slat boards side by side. Read more about how the parts of a bed work together here.

How Many Slats For A King Size Bed?

Many frame slats measure 1 by 2 inches or 3 by 5 centimeters. This means that to cover a king-sized frame completely, 40 boards will be needed, but to account for proper mattress ventilation, a space between each support at about 2 inches or 5 centimeters should be allotted. 

This brings the required slat numbers to 20 boards overall for a king-sized frame

How Wide Are Slats For King Size Beds?

For a king bed, the frame slat will usually be 2.75 inches or 7 centimeters wide. However, 1 by 2 inches or 3 by 5 centimeters are also standard in width.

Twin Bed Slat Size

Twin bed slat size

Twin beds are perfect for children’s rooms. To fit the slat in a small twin, it is essential to get the proper dimensions.

The slatted support for a twin bed measures at 40 to 44 inches or 102 to 112 centimeters. The extra inches on both sides will give space to allow the mattress not to fit too snugly once the sheets are inserted.

How Many Slats For A Twin Size Bed?

The number you will need for twin size beds heavily depends on how wide the boards will be. On average, most boards will measure at 2.5 inches or 6 centimeters. If two of these are utilized side by side on a spine, it will give you 5 inches or 13 centimeters. 

If a twin bed is 75 inches long, divide that by 5, giving you 15, the total number needed for a twin.

How Wide Are Slats For Twin Size Bed?

Like slat boards used for other sizes of beds and mattresses, a twin size will benefit from a board that is 2.5 inches or 6 centimeters in width

What Can I Replace Slats With?

Suppose a homeowner’s budget does not allow for full-on individual slats. In that case, one viable option is using plywood as an alternative. One full plywood sheet will support the mattress more firmly, which can contribute to making for comfortable beds

You may also consider using a platform frame or box spring on the supports between your mattress. See more alternatives to box springs on this page that offer more ideas.

Can You Put A Mattress Directly On the Slats?

Yes, any homeowner can quickly put the mattress directly on the bed frame slats. However, it may be advised to cover them with a box spring to protect the mattress, especially with older wooden slats, which can be prone to chipping over time. 

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