Where To Hang Wet Towels In A Small Bathroom (18 Ideas)

different bathroom designs with ways to hang wet towels

Are you tired of the constant struggle to find somewhere to hang your wet towels in your cramped bathroom? I totally get it. I’ve been there too. Well, fear not! I’ve got some creative solutions and space-saving ideas up my sleeve that might just make your life a whole lot easier. In this article, we’ll unveil creative ideas to maximize your bathroom space without sacrificing style or require costly renovations. [toc] 

Towel Hooks on a Wall Beside Your Shower

white and black bathroom with shower mirror and sink

One of the most convenient places for wet towels is on a hook besides the shower where you’ll use it the most. This also gives you an arm’s reach to a dry towel from the shower stall by placing hooks on a wall beside your shower.

A distance of 8 inches away from the edge of your shower stall allows an adult to reach the towels, but you can adjust the distance and height if you have smaller users.

A swivel hook might be safer when opting for a lower position of your towel hooks. Assign a 10 to 12-inch spacing between towel hooks when planning to place multiple shower racks in one row. 

Underneath an Open Shelf

Vanity with vessel sink and under countertop storage

If you have an existing open shelf with a good build, you can attach a towel pole or rack, depending on how sturdy your open shelf is. This way, you don’t need to drill on your bathroom wall.

Below Your Window Sill

bathroom with tub windows and indoor plant

Another practical location for your towels to dry out faster is to hang them below a window sill. A single pole or an extendable arm can be installed below to accommodate more than one towel.

On Your Vanity Drawer Pull Handle

Utilizing space means using multi-use with your typical elements, such as the pull handle on your vanity drawer. If you have a long vanity handle, this is the perfect place to hang your towel to dry off. You can also replace your vanity hardware if it’s too short or if it’s a knob to a longer pull handle. 

At the Back of Your Bathroom Door

One of the most common ways to maximize small bathroom sizes is to use the space on the back of your door. A door is the perfect place to install a ladder rack or install a single pole rack. You can install three single pole racks to create a sense of balance in the space or a double pole rack for his and her towel rack. 

light brown bathroom with floating counter and ladder

On a Ladder Rack Leaning Against the Wall

A ladder rack is a versatile way to hang your bathroom towels, as you can move it anywhere you find it convenient to have your towel storage close by. Moreover, it won’t be in the way when cleaning, and you can take it out easily to dry the towel in the sun. 

Ladder Rack Above the Toilet

Storage rack above the toilet

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Small to medium bath towels can be hung above a toilet from a ladder rack or bar. This is a typical unused functional space that won’t get in the way when using any bathroom fixtures. 

On a Movable Floor Rack

When you’re renting out the space you live in or simply can’t afford to drill on your bathroom wall for that towel rack, you can use a movable floor rack. You can create one using PVC pipe if you want it lightweight, or you can pick from numerous designs available in the market. You can easily place your towels on the floor rack after each use and move them away after use.

If you have a lot of towels to hang, hooks are more space efficient than towel bars. – The Home Decluttering Diet: Organize Your Way to a Clean and Lean House, Jennifer Lifford 

On the Shower Door

bathroom with glass shower door and window

Shower hooks with strong suction pumps can be installed even on a glass shower door. This is a convenient way to have access to your towels as you make your way out of the stall. 

Below the Medicine Cabinet

If you have a medicine cabinet installed on your bathroom wall, utilize the canopy space underneath by installing a rack or pole to hang your towels, depending on your available vertical space. 

bathroom with towel holder at the side of vanity counter

On the Side of the Vanity Counter

The side of the vanity counter is a convenient place to put towels, especially hand towels. The unused space doesn’t take up much space and is enough to hang multiple poles or racks as well. 

At the Corner of Your Bathroom Layout

Look for a towel rack that can be installed on a corner. Free-standing corner shelves provide a corner rack where you can hang clothes or towels from a hanger hung on the corner rack. You can also use a short pole with suction pumps on each end that could be adjusted to accommodate the angle created from the corner.

This can be adjusted anytime to the preferred height but usually one can only hang small to medium towels. Another space-saving hack is to install a swivel towel rack on the corner. You can easily extend the arms to hang them to dry. 

bathroom with patterned tile floor shower and tub

Wall Above the Bathtub

If your bathroom could squeeze in a small bathtub, then you’ll need to install a towel rack, or for couples, a pallet rack can be an attractive his and hers wall décor.

Towel Ring Between Fixtures

As the wall space between fixtures is limited, you can use a towel ring to hang a single large towel to dry without worrying about the space. You can even lower the height as it is safe for kids as there’s no projecting hook. 

Below a Bathroom Mirror

Vanity mirrors allow you to hang small to medium towels below the mirror, but you can hang larger ones in between vanity mirrors from a ring holder. 

bathroom vanity with sink counter and mirrors

The Wall Space Beside Your Vanity

As most bathroom counters, especially for small areas, are usually against a wall, installing a swivel towel holder is an opportunity. A swivel rack usually has multiple arms that can be adjusted at different angles and be neatly folded when not needed. 

On the Sides of the Base Cabinet

There are racks that can be mounted on a cabinet using hooks that go in the space between the door cabinet and counter. You’ll also find the suction type you can easily install on a base cabinet without drilling holes. 

Accordion Towel Rack Above a Window:

You can easily install the accordion towel rack above a window and extend it. However, you’ll need a stool or chair to reach the height. The multiple poles can hold towels of different types and sizes in one stretch, saving you space without getting in the way when using your bathroom space.

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