Bath Towel Sizes (Standard & Bath Sheet Dimensions)

See the different bath towel sizes for standard, small, large & oversized bathing sheet dimensions.
Bath towels

If you have ever spent a night at an upscale hotel, you know that one of the most lavish luxuries in the world is bundling up in freshly laundered linen after a soak in a tub or a warm shower. For any homeowners, purchasing a new set of towels is a process, and with all the options and sizes available in the market, it can get pretty overwhelming. 

Some homeowners might assume that standard bath towels are the largest size; however, there are also larger bath sheets for that purpose. One might not know that there are smaller types than hand towels. These are important to know before purchasing to get the best products for your needs. [toc]

Standard Bath Towel Size 

Standard bath towel sizesBath towels are available in many sizes, from the standard 20 by 40 inches or 51 by 102 centimeters to the more oversized towels at 30 by 58 inches or 76 by 147 centimeters.

Bath towels dry the hair and the body after bathing or showering; their bigger sizes mean that any person can quickly wrap the sheets around them. 

Since bathroom towels are more oversized, it’s essential to have a convenient hook or bar to hang them for hygiene purposes since they can be reused for a week before being washed. Read more about how high to hang a towel bar here.

Large Towel Sizing

For large bath towels, any homeowner can purchase the standard size with a width of 20 inches or 51 centimeters and a length of 40 inches or 102 centimeters. This size is ideal for children and perfect for hair drying for people with longer and thicker hair. 

Oversized towels can dry an enormous surface area of the body and are used in coverage after bathing or showering. These are also usually displayed in hotels since they can fit towel bars without being too thick or too big. 

Largest Size Towel for the Bathroom

Giant bathroom towels one can purchase come with dimensions of 30 inches or 76 centimeters from side to side and a length of 58 inches or 147 centimeters. This measurement is perfect as an all-around drying sheet and ideal for adults if the standard is too small. 

This giant towel is also not big enough that it won’t fit a washing machine and will also fit in any linen closet without taking up too much space. Many towels made of higher-quality materials are available in these sizes

Bathroom Towel Sizing Chart

Towel holder with bath towel

Here is a quick bath towel size cheat sheet to make your purchase more straightforward: 

Towel Type Width size in Inches  Length size in Inches Width size in Centimeters  Length size in Centimeters
Wash Cloth 12 inch 12 inch 30 cm 30 cm
Fingertip Towel 12 inch 20 inch 30 cm 51 cm
Hand Towel 17 inch 30 inch 43 cm 76 cm
Small Double Mat  21 inch 31 inch 53 cm 79 cm
Medium Double Mat 23 inch 39 inch 58 cm 99 cm
Bath Towel 28 inch 54 inch 71 cm 137 cm
Bath Sheet 39 inch 59 inch 99 cm 150 cm
Large Bathing Sheet 40 inch 72 inch 102 cm 183 cm

Bath Sheet Dimensions 

Bath towel sheet dimensions

Suppose a homeowner is looking for something even more oversized than the largest towels at 30 by 58 inches or 76 by 147 centimeters. In that case, it’s good to look at bath sheets with measurements starting at 40 inches or 102 centimeters for a width and length of 70 inches or 178 centimeters, and can go larger from there. 

Besides being bigger than standard towels, bathroom sheets can be more absorbent, making drying easier and faster. With that, they are often more expensive than bathroom towels and are the usual variety found in hotels and spas. 

Size of Bath Sheet vs. Towel

The main difference between a bath towel and a sheet involves their size since most sheets can have double the dimensions of regular towels. Children and teenagers can use standard towels efficiently, but adults benefit more from a bath sheet’s coverage and drying power. 

Aside from the size distinction, there is also the fact that bathroom towels are more prone to be sold in bundles with hand towels, unlike sheets, which are considered more luxurious both in their function and price. 

Size of Bathroom Sheet vs. Beach Towel 

Beach bath towel

Beach towels offer a lot in design compared to bathroom towels or sheets. Aside from that, they can also be more extensive than a bath sheet since they are designed to be big enough to let anyone lie comfortably in them on beach trips when the owner wants to bask in the sun. 

Most beach towels will have a width from side to side of 48 to 58 inches or 122 to 147 centimeters and a length from top to bottom of 54 to 70 inches or about 137 to 178 centimeters. 

Hotel Towel Measurements

Hotel bed with towel

If any homeowner wants the luxurious size that hotel bathroom towels offer, getting one similar to the ones they experience is the key. Most of the sizes available in hotels are bath sheets

Some hotels will have multiple options for their guests, ranging from the smaller towels at 20 by 30 inches or 51 to 76 centimeters to the more oversized bathroom sheets at 40 by 60 inches or 102 by 152 centimeters. The towel’s weight can range from 1 to even 2.5 pounds. 

Shower Towel Measurements

An excellent shower towel has a minimum size of 27 inches or 69 centimeters by 52 inches or 132 centimeters and a maximum size of 30 by 58 inches or 76 by 147 centimeters.

They are absorbent enough and are the more economical option for towels. Anything more extensive than the maximum size for towels is called bath sheets, which are ideal for wrapping around the body because of the added absorbency in their fabric and thickness. 

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