What’s Your Ideal Entryway Look? Quiz

Welcome to the “What’s Your Ideal Entryway Look?” quiz! This 5-question quiz reveals your perfect entryway style. As you progress through multiple-choice questions about colors, furniture, and decor preferences, visualize options for your home.

What’s Your Ideal Entryway Look?

Get tips on creating a welcoming and stylish entryway.

What is the primary function of your entryway?

Which color palette do you prefer for your entryway?

What type of flooring do you envision in your entryway?

What kind of furniture do you prefer in your entryway?

Which style of decor appeals to you the most?

How The Entryway Quiz Works

A progress bar tracks your completion percentage. Based on your answers, the quiz calculates which of five styles—Modern, Rustic, Eclectic, Traditional, or Bohemian—suits you best. Questions correspond to style characteristics. Once you finish, results prominently display your top entryway style match. You’ll also see percentages for styles that weren’t the top pick.

An image representing your ideal look helps you envision the entryway that fits your tastes. Love your result? Go with that style inspiration for your home! Want to explore more options? Simply restart the quiz and make different selections. Retake it as often as you like until your dream entryway emerges.

Entryway Design Tips for Each Style

What’s your decor style – modern, rustic, eclectic, traditional or bohemian? Whatever your preference, your entryway should reflect your personal flair while making guests feel right at home.

Modern entry

For modern fans, think sleek and minimalist. Console tables with clean lines, neutral tones like black and white, and recessed lighting set the scene. Make a statement with a contemporary piece of art or decorative mirror while hidden storage keeps clutter out of sight. The goal is unfussy elegance through quality over quantity.

Rustic entry

Rustic style brings natural warmth with distressed woods, woven textures, and an earthy color palette. A weathered bench or reclaimed wood table sets the tone while woven rugs, stone accents, and plants enhance the handcrafted charm. Don’t be afraid to embrace imperfections – nicks, dents and scratches add antiqued appeal. Layer in cozy blankets and artwork for a welcoming cabin vibe.

Eclectic entry

The eclectic entryway is a chance to have fun with vibrant colors, striking patterns and unusual antique finds. Display your personality by mixing eras and genres with a painted vintage suitcase doubling as a side table or an Art Deco chair paired with a Lucite occasional table. Hang an exotic tapestry, add a jewel-toned velvet pillow or array collected objet d’art. The bolder, the better!

Traditional entry

Traditional décor lovers can create an elegant, ordered look with rich hues, symmetrical furnishings and timeless accents. An ornate gilded mirror, luxe upholstered bench and Persian rug establish the upscale ambiance. Dynasty-style chairs, classical floral arrangements in decorative vases and antique lighting add a refined polish. Store necessities like umbrellas in a statement storage chest so as not to detract.

Bohemian entry

Free spirits will appreciate the bohemian style, all about expressing individuality by mixing colorful textures and global finds from nature. A hand-carved table, wicker papasan and Indian-printed pouf mingle effortlessly with leafy plants, sheepskin throws and ceramic garden stools. Woven wall hangings, beaded lighting and patterned cushions enhance the relaxed vibe. Keep organization simple with baskets and open shelving to maintain the casual flow.

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