What’s Your Bedroom Style Quiz (What’s Your Type?)

Welcome to the “What’s Your Bedroom Style?” Quiz. This fun quiz will reveal which bedroom design style best fits your personality and preferences. Discover your ideal bedroom look through a series of interactive multiple-choice questions.

How the Quiz Works – The quiz asks you questions about your favored bedroom features, aesthetics, colors, textures, lighting, and more. For each question, choose the answer choice that appeals to you the most. There are no right or wrong responses – answer honestly based on your personal tastes!

What's Your Bedroom Style?

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. But what style should it be? Take this quiz to discover the bedroom style that truly matches your personality and lifestyle!

Understanding Your Results

After completing all quiz questions, you will receive a breakdown of bedroom styles showing which one suits you best. The style with the highest percentage match is your top bedroom style recommendation.

Along with the percentages, you will see a description of your top style with details on key characteristics. A photo example brings the style to life visually. Reading through the descriptions can spark bedroom decor ideas.

Even styles that are not your top result are worth looking at. Their percentages indicate secondary styles you may want to mix and match elements from. With this knowledge, you can design a bedroom tailor-fit to everything you love!

Let’s Explore Your Bedroom Decor Style

whats your bedroom style quiz room photo collage

Thanks for taking our style quiz! Based on your choices, here is an overview of the key features that characterize your preferred bedroom decor aesthetic:

Modern Minimalist

If you scored highest in Modern Minimalist, you likely appreciate simple and functional spaces with clean lines. Some defining traits of this style include:

• Colors – Focused color palette of grays, blues and black & white, with pops of accent colors on bedding or artwork
• Furniture – Sleek, low-profile furniture often in glossy or matte lacquered wood, metal or polymer
• Textiles – Crisp white sheets and shams with cozy textural throws in materials like wool and cashmere
• Accessories – Geometric designs and patterns, glassware and table lamps for soft ambient lighting

Eclectic Chic

If Eclectic Chic was your top scoring style, you probably enjoy personally curating a diverse mix of old and new pieces. Signature elements include:

• Colors – Vibrant, contrasting or complementary hues and playful patterns
• Furniture – A variety of vintage, modern and handcrafted wood pieces
• Textiles – Worldly tapestries, embroidered pillows and brightly colored bedding
• Accessories – Unique art pieces, exotic curios and modern metallic accents

Cozy Cottage

Those who scored highest in Cozy Cottage likely want their bedroom to feel comforting and tranquil. Typical features include:

• Colors – Soothing earth tones, pale blues and muted rose shades
• Furniture – Distressed wood with a well-worn, antique finish and soft rounded edges
• Textiles – Handmade quilts, crocheted blankets and lace-trimmed pillow shams
• Accessories – Fresh flowers, scented candles and natural woven baskets

Sophisticated Glam

If your style aligns with Sophisticated Glam, you probably appreciate refined, elegant spaces with a touch of drama. Look for:

• Colors – Creamy neutrals offset by metallic accents in gold, silver and bronze
• Furniture – Ornately carved wood pieces, often with tufted upholstery
• Textiles – Luxe velvets, smooth silks and soft chenille on the bed
• Accessories – Glass chandeliers, gilded mirrors and glitzy statement pieces

Country Style

Those leaning towards Country Style likely want a relaxed, inviting retreat that feels connected to nature. Elements include:

• Colors – Soothing pastels, weathered wood tones and floral prints
• Furniture – Handcrafted wood with visible nailheads and distressed finishes
• Textiles – Calico, gingham and patchwork quilts in cotton and linen
• Accessories – Vintage signs, woven baskets and floral wreaths


If Romantic scored highest for you, soft colors and delicate details probably appeal most. Defining traits are:

• Colors – Blush pinks, ivory creams and pale lavenders or blues
• Furniture – Ornately carved wood with cabriole legs and feminine lines
• Textiles – Billowy canopy beds with lace or ruffled trims
• Accessories – Crystal chandeliers, gilded mirrors and fragrant candles

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of your optimal bedroom style! Feel free to explore how to further embrace the aesthetic by looking at photos, browsing related products or using these key traits as a guide.

We encourage you to take the “What’s Your Bedroom Style?” quiz to uncover inspiring ideas for your ideal bedroom oasis. Have fun with it! Let us know in the comments your thoughts and please share it with others on Facebook, or Twitter!

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